A twist of destiny

Chapter 16

Behind Destiny


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TITLE: Behind Destiny


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2556

“What are you doing?”

“Isn't it obvious? I am folding your matress”

“Why?” Shego just look at her “wife” bewildered.

Kim stood up from her kneeling position and faced her “wife”, “Because you are going to sleep on my bed”

Shego's brows raised up, “So where will you sleep? With your Nana?”

“Ofcourse not!” Kim grinned. “In my bed”


Shego rolled her eyes and sitted herself on a computer chair somewhere in KIm's bedroom, “So, princess, you are saying that you want me to share the bed with you?” Shego ask, Kim nodded, smiling, “Ain't your bed too small for the two of us?” Shego said as she crossed her leg and rested her arms on the chair's backrest.

Kim look at her bed, “It's a double bed, so it could accomodate 2”

“Yeah, i could see that, but isn't that uncomfortable?”

“You mean, you find sleeping with me uncomfortable?” The red head ask back.

Shego just dropped her jaw, there is nothing the green skinned woman can say about that. Sure the bed is small, but to be able to sleep beside her red head was never uncomfortable, as a matter of fact, snuggling with the teen hero made Shego feel more normal, more loved and wanted, feelings that are very much welcome to the Raven haired woman.

“What? So you feel uncomfortable beside me?” Kim ask again, her smile washed away by a feeling of anxiety. ‘Now why do i feel this way? So what if she feels uncomfortable?’ KIm thought.

~ because you actually wanted to please Shego ~

That voice in Kim's head said, once again arguing with Kim's conscious thought.

KIm just sighed as the battle in her head ensues, then she stop thinking when she saw Shego stand up and walk towards the bed, hop in, and tucked herself in the comforter.

“So, are we going to sleep or you'll just stand there and make faces all night?” Shego said looking at Kim who is now looking at her.

“Oh Yeah!” Kim said smiling, then hopping, she turn off the light and opened her lamp, then she hop in beside Shego, and tucked herself in the comforter.

“I do hope your dad won't come in on us, it's not that we are doing something he would not like, but you know…” Shego trailed, the green thief have her hands on her abdomen and she is looking at the ceiling, “Your father might have the wrong notion and thought we are-”

“Good night Shego!” Kim said then leaning side ways toward Shego and kissing the green thief on her cheek that is exposed to the red head. Kim then returned to her pillow, smiled and turn her back on the green thief, then close her eyes.

Shego on the otherhand lost her flow of thoughts as she felt her Kimmie kiss her on her cheek. Deep inside, she wanted to scream and say Yay! but she kept her cool, but still a wide smile is plastered on her face, she bend her head sidewards to look at her red head, back on her, her slow breathing, her shapely body. Shego grinned, then she move closer to the red head, turning so she is facing Kim's back and put her arm around the red head's waist, “Good night Kimmie, Pumpkin” Shego whispered. Shego is about to take her arms off of Kim when she felt the red head's hand held her arm that is on the red head's abdomen.

“Good night” Kim said softly.

Shego did not fight it anymore, she let her arm rest on her Kimmie, she yawned, and later that evening, the two woman fell asleep.

Shego knock on the door and after hearing the magic word, she opened it and went in.

“Are you going to Ying chuan?” Nana POssible ask, she is on the bed sitting, her back rest on the bed's headboard, she is smiling as she looks at Shego, “I think there is something in that book that we did not bother to look, and probably missed it”

“You think so?” Shego ask, and look at the older possible nod, “I am taking Kim with me, tomorrow,I think it is better that we deal on this, i mean both of us deal on this.”

Nana Possible nod, “I think that is the best idea"Shego smiled at the older woman, “Do you need my blessing for this trip?”

Shego shook her head, “I just want to tell you, so you know” Nana possible just nod, “Well, i'm out now”

“Good luck to you and Kimmie. And please, take care of my Kimmie for me?”

Shego smiled at the old woman and nods.

“Okay Shego, I could ask wade to hitch us-” Kim was cut by Shego raising her index finger and waving it infront of her.

“We don't do hitch hiking Princess, but i need Wade to do something for me"Kim just look at her “wife”, “So will you contact him now, and Princess can you ask the buffoon to come here already?”

“Hey-Hey! I'm not your side kick to order around!” Kim huffed.

