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TITLE: Feathers of Fury

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters and I don’t own the premise. Don’t own either Superman or Hitchcock, butthey get shout outs.

SUMMARY: AU. This is the sequel to Walking the Line. Kim and Shego look to renew their unorthodox relationship.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5613

Shego caressing her pet.

Shego did not bother to listen to her parents argue once her father pulled the old “why the hell couldn’t you just raise her to be normal?” line on her mother. It was a very old line and she pretty much knew where the debate was going once that line was uttered. She decided to get in bed, but she first had to get her pet to stop eavesdropping on what her parents were harping about. She grabbed Kim by the back of the neck as if she was a kitten and she yanked her toward the beds.

“You’re being rude,” the elder woman pointed out.

“Sorry about that. I thought your family would be all right with this, though. I mean, your mom took it so well,” the redhead commented while scratching the back of her head.

“Yeah, well, my mother and my father are two different animals. Just go to bed,” Shego commanded.

Kim nodded and hopped into bed while Shego lay down in her own bed. It did not take long for Shego to be disturbed and for once it was not her little monster that was bothering her while she was trying to sleep, not that she expected it to be with the day that she was having. Her pet getting into her bed would have been much too normal. She was suddenly sharing her bed with her mother. She sighed.

“Sure, Mommy, you can have the bed,” Shego grumbled as she got up from her resting place.

“I thought it would be better than climbing into bed with your pet,” Isabel commented.

“Or you could force Dad to sleep in the car for once,” the daughter pointed out. She would think that a woman as powerful as her mother would force her ass of a father to sleep in the tub or on the sofa or somewhere when they have a fight.

“I could….” Isabel trailed off.

“But won’t. Take the bed,” the green-skinned woman stated and then she marched over to her little pet. She lifted the girl out of the bed and placed her on the floor as if it was nothing.

“What the…?” Kim muttered and she looked around. “Why am I on the floor?” she asked. She had just fallen asleep a minute or so ago in a bed, she was certain of that. So, why was not in the bed anymore?

“Because you’re the pet and I’m taking your bed,” Shego informed her brat.

“Why?” the redhead asked in a bemused tone. They had it worked out that Kim got the guest bed or whatever it was supposed to be. All she knew was that she was sleeping moments ago and now she was not anymore and that was not cool.

“Because I want to.”

“Do I have to sleep on the floor or on the sofa then?” the pet inquired. Her mistress was really being antagonistic toward her for no reason that she could see. She guessed that it was because of the family reunion, but she did not see why she had to catch all of the heat because of that.

“Yeah, that’ll work.”

Kim sighed and sat up. She yawned while rubbing the top of her head. She began scanning the room and Shego wondered what she was doing.

“What?” the green-skinned woman huffed.

“I don’t get a pillow or a blanket?” Kim asked incredulously. Man, that was really mean of her mistress if that was the case.

“Blankets are in the linen closet down—” Shego stopped herself. Did she really want her monster to go downstairs to where her father and brothers were? Well, her pet could handle herself if they decided to get aggressive, but then again, she might not be able to handle five lunatic men. She sighed and held up the cover that was on the bed that she had just commandeered. “Come on,” she invited the girl.

“Huh?” Kim was confused again. She was supposed to be sleeping on the sofa, right? She was so tired, nothing was making any sense.

“Get in.”

Oh, the redhead understood that perfectly and she did not need to be told twice. She rushed over to the bed and climbed in. As she crawled into the narrow bed and moved close to her master, the elder woman halted her.

“Try not to do anything too inappropriate. My mother is only four feet away from us,” the officer remarked.

“And I’m still very much awake,” Isabel added.

Shego frowned; she really loathed the day that she just had. Her mother had not helped at all with climbing into her bed, which she had known was going to happen the second she heard that famous line uttered by her father. It was all right when she was four and had her mother sleeping next to her. It was not so cool when she was twelve and it was still happening, not to mention she knew why her mother was there by that time.

Back when she was younger, if Shego listened hard enough, she could heard her parents yelling back and forth with each other when they all lived under the same roof. Those were the nights that she knew the following morning was not going to go well in the slightest and she usually cut out of the house early to avoid everyone’s crap; sometimes, she went right out of her room window to make sure that she did not see anyone. Too bad she would not be able to do that tomorrow.

