A twist of destiny

Chapter 7

Meeting Shego


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TITLE: Meeting Shego


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2889

Shego layed sprawled on her room in Go City. After finally talking with Kim and agreeing to Marry the cheerleader-teen heroine, Shego felt all her strength eluded her. Once her Mother arrived at the hospital, Shego went home to rest.

She took a bath upon arriving at their house and cook food for Mego and the Wegos when they arrive then she went to her room to rest. She remembered the Blue device Kim gave her before they separate ways. She took it from a personal cabinet and started inspecting it, after about 15 minutes, the device beep. Shego press the start button and saw A brown boy appeared on the screen.

“Nerdy?” Shego ask.

“H-hi, She-shego” Wade looks like he's been on exercise with all the perspiration visible to Shego's screen.

“I don't eat humans nerdy” Shego rolled her eyes. She knows that she is quite intimidating especially to children. And NErdy is just a kid. “So what is the meaning of this?”


“Stop stamerring!” Shego blurted out.


Shego's eyes widens as the kid blurt out a long sentence in one breath and suddenly her screen went blank, “That was fast” Shego shook her head. She sitted herself and open the directory of the Kimmunicator, then took her telephone and dialed Kim Possible's room number.

-hello, Kim POssible here-

“Princess?” Shego then lied to her bed, “Nerdy called me thru your device.

-oh yes, i ask him since i'll still be getting mine tomorrow morning-

“Oh, so what's up?”

-yeah about that-


-you know my dad?-

“Mr POssible? Yes, what about him?” Shego quirk her brows.

-Shego i know you hate rules and all, but my dad wants to talk to you-

no answer.

-He said he wants to meet you tomorrow evening at Middleton Hotel. Ground floor, at the restaurant-

still there was no answer.


Shego smiled, she knew Kim's father, she have researched on them. SHe knew this will come.

“What time in the evening should i meet him?”

Kim's jaw drop when she heard what Shego asked on the other line. Shego is asking the exact time, does this mean she is going without a fuzz? So until this time, shego keeps on surprising her.

-Princess? What time?-

“Oh, could you hold on, I'll ask my dad?”

-sure princess-

Kim puts the receiver down on her bed and hurried out of the room and knock on her parent's room.

James POssible opened the door, “Kimmie cub?”

“Shego is asking the exact time you want to meet her?”

“Oh, yeah…I forgot, 7 pm you know the place-”

“Yeah dad, i know”

“IS that all?”

“YEs. Goodnight dad” Kim peek inside, “Good night mom”

“Goodnight honey” Anne said smiling at her daughter.

“Goodnight Kimmie cub” James said then kiss her daughter on her cheek.

Kim walk away from her parent's room and run towards her room and jump on her bed, picking up the receiver, “Shego! Still there?”

-right here Princess-

“good, dad said 7”

-i'll be there 7-


there was a pause.

-is that all-/"Is that all?” Kim and Shego ask simultaneously, then Kim giggled, “I have nothing more to say Shego”

-then lets call this a night-

“Good night Shego”

-good night Princess-

‘click’ Then it was just a dialtone. Kim lied on her bed with the receiver still clutch on her chest.

“wow, that was easy” Kim said to herself, she can't beleive it will be easy to ask Shego to meet her Dad. Knowing Shego hated rules and hated being bossed around. And right now after the conversation, she feel lighter, happier? ‘I hate Shego don't I?’ Kim thought to herself then sighed, looking down she found the phone receiver still clutch on her chest. she sighed again “A mystery that is Shego” Kim whispered then returned the receiver to its body.

Shego have arrived at the Hotel Restaurant 30 minutes before 7. The waiter ushered her to a small table that is quite hidden, she made sure that the receptionist remember the name of Mr. James POssible, and be led to her table when he arrives.

James POssible cursed for the first time as he manages out of the traffic. HE told Kim that he'll meet Shego at 7, and he is now about 15 minutes late. Something a POssible don't really do. A Possible always arrive on time, so except tonight. Once he entered the gate of the Hotel, an employee met him and politely ask for the car key for valley parking, he gave the Key to the young man, headed to the receptionist. He is about to make a reservation, but when he gave his name, the receptionist called for a waiter and James was ushered to the table where Shego is already sitting.

James notice the woman he is to meet, dressed in a gown, green velvet running across her right shoulder diagonally to end on her left hip. The green velvet covering an all black body hugging gown. He did not dare stare much down for SHego is sitting cross legged and a scrumptous amount of greenish flesh is visible as the gown have slit running from about 2 inches above the knee down.

Shego stand up when She saw the Dr. “good evening Mr. Possible” Greeted Shego with a smile.

“Good evening” James greeted and motioned for Shego to sit, “I am sorry i am late, got some important project at the center that i need to finish”

“That is alright Mr. POssible. I am not here very long anyway” Shego lied.