“Please Kimmie?” Shego said, trying to copy Kim's puppy dog pout, Kim's eyes widen when she saw Shego made the pout.

“What the-”

“Pwease?” Shego now exaggerating the pout, KIm started laughing.

“Ok! Ok!” Kim said in between pants, “PLease, i'll do it just stop that! Your pout is gonna kill me!” Kim said as she felt her kness weakens, and she sat on the floor still laughing.

“Go on Possible laugh at me!” Shego said, removing the pout look on her face.

“So-sorry She-SHego!” Kim said trying to pacify herself, then taking her kimmunicator out and open them.

Wade become visible from the device.

“Kim!” Wade said as he saw his friend laughing, “What's funny?” He ask.

“Oh-oh, sorry Wade, not you” Kim said as she finally stop laughing.

“Satisfied now Princess?” Shego ask frowning.

“Hey!” Kim said when she look at the green skinned thief, “I really never thought you could do a pout!” Kim argued, then holding on to the older woman's arm, she lifted herself, “You look so cute!” Kim said smiling, then turning her attention to Wade, “Hey Wade, Shego is taking me to a mission at China and she wanted you to do something for her, will you? PLease and thank you”

“How can i say no to that?” Wade said. After Wade said it, Kim handed Shego the Kimmunicator.

“Didn't i gave you your own kimmunicator?” Kim ask Shego.

“I left it, and besides, what will nerdlinger here say if he sees me instead of you contacting him?” Shego answered.

“I do hope i misheard the nerdlinger thing” Wade said in a serious tone.

“Be happy i don't call you buffoon” Shego argued.

“Okay, then nerdlinger is okay” Wade said scratching his head, “Am i suppose to call Ron for this mission?”

“Yes, nerdlinger, call the buffoon, he is badly needed” Shego said, wade just nodded and type away.

“So what do you want me to do?” Wade while typing.

“Drakken's hovercraft. The one with stealth mode” Wade just look at Shego.

“You want me to hack on the hover's computer-”

“I have the access code Nerdlinger, and i am giving it to you, you can hack on the flight mechanism so you can fly it from Drakken's lair to here, fully cloaked”

“That's a plan” Wade said,"Type the access code Shego and i'll do the rest”

Shego nodded and type the access code, “And you'll be responsible for security”

“What security are we talking here?” Wade ask.

“Ying chuan Library” Shego said.

Kim look at her “wife”, eyes wide, “THat-that is where-”

“Yes pumpkin, we have to get the book and read what is wrong. Why is the curse not lifted…I have blessings from your Nana”


“She wants me to get it, she believes that the answer to what is happening is actually written in that book” Kim just nodded as she takes in the meaning of SHego's words.

“Okay guys, i'm done, i have the hover craft fly to your destination and it will arrive in 5 minutes, we can just fetch Ron on his house”

“You rock Wade” Kim said, as she took the device from Shego and turn it off.

In 5 minutes, the hover craft arrived, and the two woman boarded and headed for Ron's house.

“Okay, so you have actually 15 minutes to get through the archive section, until the vault to the Phoenix’ book and decode it”

“How are we going to decode it?” Kim ask using the mic that is clinging on her throat.

“Just put the cable of the Kimmunicator at the machine i'll do the rest”

“But getting through the archive is the problem” Shego said sighing, “What is the security status of the area?”

“After the incident you caused months ago? They added extra securities, but you won't have to worry about it, from the study i did, the security turns off every 15 seconds for a 10 second scan. It scans for plasma heat Shego so you can't activate your power”

“And my body is all powered up even when i am asleep…”

“I got a plan” Ron interrupted.

“Make sure i'll like that plan buffoon”

“Ron! My name is Ron!”

“Whatever”, Shego rolled her eyes, “So what?”

“Rufus can connect the cable. I'm sure he have a very little body heat almost undetectable.”


“I know that damn animal have use”

Kim smiled at Shego's remark, and Ron's scowl, “Okay, so once we are at the archive, the people will have to hide until the animal could open the vault.”

The three look at each other and nodded.

And the operation started.

(A/N: so i did not go into details how they get in and get the book i'm moving to the part where Shego and Kim finally have it in their posession)

The little rug rat just did it at the nick of time, after a few minutes, SHego, KIm and Ron (rufus hiding in his pants) walk out of the library. None from the people there knew that the book of Phoenix is now officially missing.

