On a Short Leash

Dilemma Sixteen

Amusing, says who?


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TITLE: Amusing, says who?

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters and I don’t own this premise.

SUMMARY: AU. This is the sequel to Walking the Line. Kim and Shego look to renew their unorthodox relationship.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 4893

Shego caressing her pet.

I think my mistress worries about me too much. I appreciate the concern, especially from her, but sometimes she doesn’t want me to do anything at all, even though she knows what I’m capable of. Well, I guess this time around she did have a good excuse for not wanting me to do anything. After all, she was on the clock and I wasn’t, not that I’m ever on the clock.

The group looked on as Felix grinned at them. He wheeled himself up to the booth that the clique was sitting at. Each girl greeted him with a kiss on the cheek while Ron opted for a solid handshake. Everyone, except for Kim, wondered what he was doing around town; he was supposed to be in school in another country. Hell, he was supposed to be on another continent in another hemisphere.

“What are you doing around here, Felix?” Monique inquired.

“I graduated and I’m employed,” Felix answered with a smile; obviously, he was happy with having a job.

“Employed? Where?” Ron asked curiously. They were not very surprised that Felix was the first one out of them to have a real job; it was not like his mother would allow him to goof around all of the time.

“New Cosmos,” the light brown-haired boy replied.

“The theme park? No way!” the blonde boy shouted in a very excited voice.

“Yes, the theme park. It officially opens next month, but they’re having a special opening for V.I.P types and the families of their employees—” Felix tried to explain, but his good friend had to stop him right there.

“You’re inviting us?” Ron inquired with hope in his voice.

“Yes,” Felix said plainly. He was trying to hype it up and everything, but leave it to Ron to take all of the air out of it.

“Boo-yah!” Ron cheered and Rufus squeaked in agreement while slapping the blonde some skin.

“I was actually hoping that you guys would come and see my robots,” Felix explained why he wanted them to come, even though getting on some of the attractions at the park with the crew would be fun.

“I’m riding the world’s longest rollercoaster, the Shooting Star,” the blonde declared. He turned his attention to Yori. “Sweetie, you and I are all over every coaster in that place! They’re all supposed to be the bomb diggety!” he grinned widely.

“Well, you two will see my robots, right?” Felix asked Monique and Kim since Ron seemed to have his heart set on not paying his blue-eyed friend any mind once he got them inside the park and it seemed that the blonde was also set on not allowing Yori to pay Felix any mind either.

“Of course, we’ll see your robots,” Monique answered as if that was a given and to her it was. They were all friends and they all supported each other; seeing robots was a lot easier than ignoring a collar in her opinion.

“Felix, I thought you planned on making cybernetic body parts and things like that. How’d you get stuck working at a theme park making robots?” Kim asked curiously.

“They hired me thanks to a good word from my mom. She got me this job before the ink on my degree was even dry. She’s all ‘you have to crawl before you can walk’ and everything. So, before I can make a human body part that is mechanical, she thinks I need practice on making mechanical body parts for machines. This is a great job, though. I got to work with the great Doctor Joe Freeman,” the brown-haired boy replied.

“No way. How’d they get him to work there?” the redhead asked in disbelief. Felix had all the luck, she thought. He would argue that she had all the luck; it was the-grass-was-always-greener thing with them it seemed.

“They claimed that he couldn’t build them thinking robots to make their attractions unique. He had to prove them wrong. For such a brilliant man, you’d be surprised how easily reverse psychology works on him,” Felix remarked with a laugh.

“I have heard it’s ferociously easy to trick him,” Kim commented.

“Okay, hey, you two, mind letting everyone else back into the conversation?” Monique asked with a playful smile. They had not gotten out of control, but she was aware that if she did not step in, the pair would reach the point of no return and get into science for about an hour.

“Scientists,” Ron said as if he was scolding Kim and Felix.

“Hey, don’t hate on our mad science skills,” Felix replied, earning a couple of chuckles.

“Mad science? Honey, you really are asking for it,” Monique commented with a teasing expression in her cocoa eyes.

“Felix, I think you went overseas and lost your memory. You know you have to watch what you say around Monique,” Kim reminded the boy.

Felix only smiled; it was a sly expression that any fox would envy. “I’ll bet. I think I have forgotten a lot of things about Monique, but I would like to know more over dinner. Although I do remember that she’s into guys with pierced tongues and stuff,” he commented and he got everyone’s attention with the implications in that statement.

“Whoa, wait a minute, backup. You want to go out to dinner with me?” Monique inquired as if she did not believe it.