Shego woke up at her usual time and she could her noises downstairs. She glanced at the bed in the corner and saw that it was empty, meaning that her mother was up and possibly making breakfast; if the little scuffle last night knocked her out of “mom” mode, she was making herself breakfast and no one else. Shego decided that she would go check it out and maybe help if her mother was making breakfast for everyone.

She happened to glance down at her sleeping pet before she got up. The girl appeared to be worn out. She bet that Kim did not even know that she had a limit on her energy, but Shego knew that her runt had spent all she had on exploring and the joy of finding out that she was entering the right field from her love and knowledge of nature.

“Maybe when this nightmare is over, I’ll take us some place else and we can stay at a cabin in the woods,” Shego considered. She bet that her mother either owned or knew someone that owned a cabin in a forest somewhere. She did not even think about all of the things her mother had access to, which meant that if she wanted, she could have access to them too.

The pale woman leaned down and kissed Kim on the cheek before getting up. She yawned and marched downstairs in her forest green pajamas. She was about to enter the kitchen when she was grabbed by the elbow. She turned around to see that it was her big brother out to ruin her morning undoubtedly.

“What, Hego?” Shego inquired with a huff. She could just guess what he was going to say already. His forehead might as well have been made of glass because he was so predictable that it was like she could read his thoughts.

“Mom and Dad had a fight because of you,” Hego replied.

“So?” she asked. It was not like their parents having a fight because of her was something new. Their parents had probably been fighting over her the moment that her father discovered that she had double-x chromosomes.

“Because of you and that girl!” he said in a loud hiss. His words might as well have had venom dripping from them.

“Don’t bring Pumpkin into this,” she growled. She did not mind, well, no, she did mind when her brothers got on her nerves, but she really did not desire them to bring her pet into. Her pet was not doing anything wrong and she had not done anything for someone to say something bad about her.

“Why are you acting like this? I thought you liked men,” the indigo-eyed male stated.

“I do. Princess is my pet, nothing more. You and Dad are reading too much into this shit. Besides, it’s none of your damn business. It’s my life, taco-boy, and if I want to have a pet girl, then, damn it, I’ll have a pet girl,” Shego declared.

“Are you two going at it already?” Mego asked as he climbed the stairs into the lobby of the house. “Hego, why don’t you leave her alone and, Shego, why don’t you just admit that you’re gay,” the purple-hued sibling suggested.

“Why don’t you mind your own damn business? Always in someone else’s shit,” Shego replied in a snappy tone. She was so sick of them all.

“Hey, you fixed her dinner last night,” Mego pointed out to make his statement creditable. “You never fixed me dinner,” he added in a snippy tone.

“Because you’ve got two working hands and a fucking mother if you want someone to fix your ass dinner. Why in the hell am I even having this conversation?” Shego wondered aloud and she then tried to walk away, but Hego was still holding her. “Hego, you really must just want me to rid you of the power to have children, huh?” she asked because it seemed he did not learn his lesson just yesterday.

Hego, knowing that he was not receiving an idle threat, released his little sister. Shego stormed off and went to the kitchen. She noticed that her mother was into making breakfast, for everyone from what she could tell. From what she heard from her brothers, her mother actually made the best breakfasts after fighting with their father; after breakfast was always another story. It was probably because her mother had plenty of aggravation built up and had very few places to direct it, which Shego thought could have been cured if her mother simply kneed her father in the stomach, or maybe even lower. It would seem that her mother did not agree, though; she could not figure out why that was.

“Mommy, what the hell are you doing?” Shego asked as she looked at a stack of pancakes, which were sitting next to a pile of bacon, sausages, and home-fries.

“Making breakfast,” Isabel answered the obvious question.

“For who? The whole country of Romania?”

“Well, I figured I’d make everyone’s favorite things. Do you still like waffles? Of course, you do. I’ll make those next,” her mother practically chirped. It was a bit scary and for a long moment, Shego actually considered running.

“You don’t need to. Why can’t you let this shit go?” the younger woman inquired. She sounded tired and she had just woken up. She did not understand why her mother chose to torment herself and others as they were doing.

“Sweetheart, you can’t just let your family go. They’re there forever, especially when you have kids.”

“Is that why you run away?” Shego asked. Her mother acted like such a sage, but it seemed like a big pretense if anyone were to examine her life since she was around nineteen all the way up until now, in her daughter’s opinion anyway.

“We merely part ways before someone is seriously injured, physically and emotionally. Can I do something for you, dearest?” Isabel countered, still in a sappy mood if someone was to ask her daughter.

