Chapter 4

New 'Home?'


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TITLE: New 'Home?'


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1763

“Pumpkin?” Shego called out as she shakes the red head lightly. The red head's face. still dirty as she remembered on the parking lot, with an addition of some bruises on her cheek, her right temple and right border of her lips. “pumpkin” she shook her again.

The red head stirs slowly from her position, she then slowly opened her eyes and focus on the person shaking her 'damn police…how many times do I tell them that I am a citizen of America and that I have id?' she thought before she finally fix her eyes on the green tinted woman sitting on the edge of the bench where she is sleeping, suddenly her eyes widens “YOU!” Kim sitted herself, “What are you doing? Isn't it enough that you put me out of job? Or perhaps you want me lock up in jail?” she hmph and look away.

“Look pumpkin…” Shego started, trying to find the right words to reason out to the redhead.

“Maybe its better you put me in jail, free bed and free food” The redhead murmur.

“What?” Shego glanced at the redhead, “You would want to be in jail?”

Kim look at her, her eyes cold, “You heard me. Free, as in Free”

“Look pumpkin”

“Kim. Name is Kim…why do you keep on calling me pumpkin?” Kim said frowning, her lips pouting.

“Look, i'm sorry I put you out of job, and I know your not at fault. It was just not my best day today. What happened to you? Did someone attack you or something?” Shego's eyes wandered on the exposed skin of the red head. Noticing aside from the bruises on her face, there were some scratches on her arms.

“Some punk who wants to take the money Mr. BArkin gave me”


Kim look at her, “What is it to you?”

Shego smiled, “Go city is not quite a good city pumpkin, It just looks good because Team Go is trying to make it look good. At night, it is a dangerous place especially for a kid like you”

“I'm no kid! Im 21 and able to protect myself”

“So you did salvage your money?”



Kim stand up, “It's none of your business” Kim turned her back to Shego and started to walk away when she felt the woman's hand on her forearm.

“Come with me pumpkin, I'll clean up your wounds, perhaps your hungry, I can whip some food for you and you can stay the night on my house.”

Kim look back at the green woman, “Why are you being so nice suddenly?”

“I was sorry for making you jobless. Payoff?” Shego smiled.

'wow…she looks exotically beautiful when she smiles' kim thought, “you mean it?”

Shego nodded, “Oh, and I told your employer Barkin he should rehire you. HE agreed ofcourse”

Kim smiled, but then after seconds her face saddened.

“What's the matter?”

“I…I can't go back to Mr. BArkin” She look at the green tinted woman who is now standing beside her.

“Why is that?” Shego ask as she motioned for Kim to follow her to her car.

“He gave me a week separation pay, if I go back to his employement I should return the money”

“So what is the problem with that?”

“I gave it to…I gave to 3 beggars?”

“WHAT?” Shego stop walking and look at Kim, “You gave your money to beggars…all of it?” She look at Kim nod, “You fucking out of your mind? How do you think you will survive without a money?”

“I can look for a job”

“Can't they?” Shego shook her head, “The reason I never give alms is because they too can look for a job and yet they rely on other people's mercy”

“But they look so hungry!”

The two stop as they reach the car, “Now pumpkin tell me…are you not hungry?”

Kim remained silent. She just heard her stomach growl. She look up to meet Shego's face who reads 'see?'

“You better thank me pumpkin for taking you in.”

Kim smiled, “thank you”

Both went in Shego's car.

“Your food is great…” Kim said as she look at the green tinted woman on the other end of the table, “I can call you shego right?” Shego nodded. A glass of wine on her hand, she sips slowly.

“After these, you take a bath, then you can help yourself on the couch to sleep”

“I'll be gone tomorrow before you knew it. I promise. Thank you shego”

Shego smiled at her, “Pumpkin, i'm bringing you to my mother's house tomorrow, you can stay there while you look for a job. And leave once you can rent your own apartment.”

“You will let me stay with your mother? HAve you ask her yet?”

“NO. Don't worry she won't mind. She have lots of spare room anyway”

Kim smiled and stand up. “So where am I going to take a bath?”

Shego thought 'I only have one bathroom and its in my room…what the hell i'm thinking bringing pumpkin here' then she shook her head and look at the red head woman looking at her smiling, “I only have 1 bathroom, it's in the room…make sure you clean it up after using pumpkin”

Kim nodded.

