Chapter 16

On the Run


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TITLE: On the Run


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2586

Shego took the key from her bag, once her car went inside the gate, she noticed Bonnie's borrowed car there, parked. 'Pumpkin and the Buffoon is here' she thought, then she close her eyes, shook her head as image of Ron and Kim making out on the couch suddenly looms inside her head. She sighed deeply then picking up the courage she needs, she put the key inside the hole and unlock the door.

Slowly she opens the door and peek. She was surprised to see the living room dimly lit. No one is on the couch. She entered and look up 'could they be making out on my room?' she thought then, this gives her a panic, ' so the couch is already bad, and the bedroom is worst' she thought as she started to walk in a faster phase, her glide become wider. She took 2-3 steps to go up, and when she finally arrived in front of her door, she stop. Taking a deep breath she put her left hand on the door knob and press it to open.

Shego felt relieved to see her pumpkin, on her pajama laying on her stomach, reading a book. Her hand supporting her chin, and the red head is humming a sweet melody.

“Pumpkin?” Shego ask, walking towards the bed. Kim heard Shego call her, she turn her head to look at the pale woman, smiled and hurriedly get up and tackled the older woman, until the two landed on the floor hard, “Whoah! there pumpkin!” Shego said laughing. If another living creature have done what her red head did, that creature would not live another day to see the light, but her red head is her red head, and she is relievd to see her alone, not with the buffoon.

Kim look at her while she is still lying above the pale woman, “Sorry, just got excited you finally home”

Shego's face became serious, 'she is excited to tell me she accepted that buffoon's proposal for marriage' she thought, then sighed, “So what are you excited about?” She ask pretending not to be hurting.

Kim smiled, then lift herself off Shego, and sitted on the floor just beside the green skin lawyer, “You'll be surprised of what i'll tell you”

“Really?” her voice is sarcastic, what in the proposal would surprise her? The red head nod, “Spill”

“Do you believe in a whirl wind romance?”


“You know? meet today, engage tomorrow and marry the next day?” explained with a smile in her lips.

“So? Where is the buffoon?” Shego tried to change the topic.

“That is what i'm about to tell you”

“Huh?” Shego's eyes widens in bewilderment.

“Actually the date tonight is not between me and Ron…I kind'a lied to Bonnie so I could borrow her car, Ron dated with Yori” Kim's look became that of a shy little girl, “Sorry if I played bridge for the two”

Shego's heart suddenly leap from its cage, 'So her pumpkin did not date Ron, Yori did!' her thought is racing, her face now contorted in a visible smile…that progressed into laughter, “You played bridge?” she laugh at Kim.

“YEah, and I became their driver”

“Oh…” Shego then managed to stop herself from laughing, “So where is the buffoon?”

“Shego? Can't you call him Ron. HE have a name”

“OKay, so where is Ron?” Shego pick herself up and went to sit on the bed. Kim following her movement with her eyes.

“That is where my question earlier comes in”


“Ron after the date actually proposed to Yori, and jeez” Kim sighed and arrange her now unruly hair, “Yori agreed and they…well-”

“Well?” Shego looked at Kim,brows raised on her forehead.

“They are now heading to middleton for their wedding”


“They decided not to prolong the agony, so they are going to have a civil wedding tomorrow at MIddleton”

Shego was quiet. HEr friend Yori jumping into a very fast relation like this. Yori have not had any boyfriend or girlfriend yet…and here she is going to middleton to marry a man she barely knew.

“Kimmie?” The red head look at Shego, “You know Yori is like a sister to me. I don't want her getting hurt and Ron is-”

“My best friend. I know him since pre-k and I know he'll take good care of Yori and will never hurt her. I'll personally Kill Ron if he do something like that to Yori. She is my friend too”

Shego smiled at Kim and nods, “So-” her eyes widens, “Obaasan NAkuh, she'll be worried”

Kim stand up and walk towards the bed and sit beside Shego, “Can't we do something about that?”

Shego look at Kim and smiled, “We'll take care of that tomorrow” Kim nodded in response. Shego stand up and headed to the closet, take out her pajama and march towards the bathroom.

She felt Shego lay on the space beside her. HEr scent is so intoxicating that even in a distance, she can smell it. Kim lay on her side, her back on SHego.