“I’ll make the French toast,” Shego volunteered with a sigh.

Kim woke up and smelled breakfast; it smelled very tasty. In a daze, she was going to allow her nose to lead the way to the food until her brain reminded her that she was not at home and she did not know the territory that well. So, she might just want to open her eyes at least half-way and have them assist in locating the wonderful smelling meal. She agreed with the suggestion that was offered up by whatever part if her brain that was actually awake and opened her olive green eyes as much as she could, half-way. She noticed that there were stairs a few feet away and she groaned.

“Too much work,” she decided that she would not take the stairs.

Kim walked to the edge of the room, stopping at the three and a half foot wall. She leaped over the side without thinking, as it was much too early in the morning for thinking and it seemed that her whole brain had not clicked on yet. She luckily did not land on anyone, but she still did catch the twins’ attention immediately. The pair of match-heads was standing in the dining room, which looked into the living room, and they were gaping at their sister’s graceful pet.

“That was…” Walter started.

“…Very hot,” Wallace finished.

“Totally,” the both muttered while knocking their fists together in agreement.

“Is Princess up?” Shego asked, noting the look of raw lust in her youngest brothers’ faces.

“So are we,” the twins remarked.

“Wally, it’s too early in the morning for that kind of talk,” Isabel reprimanded the boys.

Kim wandered into the kitchen and without thinking, greeted her mistress with a morning hug; she was running on autopilot at the moment and not much was registering to her clouded mind. Shego groaned, but she allowed the embrace and she did not say anything about it. She also ignored the stares coming from her father and brothers. She rubbed the top of Kim’s head and then pointed her disoriented pet in the direction of her breakfast, which was waiting for her on the counter. Kim went to go eat and the twins flanked her on both sides, so she could not escape; the boys would agree that it was good to have a clone.

“So, Princess, do you like having your belly rubbed?” Walter asked.

“Do you lick yourself for a bath?” Wallace inquired.

“Do you two just want to die?” Shego countered from behind her brothers with a growl deep in her throat. The twins actually thought on the question.

“Can your pet flash us before hand?” Walter retorted.

“And can we cop a feel first?” Wallace added.

“You two! Stop talking like that,” Jason commanded the twins. The ruby-eyed males did not look affected by the order in the slightest.

“What? We just want to share our sister’s pet,” Walter commented, grinning up a storm while he spoke.

“Like family should,” Wallace added to his double’s remark while sporting his own licentious smile. They would dare any man to not be turned on by a curvy girl in a collar that leaped off of second levels like it was nothing. They were certain there was no such straight man in existence.

“Besides, there’s nothing wrong with two guys admiring a pretty girl,” Walter argued.

“It’s not normal—” Hego started to counter, but opened with the wrong line it would seem because Wallace quickly interjected.

“Since when is it not normal for two guys to admire a pretty girl? I haven’t met a pretty girl that we haven’t admired,” Wallace commented.

“Maybe it’s just that Hego’s mad because he hasn’t gone through puberty yet,” Walter quipped.

“I’ve have gone through puberty, thank you very much. It’s not normal for you two to try and sleep with a girl that you just met,” Hego stated.

The twins looked at each other as if asking since when was it not normal to try and sleep with a girl that they just met. They had not gotten the memo on that one. All they knew was that when they saw a sexy female, they tried to talk to her, especially their sister’s pet because she was a sexy female in a collar. How could Hego resist such a temptation, they wondered, because they knew that they were caught hook, line, and sinker the second that they saw her. He was either hiding his attraction or gay, they figured.

“Hego, are you trying to say you’re normal?” Mego inquired. If Hego was normal, then there was no pride involved in being normal if anyone bothered to ask Mego, which they should bother with in his opinion.

“Yes,” Hego replied confidently.

“How in the hell are you normal? You’re a former superhero that’s damn near thirty working at a fucking taco hut and you’ve never been laid,” Shego pointed out. He was probably the least normal out of all of them and that was saying a lot when he had siblings where his sister had a girl for a pet and his twin brothers seemed to think that they were one person. There was not even enough time in the day to go into what was wrong with the middle kid, but it was efficient to say that he was probably suffering from the worst case of middle-child syndrome of all time.

“She’s got you there,” the twins concurred.

