Chapter 9

First date?


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TITLE: First date?


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2037

Shego fanned herself as people from her back came to her and shook her hands. Another trial won by the 'great' Shego, Attorney at law, as labeled by the many media person around the courtroom. The Case was not as big as her previous one, but is as important, especially to the people of Go city.

Shego may not be the Lawyer to call for probono cases, Because as everyone in Go city knows that if you hire a 'Shego', you must have the money to show the world. One reason for this is that the green skinned lawyer have not lost, not even once in her entire career as a lawyer, nor even when she was just in law school as intern. BUt cases that to other lawyers are impossible to win? Shego will take the case, with pay or without pay, Even if the accusation is true or not, She doesn't care. She'll handle the case and win because Shego hates loosing. And she knows that she is the best lawyer out there in Go city…where criminals lurks.

'Another win' Shego smirks at herself then look around and found a red headed girl sitting quietly at the back of the courtroom, looking around like an innocent kid brought to a 'zoo'. Well Shego believes that the courtroom itself is a “theater” of “animals” in its own way, so the look is just appropriate she thinks. Her smirk was replaced by a smile as she walks towards the red head.

“Congratulations” Kim stood as Shego approach her.

Shego waves her hand on the air to signify 'hey not a big deal' gesture and smile, “Hungry?”

“Yes” Kim nodded, smiled as she blushed.

Shego shook her head, but deep inside she is so amused as how easy the red head blushes over something not even romantic. She thought 'so how would she react to something romantic then?' she smiled deep inside and tried to suppress it but failed.

“Why are you smiling?” Kim ask as she started walking alongside the green skinned lawyer.

Shego just look at Kim and shrug her shoulder, “I won, so i smile. If i lost, you'll see me frowning” shego smiled again.

“lawyers” Kim mumbled.

“What?” Shego leaned over the smaller woman to tease.

“Nothing, nothing! I said i'm hungry”

Shego chuckles, “Japanese?”

“Huh? No, I'm American?” Kim answered innocently. The answer made shego laugh out loud, “Whats funny?”

“Oh Pumpkin!” Shego said her right hand holding on to her stomach, and left arm extended on Kim's right shoulder for support, “I was asking (pant) if you like (pant) to eat Japanese food!” then she laugh again.

“Oh…sorry i didn't get it” Kim blushed, 'am i really getting dull or is it just…well No, I'm not attracted to woman, especially lawyers' kim thought, “So are we eating Japanese?” she rolled her eyes and shook her head, “I mean eating on Japan- I mean eating Japanese…fo-food!” She stummerred, which made Shego laugh more, “Hey It's great your having fun”

“Oh-Oh- (pant) sorry pumpkin, I just think your (pant) cute to act like that”

Kim sighed and nod.

“Alright, we eat Japanese food. I have a girl friend in a Japanese Restaurant near here.” Shego finally said after recollecting herself.

Kim look at Shego, “Your first girlfriend?”

Shego shook her head, “My girl friend, girl and friend two separate words, Not girlfriend one word” She smiled.

“Do you always have to make your answers complicated?”

“Lawyers are complicated, Now pumpkin hop in the passenger seat before i change my mind”

“Ok” Kim smiled and breezely walk towards the passenger seat and hop in, “I like sushi!”

“Good! So do i” Shego said smiling as she fastens her seatbelt, started the car and slowly drive out of the parking space.

“I like ramen too”

“Wow, is it just a coincidence? I like ramen too, take note Japanese ramen”

“And Yakisoba, and Tempura, and Ika?, and-”

“So what is it that you don't like in a Japanese restaurant?” Shego ask, her brows meeting halfway.

“Let me think-”


“I guess you can't think of anything?” Shego broke the silence.

Kim smiled widely.

“And probably you will be eating the whole restaurant if you could”

“I didn't eat dinner for this”

Shego's jaw drop, then after about 3 seconds, she close her mouth “Good thing lawyers have good pay”

“Yeah! Lucky Me”

“YEah, Lucky you, not me”

Kim giggled, “Thank you Shego”

“Well…I can't wait for the day you receive your first check” Shego gave Kim a very evil grin.

“Oh…Shego- THat is a very nasty look”

“that's pay time”


“Good afternoon ma'-”

The Brunnette woman look around the botique, looking for something and did not acknowledge the sales representative's polite gesture, “Are you the only one here?” She ask the blond woman.

“Oh no ma'am, Our manager is here also-”

“Do you know about a red headed sales representative? Is she here?”

The discussion was interrupted.

“Oh, If i am not mistaken, the Lovely Bonnie Rockwaller is here. And what makes the “lovely” Bonnie visit my botique?” Monique greeted her with a hidden sarcasm in her voice, then motioned for the Blond to leave them, “I'm handling this Tara”

“Yes ma'am” Tara bowed and left the two woman.

Monique look at Bonnie as Tara walk away, “I heard you inquire of a red headed sales rep here…oooppps, I'm sorry to have eavesdropped!” Monique chuckle.

Bonnie's eyes narrowed, She crossed her arms in front of her chest, “So Where is your red headed sales representative?” Bonnie ask in a hard tone then waltz inside towards the new arrival stand.

“I don't take account of the whereabouts of my Employess especially if it's their 'off day'. They're no kids so as long as they are not in my busniess premises, i don't give a damn” Monique answered smiling.

