Chapter 10

A Possibility


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TITLE: A Possibility


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2487

The Church bell started ringing, and the sound of the organ playing can be heard. Everyone is smiling. The people at the front of the church shows different emotion, there are those who are smiling, some laughing, there were two woman from opposite side who are wiping unshed tears from their eyes. Everyone was looking at the beautiful lady, now a woman walking along the isle, bouquet of flower in hand, hips gently swaying, her white dress hugging her shapely body, no ornaments, no sequences, just the plain dress and yet the woman looks regal. Her long veil covering her face.

Upon arriving at the altar, the woman held her hand to the man that will share her life forever. He took her hand and smiled at her. Though the woman's face can't be seen, the aura of happiness can be felt. The man led the woman to the seats in front of the altar where the priest is looking at them.

The wedding went well. The atmosphere was very solemn, the singer sung her heart out, singing her own version of From this Moment On(A/N Original song by Shaniah Twain- I hope i get the title right?). Then the most awaited segment of the wedding ceremony came “You may now Kiss the Bride”

And He remove the barrier from her wife's face and their lips met in a passionate kiss that lasted for about 5 seconds, The bride still have her eyes closed and smiling as her husband release her lips. Then slowly she opened her eyes, her eyes that now widens as anoter pair of green eyes met her green ones, smiling at her as her husband…no wife…WIFE!

“PUMPKIN!!!!!” Shego shouted as she shook Kim's shoulder to wake her up.

“Haaaah!” Kim sitted at once after making a sound, waving her arm in the air as if fending off some insects, “bad-bad-bad-” all Kim could say.

“Pumpkin?” Shego gave Kim a worried look, “Dreamt of Freddie?” she then smile.

Kim look at her slowly, realizing her presence after she was able to collect herself, “She-shego”

“Yeah that's me!” Shego nod and stand up from the side of the Bed, “Breakfast is ready”

Kim nodded, she was about to remove the blanket on her when she noticed her change of dress,"SHEGO!”

Shego look back at her, eyebrows high up in her forehead, “What?”

“You changed my dress! YOu saw me naked!” Kim shouted in an accusing tone. Shego on the other hand just shrug her shoulder and went straight to the room's door.


“Pumpkin!” Shego finally faced the red head who is still sitting at the bed, “So you have a change of attire, what's the problem? You got to be changed or you'll smell like a rotting fruit on my bed, you vomited a lot last night and you even vomited at my car.” Shego explained 'now i have to change car again' thought Shego, “And, MIss Prude, i didn't change you last night”

“Then who?”

“Mom perhaps, Not sure, just not me” Then she turn her back to kim and proceeded to go downstair and headed to the kitchen “Get down here!” Shouted Shego before she finally disappear from Kim's vision.

Kim remove the blanket and arrange the bed. She readied herself then went down to Join shego in the Kitchen.

“We were expecting you to come yesterday. I'm not gonna ask if you win or not” Estella ask as she prepares the table for breakfast.

“Both” Shego grumbled as she took a cup to fix herself a coffee.

“Both?” Betty is already sitting at her chair on her customary place, sipping a cup of coffee which Estella fixed.

“I won the case, I lost a car”

“huh?” Betty.

“I have to change car, pumpkin is not good with alcohol”

“I see” Betty nod, sip her coffee again then look at Shego, “So you ditch us yesterday for 'your' pumpkin?” stressing on the word your.

“Wow…that's the first time!” Estella seconded.

“Please…First of all, it's not the first time, i do ditch you many times for my women, secondly, She is not 'my' pumpkin” again with the stress on the word my.

“You have not prefer the company of your 'women' over us to celebrate your victory over all your cases, every single cases you handled” Estella explained.

“It always have to be with us” Betty added.

“That's not true!” Shego defended herself.

“Okay…So when did you choose other's company to celebrate your victory? come on tell me?” Betty dared.


more silence.

more, more silence.

“Okay! So that was the first time” Shego frowned, “That's not a big deal”

Betty look at her lover and smiled, “Okay, You said so”

“Yeah I said so and-”

They were interrupted by Kim who is running towards the Kitchen “Did i miss anything?” She ask, smiled and take her position in the table that is next to Shego.