“Well, if you don’t have anything better to do and the tongue ring isn’t necessary,” he replied. He was still smiling, but the expression did appear much less cunning and predatory now.

“Uh-oh, Monique is blushing!” Kim noted and it was true. The usually comical, composed girl was indeed blushing a deep scarlet.

“Oh, she is,” Ron concurred, not only because it was the truth, but it was also a chance to get on Monique about something. He was not about to pass up such an opportunity because who knew when such a situation would present itself again.

“No, I’m not!” Monique objected. She actually could not recall the last time a guy wanted to take her out on a real date and she could not recollect the last time that she blushed over being asked out.

“She’ll go out with you,” Kim told Felix for her good friend, who was apparently speechless when it came to answering the offer.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this,” the blonde boy commented because Monique was seriously at a loss for words.

“Cool, since I made the reservations and everything already,” Felix admitted with sheepish smile, which was Kim’s doing.

When Felix had gotten in contact with the redhead, she had suggested that they talk over dinner and he had made reservations at a restaurant like any gentleman would. When he called her again, she pretended to have something to do that night and then suggested that he should take someone he would rather be with anyway. He eventually got what she was hinting to and what she had done. She was crafty, but helpful; he would give her that. He was glad that she was on his side.

“Congratulations, Mo, you’ve a real date!” Ron teased.

“Shut up, naco-boy,” the chocolate-eyed girl replied for lack of a better thing to say.

Kim laughed a bit; she was happy that her good friend had a real date in who-knew-how-long. Monique’s romantic life typically involved her going out every few months, prowling the clubs for a muscular young man with a tongue stud that moved very well on the dance floor. She was generally just looking to unwind, but nothing more than that.

For a while, though, Monique had been chewing Kim’s ear off about possibly finding someone to be in a serious relationship with. The chocolate-eyed girl had not had much luck in finding someone to date regularly. It seemed that she and Kim just did not attract the type of fellows that could be counted on as regular boyfriends, they both considered. They were not sure why that was, but that was how things seemed.

The redhead figured that Monique would give that a good shot with Felix. After all, the two got along very well as friends and Felix did have a crush on Monique since about the day that he met her. As he found out more about her, his crush developed into an attraction; hey, a girl that liked wrestling, monster trucks, and extreme sports was his kind of woman, especially when she looked the way that Monique looked. Every time he talked to Kim, he always managed to usher the conversation to the topic of Monique after they went on about science for about an hour. So, Kim thought that dinner should help them out pretty well.

Kim thought that Monique would like being with Felix because he was fun and intelligent. He liked to try new things, but he had some common sense; Monique was almost alone in the group when it came to common sense. They would say that Yori had common sense, but they looked at who she was hopelessly in love with and that ended that argument.

“So, Monique, pick you up at about seven?” Felix asked to give her a chance to back out if she wanted to.

“Sounds good. What should I wear?” she countered with a challenging smile on her face. Kim wondered what she had started now.

(New Day)

Kim, Ron, and Yori were waiting outside the gates of New Cosmos, the science-fiction theme park that Felix worked at. The blue-eyed boy was late and Monique was also missing in action. The trio were giving each other glances that said more than a million words could in regards to Felix’s and Monique’s absence. After about ten minutes, they all noticed Felix down the street with Monique; the pair was approaching their friends.

“Woo! Go, Felix! Taming the shrew!” Ron cheered. Yori grabbed the blonde by the ear and twisted it. “Ow! Babe, ow! Babe!” he complained.

“Behave, Ron-kun,” the ninja reprimanded her boyfriend.

“Okay!” he agreed, hoping that she would release his ear, which she did. She did glare sternly at him to make sure that he stopped acting out.

“You two are looking mighty chummy,” Kim commented once Monique and Felix stood with the crew.

“Hey, we’re chums,” Monique said with a strange smile. She was gushy, Kim could tell. Well, that was a mission accomplish, the redhead thought. She could not wait to hear the details about everything.

“Yeah, your chum is touching your ass,” the hero pointed out rather casually because Felix was doing just that.

“Felix!” Monique slapped his hand away, even though she did not seem to mind until Kim said something about it.

“I can’t help it. It’s right there, staring me in the face, begging to be touched,” the blue-eyed boy explained with a teasing half-smile.

“Girl, Felix is a pervert,” Monique informed her friend. She could not even sound serious about it. There even seemed to be a twinkle in her rich brown eyes. If Kim did not know any better, she would think that her close friend was in love already and it had only been a little more than a week.

