Chapter 18



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TITLE: Dilemma


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2591

“Do you have appointment?” The huge man at the front desk ask.

“No, but if Dr. Porter knows that we are here, she'll spare us some time.” Monique answered the man.

“Will you wait then? I'll ask her” Monique and Bonnie nod at the Man, “Amm, What name will I tell the Doctor?” The man ask again.


15 minutes later.

“Ma'am, Dr. POrter will see you now”

“Thank you-”


“Thank you oliver. You are nice” Monique winks at the man and the man blushed.

Bonnie and MOnique walk the hall way and stop at the door at the end of the hall. MOnique lightly taps the door, and when she heard a voice telling them to come in, she pressed the knob and the two woman went in.

“Mon!” Vivian porter stand up and hug the smaller woman. Vivian wears a blond hair, volouptous body, she is as tall as Shego, a very nice face. Bonnie eyed the doctor from head to toe, “And she is?” Vivian ask Monique pointing at Bonnie.

“Ow! Sorry, how rude of Me” Monique pulled Bonnie's arm, “Vivian this is Bonnie Rockwaller, Bonnie Dr. Vivian Porter.”

“Bonnie rockwaller?-” Vivian curved her brows, “Model Bonnie Rockwaller?”

“Yes that is me” Bonnie finally said, “Nice to meet you”

“And you too” Vivian replied as she motioned for the two woman to sit at a couch, she then pressed a button of her intercom “Oliver could you please get us 3 orange juice?”

“YEs doctor” Oliver replied from the other end.

Vivian look at the two woman, “So, I don't think your here just to visit me. IS there anything I can do?” Vivian ask.

“Well-” MOnique started.

“It's about Shego” Bonnie blurted out.

Vivian's face soften, “How is she?”

“That is the reason we came here, she is not fine and she needs a doctor” Bonnie answered.

“Not fine? Perhaps she doesn't need me, she needs-”

“She needs someone like you” MOnique intervened.

“How come?” Vivian ask.

Monique look at Bonnie. And Bonnie started narrating what Happened.

30 minutes after the question and answer portion.

“So your Shego's newest girlfriend”

“We are over. I just screw up in letting go”

“And this Kim you are saying, Shego fell in love with? Where is she? Because from what I heard, Shego needs her not me.”

“She run away. Perhaps she went back to her place, her family” MOnique said.

“Where is that?”

“MIddleton” Monique answered.

Vivian Porter's brows crossed, “Middleton? Red head? And her full name is-”

“Kimberly, KImberly Possible”

“Kimberly Anne Possible” Vivian corrected Monique.

“You know her?” Bonnie ask in bewilderment.

“Does she by any chance have a friend, male, blond hair, prec-”

“That's Ron” Bonnie answered again.

“Ronald Stoppable” Vivian nods, “I guess it's easy to find Kimberly.”


Vivian sighed, “Kimberly Anne POssible is MIddleton's Teen age heroine, she just retired 3 years ago because she have to marry a guy, but disappeared at the wedding.”

“Hero?” Monique ask, her KImberly? was a hero?

“Yes. A genius too. She graduated at College at 17, Doctorate on two courses, Biology and Toxicology. She should have been finished if she did not disappear. So it seems she found a place in the Go's residence”

The two ladies jaw drop, it can't be that the person Vivian is talking about is the same person they knew. “So how can we contact her?” Monique ask.

“She have a website. It still accepts e-mails, but they are turning down missions. I'm sure she'll get the message if you post there.” Vivian smiled at the two woman, “Sorry that I cannot see Shego, it really seems I can't be of any help. Kim can for sure”

Monique smiled at the blond doctor, “Thank you VP. We'll handle this”

“very well then. tell Shego I said Hi”

“We will”

Monique and Bonnie went out.

“It seems Attorney Go is having a little problem” a blond woman, short hair said as she stared by the office window with her binoculars.

“Do you have audio?”

“YEs, I've got one”

“Bring it here, phase 2 complete”

“Yes Sir”

Estella have just gotten out of Shego's room. The Green skinned lawyer have unlocked her door, and Estella and BEtty came to see her in turn for her needs. The woman might be walking around her room, but she definitely neglects herself. Estella helped Shego in that department, and have just finished combing Shego's long, lucious hair.

Betty is gone to the office, and will be back later in the evening. Estella sitted herself on the couch and turned on the television. A week ago, Shego's client got angry at the Lawyer for backing out of his case and started fabricating lies about Shego's personality, even urging the legislation to suspend her daughter's license. She is glad her princess is not upto it, because if she is, she is afraid of what her princess will do.