“No honey, You didn't miss much. So how was your date yesterday?” It was Estella. Kim blushed the moment she heard the word date.

“Your leading mom!”

“I am?”

“It's not a date Estella!” Kim whined, “Shego said she just want to celebrate her victory-”

“Yeah! That is not a date alright” Betty mumbled.

Shego rolled her eyes then look at Kim, “Hey, you owe me two dinners now”

“What?” Kim ask in shock, “I thought just one?”

“You puke on my car, i have to dispatch it for a new one, so now you owe me two dinner. That is 2 consecutive paycheck!” Shego grinned.

Kim just stare at her with wide eyes. Then after a while look at Estella who is now eating. “Oh Estella, thank you for changing my clothes last night.”

“Me? Oh i did not change your clothes last night”

“You didn't?” KIm ask then look at Betty, “So thank you?” Kim said to Betty without noticing Shego making a giggle.

“Me? It's the first time i saw the two of you here on the house. Me and Estella were so tied up last night” Betty smiled.

Kim frowned as she look at the green skinned woman who tried to stop giggling but failed miserably, “What?” singed the older woman.

“You lied , your the one who change my dress and you said you didn't do it”

Shego finally able to stop from giggling look at Kim, “Do you have any proof that i did change your clothes?” Kim shook her head 'no', “Do you have evidence to point out i did the changing?” Kim shook her head again, “And what makes you think my mother or Aunt Betty is not lying?”

Kim rolled her eyes in thought, then smiled “Your the lawyer, so your capable of lying” Kim grinned.

Betty smiled as she look at Kim's expression and Shego's total lack of response 'she is good' betty acknowledge to herself.

“I guess Our little princess found a match?” Estella whisphered to Betty's ear then stole a kiss.

“Repeat that”

“Repeat what?” Shego ask Betty in bewilderement, then look at Kim “Hey, that was an assumption Pumpkin, that is not admissible!”

“I was asking your mom to repeat the kiss but this time do it here…” Betty answered Shego's querry then pointed her finger to her lips.

“Well…Sustained!” Estella exclaimed, giggle and kiss Betty's lips with much gusto.

“Do it in your room!” Shego shouted.

“Hey, that's sweet and nice” kim defended.

“Gross” Shego then frowned, she was interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

Kim went to the living room after she have helped Estella do the dishes. Shego just closed her phone and throw it to the solo sofa beside the large couch, a frown is evident in the pale woman's face.

“Bad case?” Kim started as she walk towards the green skinned woman “Or was it the car…I'm sorry about-”

“That was Bonnie”


They were interrupted by Estella coming in, “Princess, Me and your Aunt Betty is going out, I promised your Aunt i'll accompany her on her family's get together”

“ I do hope you won't get burn when you arrive there”

“I'm going to bring a fire extinguisher. Wish me luck”

“Good Luck Mom/ Estella” Kim and Shego said together.

“I need that” Then wink at the two woman, “Are you spending Sunday here too?”

“Bonnie is on my neck, and Again threatened to break off with me if I don't see her tonight”

“And-” Estella said with a serious expression.

“I said i'll see her”

“We hope to get back in the evening, or else Kim won't have anyone with her”


“I'll go ahead Princess, Kim, got to dress up”

“Okay” Kim said. Estella turned her back on the two and went upstair to her room, while Kim sitted herself on the solo sofa where Shego throw her phone, “Hey shego, don't worry about me, i could handle myself alone for tonight”

“Yeah! As if, your new in this city, even more in this neighborhood, and everyone here knows that my mom and Aunt Betty are the only ones living here, by now i'm sure they know one single red head as an addition to the house, and if they knew the two oldies upstair is gone, you'll be alone, and God knows what those punks could do”

Kim was out of words. She thought it was so nice of the green skinned woman to worry about her. BUt hey, she was a famous hero, maybe retired but still, she can fight. Although she have not had any practice lately. Kim look at Shego who is looking at the far side of the house, obviously thinking, deep. “Shego-”


“Really, I could take care of myself”

Shego sighed, “I can't believe Bonnie always gets me to be like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like a henpeck! She threatens me to break off and i go 'gaga' and do whatever she says”

“Your not a henpeck. You just love her”

Shego look at Kim, then shook her head “ I don't know. Perhaps, maybe”

“What kind of answer is that?”