“Really?” Kim scoffed. “I would ask how your date went, but now I’m guessing.”

“Hey, don’t try to play me, girl. We didn’t do anything. We just went out a couple more times and plus, we went out before we came here,” the young African-American woman explained.

“Sure,” Kim said skeptically to taunt her friend. It was nice to be doing the teasing for once. She was a bit surprised that Ron did not join in, but he did value his ears and he was not about to give Yori an excuse to reprimand him again.

“Can we go in already? The rollercoaster is calling me!” Ron whined.

The group made their way into the park after Felix flashed his ID. They all immediately noticed the V.I.P types that the park was open to. There was the mayor of Go City and his son; they were both named Wallace if Kim was not mistaken, although the son went by “Wally.” There were businessmen and there were also celebrities, like the Oh Boyz and Britina. The clique did not think anything of the high-profile patrons; Ron just hoped that there were no long lines. Kim just wanted to see the robots.

“Oh, there it is!” Ron shouted and he grabbed Yori by the hand, tugging her toward the first ride that he wanted to get on. It was the world’s longest rollercoaster, called the Shooting Star. The others followed him because they were trying not to get separated, but then they stopped as Kim caught sight of someone that she did not expect to see.

“Shego,” Kim called to her mistress when saw her.

“Pumpkin?” Shego said as she turned around in the direction that the noise came from to pinpoint just where her munchkin was.

“Excuse me, guys,” Kim said to her friends as she trotted over to her owner and gave her a quick hug. She knew that her master did not like the public display, but she could not help herself.

“Hey, Pumpkin,” Shego greeted her pet and she rubbed the top of the girl’s head.

“What are you doing here?” Kim asked curiously.

“My whole division got stuck with guard duty today since so many bigwigs came to the opening of this stupid park. What about you? What the hell are you doing here?”

“My friend works here. He designed some robots for one of the rides. That’s him right over there,” Kim explained and she turned to point at Felix.

“You know a lot of boys,” the pale woman muttered.

“He’s going to show us his robots. He really wants to design cybernetic body parts to help amputee victims—”

Shego cut her pet off. “Princess, I don’t get a damn. I don’t want to know the kid’s life story,” she informed her brat.

“Sorry, it’s just that his ideas are so incredible.”

“All right, all right. Go and see your robots. Oh, and if anything happens here today, leave it to us,” the officer ordered.

“But—” Kim tried to argue.

“No, leave it to us. I mean it. I don’t want a repeat of what happened back at the villa. Just stay with your friends and leave it to us, understood?”

“Understood,” the hero pouted.

“Who’s that woman?” Felix asked, referring to Shego.

“That’s just Shego,” Ron answered.

“Who’s she?” the brown-haired boy inquired.

“Kim’s mistress,” the three friends replied as if it was nothing, like that was the natural response.

“Her mistress?” Felix echoed in a bemused tone.

“Kim’s her pet. Didn’t you wonder about the collar?” the blonde boy countered. He really could not help wondering if people actually just ignore the fact that Kim was walking around in a freaking collar. Did it not strike anyone normal as an odd thing for a young woman to be wearing a collar? If he was not so used to Kim being a pet, he would think it was bizarre and he was weird.

“Well, I did wonder a little bit. Come on, it is a collar and everything. I just didn’t think much of it. I mean, before that, the last time I saw Kim, she had on these crazy, costume cat ears. I just thought that she was getting weirder,” Felix explained.

“I don’t think she can get any weirder,” Monique commented.

Kim returned to her friends after specific instructions to not do anything if something happened. Shego explained that if something did happen and she or another officer stopped the problem, it was plausible that their division would see a budget increase. It seemed that the budget was a really big deal, so Kim promised not to do anything; she was not too sure if her master believed her or not.

“Kim, why didn’t you tell me that you were a pet?” Felix asked almost immediately.

“Because it is so not the drama,” she replied with a scoff.

“What’s it like? You’re like a sex slave or something?” he inquired with a laugh to show that he was not being very serious, but he was curious as to what she did as a pet.

“Nothing like that actually. There’s no sex involved,” she answered; much to her dismay, a mischievous voice in the back of her head added.

“No sex?” he echoed in disbelief. Like most people, he could not see the point in a human being a pet without any sex being involved.

“She’s a for real pet, like a dog or a cat,” Monique informed the young man in the wheel chair. There was still a piece of her, a very tiny piece, which acknowledged the overall bizarreness of casually discussing one of her best friends being a pet. She just ignored that piece of her because it made life less complicated to ignore it.

