Chapter 17



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TITLE: Hurting


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2262

Kim cried all the way from the restaurant until she arrived at the go's residence. She have cried because when she finally found that someone she would be happy with, it end up, she can't. She can't because she have a moral issue, she'd rather lose that one person she love rather than see someone die…die because the one she love chooses her. 'The world isn't fair' Kim thought as she sigh and rub her teary eyes. She opened the door and found Estella and Betty at the couch watching T.V.

Kim look at the two and nod at them as a sign of recognition then walk past the two and headed to her room. On her room, she took her daffle bag and started taking the clothes she have with her. Just the clothes she have when she arrived at Go city. It's not that she doesn't want the other, she just want to leave it because it will just bring memories of Go city, memory of Shego which she will try to forget when she returns to Middleton. “I'm sorry SHego” Kim whispered to herself.

Betty and Estella look at each other when they see Kim. With how the red head look, she seems to be crying for long, and if the red head is crying, something major have happened.

15 minutes after they saw Kim, the phone rang, Estella pick it up to hear Monique on the other end.

“What makes you call at this time MOnique?”

“Oh, Estella, is Kim there?”

“She is in her room…”

“Can you get her? I'm trying to reach her mobile phone but she seems to not hear it.”

“Is there any problem?”

“Problem? Must have, I was shocked when I played my answering machine. She is resigning effective tomorrow! Estella, I need to talk to her, I think I know her that much now that she isn't going to do such things without thinking it over”

“I don't know if I could get her to the phone, she is crying when she arrived about 15 minutes ago. And seems she is crying longer than that.”

“Owwww” Monique said sadly, “Can you just tell her then to call me when she is not crying anymore?”

“Ofcourse MOnique. I will tell her”

“Is Shego there? She might know why”

“She called saying she'll be late, a client wants to have a dinner meeting with her.”

“Okay. I'll just call another time, you know…update”

“That will be expected.” Estella said smiling, then the two woman said their goodbyes and hang the phone.

“Is that…” Betty ask.

“MOnique. I think I should talk to Kim”

“'Want me to come?”

“Girl talk honey” Estella answered as she stands, then she lean over to put a kiss on BEtty's lips, “you won't pass as one” Estella teased.

BEtty slap's Estella's butt teasingly, “Yeah right” then Estella giggles before she started walking to the stairs and going up to Kim's room.

Shego unlocks the door, she was happy anticipating tomorrow, because tomorrow, she'll finally be able to tell her Pumpkin how she really feels, and Shego knew that this is it. This will be her 4th and last relation. She wouldn't have anyone else except her pumpkin. YEs, her pumpkin is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Going inside, she found Betty alone in the living room, sitting at the couch, her legs crossed, and her Aunt Betty seems to be in a thinking mood, “Aunt BEtty? You look intelligent?” Shego teased her Aunt, “Where is mom?” Betty just look up, telling her through action where, “Oh”

Shego is standing in front of her Aunt when she heard noises on the stairs. She look at the stair's way and found her red head with a daffle bag. HEr mother on tail.

“Pumpkin” Shego said as her eyes widens when she saw the bag, “Wha-”

BEtty stand up and hold Shego's shoulder. Estella overtakes Kim who stopped halfway of the stairs, and is just looking at Shego. Kim's face serious. Estella went to Betty.

“We'll leave you two alone” Estella said as she pulls Betty out of the house.

“Pumpkin? What are you doing?” Shego can feel her muscles tense, She hopes her pumpkin is just going to have her clothes washed to a laudry, it may be silly but right now silly is better than anything else. Kim did not answer, instead she resume her movement and walk past Shego. Shego now in panic held Kim's arm to stop her.

“I am going back to my family” Kim just said.


“Shego please” Kim's voice started to lose its resolve.

“Why Kim? Did you not like it here?” Shego ask, she wanted to cry now, “PLease Kim, don't go…I-I” Shego look around, “I could change the decorations. If you want, I could change the rooms decor the way you want it, or if you don't like this house, I could rent a bigger one where you could have your own room, your choice of decoration, I won't mind just please…don't leave”

Kim bowed down, and shook her head, “I-I don't belong here” She said. And Kim knew she is lying, if there is anyplace she felt she belong, it is here,in this house. It's as if she have found her new 'home', with Betty, Estella and Shego as her new family. BUt she have to let this go if she want's Bonnie to live, “I have to go” she pulled her arm from Shego and started to walk to the door.

Shego took a deep breath, and walk fast to get to the red head, and when she did, she wrap her arms around the red head who have her hand on the door knob, “PLease Kim, don't leave me, I love you, I'll do anything just don't leave me, please” Shego finally break her oath of not crying, because right now, all she wanted to do is to cry, her heart starts to squeeze tightly, her lungs is filled with air she is finding it hard to breath normally, her head is heavy, “I love you Kim, I love you please don't leave”

Kim felt her tears flow, Shego loves her. She does. She loves her too but She can't, “No Shego. You don't love me. I am just a convenience to you, you might like me but not love me. THose are two different things” Kim tried to sound strong, but she knew she failed for her voice were trembling when she said those words, 'and I don't even mean every word I said' she thought as she closed her eyes.

Shego slid down to the floor behind Kim, unwrapping her arms and just holding on to the red head's arms, “I do love you…your not just a convenient person to me Kim, please believe me”

Kim shook her head, “I don't want to be just another woman to you, woman you will dump when you found another convenient person to be with…i don't want to be a woman you can live with or without” Kim finally said as she pulled her arms away from Shego and walk out of the house.

“KIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM!” Shego shouted then starts sobbing, “Kim”, and she lay there, on the floor”

“Kimmie-cub!” Mr.Dr. POssible pulled her daughter into a hug when he opened the door and found his runaway daughter.

“Dad” Kim acknowledge her father's warm embrace, “Anne!!!!” James shouted, “Kimmie cub is back!!!” then she pulled her daughter further inside the house, “Oh Kimmie cub we were so worried about you. We just stop worrying when Ronald told us your in a good hands.”

“Kim!” Anne possible is running towards her daughter and finally embracing Kim, “Oh Kim sweetheart, we miss you!”

“Mom!” And then Kim cried in her Mother's embrace, she cried harder.

“Oh…Kimmie! What happened?” Anne became worried when she sees her daughter crying, she haven't seen her cry like this, not even when she found out Josh is two timing her, so what is wrong with her Kimmie, “Kim? tell me what is wrong? I thought you were in good hands at where you are. Ronald assure us that, and his wife told us so too”

“Mom” Anne sitted her daughter to the couch and she mebraced her daughter and stroke her red hair, Kim rub her eyes, “Where are the tweebs?”

“They are on an overnight. I told them no sleeping with girls yet” James answered instead of Anne.

“What is the problem Kimmie? Do you want to have a girl talk? YOu want me to send your father out?” Anne ask again.

Kim shook her head, “I also want dad to hear it…but…can I rest first? I'm tired mom”

Anne smiled at her daughter, “your room is like it was when you left it.”

“Thanks mom” Kim kiss her mother and father and went to her room.

“Princess!!!! C'mon, Princess, you've been there for 2 days, you should go out! Your client was asking if your still interested in handling his case!!!” Betty was knocking hard at Shego's door. Shego have been hiding in her room for 2 days after Kim have left. Betty and Estella have no idea what the two have talked about, but when they arrived, they found Shego lying on the floor, her face have a streak of dried tears, their princess looking at their ceiling.

Betty knew her daughter very well. And she is never reduced to a state like this before…something must have happened, But after the two of them brought Shego to her room, she never came out. She even locked her door. The two are worried, though it is not in Shego's personality to commit suicide, but with what they are seeing, it is possible that such thing could be done.

It has been 3 days since she went back to Middleton. She have told her parents what happened, what made her leave go city. Kim was happy that her parents accepted that she is in love with another woman, and told her that if she is happy with that, they'll be happy too. BUt she run away again. She run away to the person not because that person will not make her happy, but that person can make her the happiest person alive but one she cannot have.

She is glad Ron and Yori was there to keep her company even if she doesn't ask for it, but then again, looking at Yori, she remebers Shego. How is she right now? Perhaps she have made up with Bonnie again. SHe hoped Bonnie is fine too. Without her in their way, Bonnie and Shego will be happy…and so she thought.

“What were you saying?” Bonnie ask in a disbelieving tone.

“You heard me Bonnie, Shego's client went ballistic when Shego stops answering his calls. HE was so angry he told the media about Shego's personal life. He even went to far as to ask the legislation to suspend Shego's license, and be banned at Go city.” Monique is arranging the clothes on their stand.

“But Shego is a great lawyer”

“Your never a great lawyer when you don't answer your client, and when you suddenly drops a case wherein you have a contract”

“Libel!” Bonnie said.

Monique's brows raised, “Breech of Contract Bonnie” monique Thought, what did Shego liked about this woman.

“Yeah, that's what I said” Bonnie look at Monique.

“ow” Monique now knew, she have a good sense of humor.

“So where is Shego?”

“The last time I check, she is at their house, Estella seems worried because their princess is not coming out of her room.”

“Shego? Not going out?” Bonnie's expression became one that is worried, “Why?”

“KIm left I guess. Estella said this began when Kim left their house”

Bonnie fell silent…and she thought that getting rid of Kim will make her Shego find her way back to her…it seems Shego found a way to die when Kim left…She might be bad but she love Shego and She wouldn't want her woman wasting her life like that…and it was because of her.

“Haunted by Guilt?” MOnique ask when she saw Bonnie's expression.

“We need to help Shego”


“Okay!” Bonnie raised her voice slightly, “It was my fault Kim left, I did this to Shego and, I may be bad MOnique, but I can't let Shego live like this or worst let Shego die!”

“So why we if its your fault?”

Bonnie slump her shoulder, “Don't you care about Shego?”

“I do”

“I can't do this alone”

“You ruined her life alone why can't you now?”

“Because-because-” bonnie look down “I am good at ruining people's lives but never good at making it right” Bonnie slump her shoulder more in defeat, “I thought Shego will find her way back to me once Kim is out of the picture, but-”

“But she found her way to death?”

Bonnie look at MOnique, “Please?”

Monique look at Bonnie, she sees the sincerity in Bonnie's eyes,"Okay” MOnique smiled, “But if we have to do something, we have to do it ASAP, so what to do?”

“I'm not sure too, but can't we get someone like a physicist to help her?”


“That's what I said”


“I knew one…”




“Vivian POrter” MOnique smiled, “I'm sure she'll be glad to help Shego”

“Isn't she Shego's first girlfriend?”

“The more she would like to help Shego”

Bonnie nodded.

-end chapter 17-

A/N: So girlfriends 1,2 3 together to help Shego heh?

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