Chapter 11

Unwelcome thoughts


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TITLE: Unwelcome thoughts


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3072

Bonnie tried to keep her mind on the road, she could feel her body tensed. She have called Shego for the third time today, on her land line and on her mobile phone, and she got no answer. 2 weeks ago, Shego decided to celebrate her victory over a probono case. At first it was okay with her, but there was this nagging feeling inside of her to check on the green skinned lawyer. She called her mother's house to make sure she was there celebrating, as it was what she usually do, but her lover wasn't there, she was celebrating outside with someone. KNowing her lover, she would have come to Yamanouchi, a famous japanese restaurant in Go city which Shego told her its name was taken from a hidden ninja school in Japan, she didn't pay much attention to that because she was not interested in what Shego likes, besides, she hates Japanese food. It is always french cuisine and the like or nothing. But her feeling that day brought her to call on the restaurant, and her suspicion was confirmed by a woman there she recalle.

She tried to not think of an unwelcome thought of Shego liking another woman beside her, so she invited her for a movie after threatening her to break off with her if she refused to see her the next day. At first she thought the red head might be just a friend because the green skinned woman gave in to her threaT as she always does, but declining on her invitation to movie even after going “Mayon Volcano” on her, and not running after her after she stormed out of the french restaurant, walking out, Bonnie thought that there might be something special between the two.

And now? Two weeks have past. Perhaps she knows that she needs space for her anger to subside, but two weeks is too long a space. Her lover have not called her nor give any hint that she wants to talk with her? Usually it will take 2 to 3 days for shego to approach her complete with a boquet and chocolate to beg for her forgiveness for being Shego. Bonnie is so afraid that Shego might finally find another one, and it might be that red head, and she is so not losing to that sales lady, she is a famous model for christ sake! She tried contacting Shego, today, the lawyer is going to the court to stand as a defense counsel for Mrs. Hannigan who is to be tried for parricide. Bonnie knows that this is a celebrated case because it is not common for people in Go city to commit parricide even if the wives are already beaten to death by their husbands. Culture perhaps, submissive women. She thought Shego might want to celebrate her “sure” victory, and she wanted to see Shego in court for the first time, but she cann.

What makes this day worst is that she found the red head sales lady not in the Botique. Monique told her the red head phoned in sick, because its a wednesday, and it's not her off day as Bonnie thought, perhaps the red head is just making an excuse and Monique is covering for her just to get on her nerves.And the red head is with Shego again to celebrate her victory. She could tell MOnique is having a good time knowing that her employee is unnerving the model Bonnie thought, perhaps she have to change tactics, If she wants to keep shego, she have to change tactics.

It was a long day. The court have recessed three times because the prosecuting team have to talk to Mr. Hannigan's secretary who stand as the star witness for the case. Shego have found proofs that her client have been decieved by her husband, because of Shego's wide range of access, she was able to locate the hiding place of Mr. Hannigan. It was then proved to the court that Mr. Hannigan and the secretary is having an affair, Mr. Hannigan being insured for a couple of millions thought of a plan and they sure to have gotten what they want if Mrs. Hannigan was not too quick and have hired Shego before Mr. Hannigan's secretary does. In the long run, Mrs. Hannigan was absolved and was given punity damages that cost more than what would Mr. Hannigan would have gotten. Case close and she is tired.

Shego lay on her back in her bed. She called her mother that she won't be able to come there because she is too tired. Her mother told her to relax after the case, and told her the news of 'her' pumpkin being sick. Her mother told her that Kim returned home very late the other day and soaking wet, when Kim arrived home yesterday, the poor kid is having temperature already. So her mom, being a mom have to call Monique to tell her Kim is sick and cannot go to work which the nice boss understands and even wished her employee now turn friend God speed, and promise to take care of everything at work. The news made Shego worry for 'her ' red head, but at the same time smile that she and monique is getting along fine.

Then she thought, 'since when did i tag pumpkin as 'my' as if pumpkin belongs to her?' she smiled at the thought. Shego thought having the red head isn't really that bad. One, Kimmie is not the spoonfed type of woman, she is very independent, and trustworthy. Even Monique who have a hard time liking her other friends get along well with 'her' pumpkin. Second, the red head looks pretty, maybe not pretty like Bonnie but pretty, and she reflects a different kind of aura that made her relax when ever she saw her face. The red head smiles brilliantly all the time. Yes all the time she thought, there was no time the red head smile without that glimmer in her eyes. And when she do those pout? Those pout she swore would get her killed someday, she can't help but give in to the red head's request. And yes unlike Bonnie, she may have given in to Bonnie's many…no almost all desire because she threatens to break off with her. And Bonnie is just like her nail pile, someone she is too used to have with her but can live.