Earlier this day, when Bonnie told her while she is at work that she is going to cook for Shego on their house, there is this feeling inside Kim that she have not felt before, she wanted to be angry, she wanted to shout at the model just because she is cooking for Shego. She knew the feeling, she is not a stupid woman not to know when you are jealous. So if she was jealous with Bonnie, does it mean that she have a special feeling for the green skinned woman? If she have, what about Shego? Does the green skinned woman felt something special for her? Shego have done lots of things for her not anyone have done, she have helped her like no other did. BUt Shego clearly says that she did it because she have made Kim Jobless. But that was 8 months ago. And if in theory, Shego also share the same feeling, is she going to accept? What about Bonnie? Bonnie loves Shego very much and the model is good to her. SHe have shown her good side that no other people have seen. Will she betray Bonnie by keeping Shego for hersel.

Kim thought that falling in love with a person like Shego, especially her being a woman is much-much more complicated than falling in love with a dozen man at once. “What the heck have I put myself into?” Kim told herself, then she was surprised when an arm snaked around her waist and pulled her.

Feeling the older woman's strong grip around her waist melts everything inside of her. Kim's brain is debating if she should remove the arm and distance herself or if she give in to the touch and snuggle closer, “Hey I am just a human…and the night is getting cold” she told herself as she snuggled closer to the warm body of the woman who now holds her in embrace.

Shego could feel Kim's breathing, then sighing deep. Looking at her red head in a short distance between them, that seems to long, the lawyer knew something is bothering her pumpkin. Whatever it is? She doesn't want to know - for now. She wanted to have her red head close to her, she wants to smell her hair, feel her body close to hers. She wants everything about her red head. “Perhaps I should tell her about my feelings for her, I'll take her out to a cozy dinner, and tell her, perhaps like what the buffoon have done-” Shego smiled as the thought came into her brain, “Then i'll take her to connecticut and marry her-” she smiled again, “Kimberly Possible-Go” she thought, not bad. Then again looking at her red head, her back on her, she started sliding towards the red head, she put her arm around Kim's waist and pull her close to her.

At first Shego thought Kim will be angry as she felt the red head's body stiffened, but then, after a while, she felt the red head turn to face her and snuggled closer. She embraces the red head and close her eyes.

“Shego” Kim called on her name.

“That is me”

“How was your date with Bonnie?”

Jeez…her pumpkin sure know how to kill a good time, “Same-old-same-old”

“Same-old?” Kim ask,feeling a lump forming in her throat.

“The usual, we eat, she massage me, we kiss -”

“Have sex” Kim added.

Shego did not answer instead she embraced the younger woman tighter. As if not wanting to let go, “Let's sleep pumpkin,we have a work to do tomorrow”

Kim nodded, “Good night Shego”

“Good night pumpkin” Then Shego lifted Kim's face thru her chin and kiss her on her forehead.

Kim closed her eyes as the kiss lingered where it was given 'Shego' her brain's last thought before she drifted to sleep.

Bonnie can't believe that She and Shego is finish. Alright, Shego is in love with Kim, but Kim is not in love with Shego. And she knew that is the truth, for KIm have dated with Ron last night. Shego will have to deal with it eventually and she knew Shego will return to her.

Kim called her on her mobile phone saying that her car is in the parking lot of The Botique. The red head said she have it cleaned and even feed the car full tank. Bonnie now heading to the botique to actually ask Kim about the result of their date.

But to her surprise, the red head was not in the botique, and it is only Friday. Isn't it that Kim's off day is a saturday? Puzzled, she swallowed her pride and came to Monique.

“Hey Monique” Bonnie greeted monique smiling, “Now, don't get burn, I just want to ask you”


Bonnie smiled, “Where is Kim?”

“Oh? Anything you want from her?”

“YEs, she is supposed to return my car, and I like to ask about her date last night. So where is she?”

“She asked for a 2 hours break, She is meeting with Shego”

“She is?” Bonnie's face saddened, “Why?”

“They will go to Obaasan Nakuh, you know. Yori's grand mother”

“Why what happened to her?”

“Nothing happened to her. It's just that Yori decided to get married without telling her grandmother, and the two were worried the old woman may get sick from worrying about Yori. They just want to assure her Yori will be fine”

bonnie became quiet.


