Chapter 12



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TITLE: Visitors


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2507

Monique was startled by her mobile phone. She took it from her bag and frowned when she saw the number i.d., “Shego? Girl, what happened to you?” Monique started without saying hello.

“You saw the news?” Shego said on the other line.

“Yes, I wish to go there on your mother's house, perhaps after my botique close. So why call?”

“Oh, it's about Kim. She is still sick, i'm just informing you she cannot come to work yet.”

“It's alright Shego. I doubt she can. The way your mother talk about how she got ill makes me think she'll need the week off. I talk to Tara about it and she is willing to relieve Kim of her duty, she'll just porfit her saturday off next week”

“That's good to hear. Thank you Monique” The green skinned woman said softly. MOnique could see the woman on the other end smiling, “And Mo-”


“Thanks for being nice to Kim”

“Hey, Kim is something. I am glad i have her under my employement”

“Thank you MOnique. I'll expect you to come later today?”

“Yes. Will do”

“Bye Mo”

“Bye” And monique heard a 'click'. Monique smiled and walk towards an incoming client.

“Good Morning Pumpkin” Shego greeted the still sleeping red head. Shego is carrying a tray with hot ramen, a glass of milk and 2 slices of bread. She put it on the stand beside Kim's part of the bed. She sit beside the red head and lightly shook the woman. Shego smiled as she watch 'her' pumpkin move and slowly opened her eyes. The moment kim wakes, she saw the older woman and smiled. And again, Shego like the way she feel when the red head smiles at her. Every pain and fatigue in her body is being overpowered, yes overpowered by her smile.

“Good morning Shego” Kim sitted herself, “How long have you been there staring?”

“Not long-” Shego look at kim and frown, “And i'm not staring, i'm waking you!” The green skinned woman defended, then took the tray on the stand and carefully hand it over to Kim who by now is so amazed, her eyes showed.


“Pumpkin, eat the ramen while it's hot”

Kim look at Shego, “I'm supposed to be the one to do this. Your hurt”

Shego smiled and shook her head, “Not anymore” She twisted her body so that her right thigh is visible to kim, “See? It's healed already”

Kim's eyes widened, “Wow”

“Is that all you can say?”

“I have two questions”


“One, did you cook this ramen? It smells delicious”

“No” Kim look at Shego for explanation, “I ordered it at Yamanouchi, Yori delivered that and promised to be back later today after the restaurant closes. She wants to hear the story from me”

“Oh, about yesterday.” Shego nodded, “2nd question, How did it heal fast without leaving any scar?” Kim ask pointing on her thigh where the wound was yesterday.

“Comet powers. Remember i told you about comet hitting me when i was younger?” Kim nodded, “It also gave me special healing abilities”

Kim thought in silence, “So your kind of immortal?”

“NO, shoot me directly in my heart and brain, I'm dead”

Kim smiled. She then started eating her ramen, “The ramen is great - ohhh -”

“What?” Shego ask worriedly, “Is it too hot your tongue-”

“I have to go to work!” Kim said then she put her spoon on the tray, she was stopped by Shego.

“I called Monique. You have the whole week to rest. She said you'll just have to porfit your saturday off next week”

“Really?” kim smiled, “That's great, but how-”

“I arrange it okay? So all you have to do right now is rest. No thinking about work”

“Thank you Shego” The red head resumed her eating as the green skinned woman look at 'her' pumpkin smiling.

The sound of the doorbell woke Shego from her slumber on the couch. After Lunch, Shego and Kim decided to watch an action movie, and before the movie ended, Kim fell asleep on the large couch. Seeing 'her' pumpkin so peacefully asleep, Shego squeezed herself on the couch, at the back of Kim and sleep as well. Until that hour she was awaken by the doorbell.

Shego stood and answered the door, the moment she opened the door, the green skinned woman was thrown back as a brunette sudenly hug her and right now kissing the green skinned woman, on her lips, torridly. Shego was amazed but complied witht he brunettes fierceful kiss.

Their kiss was broken as the pair heard “Do it in a room! That's gross!” The kissing pair released each other and look at where the voice is coming. Betty is on the stair looking, with a grin on her face. Estella on her trail also smiling.

