Chapter 19



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TITLE: Rescue


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2646

“What's our status Wade?” Kim ask through the communicator.

“15 minutes to get to Dementor's lair” wade answered as he types on his computer.

“Have you Called Betty Director?”

“Yes, I made a patch communication with her, I gave them the coordinates, they'll give us the back up we need”

“How long before they could get there?”

“Estimate of 1 hour”

“We have 45 minutes to find Shego and get her out of trouble before everything explodes into action” Kim announced to Ron and Yori, “You know the plan, I'll go by the roof, you two will be my distractions”

Yori who is wearing an all black body suit nodded, “Kim-sama, what to do if there are henchmen?”

“Anything, just no killing”

“Is that possible?” Yori ask scrunching her forhead.

“Yes! Anything is possible with a possible” Ron answered.

“5 minutes to target” Wade announced.

“Ready guys?” Kim ask.

“Ready” Ron and Yori answered.

“You know there is no way out for you yes?” The small man said as he walks to and fro in front of Shego who is currently bound on her wrist and ankles to the wall. A blond woman on her side.

Shego just look at the small man and shook her head, she grimace when the blond woman interlaced her hand with shego and started flexing her four fingers upward, “fuck!” Shego said as she eyes the blond woman, “Who the fuck is this demented?” Shego sarcastically ask.

“I didn't know you could still be sharp in your condition” the blond woman said.

“Fuck you!”

“Sorry…i don't go for girls” The blond woman retorted and snap one of Shego's finger causing the green skinned lawyer to scream.

“Adrena, not when I am here”

“Adrena? what kind of a name is adrena?” Shego interjected.

“Your pissing me!” Adrena said as she again slowly flexed shego's finger outward causing the green skinned woman to scream.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” Shego shot a deadly look at dementor when the pain subsided a bit.

“Two things Attorney Go” Demementor look at Shego. “ONe, by having you as a hostage, I will want my name to be cleared of any crime-”

“So you can commit another! YOur sick, maybe prison is not meant for you, you need to go to the asylum”

“and you here will ensure that.”

“What makes you-”

“And two, I get to kill Kim Possible”

Shego's eyes widen, “How did you know about her?” Shego suddenly finds some adrenalin in her body and started to struggle, but Adrena lyn make sure she stop by hitting her abdomen hard with a metal battoon, Shego leaned over coughing as the force of the metal brought pain all over her body and made her breathless.

Adrena lyn grab Shego's hair and lift the lawyer's face so it is facing her, “No struggle. Another outburst like that, i'll make sure you regret it”

“I've been having you under surveillance for sometime now-”

“You--your the one who attacked my apartment?”

“Not him, me” Adrena smiled.

Dementor's 'laying out of his plan' was halted when a series of explosion is heard just outside the room, “I see…so your KIm possible finally arrived” Dementor said then laughing, “Adrena, prepare to battle Kim”

“Yes Dr. Dementor”

“Stop you moron! KIm have nothing to do with This! SHe doesn't even fight! Kill me if you want just leave her alone!!!!” Shego screamed on top of her voice directed to the now fleeing adrena lyn.

Dementor hit Shego's face with his fist causing the green skinned woman's face to bleed, “Don't you worry, your Kim possible can fight. I have just pulled her out of retirement”

Shego did not answer, she closed her eyes, she can feel anger building up in her body.

“Stoppable?” Adrena lyn stop when she saw Ron instead of Kim.

“You remember my name? wow” Ron said cheerfully, “What are you doing here?”

“Simple Stoppable, i'm here to pay Kim POssible homage”


“Ron-kun! Behind you!” Yori screamed as the japanese girl leap and tackled a man behind Ron.

“New partner?” Adrena said smirking.

“Your not getting away Adrena, we all know your a fake” Ron said as he run to tackle Adrena. BUt the blond woman is faster, she run further from Ron and went inside a large room, “Your not getting a-” Ron stop from his track as he saw the blond woman push a button and she was lifted up into a Huge Robot.

“Now who is fake Stoppable?!” Adrena then laugh as she went inside an open cockpit of the robot, “Bring it On!!!” Adrena shouted as the hinges of the robot hiss, the cockpit close and the robot's eyes glowed Red, “Today will be the end of Kim POssible!!!”

Kim could hear Dementor ranting about his invention, on how he will take down Kim Possible. Kim who is slowly gliding on the lair's ventilation exhaust take a deep breath and lunge forward, kicking the exhaust cover, jumpin and landing on a crouch.

