Chapter 15



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TITLE: Driven


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2229

A/N: Warning, lemony part in this chapter,please be advised.

Shego just lied there on her bed, staring at her ceiling. She feels like their wall have just collapsed on her body that she is now so injured she cannot stand. She doesn't feel like doing anything, her brain is like a computer that have a messed up programming. She tried very hard to relinquish the sight of the buffoon kneeling before Kim, proposing and her pumpkin actually reciprocating the gesture and aggreeing to be married. Hey, the red head used to have a fiancee, she run away from the wedding? Why? Shego thought that the very reason is the red head must be in love with her bestfriend, and she wanted to make her best friend realize what he have lost, and now, he's here, taking what is his…No! Kim isn't his. BUt no matter how hard she tried to reason out that Kim is free and not Ron's, her brain failed. They are bestfriend for life, and they will end up together…Ron will have Kim. The thought sends signals of pain in her chest, pain that radiates all over her body.

But what's worst? Bonnie just called her this morning, she is asking the green skinned lawyer to dine with her at her house. She would cook for her. Then the model even told her how happy she is for KIm, and when Shego asked why, the model told her that Kim ask her a favor late evening, she is asking if she could actually make a reservation at the french restaurant her friend own, and ask if there could be any discount, the red head even ask if she could borrow Bonnie's Car. The news just sent a jab straight to Shego's stomach. Kim is dating Ron tonight. They are going to have a dinner…then what's next? Bonnie even told her that the model volunteered to pay for the date, but Kim refuses and say that discount is enough. Bonnie let Kim use her car. Bonnie…

Bonnie smiled at herself after putting the phone down. Shego have agreed to dine with her tonight on her house. She knew from Shego's voice that the green skinned woman is bothered, but she could take it all away tonight. She smiled wider as she pictures in her brain what to do with Shego.

Shego sat silently at the passenger seat, as Bonnie drives.Bonnie came quite early that evening, helped Ron dressed up. Ron will be fetching KIm at work then they will go straight to the Restaurant Bonnie told them to go. Shego was not pleased with what Bonnie is doing. ITs not that she is jealous of Ron being given attention by Bonnie, but she is mad that Bonnie is pouring on more chocolates on this matter. SHe is bothered that the buffoon could actually look nice as a date after Bonnie is through with him. ANd the buffoon seems to be overjoyed.

After about an hour, the blond man took the Key from Bonnie and headed off. Bonnie and Shego on the otherhand took Shego's car and drove to Bonnie's house. Bonnie driving, while Shego remained on the passenger seat, in deep thoughts.

“God” Shego sighed, and silently spoken.

“YEs Shego?” Bonnie ask looking at her girlfriend, “Anything bothering you?” She ask smiling.

Shego wants to say thatshe wants to go back to her room and sulk. But she have promised to come with the brunnette, so she lied “nothing much…just…your cooking” she joked without smiling.

“If I don't know you, I would have been offended with that remark” Bonnie retaliated with a devilish smile, devilishly alluring. Shego smirk.

Then there was just silence between the two.

“Okay, so you look very nice” Monique said as she arrange the dress of the woman in front of her.

“You think Ron-kun will like this?” Yori smiled at Monique.

“Ron will love it” Kim said smiling. Dress in an all black attire, Black miniskirt, black flat sandals, faded black sleeveless blouse, with a black coat over it, and wearing a berret, Kim turned around the mirror and smiled at herself.

“Kim-san, you really don't have to do this chauffuer thing”

“OH c'mon Yori, atleast I get to know what is happening between you two” Kim said smiling.

“Don't tell me you plan to chaperone them girlffriend?” MOnique ask Kim with a raised eyebrow.

“Ofcourse not. Just want to make sure Ron does not ruin the date”

“Owwww” Monique said in disbelief, nodding her head.

“Besides, I told Bonnie its us on a date to make this reservation and have Ron borrow her car”

Monique look at Kim, 'so Bonnie thinks she can actually get rid of Kim thru Ron' then monique smiled, “I guess we should make this a really memorable one.” Monique said grinning.

Then they heard the car blow its horn.

“I'll go get there, MOnique you take care of Yori”

“Will do”

Kim opened the door to the car, as she waited for Ron and Yori. Ron was standing outside the botique in a suit he had borrowed through wade. Ron's eyes widened as Yori came out of the store being escorted by Monique who is sporting a wide grin on her face. THen Yori slid her arm over ron's and they walk slowly to the car. As they enter Kim closed the door, look at Monique and saluted. MOnique look at her and bowed, then the black beauty turned her back at the trio and shook her head, as she enters her botique.

Bonnie is sitted in front of Shego looking at the older woman as she eats the pesto she made, she take it to herself that the green skinned woman does not like her cooking for she have not even finish half of the first serving.

“You look like something is bothering you Shegs” Bonnie said in a serious tone.

“I'm just tired” Shego lied. HOw can she be tired when she have not come to her office for how many days now? 4? She just lunge at their house sulking.

“I could give you a massage” Bonnie volunteered and smiled, the green skinned female look at Bonnie seriously, “What? You think I can't give a good massage?” Bonnie ask seductively.

Shego stood up and went to Bonnie's couch, she felt Bonnie tailing her.

“C'mon Shego” Bonnie push Shego gently to the couch, having the green skinned lie on her stomach. Shego just went with the flow. Then the brunnette model pull the t-shirt Shego is wearing revealing a black bra underneath it,she unclasp the bra then Bonnie climb on the couch, straddling the green skinned woman's behind. She then started rubbing Shego's tense trapezius muscles, as Bonnie did this, the green skinned woman raised her arms, flexed it and tucked it under her chin.

