Chapter 13



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TITLE: Reunited


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1957

Shego was surprised at Bonnie's action towards Kim. For the last 2 weeks, Bonnie have been acting nice to the red head. She even invited Kim to watch a play with the model's other friends, even shego was not invited. Shego should be happy about how things are going, but at the back of her mind Shego knows her lover is upto something bad. And right now, the green skinned woman is holding her cup of wine, looking at her date.

Bonnie have ask her on a date. They went to a classy french restaurant, and she can't believe her lover when she take KIm with them. 'what kind of a date is this?' Shego thought to herself, but despite the idea that what Bonnie did is just wrong, she can't help but feel a little bit excited. This is the first time she have a formal dinner with the red head. Right now she doesn't know where the elation comes from, is it from Bonnie or from Kim. She look at her female companions, first at Bonnie who smiled at her. smiled back, but the feeling is the same, the same as when Bonnie have not made this kind of gestures. Then she look at Kim, who was eating her serving quietly. The red head did not look back at her, and yet, just seeing Kim there gave her a very different feeling. Something she have never felt, and the green skinned lawyer decided to research on this feeling. What could this be?

Her reverie was cut short when the red head stand up and excused herself, she said she have to go powder her nose. The two women nodded and the red head left. Shego, still holding on to her cup followed Kim's retreating form instinctively, smiling.

This act of Shego did not go unnoticed by Bonnie which gave the brunnette a sour look. Bonnie knew deep inside that no matter how hard Shego denied, the lawyer is interested with the red head. For many times that she have invited Kim out with the two of them, the green skinned woman seem to fail to notice her the way she used to, or she is giving the red head more attention than what she got from the lawyer since th3ey hooked up. She might have threatened the green skinned woman many times, she knew there are lots of guys and gays there willing to be her partner, but Shego is Shego, and she love her lawyer. She may perhaps don't show it often, but the feeling is real. She'll be damned if she give Shego up. Especially to a red head, nobody, sales girl who her lover have picked up from the street? And now, the red head trust her, and Shego beleived her action. She just have to hold on, have to wait.

Middleton: Ron's Apartment

“So what's the sitch Wade?”

The black american now teen ager Wade is on Ron's video phone, he fondly call ronlink, carrying a dumbbell and flexing his right arm as his left arm types on his computer's keyboard, “I've got a location sighting KP”

Ron's eyes widened. It's been 8 months since her bestfriend run away from her family and ditch her wedding to Josh, and since then he have not heard anything from the red head, “Where is that?”

“Go city”



“I'm on a mission mode!” Ron smiled as he stand up from his couch, “I am going to see KP”

“That's better, and please do bring the latest kimmunicator to her. She might need it.”

“Will do”

“Your ride is coming up in an hour. So be ready”

“I, I captain!” Ron saluted then the Ronlink went black.

Ron was waiting outside his apartment when a black sedan car parked before him. The door automatically opened, Ron went in, his jaw dropped from what he saw. The entire car was leathered inside, black shiny leather. A mini cooler is situated at the back of the car, a phone on the side. A 2 way radio on the other. There is a computerized panel that reveals a keypad that is connected to a monitor at the front (center). There is no steering wheel, no pedals, no stick. All in all it was a dream car. The monitor then showed Wade's face.

“Strap on Ron. We are heading to Go city”

“How fast can this go?” Ron ask smiling.

“Well -”

As soon as Ron fastens his seatbelt, the car roared. Ron's eye widened as to how fast the car run 'i guess i'll be there in no time' Ron thought as he closed his eyes “Dear Lord! Protect me” all Ron could say.

-Visual negative- the voice on the other end said in a gentle voice.

“Are you sure she is here?”


silence…"let's wait a little longer”

30 minutes later.

-sighting target at Go city Municipal hall- said the voice breaking the silence.

“follow target, Stealth mode on”

-got it-

Shego, and Kim just got out of the courtroom. IT wasn't a hearing, Shego got a call from a 'prospective' client about a case and they planned to get to it as quickly in the presence of a fiscal. After Shego have read on the case, she declined the offer. The client was enraged at first but Shego and the fiscal stated to 'him' that a lawyer has the right to decline on a case if the lawyer thinks that the case is in violation of her ethics and belief. This was clearly explained by the Fiscal and the client was advised to look for another lawyer. Shego did not gave the client any referral to any Lawyer she thinks if not as good as her, at least near her level.

“Why did you not take it? You have cases of murder before?”

“Yeah, that's true pumpkin, but i'm on the defense. It seems to me the bastard really did rape and kill the victim. I don't want men like that to just go out walking a free man.”

