On a Short Leash

Dilemma Twenty-Four



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TITLE: Snowballing

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the characters and I don’t own the premise. I also don’t own Young Frankenstein.

SUMMARY: AU. This is the sequel to Walking the Line. Kim and Shego look to renew their unorthodox relationship.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5050

Shego caressing her pet.

My mistress hasn’t been looking too happy lately. I don’t know why, but being a good pet, I do try to cheer her up. She smiles when I’m there, but when I go and she doesn’t know that I’m looking, she goes back to looking sad or puzzled. I wonder what happened, but I don’t think she’s going to tell me.

Shego stared down at the gold ring on her middle finger on her left hand with a frown on her face. It was like she was wishing the ring would disappear without causing her any grief. She could not believe the perplexing and slightly frustrating situation that she was in at the moment. She did not know what to do. She pulled out her cell phone and called her mother up; a clear sign that she was confused in her opinion.

“Hello, sweetie,” Isabel answered the phone. Shego hated how happy her mother sounded to hear from her.

“Mommy, I need a weekend getaway,” Shego informed her mother. She figured that if she cut to the chase, she could quickly get off the phone with the woman before she said something annoying.

“Isolated or vacation spot?”

“Isolated sounds about right.”

“Well, I know I couple of places,” Isabel answered modestly. “What kind of climate are you looking for?”

“You know it doesn’t matter to me.”

“But, it may matter to the company you’re keeping,” her mother pointed out.

Shego frowned; the getaway would matter to the person that she was with. She just wanted something to allow her a chance to conduct a simple scientific experiment; well, she hoped that it was simple anyway. Her mother had complicated matters by making her take other things into consideration.

“I just want some place cozy and out of the way,” the green-hued woman informed her mother, who took a moment to think things over.

“I’ve got an adorable place for when I go skiing. It’s cozy and out of the way. Good enough?” Isabel inquired.

“Sounds good.”

“I’m sure Pumpkin will enjoy it,” Isabel commented in quite the amused voice.


“Fine,” the older woman conceded. She just thought that her daughter and Kim together were so utterly cute. She did not care that they were not a traditional couple in any way; they were still so sickeningly adorable together, especially when her daughter did things for her little pet.

“Is it that place you took me when I was like seven?” Shego asked curiously.

“Yes, I’m stunned you remember that. I would have thought you’d repress that memory. I did think you were traumatized by the trip,” her mother answered.

“It’ll take more than a damn rock, a fucking tree, and an avalanche to traumatize me,” the officer declared.

“I thought it was the bear that did you in.”

“You’d think the bastards would be asleep in such cold weather.”

“Well, I suppose we all learned a lesson that day,” Isabel stated.

“All? It was just you and me.”

“I’m sure that bear learned not to mess with us.”

Shego laughed a bit. “If anybody was traumatized, it was probably him.”

“Right, so feel free to use that place. It should be in order and everything. In fact, I’ll call some people and make sure that everything’s perfect by the time you get there. When do you want it?” her mother inquired.

“This weekend and next.”

“Oh. All right.”

“Don’t make that noise,” Shego ordered her mother.

“What noise?”

“That ‘oh’ sound like you know what I’m going to do,” the green-skinned female replied.

“Fine,” Isabel sighed as she yielded once again. “But, I do know,” she boasted and then she disconnected the call.

“Damn it,” Shego cursed. Her mother could be rather immature if given the chance.

(New Day)

Shego and Kim arrived at the little, out-of-the-way cottage in the mountains. It was made for one or two people, but anymore people would have been seen as a crowd more than likely. It was the size of a moderate apartment with one large bedroom, a small kitchen, a carpeted living room with a fireplace, and a flat screen television. There was an enclosed patio in the back with a hot tub; Shego could already guess that her elf was going to go mad when she saw that.

“Wow, we’re going to be staying here by ourselves for the whole weekend?” the petite hero asked as she scanned the tiny house.