Mr. James Possible was surprised to see waiters starting to lay out dishes on the table, the full course menu, “I'm impress” James exclaimed as the food he have thought of ordering is laid before him, “I see you do your homework?” James smiled at the green thief who is silent and just drinking her vodka.

Shego and James possible started to eat in silence.

“Mr. POssible, Kim told me you want to talk with me?”

James look at her and smile, “Yes about that” He straightened himself, “Shego, you'll be marrying my Kimmie cub”

“Yes MR. POssible, that we agreed upon”

“And-” James pulled his tie to loosen it, “I'll make it simple Shego, You marry my daughter but i have rules”

Shego just look at the doctor. He have known Kim's father to be strict with Kim when it comes to boys. So having to abide by this rules for her Kimmie won't really matter, “I do know about you having rules”

“Good. Then we are on a good start.” Shego nodded, “First Shego, you know that this marriage is just for the vow to be taken and lift the curse?” Shego nodded, “So i want to make it clear that this marriage will just be in paper. My daughter will be married to you in name only.” Shego look at him, there was no expression in her face, she knew too that this is coming, she nodded, “My Kimmie will be taking your Name because your the Chosen, i mean your ancestor is the first chosen, so Kim will take your name but my Kimmie is a possible in anyway”

“I will not take that from her. She wouldn't be Kim if she is not a possible” Shego answered in a monotone. James nodded and smiled.

“Good.Another, Kim is under the legal age. No sex.”

Shego's eyes widens. IS Dr. POssible that open he thought of her and Kim having sex? wild lesbian sex? “O-Of course none sir”

“Good you understand. I wouldn't want my Kimmie hurt Shego or God forbid, i'll make sure to put you in a blackhole for the rest of your life”

Okay, that was a good threat, knowing how Kim's dad's brain work, the threat sure is not empty, “I have no intention of hurting Kim Mr. POssible”

“Yes, I just want to make sure, knowing how many times you have tried to kill my Kimmie”

“I have to abide by Drakken's order. But Kim is tough, she never gets home with serious injury, aside from scratches and slight hematoma”

“And that is another. Since you'll be married to Kim and to my family, you have to quit villainy”

“I already quit a week ago”

James look at Shego, “Then that is good to hear”

“But i am still wanted in 11 countries and still do mercenary work to get paid”

“Oh i know about that, that's why I have Anne arrange a meeting for you and Betty.”

“Betty?-” Shego thought hard, “Betty Director?”


“She'll incarcerate me”

“She won't, Kim is going with you tomorrow at GJ for the meeting with Betty. Your name must be cleared, and Betty have a good deal, for both you and GJ”

Shego did not answer. She can give up taking over the world, thieving, but she cannot give up mercenary activity. She needs the money now, her father needing more than what is expected, she needs to support her family too. And since Kimmie will be her wife, shouldn't she shoulder Kim's education as well?

“I assume that the silence is a yes” Shego look at James and nodded, “Good.” James raised his hand for a waiter, the waiter came to him, “Bill please?”

“It's already been settled sir” the waiter replied.

James look at Shego, “Thank you. I should have paid since i am the one-”

“I'll be marrying Kim, this the least i can do” Shego interrupted.

“VEry well then, You have a place here at middleton? Going back to Go city then coming back at Middleton is time consuming”

“I'll just rent a hotel.”

James smiled, “May i suggest you sleep on our house then. As a guest.”

“I don't know with Kim-”

“Then i won't suggest, I'll insist” James stand up and went to where Shego is sitting and gestured to pull the chair out. Shego complied by standing up and following the leaving Doctor.

Kim run down as she heard her father's car park in their garage. Her mother still in the Kitchen cleaning, the Tweebs in their room doing homework. Anticipating her father's arrival, she opened the door and her eyes widens when the green thief greeted her.

Kim looked at Shego, Shego in a dress, and she sure looks like a goddess. Her very womanly figure standing out, Kim thought any man who'll see Shego in her state of dress cannot help but look and whistle.

“your drooling possible” Shego teased Kim, the red head shook her head, and a blush creep on her face, “Your father wouldn't like that” The green thief followed up.

“Why are you here?” Kim ask now irritated, ‘gush’ Kim thought, does she find Shego attractive in that dress?

“I told her to sleep here for tonight Kimmie cub”

“Dad!” Kim called on to her father and hug him, “MOM! Dad and Shego is here!” shouted Kim. Anne went out of the Kitchen and saw the two arrived.

“Good evening honey” Anne greeted and kiss his husband on the lips.

“I told Shego to spend the night here since Kimmie and her will be going to Betty tomorrow morning”

“I see”

“Good evenig Mrs. POssible”

“Oh, hello Shego. Anne is Fine” the villainess just nodded., “Come in, I'll have the guest room arrange for you.” Anne motioned for Shego t come in, “feel at home” Anne said smiling then turned her back at Shego and proceeded to their extra closet to get clean beddings and pillow cases and blankets.

