Chapter 7

First day high


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TITLE: First day high


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1332

A/N: I've thought of making one chapter for Estella and Betty's love story but this story centers on Kim and Shego. So i just have Shego narrated the story in passing, and i'll probably write a separate one for Estella and Betty. I have organized the story in my brain already, just have to finish runaway first. Thank you for reading.

“So Shego sent you here for a job?” The black-wavy haired woman standing by the counter of the botique inquired

“Yes. She told me to look for you and you'll take care-”

“Are you picky?” Monique said with her brows up. She have hired lots of girls that looks like the red head and all of them just disgust her. One thing most of beautiful, sexy women who wants a job at their botique only wanted light jobs because they don't want their manicured hands get dirty or broken. Second thing, Monique hates it when they complain everytime, then third, beautiful women (blond or not) tend to not stay long in their jobs, plus the likelihood of men coming in and out of the botique without buying anything but just to flirt with the girls is irritating.

“Pardon?” Kim ask

“I am asking are you picky with jobs?” MOnique repeated

“No. Any job will do” Kim answered with a smile

Monique smiled at her, “That's more like it.” Monique look at the paper she is holding, “Your a citizen right? I won't be having any problem with papers if i hire you?”

“Yes i am, i have i.d. if you like to see?”

“No, no” Monique smile “i trust you. Besides, if Shego did sent you here, then she must trust you.”

“Thank you-”

“Just monique is enough. Is it okay for you to start right away? My most trusted sales employee have to resign, you know mother-hood and that”

“Oh.” Kim smiled, “I'll be glad to start right away”

Monique then look at her again, “But girl, you can't work here on that!” She pointed out on Kim's state of clothing. In a faded jeans and plain white shirt, “You have to dress up girl!” Monique said in a smile, “Anyway come” Monique went out of the counter and drag Kim on the store's back, “I've got some old stocks here, maybe it'll fit you” then monique look at Kim's foot wear, “You don't have any sandals?”

Kim smiled widely, “I only got this sneakers”

“Well, it won't do” Monique smiled, “Let's see what we can do about that”

Kim was smiling to herself. She thought MOnique is cool.

“Tell you what, When the day is over, you could have some clothes here and i'll just deduct it on your salary?” MOnique offerred smiling

“That is great. Perhaps i could have 1 or 2 until i can afford to buy more?”

“that will be alright.” Monique handed Kim a sandal, “You can use this”


The botique was quite busy, Kim have no idea that it is quite a famous botique to have regulars. She felt her legs having edema for standing too long, her face could have stiffened from smiling all day. And yet Kim is so happy for finally having a job.'thanks to Shego' she thought as she packs her old stuff on a paper bag and get ready to go home.

Kim sighed as she watch the last bus drive away. She was just about 5 minutes late from time. So now she have to walk her way to the “Go"s residence, which is now her temporary home. Kim might be tired, but she is happy all the same. With what is happening to her life now? SHe can't believe that it's been running smoothly for the first time she guess since she run away from her family and dive into the unknown. Kim knows that this was not possible if She have not met the green skinned woman. Then her thought went back to the day she have seen the woman and how the aquaintance turned out. This puts a smile on her face.

While Kim is walking, she did not notice a car pass by her and slowly, the car stop.

“Pumpkin!” Kim look at the outburst of the petname she is used to hearing from Shego, seeing a green car in front of her, drivers window down, and a pale-greenish hand waving at her direction. KIm's smile widens and she run towards the car

“Hey” Kim greeted as she reach the car

“Hey pumpkin, what are you doing walking?” Shego ask with a smile

“Oh” Kim shrug her shoulder, “I was late for the bus. I don't have enpugh money to pay a cab so i decided to walk home. HOw about you? What brings you in this area?”

Shego laugh and motioned her hand for kim to get in the passenger seat. Kim look at her with a questioning look 'really?' and shego just smiled and nod.

“Spankin” Kim said as she walks to the passenger seat and hop in, “Thanks Shego, your a life saver”

“doy!” Shego shook her head and started driving, “I went to the botique to check on you, but it is already closed so i decided to just see you at mother's house for some chat.” Shego said without looking at her passenger

“Really?” Kim said, then she became silent and look at the road

“What's the matter?”

“You don't trust me to be good at the job?” Kim ask softly

Shego smiled, “Hey! If i don't trust you i won't be recommending you to the job. I just want to see if Monique is treating you right.”

Kim look at Shego “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you think she…monique won't treat me right?”

“Oh that” Shego then shrug, “She's a bit the jealous type. One time i ask her to give a close client's friend a job at the botique, the next thing i knew, the girl is crying because Monique have to let her clean all the comfort rooms”

“vicious.” Kim concurr as she shook her head, “But she is nice to me? She even gave me this set of clothes”

“Well perhaps she finally reconciled the fact that we are not an item anymore”

Kim's eye widened, “You mean, you…and monique was an item?”

“Yes. WAS”

“So she is number…”


“I see.” Kim focused her eyes at the road again, “Why did you break up?”

“We are not growing anymore. That is why”

“So you break up with her?'

“She broke up with me. I don't dump my girlfriends, they dump me”


“It's fine with me, i rather live to know that i am dumped and yet my girlfriend will still be my friend rather than i dump them and they turn out angry at me. If that is the case, how can they be of use to me in the future? like now?”

“I see the point Counsel” Kim stressed the word counsel then laugh softly

“That's how should one live right? have friends that can help you out with many things”

“Good thing you did not go into villainy. JUst imagine what things you can do if your one with such mentality” Kim smiled and shoook her head

“Well,the reason i became a lawyer is because i fantasized being into villainy. HEy, lawyer's are the closest to that fantasy. You can be evil and yet you can still turn the law into your hand.”

“I see” Kim nodded. SHe then look at Shego

After a few more minutes of driving, they finally arrive at Sheg's house.

“You have a key pumpkin?”

“Yes. Estella gave me one” Kim get out of the car and started to walk towards the house. She look back at Shego who is still on the car, “Aren't you coming?”

“No” shego smiled, “My reason for coming here anyway is done, i have ask you about your new job ddn't i?” Kim nodded, “So i think i better go to my own house. Rest. I've have had a rough day too Pumpkin. Like yours i guess”

“Yeah, i had a rough one too, but i'm happy”

“Then that is good. Farewell Pumpkin” Shego said before she close the car window and head to the road. Kim unlock the door and went inside.

-end chapter 7-

next: Kim meet number 3.

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