Chapter 1

Dream, Wedding and Escape


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TITLE: Dream, Wedding and Escape


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1177

A/N: First of All, this is a Kigo story. So those who does not want a kigo pairing this is not for you. Second since this is Kigo, this is shoujoai, fem slash or what ever yu call it, so if this does not fit your taste, again this is not for you to read, third, this is an AU fic. This is my first KIGO story (got inspirations from other authors who have been making KIGO fan fics, and i like the pairing and shego's color…love it…love her and kim). Onwards to chapter 1

She woke up all sweaty and panting, she could almost feel her heart beat through her chest. It is the same dream, the same dream she had for a year now. A dream she cannot tell if it is a warning or it is her destiny. In any case that dream is a very big problem. She grab her phone and dialed a number. A very sleepy voice took the phone from the other side


“Ron? Its…”

“KP?” Ron's voice became alive as he heard his best friend, “What the hell are you doing up at this time? Shouldn't you be having a beauty sleep…My God KP! Today is-” he stop to look at his watch, “KP! Today is your wedding!”

“Yeah…yeah i know Ron…no big”

“No big? Oh no…it's 'yeah big!' wedding…hello KP, WEDDING! and its big!”

“Ron…please!” Ron stop whining at the other end

“Is…is it the dream again?” Kim nodded as if her best friend could see her, “Okay, silence means yes. I'll go over there, 1 hour KP”

“Thanks Ron”

“Yeah…no big” Ron finally said as he hung up the phone

“Oh God…what am i to do?” Kim let herself fall on her back to her bed, “My Wedding is at 3” she sighed, took one of her pillow and put it on her face, as if to suffocate her, “What will i do!!!” her shout was muffled by the pillow.

Kim is walking along a very beautiful garden, Wearing a pink sundress, her head covered by an elegant pink bonnet adorned by a long white ribbon that flows to her back, on her right arm is a basket where she puts the flowers she is picking. Then he came, smiling very sweetly, his once spiky blond hair now comb perfectly, wearing a tight shirt over a blue faded jeans. He was coming closer, and as he came close, his facial expression change, his smile became a frown, as he neared he snatch the basket from kim's arm, the basket fell to the ground, the flowers she picked scattered, He stand tall, his eyes expressionless, he raised his right arm ready to slap Kim when…upon bringing down his arm, there is that person, the person placed itself between Kim and the man, the person's right hand is glowing, its glowing green. The person took the man's wrath, then push the man away from kim. The man disappeared, but the person with glowing green hand remained. The person is about to look at her

The dream ends, KIm woke up…She never gets to see the face of her hero

“Oh c'mon KP! how can you say that the man who is about to hit you is Josh?” Ron said as he paced on Kim's living room, “I think your just thinking that because…because…you know…wedding jitters!”

“Jitters? Ron…i'm not even excited about this wedding…and now i'm having second thoughts about it”

“Doesn't anyone who is to be wed having second thoughts? Your just being paranoid KP!”

“How do you know about that Mr. Stoppable? HAve you been married?”





“That's just it! Your just making excuses. And besides if it is Josh, He should have hurt you before! You should have been a battered girlfriend! But your not! Josh loves you”

“Yeah” Kim sunk on her sofa, “He have not hit me once, he did not even force me to have sex with him…”


“Thats because he is busy having sex with other woman! and not me!”


“Okay…you got your point there KP. But that was a long time ago”

“And how am i suppose to trust him not doing it again? not hurting me again?”

“Well…you got to trust him”

silence again

“You know what Ron it seems you like Josh very much…”

“Yeah! He's a good guy!”

“Then…Why don't you marry him?” Kim look at her best friend grinning

“Your joking KP?” ron look at Kim nervously

“KIIIIM!!!!! You can't do this…your so…so…your soooo evil! With a capital E!” Ron shouted as he struggle to free his hand from the cuff Kim put him in

“What is evil with this?”

“You dressed me in your wedding gown, make me wear this silly shoes, put make up on my face…” he then look at the mirror in front of him, “Though i could say you have a great job on my make up…but thats not the point! I cannot marry Josh! Hes a man!”

“Yeah! And your a man as well. You know Ron, you have agreed to help me!”

“Your right! BUt posing as the bride? Your evil!”

“But you agreed!”

“You did that puppy dog pout! Who in their right mind will not agree to that? That EVIL pout!”

“Rufus will not”

“Rufus…and to think my buddy Rufus is not even here! You should have tAke him to be my bridesmaid!”

Kim stop what she is doing

“Ron…” Ron stop whining as soon as he heard KP's voice become serious, “I need to do this. I don't want to go on with this wedding doubting if this is the right thing for me to do. I don't want to end up crying in the end because this is not for me…i need to find my happiness Ron, and Josh just isn't the one that gives me that happiness. please?”

There is no puppy dog pout, it's just Kim and her real feelings, “KP…you know your my best friend in the whole wide world and you know i'll do anything for you-” Kim smiled at Ron, “Even doing this shameful thing!”

Kim hugged Ron. She put out the key to the cuff and unlock it

“You should be going KP. Your dad is coming over in about 5 minutes”

“Thank you Ron” Kim stood up and went near to her window, “Please explain everything, kiss mom and dad for me…and don't forget to give them my letter

“And probably…i won't be able to know where you are right?”

“I'll write when i can”

“Will we ever see each other again?”

“We will Ron. We will”

Kim throw her bag to the nearby tree branhch and leap outside. She look at Ron one last time and waved goodbye 'bye Ron' mouthed Kim

Ron waved his hand, pulling the veil to cover his face, as he watch his dearest bestfriend disappear, 'i'll miss you KP' Ron whispers, then heard a knock on the door

“Ready Kimmiecub?”

Ron did not answer, instead he stood and walk towards the door

The church were in chaos, as the groom unveil his supposed to be wife, The groom's mother fainted, Mr. and Mrs Dr Possible were in shock, the Twins Jim and Tim who is at the altar as the grooms man high five with their famous line 'hikabickaboo' ' booshaw'. The groom on the otherhand is calm, Ron who is wearing the wedding gown as well as Josh (the groom) Mankey look outside the church

“Be well Kim Possible” Josh whispered then look at Ron and shake his hand.

Josh left the church…smiling…

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