A twist of destiny

Chapter 12

Back to school Kimmie


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TITLE: Back to school Kimmie


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2918

Kimberly Anne POssible yawned then stretched her body as she heard her alarm clock rung. SHe got up and turned it off, then went to her bathroom to do all the sort of things she does before she goes to school.

Yes, Kim have already served her 1 week suspension for hurting Bonnie Rockwaller, but the teen heroine is anxious, she knew that most of her classmates hates her now or if not, they must think of her as an outcast, someone not worth being with. The truth, Kim would just want to stay home, and she thought that being home is not that boring anymore as a green skinned thief have shown her how nice it is to be at home.

Kim shook her head at this thoughts. She's becoming soft when it comes to Shego,to think, months ago, she would have hated to even see the thief. But now being with Shego is more natural. More satisfying? 3 days ago, Shego have been called again by Dr. Director for another assignment, and without complain, SHego went to the GJ office for briefing. Kim would have object because the green thief have gotten cases after cases, but it seems the green thief is fine with it. So if Shego is fine with it why not her? So she shrug her shoulder and said nothing about it.

~ but you miss her ~ kim's inner voice said.

unlike before, she could not argue with that. She do miss Shego.

She slowly walks on the school lobby, thanking any divine intervention, there was no one in there, so she could get to her locker without anyone annoying her, a part of her is happy about it and a part of her is not…even her friends Ron and Monique is nowhere in sight, and so she thinks -

“Who the-” Kim almost sweared when her sight blackens as a pair of hand encloses her eyes, there was no answer but she heard giggles at her back, “Who is this?” Kim said her voice 1 fret higher, “Mo?” she guessed.

“You wouldn't believe me girlfriend, but that hand is not mine” Monique said, the black girl is at Kim's side, arms folded on her chest, “C'mon Bonnie! release her!” MOnique said to the girl at Kim's back, and Bonnie did.

Kim look around to see a grinning Bonnie.

“Welcome back Possible!” Bonnie greeted.

Kim's jaw drop as she never see Bonnie like this to her before, then she look at Monique, her face silently asking “What's with Bonnie?”, and the black girl widens her eyes and shrug her shoulder secretly telling her “What do i know?”. Kim look at Bonnie again and 3 more cheerleaders, “What's with you now Bonnie?”

“HEy-hey-hey, I am not here to cause any trouble!” Bonnie handed Kim a letter. Kim opened and read it.

“Apology letter?”

“KIM!!!!” A man shouted, Kim look at the shouting man and saw Josh running towards her, “Your the Man Kim!” Josh said then he lightly tug Kim at her back.


“Hey MAnckey! Stop harrassing POssible” Bonnie frowned and shouted.

“I am not!” JOsh answered Bonnie.

“Yes you are!”

“No i'm not-”

“Stop that!” Kim shouted at the two, “What is happening here?” Kim look at MOnique again who smiled at her.

“Look Kim, your really the man…ahhhh-” Josh started, “Did your wife, i mean- yeah your wife brought you here at school, I mean-”

Kim frowned, “Shego?”

“Yeah! That is her name right?” JOsh ask grinning.

Kim frowned more then shook her head.

“Damn! SHe isn't here” Josh shrug his shoulder, “Anyway, if she does fetch you, just give me a ring okay?” JOsh said before he disappear.

“Goof!” Bonnie shouted, then look at Kim who have not been able to find her voice, “POssible?”

‘Shego?’ Kim thought, ‘how did Josh knew about her? and why is he so interested?’ Kim felt a pang of jealousy inside her. So is she jealous that Josh is interested with Shego or is it because Josh is actually interested with Shego. Will she feel the same way if Josh is interested with another woman lets say Bonnie? Kim's eyes widens as this thought overflowed her.

“Kim!” monique lightly tug Kim to pull her out of her reverie. Kim jerk and found the two woman look at her.

“Possible, i also like to remind you that we will have cheerleading practice after class. We have to practice everyday for the interschool cheerleading contest-”

“Excuse me Bonnie, but i am not in the cheerleading squad-”

“Oh yes you are. Mr. BArkin retracted their decision on removing you from the squad.”

Kim did not answer. What is she suppose to say?

The ringing of the bell of their first class stop the conversation, and the girls separated ways.

Lunch time, Kim is with Ron and Monique at the cafeteria. Ron supplying Kim the informations about school happenings for the 1 week she was out, it includes Shego and Attorney Gracy Lou Freebush appearance and making the life of the administrations and Bonnies life as well as good as hell, and how Shego actually caught every man's eyes…

“Imagine KP, those boys are drooling over SHego? And even think of her as a cool, hot chick for bringing her plasma power into life? Boys in our school is insane!” Ron continues in his speech as he eats with his pet Rufus.

“aha-insane!” Rufus agreed, MOnique just shook her head as she looks at her boyfriend. Kim on the otherhand is silent.

