On a Short Leash

Dilemma Twelve

Accidents do happen


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TITLE: Accidents do happen

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Just a little reminder, I don’t own these characters and I don’t own this premise.

SUMMARY: AU. This is the sequel to Walking the Line. Kim and Shego look to renew their unorthodox relationship.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: You guys are so going to hate me after this. I can see it already. Oh, I want to thank everyone for sticking with this story.

Words: 4073

Shego caressing her pet.

I’m a bit nervous. I can see myself doing something beyond naughty as a pet. It’s not really my fault. I mean, I didn’t start it. I damn sure would like to finish it, though. Oh, such bad thoughts.

Kim had quite the serious predicament on her hands. Her mistress had just kissed her, passionately, heatedly, almost pornographically. Shego had caressed an intimate part of the redhead’s body and, of course, the petite hero thoroughly enjoyed it. And the pale woman had just whispered her pet’s name; all right, she said “Princess,” but that was close enough for Kim, who was ready to jump right into bed with Shego now and do all sorts of amative things with the other woman that would probably be considered licentious by most. So, what was the problem? Well, Shego was very, very drunk at the moment.

“Should I?” Kim wondered again as Shego continued to stroke the underside of her breast with tender fingers.

The redhead swallowed a moan that was trying to escape her throat as her mistress persisted in rubbing her in such an appetizing manner. She could not believe the gentle, skilled fingers that her master possessed even when her brain was clouded by alcohol. Those prurient digits might just be too much for the hero.

Kim could see herself giving in to the tantalizing situation. She could see herself climbing into bed with the tipsy woman, placing ardent, hungry, juicy, wet kisses all over Shego’s body, encouraging the many cries of ecstasy she was certain that she could bring out of the older woman, and making the raven-haired female know what it was like to be loved in every sense of the word.

Shego took Kim out of her thoughts as she leaned up and kissed the hero again. Kim melted into the sweet, alluring embrace. She groaned in both pleasure and sort of a whine before throwing herself away from her owner. She landed against the wall by the door, her chest heaving from the fervent kiss.

“I can’t. I just can’t do it, not with her like this. No matter how much I want this, I can’t do it like this. It wouldn’t be fair,” Kim told herself while shaking her head to attempt to erase the delicious memory of what just happened or she was sure that it would plague her for the rest of her life.

Shego did not call out for her pet; she seemed to forget that Kim was even there as soon as she was too far away to grab. She fell back onto the pillow and was sleeping in no time. Kim escaped the room and dashed out into the living room. She flung herself onto the sofa and rested her face in her hands.

“Should I have gone for it? She wanted me. I want her. But, she wasn’t in her right mind. When I get her, I want her to be completely okay with it. She probably would’ve regretted waking up next to me. Not that it would be so bad. I bet waking up next to me is better than waking up next to that lucky bastard Drakken. She did moan for me and not him. That’s got to be worth something,” Kim reasoned.

The redhead was aware that she had done the right thing by not taking advantage of her mistress’ condition, despite the scorching, magma-like desire that was coursing through her veins. Her hormones were telling her that she did not do near the right thing for them; she went beyond torture in her hormones opinion. She was going to be having some of the worse, yet best, dreams for at least a month. Her skin was crawling just thinking about the dreams that were going to visit her.

“Why doesn’t Drakken just stay here every night?” Kim wondered. She would so be in Shego’s bed every night if she could…wait, she was. All right, scratch that last thought. She was would caress Shego in bed every night if she could, though. She would embrace and kiss the elder woman every night if she could. She would have her mistress every night if she could.

All right, while having done the right thing, Kim seriously loathed, regretted, and resented it. She wanted to seriously bang Shego like it was the last thing that she would ever do! She wanted to make love to that woman all night long, every single night for the rest of her life! She wanted to feel their bodies moving in sensual harmony for hours on end. She felt like throwing a tantrum over it, but she knew that would not get her anywhere. She would just have to wait. Surely, her time would come…right?

Shego woke up with a splitting headache. She then rushed to the bathroom to throw up her entire stomach as far as she could tell. She felt a bit dizzy as she climbed to her feet and thoroughly rinsed her mouth out with about half a bottle of mouthwash. She brushed her teeth after that. She then went to check what time it was and found that it was two in the morning.

“Shit. I swear, I will never drink Betty under the table again,” the pale woman vowed.

She wandered to the front of the apartment and discovered her pet was knocked out on the sofa. Something in the back of her mind was associating her girl with pleasure for some reason. She ignored it and went to make something to settle her stomach. Once she was feeling halfway decent, she returned to the living room and collected her pet in her arms.

