A twist of destiny

Chapter 6

You've got to marry me!


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TITLE: You've got to marry me!


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2543

Kim just can't believe what is happening to her. Kim have decided to push through the wedding even if it means she be tied with Shego, her worst enemy. In this situation, Kim knew that she is the one that will suffer more. She is 17, a teen hero, she still have a future to look forward too, but this will all be ruined because she will be marrying Shego. And Shego refuse?! ‘WHO THE HELL IS SHE?!!!!’ Kim shouted deep inside of her, seething in one corner of her ride back to Middleton. Right after Shego walk out on her, she called Ron saying she will not return to class.

Once the aircraft landed at MIddleton, Kim held a cab and gave the driver the direction to the Middleton Hospital. She have to talk to her mother or she'll explode.

“Oh hello Kimmie” Anne greeted her daughter as soon as the younger red head entered her mother's office, “Cut class?”

Kim frowned then nod, “I wasn't able to attend any”

Anne look at her daughter who sat in a couch just beside her mother's table, “Why is that?”


“Kimberly Anne?”

“I-i got a call from Drakken. I've been looking for Shego to talk to her and Wade made it possible for me to talk to Drakken”

“And what did Drew do now?”

“Nothing” Kim exhaled, she rest her back on the couch's backrest, took a throwpillow and hug it, “He told me what happened to Shego's family, and I went to Go city to talk to her.”


Kim look at her mother, “She will not marry me”

Anne became silent, “oh”

“Mom! She have to marry me!”

Anne's eyes widened, “Kimmie? Are you okay?” Anne stand up and walk towards the couch, she sat beside her daughter and put a palm on her daughter's forehead, “Your not hot, have you been drinking alcoholic beverage? Or-” Anne widens her eye more to mock her daughter “Kimmie, your not taking drugs?”

“Mom! I'm not, and i'm serious. Shego have to Marry me!”

Anne sighed, “Kimmie, don't you think it's better that Shego is not going to marry you?”

“Mom, this is not just marrying Shego, you know that. If she won't marry me then what will happen to us? the curse? What will happen to her family? Her father will die and HEgo will never get out of jail. Her family will be an outcast for life! We need to get marry”

The older red head did not respond to her daughter. She just look at her.

“Mom, i can't let anything happen to us. I'm not going to wait for something horrible to happen to dad, or you or the Tweebs.” Kim embraced her mother.

“Talk her out of it” Anne said while holding her daughter in embrace.

“Shego is stubborn, she will not listen to me, she'd rather let her family suffer than marry me, Her father is in coma for how long she doesn't knew and will not help him, She said Hego made a choice and not helping him anymore, her mother have accepted the fate of being her mother…what a screw up brain she have, letting her family suffer just not to marry the woman she hates most? I cannot live like that mom!”

Anne scrunch her brows, “How did you know about those?”

“Drakken told me. He quit taking over the world”


“Shego resigned. There's no way he will succeed without Shego”

Anne stared on her desk, processing information on her brain. She is not so sure, but with what little information she have heard, Shego doesn't hate her Kimmie, If Shego is abandoning her family as Kimmie is saying just not to marry her daughter, then why did she have to go to China to try to steal the book to look for her destined fiancee? Why would Shego Quit being Drakken's side kick? And if Kimmie found Shego in the hospital, why is she there in the first place if she would rather let her father die. It doesn't make sense how one is present when you wat to abandon your responsibility.

“Anything is possible with a possible Kimmie. Isn't that right? you can talk her out of it” Anne then said to her daughter.


Anne look at her daughter and made a pout. Kim's eyes widens as she realized what she will do.

“What in my sentence did you not understand Possible?” Shego ask the red head sarcastically, “I am not going to marry you. Isn't that english enough for you?” Shego is sitted on a chair that is screwed on the wall of the hospital hall, just outside the Critical care unit.

“I understand it clearly Shego”

“Then why the heck are you here still asking me to reconsider?” Shego's voice went 1 scale higher.

“Because your being SELFISH!!!!” Kim matched Shego's tone.

“Aherm” The two woman look at the source of the unexpected sound, “Eh, MIss, this is the hospital hall, if you have to have a verbal spite, i guess you bring that out. Your making a scene here and it's not healthy for the others” the nurse pointed to other people sitting along the hall.