In Kim's mind…she came here, she did all this? SHe straightened out things for her? Shego did this, and deep within her she smiled, SHego is actually worried about her that she take a time to come to her school and straighened out everything. BUt who is Attorney Gracy Lou Freebush? Ron told her that the Attorney looks young, sexy and interesting. How did Shego knew of her? Was she Shego's girlfriend? Kim knew that Shego likes women. The same feeling as earlier hunted her again. She is jealous? And about the boys drooling over SHego? Drooling over her SHego…HEr SHego now?

“Earth to Kim! Earth to KIM!” MOnique said tugging her.

“OH!” KIm said smiling, “Sorry i zoned out”

“YEah, i thought you were on Pluto”


“So your back in the game?” Monique ask.

“What game?”

“Cheerleading, the student coun-”

“I told Mr. Barkin that i am not taking the Student council responsibility anymore. And perhaps later, i'll tell Bonnie that i am not going back to cheerleading”

“What?” Ron and Monique both ask.

“After what Shego gone through? You'll decline?” Monique ask, shaking her head.

Kim smiled, “Look, i really thought, before that my being Kim POssible will stop once this things are gone, but i have already figured evrything out.” Kim's smile widens.

“What?” Ron ask mouth full.

“I don't need them, The two of you plus Wade is all i need to be Me. BEsides, after what happens in school, my mind was opened by the fact that i don't need to have a good vibes with the school. As long as you two and Wade and my family supports me, i will not need anyone anymore”

“Awww, Kim!” Monique said smiling.

“Meeh!” Rufus squeek.

“Yeah, that also includes you Rufus” Kim said to the squeeking rodent. He stop and smiled at Kim.

“That's touching” Ron said after swallowing whats in his mouth, “And who opened that mind of yours? I thought you'll never see that day” Ron ask.

“Ron!” Monique said tapping her boyfriends arm.

“It's alright Monique” Kim said then she smiled, she have no intention of telling Ron who talk her out of misery…'Shego’ she thought.

After her last class, Kim found Bonnie waiting for her outside her room.

“Hey” Bonnie greeted her, “Ready for practice?”

KIm smiled at her, “Did Shego have something to do about you being nice to me?” she ask smiling, shaking her head, the two walk on the corridor.

Bonnie smiled at her, “Partly” she then answered.


Bonnie nodded, “So your wife did threatened me, but hey I'm Bonnie Rockwaller, and its not about her threat that made me this now”


“I just thought…we have been friends before, maybe if i were on your shoes, you wouldn't do that crazy thing to me” Bonnie stop walking, “I really am sorry for being rude and, you know crazy” Bonnie's head was bowed down, finding her feet worthy of her sight.

“Hey, your not sure if i am not going to do the same thing if you were on my foot” Kim said as she stop walking too, looking at Bonnie. Bonnie raised her head and look at her.

“Your being nice for saying that! I know you too well POssible, your too goody, maybe that's why i hated you” Bonnie said then she walk forward to join Kim.

“Atleast now we knew” Kim said, then the two girls look at each other and laugh.

then after a while there was silence.

“So lets go to the gym?” Bonnie ask, “You'll still be the captain-”

Kim held Bonnie's shoulder, “I can't Bonnie. I am not going back to cheerleading”

Bonnie look at her, with a sad eyes, for once Kim thought Bonnie is sincere, “Why?” Bonnie's eyes look as if she is blaming herself for Kim's reaction.

“HEy, its not about you. It's just that i realized a missed a lot of things, because i am too busy with my life, cheerleading, council, extra-curriculars, saving the world, i do all of those things but i have never done something that is for me. MAybe i should just relax, study, perhaps save the world on occassion and enjoy being me.” Kim said then look at Bonnie.

Bonnie nods in understanding, “Perhaps, that's what you lack, a real fun time with yourself”

Kim smiled at Bonnie, “But hey, if you need help, i could drop by sometimes and see what you have made?” KIm offerred.

Bonnie smiled, “That offer will be accepted gracefully!”

“yeah, jeez-”

The two woman look at each other, smiled, and Bonnie did something extraordinary, she hug Kim.

The two woman separates way smiling that afternoon.

Kim felt light as she walks home, school wasn't that bad after her return, though there are still some who thought of her as “not normal” but she thought she'll live. SHe have Ron, Monique, Wade, Rufus, her family, okay so Bonnie did get to her today in a nice way, Kim hope it will be for good, between her and Bonnie. And to top everything…she have a green skinned thief, she smiled as the image of Shego waiting for her in their house cross her brain.

At their door, Kim took her key to open it but was halted as she felt the door open, she smiled wildely when she saw who is behind the door.

“Kimmie, your here? Your mom told me she is going to your school-” Shego did not finished her sentence because the young red head jump at her, casuing them to fall on the floor, “Princess!” Shego shouted.

“Shego!” Kim said, then she tightened her embrace to the fallen thief and buried her face on the older woman's neck.

“Kimmie? What happened?” Shego ask softly, the green thief is worried that something bad happened in her Kimmie's school, “Is everything fine at school?” Kim nodded, she did not release the older woman though, “So why are you like this? ANd can we get up? the door is still open”

Kim pushed away slightly from Shego, “You came to my school” Shego look at the face of her Kimmie, her eyes a bit watery, she nods, “You arranged everything?” Kim smiled at her sweetly.