“I see” Bonnie started looking at the dresses, then turned toward Monique, “Look, i did not come here to have an argument with you, I just have a bad feeling about this red head woman”


“Look, i'm just telling you as her manager, and as the owner of this botique, I think she'll just cause you trouble”

“And why do you say that may i ask?”

“For once Monique, I came here not as a competitor for Shego, but as someone who cares for your business. This is good business its not good if this little business of yours is ruined by just a mere sales girl”


“Consider my thoughts”

“Right now…I don't see anything that Kim is doing wrong, as a matter of fact, Our sales increased the moment she came in to work here, my other staff's even recommending her for her very lively outlook of her job, just imagine her joining even encouraged my other employees to do better…So…as far as i am concern, she is not a liability to my business, and she is my business and you don't have anything to do with her. If you own this, i won't hesitate to fire her, but i own the botique, and i employ whoever i want to employ”

“I'm just telling you of my thoughts”

“And i heard it”

Bonnie frowned, but kept her mouth from saying anything, she just shrug her shoulder and put down the dress she is inspecting. Bonnie then walk past Monique.

“I hope really its not about Shego” Monique added without looking back at the fleeing Bonnie. She Just heard a stomping feet and the opening and closing of her botique's main entrance door. Monique smiled widely showing a definite triumph for the day.

“So you mean-” Kim put another sushi on her mouth after dipping on the wasabi flavored sauce, “the case you handle today did not pay you anything?” She finished after swallowing her food.

“It's probono, so yes, no pay there”

“Well…so you do free staff”

“Not always pumpkin, The case is just too tempting for me, and i wanted to handle it. I even volunteered”

“your work is dangerous. I'm sure there are lots of those who lost in their cases because of you, who wanted to kill you”

“I've had threats”

“You recieve death threats?: Kim's eyes widened, Shego just nooded, “And you even walk out without a body guard?”

“I don't need one” Their conversation was interrupted when the door to their private dining area opened and revealed a very cute japanese girl.

“Ohio Shego san” greeted the japanese girl.

“Good day too Yori! Come in, come in”

The Japanese girl went in and put another plate of sushi on their table, and bottle of Sake.

“Wow, sake? I did not order a -”

“It's a gift from obasaan, She heard you won another case and decided to celebrate here with us”

“Harigato Yori” Shego smiled and Notice Ypri to be looking at Kim, “Oh, how rude of me, Yori this is Kim. She is a friend of mine”

“Good Day Kim-san” Yori vowed before Kim and look at Shego, “Not girlfriend?”

Shego laugh and shook her head, “Oh nono Yori. Bonnie is still my girlfriend”

“I see” Yori smiled at Kim, “Sorry for that Kim-san”

“I't's okay. I guess Shego's reputation about girls is very known here in Go city”

“She is a very popular lawyer, everyone knows”

“Wow” Kim said smiling, “I didn't know you are too known to be notrious with girls!” Kim laugh and so do yori.

“I am even representing to be one of her girlfriend but she refuse”

“I'm not a craddle snatcher”

“So now you have “delicadeza?"” Kim said teasing Shego and laugh. Shego frowned.

“Don't spanish me”

The two younger girl laugh.

“Oh, I like Kim-san Shego-san, she is more open and relax than that Bonnie”

“I think i know what you are saying Yori” Kim said to yori amiling.

“You meet her? If she comes hear, I don't deliver food, Don't want to get frowned at nor shout at intentionally”

“She is not that mean Yori” Shego defended.

“O, to you ofcourse she is not.” Yori argued.

“So your pulling a trigger now hah?” Shego ask Yori teasingly then look at Kim, “Kim have just been here for a few minutes and your already rubbing off to Yori”

The two girls laugh again.

“So what is Sake?” Kim ask.

“It's a japanese wine Pumpkin, I thought you like everything about a Japanese food”

“Its not food if its wine”

“See! Your rubbing too much to Yori!”

“Hey, Its your kind of answer, I'm just throwing your ball back to you”

silence. Yori look at Kim and Kim look at Yori, then the two laugh.

“The LAwyer caught her tongue” Yori teased Shego.

“Stop it-” Shego waved her hand to signal the two woman to stop “let's just drink this” Shego said as she slowly opens the bottle.

“I don't-”

“I'm paying pumpkin, so you will drink or i'll let you pay the bill”

“That's unfair!” Kim whined.

“Lawyers are not fair, so live with it!”

“That is Shego” Yori smiled, “I'll leave the two of you then”

“Alright Yori, Tell Obaasan Nakuh thanks”

“Okay, Just call me when you need anything okay”

“Okay” Yori left then Shego returned to what she is doing, pouring wine to her and Kim's cup.

“I'm not gonna like this” Kim whined.

“You have to or you'll pay”


“Muwahahahahahha” Shego made an evil laugh, “Drink!”

Kim closed her eyes, took the small cup and bring it close to her nose as she smells it, the smell made her forhead crunch, she took a deep breath and with one gulp she finished the cup.

“Way to go pumpkin!!!!!” Shego cheered.


“Pumpkin! Hey…don't you sleep on!!! Holy Shit! NOt on my car seat…that is gross!!!”

“Shhhaaayygooooh, i dwon't fffeeeyyll ghhud, (hick)”

“Jeez, 4 cups and your done!” Shego shook her head as she steady the red head on her sit, “I'll never let you drink again pumpkin, I swear! gahh! This car will have to go! You cost too much pumpkin, you cost too much!” Shego shook her head again as she drove her car inside her mother's gate.

-end chapter 9 -

Next: Shego did not go home…ooops.

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