“Where’s the fun in that?” he joked.

“You have no idea,” Kim replied with a smile. Oh, the fun was everywhere with her delightful master. “So, what’s the deal with the robots?” she inquired; she really wanted to see his work.

“Follow me,” Felix said.

“What about the rollercoaster?” Ron whined rather loudly. He sounded as if he was ready to burst into tears over the ride.

“Oh, these robots are so cute,” Monique gushed over the adorable little robots that Felix had created on an alien set for an in-the-dark attraction for the park.

“Well, I just built them. They had artists design them,” Felix admitted, even though he did like to see Monique complimenting and enjoying his work. He wished that he had designed them from the look on her face.

“Can we see them move? Or, do you have one that’s like halfway done or a broken one, so I can see the insides?” Kim requested.

“Kim, you really should get into robotics,” Felix commented. He was always amused when the hero got around things that interested her because she got a spark in her eyes and if the thing was extremely fascinating, she could become quite childlike. Those moments were rare, though, which was why they were so entertaining. Not only were they rare, but they were also particularly short-lived.

“Nah. I mean, have you seen my robots?” the redhead asked with a small, very amused smile on her face.

“I remember that you built that miniature version of you. It was really cool. I mean, it looked just like you and moved like you and everything. What happened to it?” he inquired.

“The tweebs strapped some rockets to it and it’s now a satellite,” she answered.

“Oh, that sucks big time,” he muttered. Leave it to her little brothers to ruin the chance of Kim dealing in robotics. She would have been good in the field, he was rather certain of that. It would have been great to team up with her for things, but then again, he knew that he could still team up with her on projects since she was brilliant.

“Big time,” the redhead agreed.

The redhead was fairly certain that her brothers had helped in her not wanting to be an engineer at all. Every time that she took time out of her life to build something, it never failed for her brothers to stick some rockets on it and try to get it to escape Earth’s gravity. She had learned to stop building things by the time she got to high school, but every now and then the urge just overtook her and she had to create some kind of device.

“So, what are you going to do now that you’re done with this?’ Kim inquired, speaking to Felix while looking around at the alien environment. It looked like a red desert, something like what Mars probably would look like if it had a few plants and other forms of life on it. It was quite the exceptional sight and she could see why he wanted to show it off.

“Well, they’re looking to keep me on for repairs and such on the robots, but I’m looking for something better to hopefully start on my cybernetic prosthetics project. Maybe a hospital or university would hire me. If I could get time to make a prototype, then maybe I can get a government grant,” Felix mused aloud.

“Sounds like a solid plan. I hope you get to work on that. It seems like a ferociously cool idea,” the hero commented.

“Question, did you guys notice that we lost Ron and Yori?” Monique pointed out as she looked around and realized that they were a couple of people light.

“Oh, shit,” Kim muttered as she scanned the area too; obviously, Shego was rubbing off on her language wise. Her words did earn her a glance from both of her friends for a moment because they were a little surprised by her strong language. They did not say anything about it, though.

“Ah, he probably just went to get on all of the roller coasters around the place. I wanted him to see this, though. I thought he’d like all of the aliens, especially the zombie ones,” Felix said while pointing his thumb in the direction of the zombie aliens.

“Well, let’s go get him,” Monique suggested. It was not like Ron had flown the coop completely.

Felix and Kim agreed with her. They all walked off and went back outside to go locate their missing companions. They looked around for a moment and when they were did not spot the couple, they strolled off in the direction of the rollercoaster that Ron had been going on about.

The trio went by a refreshment stand and they would not have thought anything of it, if only the man at the stand was not abusing the automated cashier. The tall, muscular young man was wearing a mustard-colored shirt that clung to his wide, well built frame. He was yelling at the android cashier while slapping the robot about the head for some reason. Felix was about to request that the ebony-haired young man stop mistreating the delicate machine, but the robot lashed out first.

A spark flew off of the robot’s head and then it reached out for the young man that was hitting it. The android grabbed the young man by the neck and held him off of the ground by the throat. The young man started screaming as loud as he could; he sounded like a frightened little girl with his high-pitch wailing. Kim was about to jump into action, but she remembered the promise that she made her master. She found out that it was a good thing that she did not act because Shego came over seconds after the shrieking began and she would have caught her pet disobeying orders if the redhead had done something.

The pale officer looked at what was happening and simply sliced through the robot’s arm with her plasma power. The young man fell to the ground hard while the robot seemed to shut down completely. Kim, Monique, and Felix approached the scene once everything was over and done. Other people came over to see what all the fuss was about.