Bonnie return her gaze to the green skinned woman, “I was worried after i saw the news early this morning. I have to call Eduardo and cancel my pictorial to be here.” Bonnie smiled and touch the green skinned woman's face.

“I am fine Bonnie. Come in” Shego said then scolding herself for being stupid, Bonnie is already inside the house, so the phrase is useless, “Feel comfy” she added and guided Bonnie to the couch.

Kim was already sitting on the large couch looking at Bonnie and Shego. Bonnie eyed the red head woman and smiled. Shego who was looking nervously was surprised, 3 weeks ago, Bonnie went Mayon Volcano on her for celebrating with Kim, and right now, her lover is smiling at her? 'What's up Bonnie?' shego ask herself, the smile did not eased her nervousness, instead it have done the opposite, it amplified the feeling.

“Why is she here?” Bonnie ask Shego in a very mild, tamed voice, smiling at Kim then looking at Shego with the same expression.

Estella who was now downstair butt in “Kim have nowhere to stay, so i keep her here” Estella look at Bonnie smiling, then look at Shego. Estella noticed the very subtle sigh shego made, as if releive from a very heavy burden. Her daughter look at her, ans she saw in her eyes the word 'thank you', “Kim is sick, please forgive her resting here in the-”

“Sick?” Bonnie stand up and place her palm on the red heads forehead.

“Huh?” Kim eyes widened, “Ms. Bonnie?”

“You are quite hot. HAve you been drinking your medicines on time?” Bonnie ask the red head, and even sitted herself beside her.

Shego, Estella and Betty look at each other. Shego shrugged her shoulder, Betty rolled her eyes, Estella's eyes widened with a shadowed question of “what is happening?” then went to the Kitchen.

Bonnie talked with Shego about what happened to her apartment last night. It wasn't a long story, but Shego noticed her lover unusual attentiveness to her. Something she is not used. This did not go unnoticed by Estella and Betty, who in their silence in the kitchen, keep on staring at the lover. Kim still sitted beside Bonnie, and Bonnie is even holding on the red head's wrist not letting go, as if they are close friend.

Betty not being able to take what is happening anymore, stood and went to the living room, “Excuse Bonnie?”

“Oh? Yes Betty?” Bonnie look at the older woman smiling,

“Can you excuse Shego. I have to talk to her about last night, She have to give a statement to the police and we need to discuss our strategy”

“Do you need me to hear-”

“I like to talk to her in private as possible?”

“Okay” Bonnie look at Shego and smiled, nodding.

“I'll be back” Shego said as she hurriedly get up and follow her aunt outside the house. Before they went out, the two woman heard Bonnie now talking to Kim.

Kim have quite a surprised this afternoon.The top of the list that surprise her is the very friendly aura Bonnie is projecting, not only to Estella and Betty but mostly to her. Right now she is even telling her funny stories she encountered on her pictorials. She's even giving Kim some tips on classy way of dressing. It also surprised her how the brunnette cared about her sickness. Kim ask herself, is this Bonnie? She is not like this the first time i see her. She shrug her shoulder, 'don't judge a book by its cover' she thought.

The other thing that surprised her is how she felt when she saw Shego and Bonnie kissing, kissing in front of her. NOrmally, she wouldn't care, and even feel happy and a little ecstatic specially if the one kissing are her friends, And she regards Shego as a friend. Bonnie might not be her friend, but she is Shego's girlfriend, and she should be happy. And yet the feeling was heavy. She is not even sure why, but the act itself is like a pile of stone that pressed her chest. She thought she is having an angina. She tried to shrug the feeling off but it came back to her over and over, And even right now, as Bonnie talks to her, she could still see Shego kissing Bonnie, and the heavy feeling is still there. She just hopes it goes away.

“What the heck is she up to?” Betty ask Shego, gritting her teeth, “She looks so…so…” Betty can't seem to find the word.

“Plastic?” Shego supplied.

Betty look at Shego, “I am supposed to say unnatural but plastic will do” She shook her head, “If i may say, she is unto something big”

“That's what i thought too. And i think i'm beggining to feel afraid for the first time. I think this is more horrible than what happened to me last night”

“I can't counter on that” Betty and Shego look at each other, “Your siding on me this time? Not defending 'your' Bonnie?”