As she watch the latest news, the events of the past week came to her mind.

4 days after Kim left, and Shego's hibernation on her room, She and Betty started to maul down the room. When finally they got inside, they were shock to see their princess lying there on her bed, still wearing the cloth she had on that night Kim left, her face is streaked with tears, dried tears. She did not even look their way when they entered. Estella remembered bursting into tears when she saw her princess in that state. Betty went to look at Shego, but she did not move. IN desperation, Betty slap Shego and Shouted at their Princess-

(flash back)

“Shego!” Betty started shaking Shego violently. The lawyer's head hang limply, and so is her arms, “Shego!” Betty slaps her again.

“Betty!” Estella run towards the bed and held Betty's arm to stop the woman from slapping Shego.

“She needs to snap out of this Estella!”

“PLease Betty,” Estella cried on Betty's Shoulder.

“Estella?” BEtty released Shego and held Estella in embraced.

Then they heard Shego cried, Shego's cry is one they've never seen the lawyer did before. They knew their princess to be stronger than this.

“Princess?” Estella called her daughter and embraced her, “Princess”

“Kim…” Shego finally said.

Betty joined in the hug, “C'mon Shego, it's better you tell us what happened, it'll be more easy for you” Betty told Shego as she started stroking the black maine of her princess.


The two woman did not make any noise, they just let their princess cried it all out. Shego needs this.

“She-she left me” Nothing from the two still, “She left me” she cried again,

“You love Kim” Betty ask, finally breaking their silence, She felt her princess nod, “Why don't you follow her? I'm sure she is just going back to her family” She felt Shego nod again, “I'll help you find her”

Estella looking at the two love of her life, contented at seeing them interact like they are really mother and daughter. Estella saw Shego shake her head.

“Why not?” Betty ask.

“She-she said I don't love her”

“But you do?” Estella ask.

“YEs…but she said I don't” Shego said in between sobs, “She, she said I just see her as a convenience, a convenient person is all”

there was silence.

“She doesn't want me, doesn't love me” Shego ended her words then cried again.

The two did not said anything first. Their daughter is not using her brain. She must have been this hurt to just be reduced to this.

“Princess…did she said that she didn't love you?” Shego shook her head, “She didn't said she love you, but she didn't said she doesn't.” There was no reaction. Betty knew, she is not coming through Shego. She is not coming out of this state unless she herself hears it from Kim that the red head have the same feelings.


Estella knew deep inside that Kim have feelings for her daughter, the same feelings her daughter have for Kim. There must be a reason why Kim have to leave, there must be, and the way the red head run out of their house, and try hard not to look back tells her that the Red head doesn't want to leave her princess but she was impelled to do so.

Estella's reverie was interrupted when a sudden sound of door breaking came. Estella stand on her feet and went to a fighting position, She must be a novelist, but she came from a family or martial Artist. 3 huge men came inside with gun on their hand, not expecting a fight, Estella lifted and kick one of the 3 on his gut, but the impact did not make any damage, the man she kick pointed the gun at her, before he pull the trigger, Estella spin kick the man hitting his arm with the gun, the gun flew out. Estella made this opportunity to fight hand to hand combat.

“Get the lawyer!!!” The man Estella was fighting instructed the other two.

Estella's presence of mind tell her to come to the aid of her daughter, at this state, her Princess cannot fight, she is weak, demoralized, her princess will probably think that dying in the hands of this goons is better than living without her red head. Estella took a swift change in position and started to run towards the stair, but the man she was fighting grab her on her ankle, causing the woman to fall face first on the couch, the couch rolled on the impact, the man Estella was fighting run towards his gun, before Estella could get up, she heard a gun shot at the second floor, her eyes widens, it can't be that Shego was hit, She look up and saw one of the two man carrying Shego on his shoulder.

The man Estella was fighting look at her, “If you want that lawyer to live, you have to let Kim Possible take her. She will know Dementor's Lair”

“Kim is not even here!” Estella shouted, she pushed the couch off of her but before she could get up.

“You'll know how to contact her” the man swing his hand with the gun and hit Estella on the back of her head. The last thing Estella saw was Shego, being carried out of the house by one of the men, then she passed out.

“Estella?” Estella slowly opens her eyes when she heard her name being called. When her eyes finally opened, she saw Betty's worried look, “Betty!” Estella sit up and hug the woman.

