Chapter 5

Unlikely Couple


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TITLE: Unlikely Couple


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1447

Estella was awakened by the continous sound of the doorbell. Estella wrap herself with the blanket and hurriedly walk inside her bathroom to grab her robe. Upon wearing her robe, she hurriedly walk towards her door, accidentally hitting the edge of the bed which awakens the 'other' currently sleeping

“Whats up?” Said the brunette haired woman as she clumsily took an eye cover and wear it

“Nothing, go back to sleep, someone's at the door” Estella said softly then placing a soft kiss to the brunette woman's lips

“In the way i hear it, that must be Shego…your darling daughter have a fetish with doorbells isn't she?” She smiled as she shook her head

Estella shrug her shoulder and walk away, “Dress up sweetie, if incase it really is Shego.” She then wink and went out

“for God sake! Aren't they going to answer this fucking door!” Shego shouted as she puts her right hand on the door frame, her right arms extended. Her face contorted which reads 'what the fuck?'

“They might not be here Shego” Kim reasons

“They never get out of the house in a saturday Pumpkin”

Kim look at the disgusted look of Shego “As in never? never ever?”

Shego look at Kim intensely, raising the sunglasses from her nose up using her middle finger, she is about to retort when she heard the door click, “Finally!”

The door opens, and Shego's mother smiled, “It really is you princess…YOur aunt betty sure know you!”

“Mom! Finally…Haven't you heard me having a concert here in your door?”

“Concert?” Estella laughs as Shego and Kim went inside the house. Estella look at Kim then look at shego and smiled, “New girlfriend? So what happens to Bonnie?”

Kim look at Estella and laughs, “Oh…Mrs…I'm not Shego's girlfriend-”

“I maybe Shego's mother but i am not married so lets forget the formality, drop the mrs and just call me Estella…with an e”

“Can't we rest on the couch first before any further introduction and question as well?” Shego said in a plain voice then plop herself on the large, cozy, beige couch

“Very well, breakfast?” Estella offerred

“With the look of it mom, you haven't prepared breakfast. It seems me and pumpkin are the one that pulls you and aunt betty off the neverland!” Shego whined

“And it seems you know me too well so you already had breakfast?”

Kim smiled as she look at Shego nods. Kim is so delighted to see how the mother and daughter interacts. Etstella sitted herself on a separate couch just adjacent at the large one where Shego is sitting and opposite the couch where she is at the moment

“Mom, this is Kim, and she is not my girlfriend. Remember, Kim, the 'Kim' i was telling you yesterday”

Estella look at Kim and smiled “Oh!” estella grinned, “So now i know why your so mean Shego” then Estella's grin widened. Their attention was caught by heavy steps that is coming down the stairs

Shego look at the stair and so did Kim, brunette haired woman, with an eyepatch on her left eye, limping on the right can be seen, “Good morning Aunt Betty!” Shego greeted with a slight smile, “So you've been giving mom a pleasant dreams…thats why she never heard my concert on the front door”

“Concert…hah! You just really have a fettish on doorbells princess!” The brunette said as she smiled and leaned to kiss the green skinned woman, “And the beautiful lady over there is…a new girlfriend?” She smiled as she walks to Etella's place, “Your daughter really have good taste…i just hope she is not as sharptounged and bullheaded as Bonnie!” She said as she sit at the arm rest where Estella is sitting

“Good morning” Kim said smiling

“First of all Aunt Betty, Kim here is not my girlfriend. I put her out of job yesterday…"Shego look at her mother, “Haven't you told her about last night yet?”

“I forgot?” Estella grin at her daughter

“You forget so many things when Aunt Betty nails you to the wall!” Shego said shrugging, “Anyway…Bonnie might be sharptounged and bull headed but she is still my Bonnie. We haven't break off yet”

Betty raised her eyebrow and smiled “yet”

“Yet” Shego echoed with a nod

“So, if Kim here is not your girlfriend, why bring her here…You haven't brought Bonnie here to have a dinner with us, why bring her?”

“She needs a place to crush while she looks for a job and apartment to live”

“Why bring her here? Why not your unit?” Estella look at Shego

“I only have one room. Don't want to share. I don't like anyone messing my couch either. Besides you have lots of rooms here i'm sure you won't mind”

“Am, i can just crush in for today, i think i could find a job by today and can do something about my living arrangement” Kim interrupted the three woman

“Nonsense pumpkin. You'll stay here with mom and aunt betty”

The two older women look at each other

“Ok.” Estella shrugged her shoulders, “You can stay for as long as you like. No rules here Kim, Just feel free”

Kim look at Estella then Betty and last to Shego, “Thank you” she said smiling,

“but-” Betty said and was interrupted by Shego

“But what?” Shego whined

“But ofcourse she have to live through the fact that she will be living with an unlikely couple like me and your mother.” Betty defended

“I live through your relationship, why can't she?” Shego said with a teasing tone, “I think i live through with it too much, i forgot how sick it is!” Shego added then laugh

“Sick!” Estella shouted and throw a pillow on her daughter, “So our relation is sick that's why you copied?”

Shego just put out her tongue on her mother, which made kim laugh

“I am honored to be part of your home Mrs…i mean Estella-”

“And Betty” betty interceded, then look at Kim intently, “You know what, your face kind'a look familiar, i just can't recall where i've seen your face”

Kim look at Betty and smiled, “red heads usually look alike?”

Shego raised her brows and look at kim, “You sure do not look like nicole”


“Nicole kidman.” Shego laughed and shook her head. “anyway, introduction done, where will Pumpkin sleep?”

Estella smiled, “Your old room”

“What?” Shego exclaimed, then stand up, “Why my room?”

“Your not using it anyway”

“We have guest rooms”

“Nope” Estella shook her head

“What do you mean nope? 'No' kim is not sleeping in the guestroom or 'no' we don't have a guestroom?” Shego ask putting the lawyer tone in use

“Don't use that tone on me Princess, it will not scare me off, your father used that tone on me and we ended up hurting each other physically and annulment afterwards, and for your question, the answer is the later”

“Shego have a father?” Kim ask dumbly

“Well yeah! Hello? I wasn't born out of the laboratory and even if i was, where will Mom get the sperm from? an animal?” Shego said mockingly

“Sorry, i just thought…you were really theirs?”

“Oh she is!” Betty interrupted

“She is from me, and the hell with her father.” Estella said then shrug her shoulder

“But the color…is her father an a-”

“Don't push it pumpkin!”

“Actually alien is much much better than her father” Estella said smiling, “the color is a long story. You should ask shego about that.”

kim did not answer, instead look at Shego who is now wearing a scowl on her face

“Going back to the topic, Your aunt betty have redesigned the room. We merge the two guestroom near your room into a gym where we can actually practice our skill, you'll love it princess when you see it, and the third guest room was transformed into an office.”

“Office? Gym?”

“Most of the time princess, i do my work here. Writing a novel needs space. BEsides i need the room for my books” Estella said, “And the gym is where we practice our martial arts princess. Specially me, i've been busy with writing and all i do is sit, so its nice i practice once in a while”

“Okay, Okay i get it”

Kim smiled at Estella and Betty,

“So princess, take kim to your room so she can settle and rest”

Shego just shrug her shoulder, “C'mon pumpkin”

“THank you” Kim said as she followed Shego up the stairs

The two elder woman look at each other and smiled.

a/n: Estella is my idea. Estella and Betty's relation will be explained on the next chapter.

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