“You’re still such a pathetic creature,” Shego commented, speaking to the unconscious redhead.

The green-skinned woman marched to the loft and realized that she would have to sling her girl over her shoulder to get up to the space and she did not feel up to even trying to balance Kim on one side. She decided instead of risking dropping her little brat, she would just take Kim to where the redhead would prefer to be. She took Kim to her bed and laid her down. She then went and prepared for bed, showering and putting on her pajamas. She slid into bed and went back to sleep.

(New day)

Shego returned to the precinct after a backbreaking assignment; she, of course, loved it. She had chased down some trio in new robotic armor suits. Her plasma had literally melted the supposedly high-powered, high tech armor. It was a great outing with a good battle and she had won, of course. She had angered the lab that the trio had stolen the armor from, though; apparently, they wanted the armor back not melted or something like that. She had not really been listening to their compliant.

Drakken noticed Shego smiling from across the whole place. He decided to approach her since she seemed to be in a relatively pleasant mood. He waited for her to go to her desk before going over to her.

“Shego,” Drakken said in a civil tone for him anyway.

“Yeah?” the law enforcer replied.

“I was hoping we could go to dinner tonight,” he informed her.

“Tonight?” she echoed.


Shego thought about it. Kim would be in the house with no food if she went out tonight. They had ordered takeout last night and she did not want the girl to eat junk food two nights in a row. Well, she could always bring the redhead back something. Hopefully, Kim would not improvise dinner and eat a box of donuts, which was something that she had done on several occasions; successfully driving her mistress up the wall whenever she did something so silly.

“Fine,” Shego agreed.

“Good,” the inventor stated.

The scientist ended up taking his girlfriend out to a seafood restaurant, which was something that he always did; Shego disliked seafood intensely. She actually used to be a bit allergic to much of it, but as she grew up that seemed to fade for whatever reason. She still could not stand it much and believed her allergy used to be a blessing in disguise. She ordered some shrimp; it was just about the only thing that came out of the ocean that she would ingest and she was very particular about that.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you out,” Drakken commented.

“No, not really,” she replied in a bit of a dull tone. He was her boyfriend; he was supposed to take her out. He seemed to forget that most of the time and when he did take her out, seafood restaurants always seemed to be his method of irking her.

“Oh, well, I wanted to give you something. You see we’ve been going out for a long time now and well, I…” the sky-hued inventor trailed off.

Shego froze because she did not like the sound of the partial statement and she did not like how he nervously trailed off toward the end. She did not like where he seemed to be going with his words. She hoped that he was not trying to propose to her because that was how it sounded. If he was, what in the hell would she say? She did not desire to marry him, right?

“Well, what I’m trying to say is….is…I…. I wanted to give you this,” the water-colored scientist said and he pulled out a velvet case from his pocket.

The pale woman felt her heart race when she saw the box and she knew that it was not a good kind of racing. Her throat seized up on her and she could not move as he held out the case for her to take. Her brain was commanding that her hands move and receive the gift, but her hands refused to listen. Her mind ordered that she take that container, but her body did not want any part of it.

“Aren’t you going to open it?” Drakken asked curiously.

“Right,” Shego replied while finally taking the tiny package from him. She inhaled slowly to calm herself down before opening the box. Her mind thanked the fates, the universe, and whatever divine forces that were looking out for her because there was not a ring in the package. He was not proposing to her. She breathed a sigh of relief. “So, what’s this for?” she inquired in a puzzled tone; in the box, there was a regular key.

“To my apartment,” he explained.

“Your apartment?” she inquired as if she did not understand. That mythological place existed and she was invited? She did not know whether to be flattered or frightened. Part of her was actually nauseous.

“Yes, it’s the key to my apartment.”

“Are you inviting me over?”

“Well…I guess. You can use it anytime that you want, you know,” he informed her as if he was doing her a favor by letting her in his home whenever the urge came over her, which was never.

“What makes you think I know where you live?” she pointed out.

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” he huffed. He hated it when she teased him.

“Easy, trigger. Calm down.”

“Don’t you have anything to say?” he inquired. After all, he had just given her free range to his apartment and he expected gratitude on her part.

“Should I?” she countered. She hoped that the egotistical mama’s boy was not looking for thanks because if he was, he had a long wait coming to him. In fact, he might want to order a few more courses.

Shego had plans to go home after dinner; she even bought Kim a meal that she believed the girl would like and she was going to take it to her pet, but there was a detour. Drakken decided to show her where he lived to make certain that she knew the way to his place. He lived in a tiny apartment, which she expected.