Ahhhh, that smile…Shego will do anything for that smile.

“Not everything, i have help” Kim nods, then the red head starts to untangle herself from Shego and get up, holding her hand to the thief to help her, SHego did took the hand and she stand up. Kim look at SHego closed their door, when shego walks towards Kim, she saw Kim smiling at her.

“Thank you” Kim said.

Shego smiled and waved her hand to the air, “Anyway, your mom told me that she'll pick you up at school, Tim and Jim too, i told her you must have a cheerleading practice, your brothers have a soccer practice” Shego sitted herself on the couch, Kim followed, “So why are you early? NO practice?” Shego ask, her brows raised up.

“There is”


“I told Bonnie I'm not going back to cheerleading” Kimsaid smiling inocently. Shego's jaw drop.

“What? I thought you love cheerleading?”

“Yeah, but-” Kim look at SHego's quizzical look, “I like to do something fun aside from school work, extra curriculars.” Kim shrug her shoulder and look down, “I also told Mr. BArkin that i am not going to take the student council president's work anymore-” Kim look at Shego again, “Well, they might have been wrong in their reasoning as to why they want me out, but i think i will not like other school to look down on me just because i am married to a woman and remain a student council president. “

there was silence.

“Look Shego, I know you did much to straightened up everything at school but-”

“Are you okay with it?” Shego interrupted Kim's monologue.

“Okay with what?”

“Not to have those things you do like before?”

Kim sighed, then nodded, “I have my friends, family, so i mean maybe its time i spend more time with them”

Shego look at Kim, smiled and nod, “then that is good”


“Lets wait for your parents and brothers before we eat?” Kim nodded at the thought, “You should clean yourself first”

Kim stand up and smiled, she nodded at Shego and run upstairs towards her room.

It was a very good dinner. Shego cook something delicious, the Twins were glad for the food and so does the Drs. POssibles. KIm sat beside Shego and also enjoying her meal. She announce to the family her decision at school and she is happy that everyone accepted her decision without a fuzz. Though Shego eats with them since she arrived at their house, she never joins the conversation and mostly reduced to smile and nod when ask.

After Dinner, Shego help Anne clean the kitchen while the twins go to their room, KIm made her assignment, and Mr. POssible rested in their room. ONce the Kitchen is clean, Anne excuses herself and went up to their room, as Shego park herself in the living room couch and started fliiping on the Channel to find something worthy to watch.

Shego is bored not seeing a good movie to watch, yawning she took the remote and turn off the television.

“Shego?” Shego look at where the voice is and saw Kim standing behind her.

“Not sleep yet?” Shego ask smiling.

“Are you doing anything? I mean-”

“No, i'm just going to go to bed-”

“Oh, sorry if i bother you” Kim said then she turn her back to SHego leaving.

“You need something?” Shego ask her leaving wife.

Kim stop walking and faced Shego again, “ahhh- is it okay if we talk? I can't sleep”

Shego smiled at Kim and nodded, “You want me to make you a hot chocolait aswell?” Kim's face beamed and nod, “OKay, i'll be right back” Shego stand up and went to the kitchen, while Kim walk towards the couch and sitted herself.

Moments later, Shego walk out of the kitchen with 2 large cups of very hot chocolait drink. Then the older woman sitted beside Kim. There was silence as the two satrted sipping on their cups.

“So who help you?” Kim ask, breaking the silence.


“You know school, my school”

“Oh, Gracy. Attorney Gracy Loou Freebush”

silence again.

“Former girlfriend?” KIm ask, toolate to stop her mouth, so the name gives her a goosebump, not because it sounds horror, but due to the feeling of jealousy eating her out, ‘why?’ Kim ask deep within her.

“Attorney Freebush? Ne!” Shego smiled, leaning on the couch backrest she stared at the ceiling, “It was my first time to meet her. She was actually my grandmother's lawyer” She smiled, “I really hated myself for asking that old witch for favor but i thought i have to-”

“Sorry” Kim said, realizing how pained Shego is for doing such thing.

“Hey don't be, you didn't ask it.” Shego sighed deeply, “But Freebush is a beautiful woman, intelligent, intimidating…a good candidate for girlfrined” Kim felt her stomach grounds inside, “But really, she is not my type, i like sexy woman but i don't like someone who acts like me!” Shego laugh, “Imagine me in a relationship with another me? Isn't that absurd?”

Kim felt relief, so she thought there must be something growing between her and Shego, and she wonders if its just her who could feel it? She sips on her cup again, smiling.

And the night pass by without them noticing it, sharing stories both knew about each other and don't know. Shared secrets, laughters, embarrassing moments, funny experience at their work, Kim as hero and Shego as villain. Later did they notice the time and Shego have to force KIm to rest because tomorrow is another school day for her pumpkin.

-end chapter 12-

A/N: Nana POssible went to the Possible house to check on the newly weds.

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