Chapter 14

The Ronman


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TITLE: The Ronman


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2482

Ron's eye is filled with happiness as he saw his friend finally in front of him, in his happiness, he hop on his feet and grabbed Kim in embrace. Ron having not seen his best friend for months, and the worried feeling he have kept for that long. If he was not a man, he could have cried in front of his best friend.

Kim is also delighted to finally see someone she knew, no, not just someone, its Ron for god sake. She is right now being embraced by her long time best friend, confidant and 'sidekick'. She is so overwhelmed that she just let him embraced her and lift her up from the ground, and have not thought of the two women with them who is now looking at them, One smiling and the other, mouth gaping (a/n: so just imagine whose who).

After being invited to the treat by Kim herself, and talking to each other as if no one is with them, Kim, Ron and Shego finally decided to go home. Ofcourse after Kim have introduced Ron to Shego and Yori. Yori have been with them after Ron had literally drop down on them. Yori wears the brightest smile ever. This was unnoticed by Kim but absolutely noticed by the green skinned lawyer.

Yori told Kim that she is going to give her a call on weekend regarding something important. Kim have no idea but she conceded, then the three went out of the restaurant and headed home.

“So…your a lawyer?” Ron ask Shego. Ron is sitted at the backseat, his arm braised on the two seats in front, his face almost in between Shego's and Kim's.

“Yes Ron, she is a lawyer, and she have not lose a case, not once” Kim answered instead of Shego.

Shego was quiet. She IS quiet, from the moment Ron step in the picture, the green skinned woman lose the ability to talk, to be jumpy and sarcastic. There is this feeling in her that she cannot explain, the feeling of wanting to strangle the boy Kim called Ron 'buffoon!' Shego thought. She can't even deny the urge inside of her to vomit, her chest tightening, her stomach is tightening as well, hence she really wanted to vomit, she wanted to get sick.

“You mean Bonnie Rockwaller? The Bonnie Rockwaller, super model,beautiful, tan, sexy Bonnie Rockwaller is her girlfriend?” Ron said in disbelief, “You got to be kidding me”

“When did I lie to you Ron?” Kim defended.

“Okay, granted you never lied to me…But-” Ron look at Shego then rolled his eyes.

“What are you implying?” Shego said in an irritated tone.

“Ahh-” Ron smiled, “So she likes you even if you are…green?” Ron said the green word in a softer voice as if he is a child caught lying.

Shego just look at him, in her most dangerous look.

“Ah-okay, so yeah she likes you. HEhe” Ron said as he push himself backward to be away from the lawyer.

“Does my parents know your here? I mean with me”

“No” Ron said.

“I'll ask Estella if she can let you stay and take the-”

“NOt happening Pumpkin” Shego interrupted.

“Shego, but-”

Ron look at Shego through the rearview then at Kim whose side is facing him, “Uhhh, I think I can find a small hotel here that goes with my budget”

Kim did not answer. Then she made a pout. Shego noticed Kim pouting and look at the red head.

“I said no pouting” Shego told Kim.

But Kim did not relent, instead her pout progressed into a full blown puppy pout, her eyes tinged with tears, ready to fall.

“PUMPKIN!!!!” Shego hollered, then pulled to the side and burried her face in the steering wheel.

“I have nothing to do with that” Ron said pointing at the pouting face of Kim.

Shego look at Ron, “Tell me you have an antidote for that and you can stay”

Ron shrug, “She made me dress in a wedding gown with that look. Isn't that evil?” ron said in a resigned tone.

Shego shook her head while it is still burried in the steering wheel, “Okay” Shego look up and saw Kim still in her famous pout, “I said Okay!!!! the buffoon can take the couch!” With that Kim smiled.

“What did you call me?” Ron ask frowning.

“buffoon. Do you want me to spell it to you?” Shego answered irritably.

“Ah, no, I know how to spell it but I have a name. ANd the name is Ron”

“Buffoon” Shego said before she started the car again and drive to the road.

“Baddical” Ron mumbles.

