Chapter 8

The Bomb


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TITLE: The Bomb


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1860

It was after lunch, and the botique have a few customers, so Kim and Monique took this time out to get to know each other well. Kim was standing in front of the counter where Monique is sitting behind a computer. The two were talking about everything and having fun.

“Shego dropped by here last night, too bad she came when we are already close” Kim suddely opened the topic

“Really?” Monique shrug her shoulder, “I don't know, maybe she is checking on you behaving or checking on me behaving” then the black beauty smiled.

“She…she told me, about you”

“It's not a surprise”

“You mean she talk about you a lot to other people?”

Monique look at her smiling, “No. Just those she ask me to be hired here, especially those “beauty” who would not have stayed for more than half day.”

“She said-”

“I know what she said, I told those kittens to clean the restroom all day” Kim look at Monique, nod and smiled, “I didn't make you”

“YEah, i told her that.”

“And she said?”

“You finally get over her?”

Monique laugh softly, “YEah, i did, but that is a very hard thing to do, get over someone you thought is perfect”

“She is a lawyer, and She is perfect?”

Monique chuckled, “You'll think that if you were in a relation with her. She's a person to keep”


“Sorry it didn't work for the both of you” Kim said with a genuine concern in her face.

“Hey, no big! We are not growing so its just right to keep out of each others arm for space. Besides i let go, not her.”

silence again

“So MOnique, Did you really make those girls clean the rest room? You know i won't mind if i really need to”

“They were not doing anything, just flirting with “guy” customers and the “pseudoguy” customers, so i gave them a break. A restroom break?” Monique smiled then her smile develop into a giggle

“I see.”

“Those kittens just don't know how to work. I'm Glad Shego found someone to help who is actually willing to work than flirt.”


“If you really are the hardworking type, i'm sure we'll get to work together longer, and happier as well.”

“I'm looking forward to that”

Their chat was halted as a customer enter the botique. Monique's eye hardened, and her body stiffened as the two woman entered. Kim just smiled as she recognize one of the customer, she then look at Monique and was surprised to see her manager's facial expression.

After about a while, Kim look at the two woman who went to the “new arrival” of the ladies section and started to walk towards the customers when Monique ask her to stay

“They are customers?”

“Yes i know” MOnique look at Kim, “This are not the ordinary customer, perhaps you should see why?” Monique showed quite a grin that evil villains always use, “Watch and learn Kim, watch and learn.”

“I thought you wan't to go on 'malling'?”

“I do”

“Why are we here?”

“Isn't this a part of the mall?”

“There are lots of botique to choose Bon, you know this is not a good way to start my day!”

The shorter woman stop inspecting dresses as she looks at her company, “Shego…are you afraid of your ex?”

“I just don't want to be in between you two”

“Then you don't have to. You'll be on my side then. You won't be in between”

“Your not a lawyer Bon, that is not what i -” their conversation was interrupted by pleasant greeting

“Good afternoon ladies, how may this beautiful lady be of any help?” MOnique is grinning from ear to ear, at her right side is Kim who was looking at the green skinned woman, smiling

“Oh!” Bonnie turn around to acknowledge the greeting, “If i'm not mistaken…Its number two!” Bonnie gave a grin that will equal that of MOnique's

“As far as i know, your not even number one, and 2 comes before 3”

At this the green skinned woman rolled her eyes and slump both her arms to the side as a sign of resignation, “I'm not going to see or hear this”

“Well” Bonnie look at her girlfriend, “You should have let that ex of yours stay out of my way”

“This is my botique. Your the one on my way”

“I'm a customer! You should give me more respect”

“As if you deserve one”

Kim was just looking at the two woman having their unnecessary argument. Good thing another customer went in, and Kim look at Shego, nodded in politeness and left to give assistance to the new customer. Shego just smiled at Kim, and look at her as she walk away. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Shego just can't believe herself, She was up earlier than her usual waking cycle just so to be with Bonnie on her “shopping” day as she promised the famous model to keep her company long before she ended up having quite a case that pulls out her strength. And now…She is like in a tunnel that is to explode from 2 wired “bombs” that are now starting to ignite.

In addition to this dilemma, another reason of not believeing she really is herself is that upto now, as the 2 bombs are making a scene on a famous botique, She have not had any feelings of being detonated…She is not quite sure of why she is still taking this thing and not exploding. Perhaps it is…Kim, her red head, pumpkin…She thought she just felt relax the moment Kim look at her, smile at her then walk away from the exploding bombs…

And she found herself smiling

“What are you smiling at?” Bonnie lashed on Shego when she noticed her girlfriend smiling and looking at 'nothing'

“Huh?” Shego ask as if she did not hear Bonnie at all

“You were smiling”

“Yeah you were…your enjoying this Shego? Isn't it?” Monique seconded then give Bonnie a lopsided smile, “To tell you honestly Shego, I really won't mind you dating other woman after us, I just can't imagine you picking someone like - “

“Say it and you'll wish you have never opened your mouth” Bonnie said in a threatening voice.