Ahhhh Bonnie, she thought again, it's been 2 weeks since that night. God she is sure the model is already in fury. Shego stand up, she shrug her shoulder, She thought she'll just cross the bridge when she gets there. She walk out of her room and went to her kitchen, She opened the Refrigerator, leaned in to get a carton of milk -


Shego hid behind her refrigerator as bullets from outside tear down her front door, and now started to penetrate her kitchen, she lay on he stomach and crawled out, the milk carton still on her right hand. She drank it fast and resume her crawling, when she's finally near her door she jump, and to her dismay, her thigh was breezed with a single bullet causing her to bleed.

“Shit!” she get irritated. For long now she have not fought with anyone, and in this situation, she knows the perpetrators wanted her dead. She lit up her right hand and stood up, lighting up more, her plasma now enclosing all of her right forearm, the heat of the plasma melting bullets that come her way, she walks out of her house. She saw 5 men with armalite showering her apartment with bullet, enraged she run to them and started fighting.

She lift up to the air and surprised two muscled men as she landed on them hard, this caught the other two men's attention and pointed their guns on Shego who throws 2 plasma balls from her arms hitting the gun. The two men dropped the gun as they felt their hand burn. The two men under Shego's feet tried to stand, one was hit with a knee on his face making the man's nose bleed, he hope his nose is not very much broken, the other man who have by now standing was hit by a roundhouse kick, Shego is just fast for the men, they maybe big but she is fast and her blows can be compared to a blow of 10 muscled men. The one left with a gun fired his gun on the now running Shego, running towards him, She did not dodge the bullets because she is no superman, but she generated a plasma that have melted the bullets before it even hit her, then to the man's suprise, a blow came to his face, he was not given the time to think, he collapsed, She turned her back to the collapse man and faced the other four, they stand on a.

“We were not informed that you could defend yourself” The man said in a barritone voice.

“I am not gonna ask you again, Who ask you to kill me?”

“We don't know”

“I could kill you right now”

“You don't kill. Your a lawyer, its bad for your reputation”

“Self defense. You plan to murder me, my apartment have all the proof, gunshots on my entire house, gun slugs, your finger print, the neighborhood, name it, i could kill you and walk a free woman. Now who sent you?!” Shego is enraged,and then she heard sirens coming.

“What the fuck? Say it again?!” Betty hollered in her mobile phone.

“Doctor, Shego's apartment is being showered with bullets as we speak”

“Who told you?”

“There was a report from Shego's neighborhood to 911, a friend of mine is the one who got the call and she called me to tell you”

“Get our men together, we are going there”

“Yes doctor!” the man on the phone hung up as Betty heard a click.

“Bets? What happened?”

“I have to go, Emergency, I'll tell you later” Betty gave Estella a kiss on her lips before she took her jacket and run out of the house.

The four men scrambled on their feet as the police came in closer, but too late, as soon as they step out of Shego's lawn, police enforcer have surronded them and handcuff them. Two of the police went to shego was holding on to the one that collapsed.

“Here officer, he's the last one”

“Are you fine Shego?” The young officer ask the green skinned woman, “Your bleeding?”

“Just a scratch”

“Shego!” Shego look at her back to see her Aunt Betty coming.

“Aunt Betty?”

“What happened?” Betty look at the young officer and nodded at him telling she'll do the rest. The young offcier bowed at her and left with the collapse man, “Are you okay? Your bleeding”

“Just a scratch, nothing serious. It'll heal”

“YEah! Let's go inside and clean that wound.” Betty look at Shego with concern in her eyes, “And tell me what happens. I don't know how to break this news to your mother, she'll go berserk for sure”

“I'll tell her Aunt Betty” Shego look at her aunt's worried face, then embrace the older woman, “Thanks for coming”

“Hey, it's my job”

They were halted by another officer, “Attorney Go?”

Shego look at the officer, who is absolutely more older than the first one who talked to her, and she suspects more older than her aunt betty, “Yes officer?”

“We like to invite you to the -”

“She will have her statement tomorrow. I'll personally bring her to the station, right now what Attorney Go needs is rest.” Betty said in a stern voice.

“yes ma'am. Sorry too Attorney” He said as he looks at his superior and at Shego.

“Dismissed. Clean this up then bring those men on the station and make sure they don't escape nor kill themselves. I want answers on questions”

“Yes ma'am!” The officer salute and Betty returned the gesture then link arms with Shego as they walk in Shego's now debilitated apartment.

Unbeknowst to the two woman, a pair of eyes spy on them. On a shadow where no one will noticed, her short blond hair being blowned by the air, she smirked and put out a radio “phase I complete sir”

Estella is embracing her daughter as she cried, she can't beleive someone would actually tried to kill her princess. Her daughter might have possess special power but she can still die, she is no immortal.