Shego stand up and walk out of the hall way. Kim followed. When the two arrived at the hospital parking lot, Kim held on to Shego's arm and turned the green thief towards her.

“Shego!” Kim shouted.

“What?!” Shego look at Kim, frowning, “I'm not hearing any of this bullshit!”

“YOur Selfish! You rather let your father die and brother rot in jail than marry me. Did you hate me that much you rather have your family die? I hate you Shego but i am willing to tie the knot with you because i love my family and i cannot live a day knowing they are going to die without me doing anything!”

Shego straightened her body. What the hell is her Kimmie saying? She selfish? YEah maybe she is, but she is not selfish when it comes to her pumpkin. She is actually giving up her family for Kim's freedom. Is that being selfish? Then Shego saw her pumpkin, she started pouting, ‘What the hell is she doing with her face?’ Shego thought, then the pout became more pronounced, she closed her eyes to not see but the image is just there in her mind.

“Kimmie, “ Shego said, now in a low tone, “You don't understand-”

“I do, I am not stupid Shego."Kim's pout wasn't made up anymore, tears started to leak in her eyes, “I love my family and-”

Shego felt her heart break seeing her Kimmie cry. Kim slump on the hard floor, her shoulder shaking, her Kimmie covering her face with her hands.

“I don't want to lose my family” Kim continued on crying.

Shego walk towards the red head and sitted herself infront of her and pulled the red head into an embraced.

“I don't want to lose my family Shego”

“I know”

“YOu don't, you gave up on them so just not to marry me”

“You don't know me that much then pumpkin”

there was silence.

“You know pumpkin, if i marry you, you can be an outcast like my family. You know my reputation and all?” Shego felt the red head nod, “And you might be the star of all gossips at school” Kim nodded again, “And you might lose your friend, your other relatives, your reputation as a hero, you may not be able to save the world anymore because they will not want you to save them.” Shego didn't feel anything as answer. Shego now staring faraway, “There will be people who will label you, try to cast a stone at you just by marrying a freak, thief like me”

Kim pulled herself out of Shego's embraced without the green thief knowing, she look at her face, blank and looking just far away, staring at nothing. ‘Who are you?’ Kim ask but just inside of her. She saw another side of Shego. Different from the strong one, different from yesterday. Then Kim look down at Shego's arms around her, ‘Why did she embrace me?’ kim thought, ‘Does this mean she don't hate me? I just assume because i hate her?’

“Is that okay with you pumpkin? You were right when you said that i was there to ruin your life. MAybe not because i am going to steal that book, but because i'll be your destiny. Isn't it kind'a twisted?”

“It is” Kim finally answered.

Shego look at Kim and smiled, “I'll be doing this because you ask me Possible. So you owe me”

Kim look at Shego then smiled, “Then i'll tell my parents.” Shego nodded.

Shego felt relieved to see her pumpkin smile. She thought she'll do maybe just anything to have her pumpkin smile at her again, just like how she smiled right now. Shego felt her heart warmed, she embraced the red head again, and to the red head's surprised, Shego kissed Kim's forehead. Then the green thief stand up and held her hand towards Kim to help her up. Kim accepted the gesture and smiled. “You've been cutting classes since Yesterday Princess”

Kim look at the green thief, “Ah, yeah, i told them its a mission” Kim was amazed how the thief keeps on surprising her.

“So your mission is finish, you should go back to school. We'll just meet on Phoenix Temple at Ningxia for the ceremony. May 24”

Kim saw Shego turn her back to her, she stop the thief from walking and turn her towards her.

“What now?” Shego ask, her usual irritated tone.

“Here” Kim handed Shego her Kimmunicator.

“What is this?”

“That's my kimmunicator”

“I know. I'm meaning to say, Why give this to me?” Shego held out the blue device showing it to Kim.

“It seems i have no way of contacting you, at least now there is a way”

“Afraid i'll vanished?”

“I'll be your wife, we need communication every now and then. And if there's something that comes up, atleast i don't have to go here to ask you”

“I do have a mobile phone”

“But that is easier”

Shego raised her brows but did not said anything, she pocketed the kimmunicator, “Safe journey POssible”

The two turned their back on each other walking on opposite direction. Shego stop on her track and look back at Kim possible and saw the red head looking at her.