“I’m not a former superhero,” the eldest brother protested. His siblings could not believe that out of everything that Shego said to him, he chose to object to being referred to as a former superhero.

“Oy, why am I even getting into this?” Shego sighed and decided to withdraw before the conversation got any stupider.

“Yeah, let’s have some French toast,” Walter said to Wallace.

“Bet,” Wallace agreed and the scarlet-haired duo went to have some breakfast.

“I hope you made my favorite breakfast food too, sis,” Mego said as he entered the kitchen behind the twins.

“I’m not cooking for you. You need to talk to your mother,” Shego replied.

“Shego, why do you always do that? You know your little brother is just looking for your attention,” Isabel pointed out.

“He needs to stand on his own feet. I don’t see anyone else around here looking for my damn attention,” Shego countered and then she noted that her pet was about to open her mouth. “And, Pumpkin, if you saying thing, I’m taking your food away,” she informed the girl.

“I’m just sitting here!” Kim whined. Shego reached for the plate and Kim pretended to cry as her mistress tried to confiscate her breakfast.

“Shego, leave the girl alone,” Isabel commanded.

“No,” Shego answered.

“Please!” Kim wailed for her food.

“Oh, shut up,” Shego ordered and she put the redhead’s plate back where it was. Kim breathed a sigh of relief and then stuck her tongue out at her evil master. Shego glared at her brat.

“I’ll be good,” Kim squeaked because of the stare.

Breakfast was a circus and that was being kind out things. People would have probably paid good money to see the family interact with each other, though. Kim made sure to be quiet because she did not wish to incur her owner’s wrath; hey, at the end of the weekend, she, unlike everyone else, had to go home with that woman.

Hego continued to offer his two cents in regards to Shego and her very silent pet. Mego kept pushing that Hego should mind his own business and then he added that Shego should just admit that she was a lesbian; therefore making things exponentially worse by hyping their father up along with angering Shego and Hego. Isabel was trying to calm those four down while the twins continued to try to work their way into Kim’s pants, which infuriated their sister, which led to more accusations upon her sexual preference, which kept Hego and Jason on her case, and the cycle pressed on.

The screaming was interrupted by the sound of cawing. The noise grew louder and the family eventually halted because they wondered what the sound was all about. They ceased bickering with each other to go inspect the cawing and found that they might have managed to get trapped in a Hitchcock movie (1).

“What the fuck are all these crows doing around here?” Wallace pondered aloud as he and his double stared out of the glass doors that led to the back of the house. They were looking at hundreds of crows.

“I dunno,” Walter replied.

“Everybody just get dressed,” Shego said with an aggravated sigh. As if the morning was not enough of a zoo, now they were going to have to deal with a real loon. She never wanted to see her family again after the gathering now.

“You don’t think…?” her mother did not even bother to finish the question.

“With all of these bird and no dead body around, yeah. I mean, come on. Does this moron follow you around?” Shego asked her older brother.

“You act like I called him on the phone,” Hego answered with a huff.

“I wouldn’t put it pass you, you fucking asshole,” Shego muttered.

“She’s got a point,” Mego agreed.

“Could you be in her ass a little more, Mego?” the twins asked together with amused smiles on their faces.

“Oh, look who’s talking, like you two don’t own a site up there already,” Mego countered.

“Could you all just shut up?” Shego huffed. She was so very sick of them all. She was sick of Mego begging the whole damn world to look at him, to acknowledge him. She was sick of the twins making it their mission in life to drive her stark raving mad and she was just plain sick of Hego. But, she had been plain sick of him since the day that he was born; yes, the day he was born. She knew she had not been alive then, but if she had been, he would have gotten on her nerves.

The family all got dressed quickly and stepped outside; they were all in street clothes because none of the siblings had thought to bring the uniforms that they all still had. They went outside to be greeted by obnoxious laughter. They looked up as they were covered by a shadow and they saw a huge bird’s wings. Kim, being a Possible at heart, wondered what kind of bio-engineering it took to make the eagle as large as it was. She had read many papers regarding genetic mutations and manipulations, but she never thought that those things could be taken far enough to make a raptor the size of a commercial aircraft.

“Aviarius,” Hego called in his best Superman impression. His siblings all rolled their eyes; why did they have to be related to him?

“Team Go!” the bird-loving villain replied as he hopped off of the back of his giant eagle. He stood on a tree branch.

“Team Go?” Kim echoed.