“God! I'm out of here” Shego finally said, shaking her head and walk away from the two. She then walk towards Kim who is now wrapping the clothes the other customer bought.

“Thank you very much ma'am, please come back, and here, we have a clearance sale next month, you can visit us you might find something of interest, and there will be bigger discounts” Said Kim smiling as she hand the customer her purchase

“Your welcome young lady, Your a very nice girl. I might be back” The lady turn around and walk out of the store, revealing the green skinned woman who was hidden at the customer's back.

“Oh hi Shego…is the 'thing' there done yet?” Kim said raising her hands and wave her first two fingers on the air to symbolize a quote- unqoute gesture.

“ Oh that” Shego walk closer, then look at the two woman who is still having a discussion, “I wonder how long will they take today, the last time it took them 1 hour to realize i'm not there anymore before they stop”

“So…the other woman is…”

“Bonnie, She's the current”

“I see”



“Good you see her. Atleast you have an idea of how she is in person” Shego look at Kim smiling, “How is your job here?”

“Fine. MOnique's been a good boss, unlike the way you told me last night”

“Monique is really good. Perhaps i just don't ask her what really happened to my previous 'friend', and i know for the fact that Monique won't be telling me, she'll think i am going lawyer to her again”

“So i met two, then three… When can i meet one?”

Shego smiled and shook her head, “I hope you meet her not in a way like this”

“I do hope so” both of the woman laugh.

“Hey pumpkin…You have anything to do on Saturday?”

“Saturday?” Kim rolled her eye up thinking, “I haven't ask Monique my day off”

“The botique doesn't open on a Sunday, and there are what? 6 of you here right?”

“5. 2 quitted the job before i came”

“Oh. You just ask if you could get the saturday off. It's nice to have the week ends by yourself”

“I guess your right”


“Why do you ask?” Kim walk towards a cloth stand to arrange clothes that had been inspected and was just dump there

“I have a big case on Saturday, i want to go out after the hearing”

“Really? Why ask me? How about Bonnie?”

“She doesn't want to be seen in court with me, And she thinks her beauty is not appropriate to be seen inside court room”


“She is a model. And most of the time reporters loom around courtroom and seeing her with me-”

“Ruins her image?”




“You pay?”

“Yes, ofcourse”

“Okay, i'll go…if i can get the schedule right”

“That's great pumpkin”

The two were still debating when suddenly Bonnie stop and look at the botique's counter

“Who is she?” Bonnie just speak out her mind

“Huh?” Monique stop chattering and look at Bonnie, “What are you-” MOnique stop her querry and look at the place where Bonnie is now looking, eyes wide, “oooooohhhhhhhhh” Monique said, then smiled, “Oh her”

Bonnie look at Monique, “Who is she?” Bonnie eyes narrowed as she look at Monique

“Why should i tell?” Monique said then turn her back to Bonnie and walk away 'great job Kim…' Monique thought

“Hey!” Bonnie said as she started to follow Monique

“O Hi Girl…” Monique greeted Kim

“Oh Monique…So is the-”

“HEy! I'm not done with you yet-” Bonnie said as she grab Monique on her arms and flung Moniqur to face her

“You were saying?”

“Good afternoon ma'am” Kim greeted with a smile

Bonnie's eyes became dangerously narrow, her nose looks like breathing fire, “I'm so done here!” Bonnie said then walk towards Shego and grab the green skinned woman, “Let's leave Shego”

Shego look at Kim as she is being drag by Bonnie out of the Botique, “Pumpkin! Don't forget to ask Monique Okay!”

“Yes!” Answered Kim

And the two were out of the door

“Pumpkin eh?”

“That's what she calls me”

“She call's me Muffin”

Kim look at her

“She wants you to ask me about what?”

“Oh, she is asking me to accompany her on Saturday on her hearing, then she will take me out for celebration after, I told her I haven't talk with you yet About my off day-”

“Then have your Saturdays off.”

Kim look at Monique smiling, “really?”

“You bet girl. Just tell me what happened on your date”

“It's not a date Monique”

“YEah it's not” Monique shrug her shoulder and walk on the counter behind her computer, 'Your so over Bonnie' then she smiled to herself

-end chapter 8 -

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