“So Yori get married? Whose the lucky guy?”

“Oh…Ron. You know him, Kim's best friend”

Upon hearing this, Bonnie felt her world was swallowed by darkness, her chest tightens. If Kim did not Date Ron last night, and Ron is out there marrying the japanese woman, and Kim is with Shego and they are on their way to Yori's Grand mother, then Shego knew about it already and there is no way for her to twist the story, and she'll never get Shego back…she have to act…now!

Bonnie left Monique in a hurry leaving her stunned. Bonnie then went to the parking lot, and seeing her car, she called on the guard and ask for her key, she present an ID when the guard ask if she is Bonnie Rockwaller, upon entering the car, she locked it and screamed on top of her voice. She cried, for the first time, she cried for Shego.

She was there on the parking lot for 30 minutes, her mind frozen to the thought that she is losing Shego for good - but it dawned on her, she is Bonnie rockwaller, She doesn't give out her favorite staff for free…and she wants her Shego back.

'I've majored in theater arts'

“So what do Bonnie wants from me?” KIm ask herself as she rode a bus towards a certain restaurant Bonnie instructed her to go. “Why should I not tell Shego about our meeting? Is she going to give Shego a surprise? Is it Shego's birthday?” Kim ask this many question as she finally see the restaurant she is about to go.

Looking around, she found an arm waving for her. Looking carefully, she noticed it was Bonnie, and she is wearing a large sunglass.

“Bonnie?” Kim ask as Bonnie motioned for her to sit in front of the model. Then loking at the model, she saw Bonnie's wrist with bandage. Bonnie then removed her sunglass revealing a reddened, edematous eyes and eyelids, “What happened to you?”

“KIm” Bonnie started and began to cry again.

“Bonnie” Kim held Bonnie's hands in her, “Please, tell me what happened”

“Kim (sobs) it's Shego”

“Shego? Did she hurt you? Did she do this?” Bonnie shook her head, “Who did this?” KIm ask pointing to her bandaged right wrist.

“I did” Bonnie answered still sobbing.

Kim's eyes widened, “But, Bonnie why? Why would you attempt suicide?”

“Shego (sobs) she, she said we are over Kim. We are over and I can't take it!” Bonnie cried again, louder than the first that it actually gets attention from other diners in the restaurant.

“Please Bonnie, continue” Kim look at the people looking at them, “Hey! What is the matter with you people? First time to see a crying woman?!” Kim shouted which cause the people there to mind their own business.

“KIm, I don't wan't to live a life without Shego. I rather die without her”


“My life is worthless without Shego Kim” Kim look at the model who is crying her heart out, now she knew why the model ask her not to tell Shego about their meeting, “HElp me kim, please” Bonnie begged of her.


“Convince her not to leave me. please” Bonnie looks pathetic, she knew from what she is seeing with Bonnie, the model really needs help, “Promise me you'll convince her please”

Kim nodded, “Why is she leaving you?”

“She is in love with someone else KIm.”

Kim's heart suddenly started to run fast, Shego is inlove with another…could it be…"Who?” Kim ask, her mouth dry, as well as her throat.

Bonnie look at her. “You”

Kim's eye widened, “Your lying?” Bonnie shook her head.

“Kim, I need Shego. I'll die without her”

Kim's world suddenly comes to a halt, her brain now running mile per hour, thinking about everything that have transpired between her and Shego. Shego loves her…they share the same feelings…Shego.

Then Kim look at Bonnie…her conscience cannot take it that a woman will lose a life because of her. Then what is she to do? She will finally find the happiness she is looking for. She found that person that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but to spend her life with shego means Bonnie spending her life in eternal damnation by killing herself…She needs to choose…Love or Life?

“I love you Shego…but Bonnie needs you more than I do” Kim thought, then she stand up and hurriedly run out of the restaurant, tears starting to fall on her cheeks.

Bonnie smiled as she saw Kim run. She took a comb out of her bag and comb some unruly hair and peeled off the bandage in her right wrist revealing - nothing. Then she left the restaurant smiling 'mission accomplish' she thought.

Kim held a cab and went straight to the airport…She needs her family in a time like this…

-end chapter 16-

A/N: So I guess you know where Kim is heading.

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