There was a small bookshelf by the glass doors that led to the backyard, which Kim went directly to. She noted that all of the books were martial arts’ manuals. A few of the books were the same as at her master’s house.

“Yes, we’re here for the whole weekend by ourselves,” Shego answered plainly.

The slender adventurer grinned widely and wondered what to do first. She was so overwhelmed by the notion of being there for the weekend with her master and no one around to interrupt that time together that she could not even think for a moment. No dirty ideas came to mind, no thoughts of touching her master inappropriately, no notions cuddling with her mistress, or even plans of playing in the snow. Her whole brain just cut off.

“Princess, you okay?” Shego asked because of the blank look in the girl’s face.

“I think so. What’ll we do first?” Kim inquired in a whisper. It was all she could manage for the moment; it was as if she thought that if she spoke any louder, she would wake up from what she believed to be an obvious dream.

“Put our things away,” the older woman answered.

“Right,” the redhead muttered.

By the time the pair got settled in, it was too dark to get in any skiing or snowboarding, which they both figured they could do tomorrow. Kim decided to look through some of the books while Shego looked around the kitchen to see what there was to make for dinner. The kitchen was stocked and she could prepare just about anything for their evening meal.

“Pumpkin, what do you want to eat?” Shego asked, even though she knew the answer to that question. It was a no-brainer when it came to her pet.

“Pasta,” the olive-eyed girl answered.

“Of course,” the elder female sighed. “What if there isn’t any pasta?”

“I’d still want pasta. It just would mean I’m not getting any.”

The green-skinned woman chuckled and decided that she would make pasta just because of that answer; her pet was just too much sometimes. She served her pet dinner and found the girl watching a black and white movie on television. She sat down on the sofa and looked at the movie.

“What’s this?” Shego asked.

“Young Frankenstein,” Kim answered while digging into the lasagna that her master’s whipped up. She then took a bit out of the toasted bread with butter that was served with the pasta.

“Young what?”

“Young Frankenstein. It’s a movie by Mel Brooks. You’ve never seen it?” the redhead asked as if she could not believe it. She had seen the movie at least a thousand times thanks to Ron; the boy was into comedies, no matter how old they were. Young Frankenstein was not actually as old as the lack of color would lead one to believe; it just added to the flavor of the very funny movie as far as Kim was concerned.

“No, I’ve never seen it,” Shego confirmed.

“Well, you’re seeing it now. Hey, can we do a fire in the fireplace? Please?” Kim requested with an smile.

“Having a deluded fantasy already, huh?” the raven-haired female commented with a teasing look in her emerald eyes.

“My mind hasn’t even gone there. So, where’s your head at, mistress?” the redhead taunted her owner. She purred at the end of the word “mistress” and then smirked in a seductive, yet still innocent manner. She had her head turned to where her hair was falling over her shoulder and she looked like an enticing siren calling Shego to her doom.

“I’ll start a fire after dinner,” the pale woman replied while trying her best to ignore her pet’s expression and question, both of which sent an unfamiliar tingle down her spine. Sheer willpower kept her from acknowledging how the hero was trying to beacon her.

Kim’s smile turned into a grin; from sultry temptress to gleeful pet in two seconds flat, it was uncanny. It even unnerved her alluring master and Shego was nowhere near new to the art of charming people. At the rate things were going, it probably did not need to be any hotter in the house.

“Hey, what’s outside those doors?” the slender adventure asked while pointing to the glass doors at the back.

“Nothing,” the emerald-eyed female answered.

“Something,” the girl insisted.


“Something fun,” Kim gathered since her owner was trying to discourage her from going to explore the place.

“Something for you to leave alone,” the green-skinned woman ordered.

“I knew it!” the hero grinned.

Kim would go see what was in the back as soon as she was finished with her meal, she figured because it had to be something slamming out in the back. When Kim’s plate was clear, she hopped up to put the dish in the sink and then she started toward the doors like it was nothing, even though she knew that her owner did not want her over there. It was so interesting because her master did not want her there and she was not always the bets behaved pet. Shego noticed the moves that her monster was planning to make.