“If you knew what transpired between us 3 weeks ago, you'll do the same”


“I'm not telling. Don't want to recreate. My life is a horror right now i don't want to recollect something horrible and add it to my disastrous life”

“Okay i understand” Betty sigh, “Watch out for Bonnie? Me and Estella makes sure to watch out for Kim.” Betty noticed Shego look at her frowning, “Hey, we like the Kid, she is so nice we felt we have another daughter. And we will not let anyone hurt her, physically, and specially emotiionally”

Shego's face lightened, “Okay”

“I need to bring you to the station. You know you have to make a statement, and i want you to listen to what they have learned from some of those hoodlums who tried to kill you last night”

“Alright, I'll just go change and say bye to the women inside”

“That's great idea, just kiss your mom for me. I don't want to go back there and see Bonnie. I might puke”

“will do” Shego smiled at her Aunt Betty and started walking inside the house.

At around 7 pm, Shego arrived from the police station with Betty. The two were surprised that Bonnie was still there, but the brunnette said goodbye after a few minutes saying she have to get plenty of rest for her pictorial the next day. Shego almost collapsed when Bonnie her lover, after giving her a very wet and torrid kiss on her lips even gave Kim a peck on the cheek and even reminded the red head about a certain date, which she did not bother to ask.

2 hours later, there were another doorbell, and to Shego's surprised, Monique and Yori were on their door.

“Hello” the two woman greeted.

“Come in” Shego ushered the two woman inside, Yori saw the red head at once.

“Good evening Kim-san, you,look terrible?” Yori said as she approach the couch and sitted herself at Kim's side.

“Oh, hi Yori-” then Kim saw Monique, “Oh and hi Monique”

“Girl! You really look like you need this week off” Monique said smiling and approach the red head and pat her on her shoulder.

“Virus! I swear never to swim on an open river ever again” Kim said in her weak voice.

“Why did you swim an open river kim-san?” Yori ask innocently.

“She help a dog, forgot that dog can swim and don't catch virus like humans do” Interjected Shego, looking at kim smiling. “Anyway, Monique I like you to meet Yori. She is Nakuh's granddaughter from Yamanouchi?”

“Ahh! The one you always told me?”

“Yeah! She is not just great in cooking, great in Kung fu too”

“Hiyaaah!” Monique made a kungfu motion with her two arms, “I'll make sure to be good with you”

“And your Monique-san, Shego also talks about you many times”

“I bet. She does talk about me many times”

“Pumpkin?” Shego called on Kim who is dozing off at the couch.


“I guess you need to rest. You have been up the whole day, you must be tired”

“a-huh” the red head answered, but her head keeps on bobbing.

“Okay!” Shego said as she stand, “Will the two of you excuse me, I'll just put KIm here to bed. Seems she can't walk to her room anymore.” Shego did not wait for the other woman's reply, she collected the red head in her arms, slowly lifted the woman and gently walk up the stairs, making sure the red head is safe and comfortable.

The other two woman watch shego, then look at each other, they gave each other a grin.

“She never did that to me!” Monique squeal.


“Shego-tough, Shego not mushy.” Monique then laugh.


“No. I think its cute. I guess Shego found her match”

“Yeah, I think its cute too Monique-san”

About 15 minutes later, Shego went down wearing a very calm and serene smile on her face. She stop on her track as she noticed the two woman staring at her grinning, “What's with the grin?” Shego ask now scowling.

“What's with you and KIm?” Monique countered.

“Hey! I'm not Bonnie, don't do that kind of argument on me”

“I think you like Kim”

“I do” Shego admitted at once.

“I mean, like 'like'” Monique emphasizing the second like, “You two look good together.

“Perfect combination?” added Yori.

“Will you two stop? Nothing is between me and Kim. Kim doesn't sway my way, and please, Bonnie and I are still an issue”

“good grief” Monique said as she rolled her eyes.

“I still like Kim-san for you Shego-san” Yori said then laugh.

“And about issue, what happened to you last night? I'm sure Yori here want to hear the story as well?” Monique change the topic.

“Yes. That is the reason i am here. Also Obasaan want's me to get first hand information from you”

And shego started her tale again.

-end chapter 12 -

next: The ron man gets a mission. Shego and Bonnie have a date, and what is Kim doing with them?

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