It was a one bedroom hole-in-the-wall; Shego bet that she could fit about three of his apartments into her condo. There was junk, doodads, gizmos, gadgets, and spare parts littering the living room floor. A glance in the small kitchen told her the tale that he did not own any dishes and he had not taken the garbage out in at least two weeks; the stench was banking in longer than that. Ah, home, sweet home, she thought sarcastically.

He showed her to his bedroom, which was decent; it was also where she woke up the next morning. Damn it, she cursed mentally as she got up from the mattress, which was way too soft, she silently complained. She got dressed and left Drakken in a deep sleep, sucking his thumb.

The pale woman tried to enter her home as quietly as possible. She was hoping that her little twerp was still sleeping, but it seemed that whatever force had cast favor over her last night deserted her come sunrise. Kim was up and dressed amazingly enough, reading in the loft.

“Morning,” the redhead greeted her master as she leaped down from her space. She hugged Shego, but not as tightly as usual. The green-skinned woman pushed her away.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Shego replied gruffly and she started toward her room.

“You don’t smell like you usually do,” Kim commented casual, as if that was something that came up in normal conversations all of the time, and that stopped her owner dead in her tracks.


“You don’t smell like you usually do,” the girl repeated.

“I don’t smell like I usually do? What’s that supposed to mean?” the older woman inquired in a slightly offended tone.

“Nothing,” Kim answered with a giggle. It was so easy to rattle her mistress, she noted.

Shego frowned and marched to her bedroom. She tried not to think about her stupid, irksome pet as she gathered materials for her shower, which was going to be long and hot. It was not like her little pest knew where she had been, her mind pointed out. For all Kim knew, she could have been working late, Shego’s brain commented. Besides, what did it matter if Kim knew where she was or not? Kim was just a pet, nothing more. She was a mere pet.

The pale woman cleaned herself up and thanked everything plausible that it was finally her day off. She strolled out to the living room, but her little pest was not there. That girl had better not have left while she was in the shower, she thought with a frown; Kim would never think to go anywhere on her master’s day off. After all, it was her day off too.

Shego glanced up at the loft and she could hear her runt moving around, so she was satisfied that the girl was still there. She decided to go to the kitchen and scan for evidence of what the brat had for dinner last night. She would slay her pet if she ate a whole pie or something just as ridiculous; she would not put it passed her little monster to do such a thing.

“Princess,” Shego called because the kitchen was spotless.

“Yes?” Kim replied.

“What did you have for dinner last night?” the owner of the apartment demanded to know.

“Food.” What else would she eat for dinner?

“Okay, what kind of food?” the green-skinned woman inquired.

“Teriyaki chicken,” the redhead answered.


“I went out with Ron and Yori last night. We went to this new Mexican/ Japanese restaurant,” Kim explained.

“A Mexican/ Japanese restaurant?” Shego echoed. Who had thought that one up?

“You get sushi and tacos in one meal,” Kim stated, as if that was something.

“Do you get a free vomit bag too? Who would want those two things together?” Shego wondered aloud. She felt like she was going to throw up just hearing such a mix out loud.

“It’s just what Ron ordered,” the redhead replied. She had to admit that she, personally, never craved fish and tacos in the same month, let alone in the same meal. She and Yori had tried their best to ignore Ron as he ate; Yori understood being multicultural and trying new things, but tacos and sushi should have never met in her opinion. Ron seemed to disagree and delighted in having both foods in one meal.

“Did you have to take him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped afterwards?”

“Nah, he’s got a pretty strong stomach. You don’t even want to know the combinations that I’ve seen him eat.”

“No, not after finding out that he ate sushi and tacos together. Come on down here, it’s grooming day,” Shego informed her pet.

Kim smiled and hopped down from the loft. She trotted into the living room and stood before her keeper. She hoped that they were spending the whole day together. But, she knew that even if her mistress planned to spend the day with just her, Drakken could always just show up out of the blue, uninvited. She decided not to think about that, though. She just wanted to enjoy the day.

(New Day)

Shego was on her way home. She was distracted from her driving as her cell phone began ringing. She reached for the phone and looked at the number, which she did not recognize. She wondered who it was, but decided to answer it anyway. Her pet could always be calling her from some unknown line.

“Yo,” Shego answered and she listened to the caller for a few seconds before slamming on the brakes on her car; she luckily did not kill anyone behind her because they were too far back. “What?” she shouted into the phone in sheer disbelief and panic.