“Hey, step away from the deck,” the officer called to her mischievous pet, who did not pay her any mind and opened the doors to find out what was supposed to be hidden from her.

“Whoa,” Kim muttered when she caught sight of the hot tub. “We have got to get in,” she decided right then and there. She turned away from the doors and went to get their things.

“What the hell are you doing?” the pale woman demanded to know. Could her brat be anymore of a busybody? She was such a disobedient and bothersome brat, the mistress silently huffed.

“Bathing suits.”

“For what?”

“We’re getting in the Jacuzzi,” the younger woman said in a “duh” type of voice.

“No, we’re not. So, come on back out here and finish watching your movie,” Shego commanded.

“But—” Kim whimpered the word, but did not get the chance to finish whining.

“Sit,” Shego ordered in a forceful tone.

The redhead pouted and went back to her seat. She sulked while watching the movie; she, of course, gained no sympathy from her hard-shelled master. The emerald-eyed female got up and did the few dishes that were left over from their meal. She fixed herself and her pet some ice cream for dessert. Kim still moped while eating her ice cream, trying to pretend that it pained her to have the sweets. Shego shook her head; could her pet be anymore of a brat?

“We’ll use the Jacuzzi tomorrow,” the green-hued woman stated.

“Huh?” the olive-eyed girl asked because she was caught off guard.

“After a long day of snowboarding, we’ll relax in the Jacuzzi.”

“And what about tonight? Why can’t we do it both days?”

“You just have to whine about everything, don’t you?” Shego countered.

“If I say yes, can we get into the hot tub?”


Kim continued to pout, even though she was certain that it would not get her anywhere. She would have thrown a tantrum, but she had ice cream to eat. Shego ignored her moping imp and finished off her ice cream. She then threw a log in the fireplace as promised and started a nice fire. She retrieved a quilt from the linen closet and placed it on the sofa. Kim wondered what her mistress was up to.

The redhead busied herself by watching the movie and before she knew it, her owner was in her pajamas. She checked the time and saw that it was rather late at night, so she went and took a shower. She changed into her pajamas and when she came back out into the living room, Shego was curled up in the quilt in front of the fire. Kim’s brain did not even have to dish out any orders; her legs automatically knew to go right to her mistress.

Shego did not say anything when her little monster came up to her and held open the blanket to let her pet in. Kim immediately curled up next to the green-skinned woman. She then turned her attention to the television while Shego rested her head on top of her pet’s head. They were silent for a long while.

“So, what now?” Kim asked.

“Watch the movie,” Shego answered. The film that Kim had originally been watching had gone off, but it was followed by another classic comedy.

“We could’ve done this at home,” the petite hero pointed out.

“By a roaring fire?”

“Okay, fine, you got me there. Did you used to come here like for vacation or something?” Kim asked curiously.

“Or something.”

“What did you used to do here?”

“Well, at night, after being chased by very angry bears, my mother usually told me ghost stories, as if being chased by bears wasn’t scary enough,” the emerald-eyed officer remarked.

“Tell me one,” the girl requested.

“Tell you one what?”

“A ghost story.”

“You mean to tell me that you can tolerate ghost stories, but you can’t take a horror movie?” Shego inquired in disbelief.

“Well, I think I can take a ghost story,” Kim replied.

“You think?”

“I’m pretty sure I can.”

Shego shook her head and turned off the television while she tried to think of a nice and scary story to tell her runt. One immediately came to mind that involved werewolves; her mother always told her stories with werewolves in them for some reason. She noticed that her girl did not seem too frightened by the story, so she switched in mid-tale to a much more bone-chilling account of another tale, still keeping with the werewolves. Kim did not notice the change, except for the fact that things were getting creepier by the second as the story continued on. She eventually latched on tightly to her owner; she felt safe holding onto the older woman, even though it was her mistress that was terrifying her senseless.

