Chapter 3

Red meets Green


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TITLE: Red meets Green


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2009

“DAMN!” Shego shouted as she felt the rear of her car bump into something. She look back and saw an old gray ELF truck, “What the fuck…how did that get there!” She said in disgust as she open her car's door and hurriedly went out. She walk around to see the bumper of the said truck kissing her car compartment…"What the fuck did you do?” Shego shouted at the person squatting on the ground looking at the damage

She raised her head to the sound at her back. Her face covered with red hairs that seems to untangle from its origin that is covered by a gray cup that says “Friendly Delivery”. Her green eyes met the green eyes of the inquirer. She slowly push herself up, her clothes quite dirty from grease, and so is her hand

“What do you mean what I do? Your the one who bump into my truck! You know you should be looking at your rear view mirror before you reverse your car! isn't that the purpose of your rearview mirror and side mirror as well?!” The girl remove her cap and locks of red hair flowed freely.

If not for her quite dirty face and dirty clothes, Shego could already tell how beautiful the woman is, But business is business, beautiful or not she have to pay for the damage her “old” truck did. Shego shook her head “I look. You weren't there! you came from nowhere…pumpkin!” She said with a grin

Kim stiffened, 'pumpkin? name calling now?' she fumed as she look at the 'green tinted skin' woman, “NO! Your not looking, I was trying to look for a parking space here!” She pointed her finger to the parking lot, “I was driving slowly then you suddenly came out of nowhere!”

Shego sighed in annoyance, “I don't have time for this!” Looking again at the damage to her car, then looking at the undamage truck, “alright, alright…i'll let it slip this time young lady!” Shego turn around to get in her car again when she felt a hand grab her arm and swing her back towards the woman, “wha-”

“Where do you think your going? How about my truck? Aren't you suppose to pay me for the damage your car did to my truck?” Kim ask her brows up in annoyance

Shego's brows quiver as she frown, “Da---damage!!!!” Shego shouted, “What the hell 'damage' your talking about? look!” Shego dragged kim back to the scene and pointed on her car compartment, “THat! that is damage!” then she pointed at kim's old truck's bumper, “Now, I don't see any damage there!”

“What? Are you blind?” Kim shouted as well, then she leaned closer, she held her pointing finger up and motion for shego to come closer and pointed at a hazy color of the bumper, “That's a scratch!”

Shego straightened up, “Fuck! You call that a scratch? Your trucks too old…and” she paused, “I can't even identify a 'scratch' from the normal color of your truck…and your asking me to pay for this? Your a con aren't you?” Shego shouted in Kim's face

Kim's anger went a scale up upon hearing the 'con' accusation, “First of all I am not a con! I work for a living! Second, my truck maybe ancient but I took care of this very well! It feeds me!” She shouted back at Shego, slightly tiptoeing so her face meets the lawyer's face, “So it's either you pay or i'll make your rich life a hell!”

Shego's face became expressionless 'she is something…doesn't she know me?' shego ask herself then grin, She shook her head again, “go on pumpkin, try your best to make my rich life a hell, but I tell you this…whoever is your employer is gonna hear from this, and your employer will wish he have never hired you.” Shego said in a warning tone. Gave kim a grin before she turn her back to her and went in her car. She hurriedly drive out of the parking lot

Kim on the otherhand went inside her truck fuming as she spotted a space to park.

30 minutes later she was out in the parking lot heading for her employer's office

(It's been two weeks now since I runaway from my wedding, and I have had 3 jobs in that two weeks that didn't last long. I wonder if I made a mistake in running away…perhaps I should have just faced Josh and tell him I cannot marry him…in that way I should be at home, studying for my masters degree. But I feel this is so right…i mean coming here at Go city. It's far from middleton, and not everyone knows me as KIM POSSIBLE…hero…anything is possible with a possible…like that green tinted woman…') Kim smiled as she drives on the road, remembering the annoyed look of the 'other' woman, (She looks beautiful if only she could smile more…she looks like a grouchy spinster…or maybe she is! what the heck…she didn't pay for the scratch of my truck she caused…and I know i'm not at fault, Mr. BArkin's gonna shout at me for this again.)

She stop thinking as she saw the gate of her employer Mr. Barkin, the large sign board outside can be seen tilted, brownish in color which is a sign of its 'ancientness', she blow her horn and saw a young man came to open the gate. Then she drive her truck in.

Kim walk alongside her friend toward's Mr. Barkin's office, “So Felix, How's the other trucks? Getting them all tuned up?”

“All done Kim…” Felix look at kim with a worried look


“Someone called Kim, and Mr. BArkin became so angry, he have to cursed your surname”

“Called? to the office…who…” kim did not continue her question as she remember 'she really did call Mr. BArkin, and she is not kidding when she warns me…' kim just shook her head as realization sets in.