“Oh, God. Hasn’t anybody told him that we stopped this stupid shit years ago?” Shego sighed in frustration.

“Seriously. We only did this for like a year. When did we stop?” Walter asked Wallace.

“I think like eight years ago,” Wallace replied.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. We got to be normal at end of junior high,” Walter sighed.

“Yeah, normal was so overrated,” Wallace commented. They had not been big fans of being in Team Go, but it was cool being superheroes for the moment that they were, they believed. They actually would not do it now, though. There were much more entertaining things to do in life than run around fighting a guy dressed as a turkey.

“I will have your powers!” Aviarius declared.

“Yeah, whatever. Mommy, watch Pumpkin and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid, like try to help. I’m going to kick this bird-brain’s ass,” Shego declared.

“Go Team Go!” Hego proclaimed.

“Son of a bitch,” Walter muttered while the rest of the siblings paused to look at their eldest brother.

“So, he really did just yell that stupid phrase, huh?” Wallace commented. They just could not believe their eldest brother sometimes; they would not be surprised if he had a bird’s nest where his brain was supposed to be.

“Team Go, meet my flock of doom!” Aviarius shouted and followed that with some maniacal laughter. The siblings were then attacked by all of the crows that had crowded the villa grounds.

Isabel ushered Kim away from the fighting, not really for her safety, but for Shego’s peace of mind. They, along with Jason, stood in the doorway of the villa to remain out of the way. They all figured that the siblings could handle the job.

The super-powered siblings went at the crows without fear; come, on, they were just regular crows. The Wegos multiplied and made just as many replicas of themselves as there were onyx-colored birds. The twins held off the feathered creatures while Shego and Hego ran at Aviarius. Hego punched down the tree that that the villain was perched in. Aviarius nearly plummeted far to the ground, but his huge feathered minion caught him. The bird-man went back to laughing like a lunatic.

“What an asshole,” Shego muttered as she flung a highly charged plasma blast at the bird, burning it and causing it to cry out in pain. The eagle dropped its master as soon as it opened it’s beak to wail.

“This is a bit sad to watch,” Kim commented while the man in the suit hit the floor.

“Well, he is a sad little man,” Isabel remarked. She was not even bothering with watching the fight, as she had a bad habit of critiquing her children’s techniques, especially Shego. It was distracting and vexing for her offspring.

“You haven’t beaten me yet!” Aviarius proclaimed proudly after picking himself out of the dirt. He went into his mock-feather cloak and pulled out a small remote. He began laughing even crazier than before as he hit a button on the controller.

“What’s he laughing about?” Mego asked his sister.

“Hell if I know,” she replied. “Maybe he’s trying to open our garage,” she remarked.

“You know I could shrink—” the purple brother tried to suggest.

“And get eaten by a bird, dumb-ass,” Shego pointed out. Why were her brothers so stupid? Did Mego not know that they were in actual woods with dozens of real animals that would eat anything that was six inches tall? Him and his stupid power, she sighed mentally.

“Hey, shrinking is very useful,” he argued.

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself things like that, you goon. No woman wants a guy that shrinks,” she taunted him.

“Shrinking is cool,” he declared.

Before Shego and Mego could get into a serious verbal battle, a giant mechanic bird pushed its way through the trees. The siblings faces all dropped, including every Wego in the area. It seemed that Aviarius was under the impression that they were going to be beaten by a forty foot ostrich.

“He has got to be on drugs,” Shego thought about the villain.

“Tremble in fear!” Aviarius shouted.

“Why? Because of your giant chicken?” Shego remarked. She was convinced that the man was on drugs. She was not sure which ones, but he had to be on them hard.

“I think it’s more of a vulture,” Mego corrected his sister.

“Or maybe a condor,” a Wego offered.

“What about a buzzard?” another Wego suggested.

“It’s an emu!” Aviarius informed the siblings as if that made things any better.

“Who even gives a fuck? It’s a duck and I’m going to cook it,” Shego declared while igniting her hands.

The emerald-eyed female launched herself at the monstrous mechanical bird, fully intent on melting the thing into a pile of liquid metal. The machine turned to her and opened its mouth. It blew a giant, pink bubble at the woman and before she even realized what was going on, she was trapped in the bubble. Shego could not believe what just happened; her mother and the twins were never going to let her live the moment down. She could hear them now, “Hey, remember that time you got trapped in a pink bubble by a giant pigeon?” She groaned.