“Want to hear another one?” Shego asked with a taunting smirk on her face once she finished her account. Kim was now under the blanket completely and had her head hidden in Shego’s side.

“Can we just roast some marshmallows instead?” the redhead requested. She would be lucky if she would be able to sleep for the rest of her life thanks to that story. It did not help matters that her keeper made it sound very true.

“You’re such a little coward. I’ll tell you another one while we roast some marshmallows,” the older woman stated.

“No!” the slim adventurer whined. She definitely did not want to hear another story. Shego was much too good a storyteller; she was more vivid than television. It was bad enough that she was never going to be able to sleep again; she thought that if she heard another tale, she would have to have the light on for the rest of her life too.

The law enforcer got up from the warm space on the floor and retrieved some marshmallows for them to cook over the fire in the fireplace. She cuddled back up to the redhead in the blanket and while Kim set fire to both of their marshmallows, she started a new ghost story. The olive-eyed girl distracted her keeper from the story for brief moments by purposely setting her marshmallows on fire and then knocking her flaming sweets into Shego’s, making it catch fire too.

“You think you’re clever, don’t you?” Shego asked as she blew out her tenth marshmallow.

“I’ve got a certificate that says so,” Kim answered with an elfish smile.

“I bet you do. Ready to go to bed?”

“I guess,” Kim yawned. She was going to have nightmares thanks to those stories, but she was a bit tired.

Shego rose to her feet and Kim followed suit. The elder female folded up the quilt that they had been wrapped in. She pointed her pet in the direction of the bedroom while she returned the blanket to the closet.

Kim had noticed that there was only one bedroom when they arrived. She had not said anything and she wondered what her mistress had in store. She doubted that it was going to be something fun; they were probably just going to sleep, she thought. How extremely dull and a bit of a tease in her opinion for her mistress to take her some place for the weekend with only one bed and all they were going to do was sleep.

The redhead trotted into the room and crawled into the large, king-sized bed. She felt the smooth, perfect dark blue sheets and sighed while willing her brain not to think of anything dirty; it was a hard thing to do. She told herself that it would be just like at home when she slept in the same bed as Shego; although at home, the sheets were black and considerably less tantalizing. The sheets did get her to stop thinking about those ghost stories, though.

Shego turned out the lights around the little house and then went into the bedroom. She took the side next to the window, just like she did at home. It was partly a defensive move from when she was little. When she was a child, the horrors that came in from the door were worst than anything she could imagine coming in from the window; to her, the twins were worse than any murderer that might get in. It was also because sometimes, she got overheated and when she opened the window, she liked the breeze to blow right on her.

The pale woman settled down on the sheets and immediately noticed that they were better than the ones that she had at home. She had to remember to ask her mother what kind of material the sheets were made of and where she brought them from. Her pillows were not even as good as the ones in the cottage. Part of her suspected that her mother had purposely put such lovely sheets on the bed as an attempt to start trouble; well, it was not going to work. At least the woman had not been blatant about things and just put satin on the bed.

Shego glanced over at her pet, who was moving around the big bed; the girl was trying to get comfortable. It was actually just too much space for Kim. Her resting place at home was about the size of a twin-sized mattress and Shego’s bed was a queen-size. There was just too much bed for the hero.

“Stop it,” Shego ordered.

“What did I do?” Kim asked.

“All of that moving around.”

“I’m trying to get comfortable,” the olive-eyed girl explained.

“Yeah, but you’re bugging the hell out of me.”

“All right.”

Kim wiggled around a little bit more, ending up very close to Shego, but not touching her. She then put a pillow between herself and the edge of the bed to give her the illusion for a border, making it seem like there was less space than there was. Shego watched and wondered what her shrimp was doing, but it became apparent after a few minutes after Kim put her boundary up. The redhead easily fell asleep once she restricted her space.