“And pumpkin, I have a spare towel there too. Use the pink towel and never ever use the green ones”

Kim started walking towards the bedroom, she stop midway and look at shego “You always have a spare towel in your bathroom? And pink?” she ask grinning 'hmmmmm, that's itriguing'

“It's none of your damn business pumpkin. Be thankful i'll let you use that!”

“Ok” Kim went in the bedroom and headed for the bathroom.

“Pumpkin!” called out Shego. It's been an hour since the red head woman went in her bedroom to take a bath. Shego doesn't have all night waiting, she still have to clean pumpkin's bruises. 'gawd! what is taking her too long?' Shego stand up and headed for her bedroom. She knock on the bathroom door but there was no answer, she push the door and was surprised the door is not locked. She went in and to her surprise saw the red head still on the bath tub, submerged on now cold water sleeping, Shego shook her head, “Pumpkin…you'll die of hypothermia if you do that often!” she whispers to herself, shook her head and approach the sleeping red head “Pumpkin wake up!”

Kim opens her eyes and saw shego “OH!” Kim surprised stood up without thinking. She saw Shego face become more green, then look at herself “OH god!” It was Kim's turn to blush as she realized her state of nudity, and went back sitting at the tub to cover herself. “Sorry” she winced.

Shego turn around and took the pink towel hanging by the wall then returned to Kim and handed her the towel, “Dry yourself pumpkin, I don't want you dying here in my bathroom” shego said plainly then turn around and walk out of her bathroom, “MAke it fast, we have to put some povidone on your bruises” She said before she finally went out.

Shego thought before she finally get out of her room and headed for the couch. There on the couch is the pillow and cover for pumpkin's use. Sitting on the couch she prepared cotton balls and the povidone. Minutes later she heard her room door open, and came out Kim, wrap with the pink towel, hair wet and spread on her back.

“I suppose you have clothes with you?” Shego ask Kim as the red head approach her.

“YEs, i'll get it. It's in my bag” KIm walk pass Shego and headed for her bag lying on the floor at the side of the couch, leaning over to get a clean clothing for her.

Shego look at Kim, her body still glistens with water. Looking down, Shego focus her gazed at the red heads legs 'ohhh, nice legs…flawless' Shego all could think off.

Kim straightened herself as she have the cloth she needs and faced Shego smiling, “You find anything you like?” Kim ask the green tinted woman mischievously.

“Wha-” Shego was stunned with Kim's question.

“HEy, don't be shy, I get the same reaction too everytime” She giggle and again walk past Shego, now emphasizing her hip movement. She look at the green tinted woman again and saw her jaw dropping, “See…I knew i'll get that reaction from you!” She laugh as she vanish from sight. walking inside shego's room to put on her clothes.

Shego snap out of her trance after a few seconds. Shaking her head 'good lord! Good thing I thought of letting her stay in my mom's house rather than here…I swear, I may not hold out if she does this often.' shego thought.

Kim is smiling as she change cloth. Finally done she hang the towel she used back at Shego's bathroom. She opened the door of the bedroom and walk out, and head to the couch. Seeing Shego now watching something on tv…

“I didn't know you like cartoons” Kim said as she approach the couch and sitted beside the green woman.

“Wha-” Shego look around not finding Kim, she look at her side “What cartoon?” Shego ask, obvious in her face that she is not quite on the right mind.

Kim held Shego's face and turn it to the TV “That is tom and Jerry you are watching, and that is a cartoon” Kim smiled at Shego.

“Ahh…Oh Yeah…I love the cat!” Shego said defensively.

“Aren't you going to put povidone on my bruises?” Kim ask.

“Oh yeah…I almost forgot…Love Jerry” She smiled and shook her head.

“OH… I thought you love the cat?”

“Yeah…I love jerry the cat”

Kim laugh and shook her head “Jerry's the mouse, Tom's the cat”

Shego look at Kim blushing, “Whatever!” Shego took the cottonballs and pour povidone in it and applied it violently on Kim's bruises.

“Ouch! Shego…that hurts”

“You'll sleep fast when your hurting pumpkin”

“Your mean”

“Yeah whatever!”

It was 8 am when Shego woke Kim up. Shego whip up some omelette for breakfast. After stuffing themselves, they take turn in taking a quick shower then they head off to Shego's mother's house…Kim's new home.

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