The green-skinned woman made a frantic u-turn while hanging up her phone. She floored it in the opposite direction while biting down on her bottom lip. She could not believe what she had just heard; it sounded so far-fetched and incredible, but she doubted that it was a prank call. Even if it was a joke, she had to check it. She had to see if it was true.

The pale woman drove to the hospital and was very tempted to park in the ambulance zone for the simple fact that she did not see anywhere else to put her car. She zipped her vehicle into the only free space that she noticed. She leaped from the car and ran into the emergency room. She noticed her father, bozo older brother, and Mego sitting in the waiting room. She joined them.

“What the hell happened?” Shego demanded to know the details from her family.

“Shego,” her father said as if he was surprised to see her and he was. None of them knew how to get into contact with her, so they did not think that she knew about what happened.

“Tell me what happened,” she commanded them.

“Mom and the twins were in a car accident,” Hego replied simply. He was wearing his work clothes and if the situation was not so dire, both Shego and Mego would have been getting on his case about being a “taco boy.”

“I know that obviously. I am here,” Shego pointed out. Leave it to that muscle-head to misunderstand a simple order. She could not depend on him for anything, not even simple information it seemed.

“We don’t really know what happened specifically and we don’t know how badly they’re hurt. How’d you find out?” Mego inquired.

“Somebody called me and told me. How’d the accident happened?” the sister asked as she took a seat. The person that called her could not talk for long. He just told her that her mother and brothers had been in an accident and what hospital they were located in.

“From what we were told, a truck smashed into them from the side after running a light. The car burst into flames after another car banged into them from behind. We just don’t know how they’re doing,” Mego replied.

Shego was glad that she could rely on her purple-hued brother to be normal when they were in a crunch. She asked a question and he answered by giving her information that she did not already obviously have. He also answered without losing his mind, which she believed Hego and her father would do.

“Shit,” the law enforcer cursed her breath.

“Watch your language,” Hego scolded her.

“Hego, don’t make me kick your ass in a hospital. I mean, we’re in a hospital and I just might lose it because you’re close to medical attention. I won’t feel bad about putting you in a coma with us being in the best hospital in the city. I’m sure they’d revive you eventually,” she commented.

“I’d like him much better in a coma,” Mego grumbled.

“The world would like him better in a coma,” Shego remarked.

The family sat quietly for perhaps the first time ever and waited for news on the other half of their group. Mego busied himself by writing something; Shego did not bother trying to see what it was. Despite the fact that she often labeled her brothers as “fuck-ups,” Mego and the twins were attempting to get their crap together. Mego was trying to be a freelance critic; he often found work at some magazine that his sister never read, no matter how much he whined for her to so. She imagined that he did all right for himself; their mother would not have it any other way.

Even though their mother favored Shego all of the time that the children were growing up, as she was her only daughter, Isabel also paid close attention to her younger boys when she got the chance. It just seemed that if things were left up to Jason, he would just steer them into a very peculiar direction, she believed. Hego seemed to be hell bent on doing everything that his father wanted, but the other boys were a little more receptive, especially when their mother stopped and noticed them. She encouraged them to get hobbies and interests to broaden their horizons and give them an idea of what they would like to do with their lives. Eventually, the twins even abandoned listening to their father all together and became little “mama’s boys,” as the other guys taunted them.

Shego actually thought of the twins as her mother’s sidekicks a great deal of the time. It seemed like her mother snatched them up after Shego started to try and get away from that mad woman. She did not know how the twins could stand their mother and she did not know how her mother could stand them, personally.

The twins were always a thorn in Shego’s side, ever since they were born. They used to throw up on her whenever she wanted to hold them when they were babies; she quickly lost a desire to hold either of them. They used to throw their baby food at her. It was like the second they came out of her mother, they decided that they needed to drive Shego out of her mind.

When the twins got older, things did not get better for Shego. They quickly got into breaking her things, which made her lock her bedroom door, which used to drive her mother nuts because she always had brought things for Shego that she wanted to secure in the room, which was always locked. Any time Shego was looking to go somewhere, they would ask a trillion questions before and after the fact. When they got their powers, she thought that they might just succeed in driving her insane because there would be way more than two of them to work her nerves.

And to think, they might die at such a young age and she was not the one that was going to be the death of them. That was not fair, she thought. None of it was fair. A thought whispered across the dark stretches of her mind, “I don’t want Mommy or Wally to die.”

Next time: Find out what happens to Shego’s mother and brothers and who Shego goes to in her time of need.

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