The green-skinned woman stayed awake and stared at her girl, waiting to see if she was truly asleep. She did expect the redhead to snake over to her side and try something mischievous like molesting the older woman, but Kim appeared to be out like she usually was. Shego eventually fell asleep since her impish monster was sleeping.

The raven-haired woman woke up because she could hear and practically sense movement rumbling around the bedroom. She opened one jade eye because she knew that her pet was the one making all of that noise. She just wanted a halfway decent view of the troublemaking imp to get off a good shot. As soon as her vision focused, her runt was going to be ash.

Shego took aim at Kim and then noticed what the girl was doing; she was pulling out her snowboarding equipment. Apparently, her pet was eager to hit the slopes. Shego shook her head and yawned while lowering her potentially harmful fingers; she supposed that some things were just too adorable to shoot.

“What are you doing?” the pale woman inquired.

“Oh, you’re up. Come on, get dressed,” Kim urged her mistress. She was willing to bet that the whole day was going to be spectacular.

“Excuse me?”

“Get dressed. Let’s go,” the redhead said with a bright smile; one that no one should have so early in the morning in her master’s opinion.

“Pumpkin, there are several things wrong with what you just said. Tell me what they are,” Shego ordered, but it sounded like she was making a request.

Kim thought on the answers for a moment. “I’m ordering you around?” she guessed; that one seemed pretty easy to her.

“That would be one. A big one. Next one.”

“I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I can’t go anywhere.” That one was rather easy too after she remembered the rules that governed her whole existence while she lived in Shego’s universe. She was supposed to always have breakfast before starting her day; if she did not, it angered her master and caused her to be reprimanded.

“That’s two. There’s another one.”

“Hmm…” Kim thought harder. “I woke you up!” she realized with misplaced enthusiasm. She just liked getting right answers, especially when she was speaking with her owner.

“Bingo. Now, calm down. I’m going to make breakfast.”

“Pancakes?” Kim hoped.


“And then we’ll go?”


“Yes!” Kim cheered. Pancakes and snowboarding, it was going to be a great day. She was certain of that.

The pair spent the whole day snowboarding. Kim slipped out of her role as a submissive pet for a bit by challenging her mistress to a race every time they went down a slope; she later supposed it was a bit all right since she was playful when it came to her mistress anyway. Shego readily accepted each challenge and discovered her slender monster to be a rival in athletics. They raced the whole day with Kim winning the majority of the races, much to her owner’s horror.

The slim hero did not boast about her wins and Shego knew that her pet was modest by nature, so she did not mind losing as much as she typically would have if her girl did brag. It was an all right day, despite the fact that she had lost so many races to her nutty girl. As they were heading back to the house, the sun was setting and Shego reached out and petted the hero’s red mane.

“What’s that for?” Kim asked with a smile. She genuinely loved getting attention from the older woman.

“Nothing. You’re just a good girl,” Shego replied.

“Okay. So, we’ll do the Jacuzzi, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll get into the Jacuzzi.”

“And we’ll have hot chocolate by the fire after that?” the redhead requested with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Sure,” Shego sighed. How could she think to say anything else with her monster looking at her with that cute expression?

“I can cuddle up to you in bed?”

“You’re trying too hard now,” the pale woman replied. The expression was not that cute.

“I had to try.”

“I bet you did.”

Kim smiled and when they got back to the house, they changed clothes for a dip into the hot tub. Shego had on a thin bikini, which was green and black as to be expected. The younger woman had on a bikini too; hers was a mix of pinks and reds.

It did not occur to Kim to gawk at her master’s curvaceous figure. She was just happy to be relaxing with Shego as usual. Maybe if they were different, Kim would have told Shego just how beautiful she was, just how perfect she was. But, she could not say that, any of it. It would anger her owner and spoil the day, even though she would have been being sincere and Shego would know that. She did not understand why her mistress did not want such words to come from her.