So Ron did stay at Estella's house and took the couch as his bed. And as a good citizen of America, he volunteered to cook their meals. Estella hesitated at first arguing that Ron is a guest but the 'ronman' insisted telling that the owner should atleast try to taste his cooking. He will be a full pledge chef in a couple of months and he wants to impress not just his best friend but also his hostess.

Ron's first week at the Go house was okay, although to one green skinned woman, she doesn't feel fine with the buffoon staying there, With Kim, she just don't feel comfortable. One reason is that Kim seem to find more time with the buffoon than with her, second is Kim sleeps on the living room often leaving her alone in 'their' room. Third, Kim seems to be so fond and proud of the buffoon that she can't stop talking about him. Even Monique called her one time because Kim can't seem to stop talking about the buffoon. This is unnerving her. She's quite aware of the reason why, but knowing that her red head doesn't sway her way makes it more difficult, because she cannot express the feeling of torment the red head is causing her, because she doesn't have any reason to be tormented anyway.

Yori even added to the cause of torment. Yori who would call their house almost everyday asking about the buffoon, “What is Ron doing? Can I talk with Ron? Did Ron cook a meal again? Can I go there to talk to Ron?” 'GOD!!!” thought Shego, this buffoon seems to magnetized every girl she knew. OKay so not everyone…

Bonnie is just friendly with Ron, even encouraging the man to have date with Kim. She even volunteered her car, imagine her most loved car volunteered to be of use by Kim and Ron if they decided to have a date. NOw that is something. NOw Bonnie is smiling deep inside, thanking heavens for sending Ron to Go city. Perhaps Ron is the answer to her growing problem with Shego regarding Kim. Bonnie quite knew that Shego is being attracted to the red head as time passes, and it seems that the growing attraction is becoming deeper. She have made a plan but when she learned Ron came, and that they were best friend since pre-K, she dump her plan and plunge to the Kim-Ron love angle. This is a better idea than her previous plan, sweet and promising.

So Shego is in the Kitchen, Kim and Ron went out with Yori for a tour of Go city. Shego having a coffee, Betty sitting in front of her having a coffee as well. Estella was in her office trying to finish a novel due at the end of the month.

“You've not been in a good mood lately” Started Betty. Shego just look at her aunt Betty and continue on what she is doing, Betty look at Shego as she held her cup in her lips but not sipping, just smelling the aroma of the coffee, “Is it about Ronald?”

Shego frowned, “What about the buffoon?” Shego put down her cup and look at her aunt.

“Can't you call him Ronald or Ron? The boy has a name you know”

“He is a buffoon.”

“JEalous?” BEtty ask smiling.

Shego's eyes widened, okay, so if there's anyone who can read her like an open book, aside from her mother, it's her Aunt Betty, “What makes you say that?”

“I know you” she smiled again, now sipping her coffee. Shego did not answer, “I haven't seen you this lousy and silent before. The first time your like this is when you were 5.” Still Shego did not answer and look at her Aunt BEtty, “Remember when you were so jealous of me, taking your mommy from you? Your just like this. You remind me of the time back then”

“So just because I don't feel like going to work and I don't feel like talking much-”

“And being sarcastic as well” interrupted BEtty.

“Okay, and being that, makes you think i'm jealous? Wouldn't that be an assumption? no grounds at all?” Shego defended like the lawyer she is.

there was silence.

Betty studied her daughter's face, she knew too well that her daughter has a special feeling for Kim and that her daughter's feeling is as real as her feeling towards Estella. With the way Shego is acting she knows the blond man is bothering Shego, and that her daughter just can't say anything because she is tied up with Bonnie, and is not sure of what the red head will tell her. She thinks- no, she knew her daughter is in love with Kim, for trying to hide her feelings for long, and that hidden sensual attraction everytime she looks at the red head, even the name calling, everything is a symptom of being in love, and its all there in front of her, “Without using your profession Shego, just being honest…you know you can always be honest with me”

“What?” Shego ask as if she doesn't know what her aunt is talking about.

“You know you can always cover everything up, lie, but your not just lying to me, but to yourself as well” BEtty said in motherly tone.