“Mom” Shego said as she returned her mother's embrace, and kiss her on her forehead, “Stop crying now okay? I am well, just a little scratch”

“A little scratch right now, then what's next? I don't want to end up burying you Shego. I want you to be the one to burry me not me burry you” (A/N: sound familiar? I like that line in Jonh Q, it was delivered by Denzel Washington, though i rephrase it)

“Mom! Your overacting!”

“Estella honey, Shego is a big and powerful girl, she could take care of herself”


more silence.

Estella look at Shego's face and touch it with her hand, “Just promise me one thing?” Shego nodded, “Your the one to burry me okay?”

Shego smiled and kiss her mother again on her forehead, “I promise”

Betty stand from the solo sofa she was sitting and sit beside Estella and embrace her. The three woman embracing warmly.

“Aren't you going to see Kim on her room? She must be very much oblivious of what is happening and you have to tell her you'll be sharing the room with her” Betty broke their embrace.

“Yeah, I'll do that” Shego stood up and carry a large bag of her clothes upstair, “I'm sure pumpkin will not stop asking why i will move in, so i have to retell the story over and over again”

“What do you know, you may have visual aid tomorrow. It'll be a big news Princess” Betty said as she looks at her “daughter” go up the stairs.

Shego is looking at the red head peacefully sleeping on one side of the queen sized bed. She smiled as she look at that face. The stress brought about by the incident earlier is washed away like a stain a dress that is being wash by a gentle soap. Kim is her gentle soap, she knows that now. She sit beside the red head and put her hand on her forehead trying to feel if the red head is hot. Then she smiled to herself, she forgot she cannot tell a fever by just touching, she herself is in “fever” ever since that meteorite hit her. She just hope the red head is fine, besides with her mother taking care of 'her' pumpkin, she is sure that everything will be taken care of. Her reverie was broken as the red head stirr from her sleep, and slowly, the red head opened her eyes.

“Shego?” Kim said shego's name weakly.

“How are you pumpkin?” Shego ask then lightly touch the red head woman's shoulder.

“feeling fine” then Kim move her gaze to the room and saw Shego's large duffel bag, “Are those yours?”



“I'm moving in here for a while” Shego look at kim's expression and saw a puzzled one, “My apartment is not available today”

“why?” Kim look at Shego who smirk, then blushed “It's not that i don't want you, hey i'm just a squatter here in your room, just curious”

“It's okay pumpkin, and your not a squatter here, it's your room too.”

Kim smiled at Shego, then her eyes widened as she saw Shego's pants ripped on her right thigh, the pants having dried blood on it, “What happened” She ask then she lift her left hand and touch Shego's pant's with dried blood, “Your hurt?” Kim's expression became worried.

“I'm okay pumpkin. A bullet scratch my thigh is all. But i'm fine”

“I'll clean-” Kim tried to stand but was halted by Shego by holding her shoulder.

“Aunt Betty did that already. IT will heal soon”

Kim look at her and slump her shoulder, “Sorry, i wasn't even able to do a little thing for you when you have done so much for me” Kim said as she look down on the bed.

Shego raised kim's face by her finger, “You did so much already, and i'm just waiting for the pay check to come” Shego teased smiling. It's true, Kim have done so much to Shego, what it is, she is not sure, but the green woman knew that the red head have done something to her immeasurable, she just have to figure out what is it.

“So what happened?”

Shego started her Story again.

The green skinned woman is taking a bath, smiling to herself. Kim cried as she told her what happned and embraced her. The red head woman burried her face on the older woman's shoulder. Though she doesn't want to admit it, she like the feeling the embrace brought about by the red head. It was innocent, but it was sweet at the same time.

30 minutes have passed and she went out of the bathroom, wearing a green pajama, she hop in the bed. She was lying on her back, looking at the ceiling, perhaps counting sheeps when she felt a body snuggle close to her, then a light arm pressed on her abdomen. She look on her right side to see the red head. Shego smiled, she held the arms that is on her abdomen with her left hand and closed her eyes. Not an hour later, she succumbed to sleep.

-end chapter 11 -

Next: News on Shego's attack brought Bonnie to storm Estella's house…and what did she saw? Shego's eyes widened on Bonnie's reaction.

A/N:Mayon Volcano is in the Philippines. It has a perfect cone shape and is the most active volcano in the country. It is located in Albay Bicol if i remember my geography right. The line burry me not me burry her is from John Q. The idea of the case of Mrs Hannigan is from Double jeopardy starring ashley judd ( did i spell her name correctly? )Hey i won't earn from this so please don't sue, just read. thanks.

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