Kim and Shego is at Kim's room, the phoenix book lying on the study desk, close. The two woman just staring at it. Ron is with them and just looking at her bestfriend, and her best friend's “wife”

“What are you doing?” Ron ask, “Aren't you gonna open it?” Ron ask again, shaking his head, he stand up and approach the book, his hand already at the cover and started to lift the cover when…

“NNNOOOOOO!” Kim and Shego shouted simultaneously, Ron became rattled and drop the cover.

“Wha-What did i do now?”

“Buffoon!” Shego shouted, “We are not sure what will happen if we open it!”

“What do you mean?” Ron ask.

“My grand mother said that once this book is opened the curse will multiply two fold!” Shego said, quite irritated.

“So? I am not the one cursed?” Ron said innocently.

Kim and Shego look at each other then at Ron.

“Your just great Ron!”


“We still can't open it!” Shego said again.

“Why? Ron is not the one cursed, he could just read it to us loud”

“But he is opening it in the house of the cursed!” Shego said.

“God! I can't believe you Shego, this is superstition we are talking about!”

“Yes! And my Father's dead and Nana POssible is paralyzed!” Shego shouted, pointing out something obvious.


“We can ask Monique, I'm sure it's fine if we do the reading session in her house” Ron volunteered.

Kim look at her, “Why not your house?”

“Hello” Ron said, making a quote-unqoute on the air “Curse”

“But you said your not the one-”

Ron scowled and shook his head, “Better be careful”

“Ahhhh!” Kim shouted then throw a pillow at Ron.

“PILLOW FIGHT!!!!” Ron shouted.

“Stop it!” Shego hollered, “let's go to MOnique's house then”

there was no answer, the best friends just nodded.

Monique was stunned to see in her door, her boyfriend, her best friend, and her bestfriend's wife.

“Wow, am i glad to hear from you three?” Monique with a quizzical look.

“Hey Hon” Ron said as he move forward and gave the black beauty a kiss on her lips.

“What brought you here?”

“Reading session?” Kim ask then smiled at Monique.


To stop the black woman from asking, Shego raised the book so Monique could see it, “Why read it here, why not on your house?” MOnique ask looking at the smiling Kim.

“It was your boyfriend's idea!” Shego said, shrugging her shoulder and continue on entering the house.

“The place is cozy!” Ron said, “Good place to read on book of Karma”

Monique's eye widens, “What Karma?”

Kim just motioned for Ron to explain.


“So you gave them te idea to read it here because you don't want to be cursed!” Monique hollered in front of her boyfriends face.

“Hey hon, its not as if you will get curse”

“And you will?”

“Your not a martial artist! perhaps the curse are for martial art experts only”

there was silence as the jaws of the three woman drops.

Monique sighed, “Okay, we can read that, here on my living room, but you-” She pointed at Ron “Will cook something delectable for us to eat” She said then smiled at her boyfriend, then look at the two woman, “Lets”

Shego and Kim followed Monique.


A woman's voice echoed inside.

Zahn shi walk in first and i followed her.

We were led to an altar, and were instructed to kneel down. Zan shi's son was placed in green carpet, while my Kimberly was laid in a red one.

-The power of the Phoenix comes forth every 100 years. On every turn of the Century, the phoenix will grant her power of life to 2 special persons. It have been then selected the two of you. Your children will be granted life, but you have to fulfill a destiny-

We look at each other.

“If you ask me, This ain't a book girlfriend!” Monique said after she have read the first paragraph of the book. Shego scowled her forehead everytime she heard Monique call her pumpkin girlfriend.

“Yeah, If my hearing is right, we are reading Nana Mim's diary” Kim said.

“Then the more we should read” Shego said shrugging her shoulder.

Monique nodded and began to read again.

- We were so hopeful that my Kimberly and Zahn shi's son will be able to get through this, i am hopeful not only for my dear daughter, but to the boy in her arms, bleeding to death.

We stayed inside the phoenix dome for how many hours i cannot tell, i was so happy when i felt my Kimberly started to fidget and cling in my arms, saying she is hungry. I believed that day that Phoenix have granted my Kimberly life…


I stopped carressing my daughter when i heard Zahn Shi's shout and saw her lifeless son on the floor.

“No!” Shego said, her eyes widens.

-end- chapter 16.

A/N: Next chapter will not have SHego and Kim in it. It will go back to the 19th century. Thank you for reading.

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