“Dementor!” Kim shouted getting the attention of the small man.

The small man look at Kim smiling, he then pulled a gun on his hidden pocket and pointed it to Shego's forhead, “Welcome to my lair Kim possible. Ex- teen hero, can do anything? How does it feel to be pulled out of your retirement by no other than me?”

“So you stoop down to shooting lawyers to get me” Kim ask hoping the small man will not pull the trigger and kill her Shego.

“Taunting me? It won't work. BEsides becuase of this lawyer that my life 2 years ago have been fuck up”

Kim look at Dementor, then she slowly walk to her right not giving up her fighting position, “So what happened?” Kim ask hoping the small man be lost in thought and give her the timing she needs to save Shego. The small man followed her every move, “Hard inside prison?” Kim ask again.

“You don't know what hard means. You never felt how degrading and humiliating a genius like me being raped by vicious monster” As dementor recalled this, there was a brief lapse of defense that was not left unnoticed by Kim.

Kim made a run to dementor to try to catch the man unaware, but dementor came to his senses, seeing Kim a few inches from him, he drew the gun away from shego and pointed it to the approaching red head, but was a bit too late becuase Kim have already grab his hand with the gun. The two engage in a “disarming” battle until a single shot can be heard.

Shego can't beleive what Dementor is saying. Her Pumpkin, Kim possible is actually the Kim POssible, Teen Hero, Save the world, Anything is possible with a possible hero who have retired. HEr Kimmie. Then she found herself thinking of her Kim. IF this mad man took her not just to set him free, but also to make revenge on her pumpkin, her pumpkin is in danger, she is here and she is walking in a trap. God knows what hideous thing this lunatic can do.

Then her reverie was interrupted by the sudden clanking of metal, to her surprise, her pumpkin jump in and crouch into a fighting position, 'so my pumpkin have the move' she thought, she should have smiled if not for the gun the lunatic man pulled from his hidden pocket and pointed it to her forehead, 'damn! this is not good' Shego close her eyes, trying to regain some strength, she knew she have not taken good care of herself recently, but she is not going use that as an excuse to get her pumpkin killed.

'what the fuck? He was raped inside the prison? serves him right for trying to destroy go city' Shego thought, her concentration a bit destructed there, she opened her eyes, that widens as she saw her pumpkin leap on the small man and work to disarm him.

“KIMMIE!"Shego shouted but it seems her red head did not hear her, and then.


“KIMMMIIIEEEE” Shego shouted again as she saw her redhead slump on the ground, the small man standing, hovering the slump red head, PUMPKINNNNNN!!!” Shego shouted and struggling.

The red head look at Shego smiling, then the small man turn his attention to Shego, and pointed the gun at her. Shego in her anger started to glow, she glowed green causing the small man's eye to widen.

“What are you?” The small man shouted with horror in his eyes.

“Your nightmare!!” Shego shouted as she glowed more, clothing her arms in plasma fire, the shackles in her arm melted, now released in her arm, she shot two plasma fire on her ankles to melt the shackles there.

Dementor in his fear state shot the gun towards Shego but the angry lawyer melted it with her plasma. Dementor seeing this panicked and started firing the gun, shot after shot asfter shot, but the green skinned woman melts it,

Shego inch her way to the lunatic man and when he was in reach, she pulled the man and held him in his clothes, burning it slowly, and then gaze switch to the door when a huge robot entered and grab Kim, “KIMMIE”

She felt her world is turning into blackness. So this is how it feels to be shot…is this the same feeling when one is dying? God, I am going to die and I haven't even told Shego how she meant to me? How I love her? Life isn't fair. IS this how I am going to end? alone?

She look at her love one last time she thought, smiling at her, then she started falling to the cold floor, still with little conscioussness, she saw her Shego struggles and lit herself up in green flame…green flame? She close her eyes and remember a segement of her dream that had haunted her for a year, Green flame…Shego…my Shego…

“Okay men, let's head in!” Betty Director ordered her men to capitalize on the distraction the Team POssible have made, they swarmed inside the lair where her daughter is, 'i do hope Shego is alright' Betty thought,

One by one, her men started to fight henchmen lurking around. There might be many of them, but they lack skills to stop her agents.

“Ma'am, we have taken down the hench men”

“Any sighting of my daughter and Team possible?”


“BEtty SAMA!”

Betty turn her head to the one calling her, Yori is carrying an unconscious Ron on her back, the japanese girl bruised all over her body.