About a meter from the office, She saw Barkin standing on his office door, his arms akimbo

“POSSIBLE!!!!” Mr. Barkin shouted

Kim smiled at Mr. Barkin, apologetic

“YOU! you will cost me so much POssible…to think this is not a very big business! You went ballistic with Attorney Go, and even ask for damage when it was you who is at fault!”

“I'm not Mr. Barkin! I swear!” Kim retorted

“Whatever! First of all, she is the most influential lawyer Go city ever have, second she is the Governor's only daughter, and Third…She is just one of those fucking woman who gets what she wants! What Shego wants Shego gets! And you pissed her!”

Kim look down at the ground, “but she started it” she reasons like a child

“I…” Mr. Barkin's tone humbled down, “I know It might be her fault, KNowing you POssible, the hero, a good person, and a poor lier, but she wants my butt Kim, its either I close down or I fire you”

kim did not said anything


“I understand Mr. BArkin” Kim dropped her shoulder in frustration 'why are there people like her?' Kim turn around to walk out of the Friendly Delivery's garage

“Hey POssible…” MR Barkin said as he approach Kim, “here” He gave Kim a manila envelop, “It's a weeks salary, though you've been here for just 3 days. If the incident dies down you can always come back to return to your job.”

Kim look at Mr. Barkin and smiled as she took her separation pay

“Hey, we'll still see each other right Kim?” Felix said as he puts his hand on Kim's shoulder

“I guess Felix. I'll just be looking for job first…but i'll see you”

“Good luck then Kim”

“Thank you felix! Thank you Mr. BArkin” Kim finally said as she left

“JUst Imagine mom, That girl is asking me to pay for a scratch you can't recognize? What a woman!”

“And you threatened her employer to be out of business because you lose in the argument”

“I didn't!” Shego said defensively as she took the glass and gulp the last of the wine. She look at her mother whose brows are curled, seeing that face, she knew her mom knows she did lose the argument, “Alright! I got pissed!”

Estella shook her head and smiled, “My daughter the best lawyer there ever is and lose an argument to a dirty looking truck driver…that must be a news!”

Shego just sighed

“And if I am thinking right, That poor driver, who is actually at the right reason will now be one of those person out there who lose her job because of what we call injustice yes?”

Shego sighed again, She hates it when her mother points out her wrong, and her mother is right, and make her feel shameless, just like right now. She thought, if this kid does not know her, then she must not be from Go city. What if she does not even have a place to stay? She just put that kid in a miserable situation…"I'll call the delivery service” Shego said as she stand up and walk towards the phone

“Hello” the man on the other line answered

“This is Attorney Go i-”

“Oh…I already fired her! SHe is gone Attorney, Please, can we just talk about this?”

Shego remained silent

“Attorney Go?”

“Rehire her then”

“I can't”

“What do you mean you can't?”

“I fired her about 3 hours ago. As soon as she came here. I can't find her to tell her she is hired again”

“Why don't you go to her house and tell her?”

“She doesn't have one. I allowed her to stay here at the garage because she have no place to stay. NO family nor friends here…she might be anywhere at Go city, parks or …anywhere where she can spend a night”

Shego was in silenced again

“Attorney…what is this about KIm?” the man ask

“Oh…nothing. Thank you anyway. About the incident, lets forget about it”

“Really” Shego could tell the man smiling from the other line, “Thank you very much Attorney. If ever Kim found herself visiting here, i'll tell her she is hired again, and tell her it was your idea”

“Thank you mr…”

“Barkin. You can call me Steve”

“Good night Steve” Shego put the receiever down.

“SO?” Estella, holding her glass of wine ask as she leans on the door frame that connects the living room to the kitchen

“'got to go” Shego hurriedly took her keys on the center table and walk towards the door

“Aren't you going to wait for your Aunt Betty before you go?”

Shego look back at her mother, “Tell Aunt Betty i'll be back tomorrow to tell her my courtroom drama personnally, I just have to do something”

Estella shrug her shoulder, “I'll kiss her for you”

“C'mon mom, as if you don't kiss her every chance you have?” Shego retorted as she smile and walk out of the house

Estella shook her head smiling as she walk back to her kitchen

(Hope I can still recognized pumpkin's face…but the red hair…i wont miss surely for the world.) Shego sighed as she drives along go city, slowly, her eyes wandering left and right, trying to find the red head she put out of job, (I hope youre fine pumpkin, Go city is not that safe in the evening…Oh fuck why am i worried over someone I don't even know! Fuck! Fuck!) her eyes narrowed as she spot a locks of red hair lying on a bench, in a quite secluded area of go city park, News paper covering the whole body

“Oh my god!” Shego said to herself “i hope its not her…and if it is…God I hope its not what i'm thinking!” Shego hurriedly pulled off to a parking space, hurriedly went out of her car and run towards the lying red head

“God…” She whispers as she put her hand on the news paper and remove the paper over the red heads face “Pumpkin…” Shego recognized her…

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