Kim wondered what Drakken said to her master when they were alone. Was he smart enough to whisper just how drop dead gorgeous Shego was? Was he intelligent enough to let her know how much he wanted and needed her? Did he let her know how lucky he felt to have her? Did she like to hear such things from him? Was he allowed to worship her with adoring words and revering touches? What made it all right for him to praise her with delighted, venerating kisses?

“Princess, you okay?” Shego inquired, throwing off Kim’s thoughts.

“I’m fine. Just daydreaming,” the girl answered.

“You wanted to get in this thing to daydream?” the super-powered woman asked in a slightly irked tone.

“No. I just glanced at the sky and got lost in the stars,” the slim hero lied.

Shego knew that her pet was not telling the truth just for the simple fact that she did not think that girl was a very good liar. Also, her monster had never tilted her head up in the slightest to even glance at the sky. She wondered what was going on in her imp’s head. She was aware that Kim would have openly and eagerly shared a pornographic fantasy if that had been running through her mind, so Shego knew that was not it. So, what was going on in her brat’s head?

“Are you sure you’re okay?” the green-skinned woman asked.

“Yeah, I was just…daydreaming is all,” Kim lied again. She was merely plaguing her own mind and tormenting her soul.



Shego did not know what to say. She was not sure why her pet was being so closed off. She would have thought that the trim girl would be grinning like she had just inherited a million dollars with everything that had happened. After all, they were together in a hot tub, just like the olive-eyed girl wanted. They had gone snowboarding and Kim had kicked her butt in about two out of every three races that they had, maybe even more than that. They had fun, so why was her munchkin acting so down and out?

“Pumpkin, if there’s something on your mind, you can tell me,” Shego said. After all, she told her pet everything, especially when something was bothering her. In fact, she had come home countless times and complained to her pet about the idiots at work, or the stupid criminals out there, or how Drakken had done something so imbecilic that it was unbelievable. She would not be surprised if her girl was stressed out just from the things that she unloaded on her pet.

“I’m okay,” Kim forced out a grin. She then splashed her mistress to show that she was in a playful mood.

Shego laughed and splashed the redhead back. They had a water fight in the hot tub as if it was a pool. The older woman even held her pet’s head under water for almost twenty seconds; she figured that the little hero would be able to stand the length of time easily and she was right. Kim’s means of escaping was to grab her master’s lower covering and began to pull down. Shego freaked.

“You little pervert!” Shego barked while finally letting her pet up. Kim caught her breath and laughed loudly and wholeheartedly. Shego fixed her bathing suit and then she noticed her imp smiling widely as if she was proud of what she had done. “Don’t make me kill you,” the raven-haired woman threatened her girl.

“I didn’t see anything!” Kim said with a huge, mischievous grin. “Well, I didn’t see much,” she amended her statement and she smirked.

“That’s it!” Shego launched herself at her perverted elf.

Kim sat up in bed; her questions from earlier were still plaguing her mind and she could not sleep because of them. What did Drakken do that gave him the right to say the things that she could not when it came to her mistress? What gave him the right to do the things that she could not? Maybe he did not have that right, but she refused to believe that. He was Shego’s lover; he had that right, but she doubted that the man exercised it. If only she had that right, Kim thought. If only.

Shego was lying in bed, awake. She wondered what was bothering her pet. She had no idea what changed the girl’s happy-go-lucky attitude to having her brood over a subject that she did not wish to discuss. She knew that she would remain awake for as long as the redhead remained sitting up, so there was only one thing to do. She was going to have to make the younger woman lay down.

The pale female grabbed Kim around the shoulders and gently tugged her down to the warm sheets. She pressed herself into Kim’s back to help relax the girl. The slim hero was surprised by the older woman’s actions and she did relax from being in her mistress’ arms.

The redhead still could not help thinking if only. If only they were lying together as equals. If only she had that right.

Next time: the second part of the experiment. Wonder what happens then and what it involves. Unfortunately, it involves Drakken.

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