“you sure do look like like your mom” Shego told Kim as she watch the elder red head go up.

“Kimmie-cub, i'll be going upstair”

“Yes dad”

“Shego” James look at the villainess and smiled, “I am glad we have an agreement, and starting at the right foot”

“I am glad as well Mr. Possible” James went up without saying any word.

Shego then look at Kim who is looking at her, “What is it?”

“I can't beleive you”

“Why is that?” Shego raised an eyebrow.

“1-” Kim raised a single finger, “You agreed to meet my dad without a fuzz, 2-” radding another finger, “You went along well with my dad, and 3-”

“I am so sexy?” Shego interjected.

“You are sexy-” Kim's eyes widens when the words left her mouth, “Shego!” Kim saw Shego laughing at her, “That's not what i am suppose to say!” Kim hollered.


“Yeah! i wnat to say aside from getting along well with dad you seem to create a good impression to him”

Shego stop laughing ‘all for you Kimmie’ she thought, “Yeah, i don't want to go to a blackhole, not good” Shego said shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

And again, Kim saw another face of the great Shego. KIm thought the green skinned female have not failed to amazed her until this time. Her reverie was cut when Mrs. Possible came in.

“Shego, the room is all set, and i have a spare pajama there, you can change for the night”

Shego stand up, smiled at Mrs. POssible, “Thank you very much Anne” Shego then look at Kim, “Goodnight Possible” then the green thief turned her back on Kim and went to the guest room where Anne pointed to her.

“There is God!” Kim said softly, sighing, then stand up and head to her room.

“I thought it will be just you and me to talk with Betty?” Shego ask Kim. Kim and Shego is sitting at the back seat of the sedan, and the two Dr. POssibles in front. Mr. POssible Driving.

“We just want to make sure that everything will run smoothly” Anne answered Shego's querry.


“You know, i am hungry. I did not eat breakfast” Shego broke the silence. Shego is staring outside the window, her chin propped on her hand.

“If you have woken up earlier, perhaps you could have eaten breakfast!” Kim retorted.

Shego look at Kim and pointed her finger at her, “You did not woke me up” she declared flatly.

“Is it my job to wake you up?” KIm is frowning.

“Your going to be my wife so---yeah!” Shego then grin at Kim.


“Girls!” James who is driving stop the banter, “Conserve energy, you need that, you'll be facing Betty”

“Yeah! I'm facing a demon”

Kim look at SHego wide eyed, “Look who's talking?”

Shego smiled and pointed at herself, “Evil, not demon. BEtty Demon”

Kim slump her shoulder, “Whatever”

Betty Director is phasing to and fro, her arms at her back, then she is looking at the woman at the front of her desk and then look at the ceiling trying to think. Then she stop and look at the raven haired woman.

“You mean to tell me, you are willing to quit taking over the world but not the mercenary missions you do” Shego nodded, “And you know that that is not acceptable” Betty straightened her back, “NOt acceptable by POssible standard”

“I need the money” Shego admitted.

“How about i make a deal with you?” Shego just look at the one eyed woman, “If i could pull string to have your father transferred here at the GJ medical area, for all the support he needs for free, will you accept an offer from GJ as a private detective?”

Shego look at Betty with a questionning look.

“You will not be listed as GJ employee, ofcourse not, but you will work for GJ on special cases that might need your skills.”

“Like stealing for GJ?” Shego ask.

“Something like that. BUt it's not stealing”

“BEcause It's GJ and not Drakken? Same thing for me” Shego answered.

“Think of whatever you like.” Betty pulled her chair and sitted, “What can you say?”

“And my criminal records?”

“Your an A-1 criminal SHego. GJ holds your record. If we erased your record at GJ, then there is no way for other countries to hold you. You'll be a free woman”

“And what is the catch?”

“You have to stay at Middleton, with an Agent to make sure you do well”

“Like a parole officer”

“Just like that”

“And my family?”

“You can move your family here.”

“I am not surrendering my money”

“I am not asking you to. BEsides from reports, your family needs it” Betty smiled, “And i have just got the best Parole officer for you”

“Let me guess-"Shego rolled up her eye, “Red head, stands around 5 foot 3, green eyes-”

Betty smiled, “Your sharp”

“You just know how to torment me do you not Betty?”

“Well, what could i say, i could read my best friend's face like a book"Shego shook her head, “Besides, you'll be marrying her, what's the problem with that?”

“You know you really are a demon?”

“I know, That's why we're best friend, classmate for life, I'm a demon and your evil” Betty grinned.

Shego stand up, “I'm telling my mom about this”

“I'll be glad to see your mother and tell her how i turned you 180 degrees from hell” Shego frowned, “And i miss your mom's cooking”

“Next time you eat, i'll made sure mom puts a poison on your food”

“I'll be glad to share it with you Sheryl”


“Dismissed!” Betty then point her finger on the door, Shego grinned.


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