“Maybe i'm just used to having Bonnie”

Kim look at Shego.

“Okay, Pumpkin, I'll leave you for a while, i'll see Bonnie then I'll get back at least before 9 pm so you have someone with you.”

“You really dont have-”

“But i want to, finish, end of argument, case close” Kim is to open her mouth for a reply “Say a word pumpkin and i'll let you sleep outside the house” Shego look at Kim close her mouth and pout, “No pouting” Shego commanded and laugh.

“Thank you” Kim said softly.

“You will accompany me today, I'm getting my car”


Shego slammed the door which startled the red headed woman sleeping soundly in the couch, “damn!”

Kim sitted herself and rubbed her eyes off of sleep, “Sh-Shego?”

“Oh, Good evening pumpkin” Shego said as she removed her shoes and approach Kim, “Sorry to startle you”

Kim look for the wall clock and when she finally saw it, she look at Shego, “It's only 8 pm?”

Shego sighed, Look at a vacant place in the large couch where Kim is sitting. Kim noticed Shego's gaze and she move aside to let Shego sit.

“Bonnie fired up when i told her i cannot take her to a movie house”

“Why did you not take her?”

“First of all pumpkin, She doesn't want to go to a movie with me, She always say that her friends from work might see us together and knowing my reputation, She might lose her job or migh harbor unwanted gossips, and secondly, I have to back here before 9”

“I told you i can-”

“That is my plan! No changing of plans” Shego frowned, “We were not even able to finish our dinner, she stormed out and left me”

“And you did not go after her?”

“No” Kim's eye widened with Shego's answer.


“She will just have a major major tantrums if i do. With Bonnie the best thing is to let the issue die down then talk and -'


“The bed is a good way of saying sorry you know!”

“The bed?” Kim ask innocently.

“Sex Kimmie! What are you?” Shego look at Kim amazingly.

Kim blushed and smiled, “oh that”

“Don't you have a boyfriend to experiment with?”

“I had a fiancee” Kim answered. It's time for Shego's eyes to widened.

“So you…i mean… where is he?”


“ _ “

“I run away”


“I'm hungry” Shego break the silence, “Do you have anything to eat?”

“I don't know how to cook, i ordered Pizza, There are leftovers in the refrigerator”


Shego stand up and went to the kitchen as KIm followed the older woman with her eyes. Kim is so thankful that Shego did not ask about the details of her revelation. It is not too personal but she thought she isn't ready to tell everyone her story. She is just so thankful that she thinks Shego have been so considerate and change the topic. Perhaps MOnique is right. Perhaps Shego is that someone so hard to give up and so hard to get over with. Bonnie must be very lucky for having a Shego. Opening the television, she was now focus on an episode of Snowman hunk. Now she misses her best friend Ron. How is he? Her family, Her Mother and Father, her brothers, perhaps they all wondering where and how she is. Then happy, funny and sad memeories of her life back in middleton flooded her, making her tear glands to work up double time. She tried to suppress it but, she failed, tears started flowing. She lie on her side, her back on the television to try to hide her tears as she felt Shego came back from the Kitchen.

Shego saw Kim, her shoulder shaking, Shego knew Kim is crying. She doesn't know what her fiancee did to make Kim cry. But she thinks her fiancee is a jerk. Why would anyone want Kim cry? She is a great woman, hard working, perhaps innocent but its cute. He must not have a heart. Shego approach the couch and push Kim's head up, she slid herself on the couch and let Kim rest her head on her lap, then she look at the tv and saw whats on 'snowman hunk?' Shego smiled to herself, then look at the red head.

“Rest Pumpkin. You have work tomorrow” Shego said as she stroke Kim's hair once and focus on the television.

-end chapter 10 -

A/N: Sorry, I guess this chapter is quite long. Please forgive me, I'll try not make the next one this long. Freddie is from nightmare at elm street, the song is by Shaniah twain in her album Come on over (is it right…i have not checked, please correct me if i'm wrong tnx)

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