The mechanized emu turned its attention to the other siblings, catching Hego before any of the other brothers. It then turned to Mego, who escaped capture by shrinking. He snickered and was about to gloat about his great power when a lizard sneaked up on him while he was short. It hissed and frightened him. Startled, the purple-skinned fellow went back to his normal size and was caught in a bubble a second later.

“This doesn’t look good,” Isabel muttered while remaining passive about the whole situation.

“Don’t worry about it. Wego will hold him off until Hego can force his way out,” Jason commented.

“Well, I believe that Wally can hold him off. I’m not so certain about Hector forcing his way out,” Isabel said and then motioned to Hego, who was trying to punch his way free of the pink prison. He was not getting anywhere. Heaven forbid that he should stop and think, Isabel stated in her head.

The twins figured that there was safety in numbers, so whenever one Wego was caught, he was replaced by another one. They were going to see if they could make more copies than that bird could make bubbles; he had to have a limit of some kind. A few seconds later, the outlook was not so good; the Wegos were running out of space and energy while the bird seemed to be going strong.

“Okay, brain, it might be our turn,” Kim commented mentally and she ran off toward the action.

“Oh, dear. Wait!” Isabel called to the redhead, but the girl did not stop. Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator while quickly scaling a tree.

“Hey, Kim,” Wade greeted her.

“Hey, Wade. I’m in a bit of a stich. I could use your help,” Kim informed him.


“What’s the best way to stop a giant, electronic emu?”

“Electronic emu?” he echoed. What kind of mess was she in?

Instead of explaining because that would have taken way too much time, Kim pointed the Kimmunicator screen in the direction of the action to give Wade an idea of what she was going on about. She heard him mutter an “oh.” She then turned the screen back to herself to talk with the computer genius.

“So?” she asked.

“It didn’t look too complex. Give me a second,” Wade replied.

“Take your time,” she said while pulling out her grappling gun.

“I’ve finally got the whole set!” Aviarius hollered to the mountains it would seem. He chuckled insanely again.

The redhead rolled her olive eyes; what was it with bad guys and the evil laughter? At least he was amused, therefore distracted. She shot her grappling hook at the colossal, clockwork bird and it caught it around the neck near the head. She then quickly wrapped the cable around the tree trunk that she was, securing the bird to the plant and hopefully keeping it from turning its head too much, which would make it very difficult for the thing to blow those bubbles.

“What the…?” Aviarius turned his attention to Kim. “Who the heck are you?” he demanded to know.

“Princess,” Shego growled in fury.

“I’m in deep trouble,” Kim remarked; she could tell that much from the look of rage in her mistress’ eyes. The noise that her master made was not very promising either. “Wade, tell me you got something,” she pled because maybe if she got things done quickly then she would avoid getting into worse trouble.

“I thought I could take my time,” Wade joked.

“That was before Shego glared at me,” Kim replied.

“Oh, well, as far as I can tell, it’s just like any other toy. If you get the remote and connect it to the Kimmunicator, I can short circuit it,” he explained.


The redhead decided to act fast to avoid stressing Shego out anymore than her mere involvement already seemed to do. She leaped out of the tree and charged Aviarius while his oversized emu did not pay her any mind; it was only programmed to go after Team Go, it seemed. But, since its head was now limited in mobility, it gave the twins a chance to create a few more Wegos to assist their sister’s pet.

Kim easily kicked the remote out of Aviarius’ hand; he seemed to panic a bit when she had launched her attack. The Wegos held down the bird man, just in case he had something else up his sleeve or in his cape. Kim went to work and connected the remote to her Kimmunicator.

“Wade, it’s all you,” the petite redhead informed the computer genius.

“Gotcha,” Wade replied.

Kim aimed the little blue device at the mechanical bird and Wade went to work. A second later and there was smoking coming from the enormous emu. The machine collapsed and Aviarius groaned. Kim looked around the scene.

“Okay, Wade, there are two things that we now need to work on,” the girl said.

“What?” he asked curiously.

“Well, we need to figure out how to get everyone out of these bubbles and I need you to tell me how to avoid getting hit with a rolled up newspaper by Shego,” Kim informed him.

“Gimme a second.”

“Please and thank you, especially if you get an answer on that latter part for me.”

(1) It’s just a reference to the fantastic Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” Great film, but it’s more funny than scary.

Next time: Kim’s in trouble. What will Shego do to her naughty pet?

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