None from the female spoke. They just stared at each other, sipping their coffee, then Shego look away and focus her eyes on the bar just beside her aunt's place.

“Aunt Betty?”

“Hmmm?” Betty look at her daughter while sipping her coffee.

“Does best friend always ends up together in the end? I mean…you know, those best friend forever, then falling in love then marriage then -”

“Like Ron and Kim?”

Shego look at BEtty, “Yeah like that”

Betty shrug her shoulder, “Well, most of them do end up together. IT's quite common sometimes it sucks”


“You'll be with someone you knew as in forever, not even tried something new. Doesn't that sucks? ANd boring as well?”

Shego look at BEtty and smile, “Yeah that will be boring”

Betty smiled at Shego, “Princess”


“It's always better to take a chance, no matter what the end will bring. It's better to hurt knowing you tried than to hurt without even trying at all. Life is a gamble itself Princess, we have to gamble and risk failing than not to gamble.”


Shego look at Betty, “I never thought you could be deep like that” Shego teased her aunt. Then her mobile phone ring.

“C'mon KP! I need some help here” Ron ask Kp in a quite desperate tone as the two walks home. After eating dinner at a diner somewhere, the two dropped Yori to Yamanouchi restaurant, and decided to walk home.

“Ron, What help do you need? Youn just have to buy a boquet and a box of chocolate, then voila! Give it to Yori and ask her for a date!”

“That isn't sweet! I'm the Ronman remember?”

“I haven't forgot Ron”

“See? I like to make that night memorable”

“So what do you plan?” Kim opnened the gate of the Go residence, Once they were on the porch, Ron suddenly fell on his one knee (in a genuflex position) looking at Kim, he held Kim's one hand, “Ron?”

“Yori.(long pause) I present to you this flower, this flower that symbolizes my true and pure intentions. ANd this chocolate - this chocolate that symbolizes the sweetness of my love. Will you have do the honor to accompany me tonight? In my loneliness, may you be my-

“Okay! Stop it Ron! That is just so corny. Your not proposing, your just asking her for a date”

Ron stand up, dusted his pants, “But I want to make it memorable, sweet and…”

“HEy I have an idea”


“Bonnie have a friend who is a chef in a famous french restaurant here, perhaps I could ask Bonnie if we could have a friendly discount there for you and Yori?”

“Owww- that is great!”

“And I could ,maybe borrow her car, She volunteered it once if we decided to go out on a date.”

“But we are not dating”

“I'll be your chauffeur, Bonnie will not know we did not date. Unless you tell her”

Ron raised an eyebrow, “As if she talks to me”


“I think that idea is awesome Kim”

“Just as I thought!” The two smiled and started walking towards the house.

SLLLAAAAAMMMMM!!!! Shego slammed the door and walks back to the couch, slumping, face frowning. Shego knowing that its getting late outside worries with her pumpkin. She knew the buffoon cannot protect the red head if anything happens. So She phased to and fro in the living room and often look at the wall clock, she is not going to sleep without the Red head. Then her sensitive ear heard the gate open and close, sighing, she walk towards the door to welcome the two.

Her Jaw dropped when she saw the buffoon on his knee, holding Kim's hand “I present to you this flower, this flower that symbolizes my true and pure intentions. ANd this chocolate - this chocolate that symbolizes the sweetness of my love-” was all she have heard, because she felt her heart drop on the floor, her stomach went circles inside of her, now she is getting sick, she can't take the scene anymore, “My God, the buffoon---the buffoon is proposing to her pumpkin!” Shego thought, suddenly she felt her surrounding suffocating her, she slammed the door hard and went straight to the couch and slump.

“GOD!” Shego said to herself, 'did her pumpkin said yes? or did she said no?' “Stupid! Why did I not finish the discussion, Stupid!!!!” Shego berrated herself. She drop her body to the couch, realizing that it is where the buffoon sleeps, she jumps to her feet, looking at the couch in disgust, she kick it and run upstairs towards her room.

Unbeknowst to the green skinned woman, the two walk in on that scene.

“What's wrong with the couch?” Ron ask.

“I-have-no-idea” Kim answered wide eye.

-end chapter 14-

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