“THank you Shego”

Shego just nodded.

Ron and Monique look at each other when Kim came in their math subjext after lunch, smiling, and calm.

“Did Kimmie beat the hell out of Shego just to say yes?” Ron whispered to Monique.


“I only see that smile when she beats Shego on their martial arts dance”

Monique look at Ron, “Really?”

“Have you seen her smile like that before?” MOnique shook her head, “See?”

“Mr. Stoppable! Care to share what you are Whispering about?” The huge man in front hollered.

“Ah, YEs Mr. BArkin, KIm is smiling!” Ron blurted out. The class started laughing at Ron, “What?!”

Kim rolled her eyes as her friend started rumbling on words that don't usually jive together.

“Okay Stoppable! Detention after Class”

“Oh Men! Again?” Ron ask dropping his shoulder and sititng down.

“Don't worry Boyfriend, I'll wait for you to get out”

Ron look at Monique smiling, “Booyah”

The bell of the last subject rang, students started shuffling their books and notes then one by one exited the room. Kim, Ron and Monique was left.

“You've been happy all afternoon. Beat Shego out to say yes?”

Kim smiled at Ron and shook her head.

“And why the smile? It's pasted on your face, seems not going away?”

“Oh, Shego agreed to marry me”

“Wow, congratulations” MOnique said mockingly.

“Congrats!” Rufus squeek peeking out of Ron's pocket.

“And the smile?” Ron ask.

“My family is saved?” Kim smiled more, “Ron can i borrow your Kimmunicator?”

“Why? You have yours?”

“I gave it to She-”

“You gave your Kimmunicator to Shego? Are you out of your mind?” Ron hollered.

“No big! I'll ask wade for another. I need a constant communication with her.”

“Wow!” Monique said.

“I'll be her wife so we need to”

“YEah right” Ron said shaking her head and handing Kim his own Kimmunicator, “Mrs. Kimberly Anne POssible-Go”

“Or Mrs. Shego Go Possible”

“Shego Go? That doesn't sound nice” Ron told his Gf.

“Shego is not her real name Monique” Kim defended, then the communicator sprang to life.

“What's up Kim?”

“Wade I need a new Kimmunicator”

“Did your's broke down?”

“She gave it to Shego” Ron interjected.


“PLease wade? and thank you”

“No problem, I'll deliver it to you by early morning tomorrow”

Kim is lying on her bed, on her Pajama, her favorite Pandaroo in a tight embrace.Kim then thought, so why is she smiling, okay so she is happy that Shego agreed to push thru with the marriage to save their families. But is it just that? HEy she hate the woman she'll be marrying, why the smile? Then she remember her last three encounter with Shego. The green thief was different, she seems more complicated. Intriguing.

("You know pumpkin, if i marry you, you can be an outcast like my family. You know my reputation and all?” ; “And you might be the star of all gossips at school” ; “And you might lose your friend, your other relatives, your reputation as a hero, you may not be able to save the world anymore because they will not want you to save them.” ; Shego now staring faraway, “There will be people who will label you, try to cast a stone at you just by marrying a freak, thief like me”)

‘She have think of my future? Could it be the reason why she will not marry me? not because she hates me?’

("Is that okay with you pumpkin? You were right when you said that i was there to ruin your life. MAybe not because i am going to steal that book, but because i'll be your destiny. Isn't it kind'a twisted?”)

‘If it's okay with me, does that mean she will still refuse to reconsider. Shego…Who are you? Why are you doing this? Is this the real you?’ Kim Shook her head. It really is twisted. Two enemies to be tied together as spouses? Kim concurr that their destiny is really twisted.

The Kim heard a knock on her door. A tall man peek in smiling.

“I heard from your Mom you finally get Shego to agree to marry you.”

“Dad!” Kim sitted herself up, “YEs i did”

“Okay, you know i need to talk with this Shego. JUst me and her”


“I'm the father and i have rules”

“Shego hate rules”

“She have to abide by it if she is marrying my Kimmie-cub”

“Dad! I doubt it”

“I want to talk with her. Tell her to meet me tomorrow evening at Middleton Hotel”


“Restaurant Kimmie cub. Restaurant”

“Ah okay”

James smiled at her daughter and walk away from her room.

- end chapter 6 -

A/N: So Shego is going to meet 2 people next chapter.

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