“Yori? What happened?” Betty ask as she help the woman on her baggage.

“A huge Robot, Ron and I tried to stop it but we failed. IT is going to that direction-” Yori pointed at the direction where Kim and Shego is, “It is after Kim-sama”

“Men! MOve it!” Betty shouted without thinking twice, “We have to save my daughter and Kim POssible!”

Her men started to run towards the said direction.

“Agent Casmere, Yori and Ronald needs medical attention, take them to the ambulance”

“YEs ma'am”

“Yori, we'll handle this”

“Thank you Betty-sama, please help Kim. I heard gun shots on that way, I don't want to think what happened”

“Rest Yori” Betty said and then run to where her daughter and Kim is, “Hold on there you two” Betty said to nobody.

Two plasma bolts were hurled toward the back of the huge Robot, the robot well coated by titanium did not even flinch. Shego run after the walking robot, in its hand is the unconscious Kim Possible, 'your not getting away with my Pumpkin!' shego thought, she run faster and leap into the robot, sending plasma powered punches on every open space the robot have, but with its thick covering, none of her plasma makes any damage. Shego might be considered as superhuman, but in her current state, she have decreased her energy reserved by more than half, and this have caused the green skinned lawyer to power up less than usual when needed.

ON the floor now, trying to think of a way to save her pumpkin. She heard a buzzing sound, she look for the sound and found Kim's cell phone and took it. She saw a boy on the screen typing on his computer.

“Who are you?” Shego ask.

“You must be Shego. I am Wade, I am Kim's friend”

“Kim is in danger, That robot is going to kill her and my plasma isn't going thru that robot!” Shego hollered.

“I know, I can see it thru my live video feed, But I was able to see something that might help”


“The robot have a thick outerlayer of Titanium covered with Lead that prevents your plasma, except for one part. It's chest, That is the cockpit, i'm sure Adrena Lyn is there.”

“Adrena! I have a score to settle with her”

“Your Aunt's troop is there”

“Aunt Betty?”

“Save Kim, please”

Shego put the'kimmunicator' in her pocket and look at the Robot, Her kim must be sufferring much now, then saw her Aunt's men coming, “Fire on the Robot! Distract it i'm going to haul out a pest inside!”

The agents started firing on the robot, this was not left un noticed, the robot turned to the firing men, though not affected, it irritates the hell out of Adrena.

“Your all going to die” Adrena starts firing on the agents, the men dive for cover while some did not stop firing. The robot in anger throw anything in its hand, including KIm POssible, Shego seeing this sprinted towards her Red head.

In the nick of time, SHego was able to save Kim by making herself a cushion for the red head. Feeling for a pulse, Shego found Kim's Carotid pulse still visible to the touch, relieved that her pumpkin is still alive, Shego stood up, She saw her Aunt BEtty coming on her.


“Aunt BEtty, look after Kim, this Robot is going down!”

“Don't die” Betty reminded her.

“No, i'm not going to die…The lunatic man is on one corner…pee'd his pants from fear” Shego instructed her Aunt then run towards the robot.

Shego lifted up, and was able to hold on to a wire dangling at the robots back. She climb the wire until she is on the robots shoulder, then gliding 2-3 steps down, she was now face to face with Adrena, Only the cockpit wall separating them.

“What the? HOw did-” Adrena ask surprised.

“Miss me? Shego ask then started lighting herself.

“What are you?” Adrena ask, eye's widen. Then she was shocked more when shego gave the wall a plasma powered punch which shattered everything.

“We got a score to settle!” Shego then not giving the woman time to react punch the blond woman to unconscioussness, shego pulled her out of the cockpit chair and throw her out of the robot.

The good agents who saw the flying Woman anticipated the fall and run to save her, and, Yes! Adrena was save.

Shego lighted her body more and started firing blast of plasma after blast, the surrounding mechanism starts to explode, her cue to leave.

What happens after…

- Adrena and Demementor was cuffed, and was brought to Go city's Special Department for incarceration.

- Yori and Ron on an ambulance was brought to Middleton Hospital which is the nearest hospital there is.

- And so is the Unconscious Kim, with her is the anxious Shego.

- NExt chapter will be the end of this Story. It's epilogue.

-end chapter 19-

A/N: So where is Rufus? I can't seem to fit the rodent in the story, or its just that I am not fond of rufus…sorry guys, especially to those who like to see rufus in action. Thank you for reading.

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