“What happened?” Betty said softly, planting kisses on Estella's face.

“Shego” Estella held the back of her head.

“Estella?” Monique look at the older woman, what happened to Shego, she is not in her room.

“Estella?” Bonnie ask with worry in her look as well.

“She-she was kidnap”

“What?” the three woman replied at the same time.

“BY who?” Betty continue to ask.

Estella shook her head, “3 man came here, I fought one, but he is good and strong, the other two took her. I-” Estella's eyes widens, “Oh my god!”


“BEtty! I heard a gunshot, they shoot Shego!”

“My God!” Bonnie exclaimed, “This is my fault”

“What?” Betty ask.

“I am the reason Kim left, And Shego reduced to an insufferable state, and because of that she wasn't able to fight” Bonnie started crying, Monique surprisingly gave the model her shoulder, “I am sorry”

“It has been done” Betty said, “Estella? Could you remember anything? WHat they said? Where can we find-”

Estella sitted straight, “The man said she wants Kim POssible to get her”

“But Kim is not Here” Betty hollered, “And what can KIm do?”

Monique look at Bonnie who look at Monique, “Kim can do so much I guess” Monique said.

“What are you saying?”

“KIm! KIm is Kim possible, the teen hero?” Bonnie said.

Betty's eyes widens. Then it dawns on her. The reason why she thinks the red head looks familiar the first time they met…She is the Teen Hero who have saved the world many times. No super power, but just wits,guts and style.

“Why did they want Kim to get Shego?” Betty ask.

“I have no idea, but he also said Kim will know Dementor's lair”

“Dementor?” BEtty ask.

“We should Contact Kim at once” Bonnie said.

“How?” Estella ask, “i don't know where to contact-”

“We do” Monique said, “Computer?”

Estella pointed to the office.

“C'mon we'll send e-mail at her site”

“She have her own site?” Estella ask.

Middleton (Bueno Nacho)

Kim was looking at Ron and Yori competing on who gets to finish the grande nacho first. Rufus with Kim just looking and sulking that it was not him who competes with his master. Kim look at the rodent and smiled.

“You'll get your turn Rufus don't worry” Kim assured the pink rodent.



Kim look at her kimmunicator, it have been long ago since that message alert tone have been used by Wade, Usually Wade will use a song excerpt to call her or send message. Kim took out the kimmunicator and turn it on, revealing Wade's face.

“Wade. LOng time” Kim greeted instead of her usual whats the sitch.

“No wade what's the sitch this time?” Wade ask seriously.

“I'm out of the hero game for 3 years now Wade, going four”

“Maybe it's time I pull you back”

“Wade, we have talk-”

“I have lots of hits on the site but two caught my curiousity”

“OKay, it seems you'll still be feeding me the sitch even if I don't want to hear it.”

“MAybe Ron can” Wade then said, frowning. Kim handed the Kimmunicator to Ron.

“So man, what's the sitch?” Ron ask stopping his competition with his wife.

“I got two hits at Go City, same day different time”

“Go city? Didn't they have super hero there? Team Go remember?”

“you want me to read it?”

“Okay, shoot”

“Alright, today at 3 p.m 'We need you Kim, Shego is not doing well-”

Kim's head turn when she heard Shego's name.

“She have not gone out of her room, she have not gone to work, not eating, not doing anything, she's starving herself to death. Not even talking. PLease help” wade then look at Ron, Ron look at KIm who is now focus on the nacho.

“Hit no 2, same date 5 minutes ago, Shego was Kidnap by a man named Dementor, no idea who he is-”

Kim look at Ron, her eyes widens.

“She was shot by a gun, Estella saw her being carried out of the house, afraid she might get killed, Dementor Said you'll know where to find him.”

Kim stared at Ron and Yori, her face became blank, 'Shego' then her brain race, she have not said a thing. Ron is not saying anything, 'Shego can fight? How can she be taken easily without a fight…Shego'

Wade waited for an answer, “I guess I just have to said they have to Communicate with G-”

“We need a ride Wade” Kim said as she stands up, “Suit up Ron”

Ron Smiled, look at Yori.

“Your coming too Yori. More heads are better than one”

“Booyah!” Ron shouted, Rufus climb on Ron's side pocket.

“I'll upload Demementor's latest lair. I know you'll take this” Wade said smiling.

“Team POssible is back!” Ron said as they separated ways.

“Meet you in 10 Ron”

“Sure KP”

-end chapter 18-

A/N: NExt, Kim rescued Shego, and Kim found out something.

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