“HArder” Shego said moaning, she could feel those tight muscle somewhat loosening with Bonnie's massage, “I never thought you could massage well”

“You never paid attention” Bonnie said as she continued the rhythm. Then it stopped.

“What the-”

“I'm gonna get something” Bonnie said as she hurriedly went inside her room and return with a lotion in hand, “POwder or lotion?” Bonnie ask.

“You don't seem to have a powder in your hand”

“Then lotion it is” Bonnie said and again straddled Shego's behind. She poured a small amount of lotion in her hands, spread it evenly on Shego's shoulder and start massaging, again starting with her trapezius, she could actually hear the green skinned female moan. Then she massaged lower, her hands already at the middle of Shego's back, Shego's moan becomes quite louder, then her hands went down a bit more, now massaging the lumbar area. She could feel Shego's muscle twitch, and the green skinned woman even arch lightly to her touch.

The action made Bonnie decided to go for it, she released her hand on Shego's lumbar area and started massaging Shego's mid-axillary area that is along the breast line, this caused Shego's muscles there to twitch lightly as a sensation of pleasure soared through her plexuses, eliciting a catlike purr. Bonnie then slid her hand a litle bit frontal as she lightly grab the surrounding mounds of flesh and adipose tissue of Shego. The model started massaging with intesity when the green skinned woman did not push her hand away, the lawyer even angled herself more towards Bonnie's touch. Careful not to touch the green skinned woman's nipples yet, Bonnie massage that mass eagerly, eliciting a deep moan from the lawyer. Then she felt Shego grab her hands.

Bonnie was shock at first at the green skinned woman grabbing her hand, but the green skinned woman turn around, making her lose her balance and drop to the couch at the side of Shego. The lawyer, half naked then grab Bonnie on her waist and started kissing her,mad-hard on her lips. Bonnie smiled as she is being kissed and reciprocated, she opened her mouth and Shego's tongue made a dive for it, now their tongue is fencing inside their mouth, saliva making an osmosis ( a/n: the one with higher concentration going to a lesser concentration, hehehe). Bonnie then cling her legs on the lawyers waist as Shego started to move up, bringing with her Bonnie. Shego might be sexy and all but with her comet enhanced power, Bonnie is like a paper to her. THen Shego walk towards Bonnie's room, without breaking their kiss, Bonnie's arm around Shego's neck.

Shego was able to open the bedroom door without putting the model down, once inside the room, Shego kick the door close, not minding to lock it or not, Shego pushed the model to the wall and broke their kiss 1. to breath, and 2. to remove Bonnie's shirt. Then after the shirt, Shego pulled Bonnie's bra off of her, then without inspecting Bonnie's growing arousal which seemed to be evident by her now hardened nipples, Shego started to devour Bonnie's neck, planting kisses on her neck and down, licking, kissing, Bonnie is making a purring sound as Shego went southward, finding Bonnie's mound, Shego did not hesitate and grab one nipple with her mouth and suck, making the model quiver and moan, her other arm braised on the wall. Bonnie's hips starts to grind slowly against Shego's waist as she could feel pleasure building up inside of her. Shego wanting more carried the brunnette without releasing her nipple and plunge her to the bed, the green skinned lawyer above the model. Shego then used her now free had to.

When Shego is through with the one nipple, she decided to give the other the same treatment leaving the other one free,her free hand then travelled southward, carressing the model's bare abdomen, then encircling bonnie's belly button, making the brunnette under her quiver more, then her free hand found Bonnie's shorts, she pulled the short down and revealed the model's wet underwear, stroking it with her finger, she could not sense how hot Bonnie is there because of her internal temperature but she knows she's hot because she is so wet, could there be any other indicator of a woman's arousal except that? She then slid her hand inside the underwear, her middle finger stroking the outline of Bonnie's vestibule, leaving her clitoris. Bonnie jerked as she felt Shego's hand.

“Undress” Bonnie whispered to Shego. Shego stand up and remove her other clothing. Then she removed Bonnie's underwear. She regain her action and started stroking Bonnie, she then straddled her without removing her hand, then started grinding, her thumb now at Bonnie's hardened bell. The model squirmed, and moan and whimpered under Shego, bucking her hips, wanting more, but Shego decided not to plunge in Yet, She want's to orgasm together with Bonnie.

Then Shego felt the pleasure soar inside, she arch her back and straddled faster, she closed her eyes, her brain not working, she is about to plunge inside of bonnie…

It was so vivid, Kim there on the bed, and the buffoon over her, kissing Kim in part where Shego would only have dreamt of touching, “Kim” She said to herself as she could see the red head's face in her brain…Seeing Kim when she is abut to orgasm…She stop straddling Bonnie, she regained her posture, then look at the woman beneath her, the woman now whimpering bucking her hips…then she could see Kim, she wanted that woman badly to be Kim, Her pumpkin, her red head.

Then Bonnie's eye opened, looking at Shego.

“Why did you stop?” Bonnie ask panting.

Shego's eyes change to one that is about to cry, “I-I'm sorry Bonnie” SHe remove her hand from Bonnie's thigh and rested above the brunnette.

“Sorry for what?” Bonnie ask.

“I--i don't want to do this anymore-”

there was silence.

“It's Kim?” Bonnie look at Shego at the side because shego's face is burried in her shoulder, Shego nodded she could feel it, “You love her?” she felt shego nodded again.

“Sorry Bonnie, it's just, when we were just going there…i have to wish badly that I am with Kim right now and not with that buffoon, I am sorry” Shego now started crying.

Bonnie was shock to see her lawyer broke into crying. SHe must admit defeat, SHego loves Kim.

Then there was just silence in the room.

end chapter 15.

Next: Bonnie let go of Shego. Or did she?

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