“You can lose the case”

“I don't want to stain my clean 'winning record' pumpkin for a man like him. With the lack of evidence, i'm sure no good lawyer will handle the case. He's a dead man walking.”

Kim just nodded. She was thinking about the woman beside her. Shego might be a loud, angry woman, she might be warfreak sometimes, and doesn't goes by the book more often in defending her clients, but the woman have pride and have a belief as strong as a mountain. No money can shake her belief, and the red head likes it about the woman.

Her reverie was cut short when she felt the green skinned woman suddenly puts her arm around the red head's shoulder and pull her near a pillar that is slightly covered by a tree, “Shego?”

“Shhhsssshhh, someone's following us pumpkin”

Kim eye's widened. 'is there? or shego is just taking advantage' she thought, but the lawyer already removed her arms around Kim once they were quite secured at the pillar, and the lawyer looks serious, as her eyes did'nt stop from gazing around. Kim then felt it, indeed they are being followed. Kim noted to herself that she needs to get back on her physical training, in the height of her hero days, things like this do not pass by unnoticed, she would have noticed it before the lawyer, who is not even a fighter. YEah, perhaps she knows martial arts or two, but things like this is what Kim does, might be 3 years ago but still, things like this don't just blow out of your head when you retire. 'am I being weak?' she ask herself, then her eyes accidentally look at the lawyer who is not minding her, instead the lawyer is seriously gazing about, 'or maybe I was just so distructed thinking about Shego…' she sighed softly'

*no, you just feel safe when your around Shego* a voice in her head suddenly spoke up.

'hey' Kim scolded her subconscious brain, but then she thought, perhaps its true. She never felt so comfortable and safe with anyone before. Even when she is with Ron. The constant battle that she had been with megalomaniacs made her an easy bait, and knew that not even Ron's monkey Kung fu can make her feel safe, hence she is very atuned with her surrounding. BUt being in Go city where nobody even recognizes her as a “hero”, and to add the green skinned female's presence, yes she do feel safe, therefore, her defense is leveled down.


“shut up” Kim said softly. This cause the lawyer to turn her head to the red head woman.

“You were saying pumpkin?”

“Oh” Kim blushed from embarrasmment, “I was berating myself for not being too aware”

Shego smiled, “Don't worry, I can handle this”

“I can help”

“Hey, This is my city. I don't want anything to happen to you in my city. Besides, perhaps this are men from the last attack in my apartment”

Kim smiled at Shego, “Thanks”

“You are going to buy me dinner tonight remember, so no need to thank me”

Kim smiled to herself. Then suddenly she felt their stoker suddenly vanished, “It's gone”

Shego look at Kim 'how come she felt that? Your amazing me pumpkin' she then smiled, “Yeah, it's gone. Let's get to the parking lot”

“They sense us”

-not an impossibility, she was a hero-

“Oh, yeah…i almost forgot. Trace the car they hop in. I'll Just storm in the next stop”

-got that-

a click was heard, as a small monitor appeared and a red dot can be seen blinking and moving.

Kim and Shego is sitted on opposite side of a table. They were in a private room Shego usually take when she dines at Yamanouchi. The two women were enjoying the meal. especially Shego as she teased the Red head, since this is Kim's treat. They were laughing when suddenly, the two women felt a light vibrations on the roof just above the place they were in. The two woman stand on their feet, looking up, they know that the vibrations is not made by any footsteps. This is the usual vibrations you feel when something “aerial” is hovering and trying to drop something.

If this is a surprise attack Shego thought, then they are making a very big mistake. Shego hates surprises, and surprises usually brings plasma into life. She haven't lit her hands yet, no not yet, she doesn't want to scare her red head away, she will use it only if need be, but right now, if the one attacking them is the same as those who attacked her before, she doesn't need comet powers, her martial art can withstand and can even overpower them.

Then Yori opened the door and.


Yori was tuckled to the ground by a blond man who came from the roof above the women, 'It seems that the attacker had brought another stupid man to attack, and even going solo' thought Shego, rolling her eyes.

“Got yah KP!!!!!” The blond Man shouted at the tackled Yori, Night vision goggles still covering his eyes.

Kim's jaw drop, brows raised “Ron?”

Ron removed the goggle when she heard the voice somewhere not beneath him, and Yelp when instead of the Red head he saw a young japanese woman.

“Hello” Yori greeted.

Ron look at the place where the voice he heard, and smiled as he saw “KP!”

Kim smiled.

Shego scowled and look at Ron then at Kim.

Yori smiled, her eyes on the blond man.

-end chapter 13-

next: Ron gets attention, Shego angry, Bonnie happy…and Kim?

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