“Junior, what happened?” an elderly man with a polished walking stick asked as he made his way over to the scene. He spoke with an accent and was dressed in a velvet jacket.

“Father!” the young man cried with the same accent as the old man as he climbed to his feet. He went over to the elderly gentleman. “That robot tried to kill me! I hate this place, Father! I want you to buy it and burn it!” he whined.

“Calm down, Junior. I already own half of this place,” the father replied.

“Then you might want to have your robots checked,” Shego commented while nodding toward the broken android.

“Actually the robot would’ve been fine if he hadn’t been smacking it in the head,” Felix pointed out.

“Junior, why would you hit the robot vendor?” the father asked.

“He wouldn’t give me my peanuts fast enough,” the young man, Junior, replied as if it was obvious.

“Forgive my son, he’s a bit impatient. I’ll replace the robot. I want to thank whoever saved him,” the elderly man said and the young trio of friends all pointed at Shego as if they were toddlers and telling on her. The man turned his attention to the special officer. “Thank you very much, Miss,” he said.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just doing my job,” Shego replied, looking to get away from the crowd now. She did not do what she did for thanks; she did it to break stuff and for the thrill. Mission accomplished on breaking something.

“Oh, you’re a part of security around here?” he asked.

“I’m a special officer,” she answered, just a bit offended that he would think that she was normal security guard in a theme park. She would sooner melt her own head right off than work in so-called amusement park.

“Ah, I’ve heard about the special division of the Go City police. I didn’t know they employed such talented people. I’m Senor Senior Senior,” the elderly man introduced himself.

“Shego,” she replied briskly.

“Maybe you could follow my son around and keep him out of trouble.”

“I’m not a babysitter,” she answered. Did the man not hear her just say that she was a special officer? Namely that she was police officer and it was her job to stop criminals and things like that. Nowhere in her job description did it say that she was to follow around idiots.

“I could pay you,” he pointed out.

Shego sighed; he had just mentioned her only weakness, in her opinion anyway. Like Superman, she was weak for something green. Her weakness was cold, hard cash; she did not think that it was such a bad weakness. After all, without money, she would not be able to live her very comfortable lifestyle, especially since she had a spoiled pet to look after too. It was just that sometimes it seemed to lure her into some of her poorer decisions.

“How much?” the green-skinned woman asked Senor Senior Senior.

“Let’s talk,” he replied.

Shego walked off with both Seniors to discuss her following around the younger man, more than likely to make sure he did not hurt him, she considered. Kim, Monique, and Felix were left looking at the destroyed robot. Felix sighed while Kim picked up the disregarded arm. She inspected the limb.

“You guys have a robotic staff?” the redhead asked. The theme park had her attention if the staff was automated.

“For simple things like peanut vending and cotton candy and stuff like that. It’s things like this that make the park unique and they hope it will bring in some good business,” Felix explained.

“Spanking,” Kim practically sang because it was so fascinating. She hoped that she could make her way back to the park some day to get a better look at all of the robots around the place.

“This is mega cool,” Monique concurred.

“Yeah, let’s get back to finding Ron and Yori,” Felix suggested and the girls agreed with that.

Kim came into the apartment late that night. Shego was reading in a book on the sofa; the redhead thought that her owner would be sleeping by now. She crawled onto the couch and rested her head in her mistress’ lap. The raven-haired woman hardly changed her position as she moved one of her hands to her girl’s scalp and she began caressing the girl almost without thinking.

“You’re home late,” Shego noted.

“We went to play laser tag after going up and down that park,” Kim reported. From what she saw, that theme park was the very definition of cool because of all of the robotics that they had around the area.

“You played laser tag with a kid in a wheelchair?” the pale woman inquired because that did not seem fair to her and she would have thought that the friends were all about being fair with each other.

“Hell, he won,” the redhead replied. Felix was a great shot, which led to them teasing him about what he might do in his off-time. “So, what happened with your baby-sitting that guy?” the girl inquired.

“Oh, don’t even ask. That Junior guy is more annoying than Drakken. He was such a baby. He even whined while asking me to dinner.”

“Did you go?”

“Did you not hear me say that the guy is more annoying than Drakken? I wouldn’t have lived through dinner with him or he wouldn’t have lived through dinner. I’m happy I won’t have to see that huge baby ever again,” Shego declared.

Next time: Shego learns not to speak so soon because she has not seen the last of Junior. Things might get a little interesting when he starts showing more than a passing interest in her. It might make a few people upset and you won't believe Doctor Director's reaction to it.

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