A twist of destiny

Chapter 3



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TITLE: Problem


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1906

“What? Did you agree with the setting?” Ron ask, flailing his hand in the air. Kim, Monique and Ron went to Bueno Nacho after their class ends. It seems Monique have gotten a bigger incentive at Club Banana and decided to treat her BF and GF on BN.

“What could i do?” Kim slump her shoulder, pouting a little bit.

“Did you do that puppy dog pout?” Monique ask.

“I did-”

“Didn't work?” Ron ask with an amazed look in his face.

“Will it work if your own mother and grandmother does the same thing in front of you? Hey they were the inventor of the pout!” Kim sulk, lifting a single nacho bathed with cheese.

“nacho!” Rufus chirp as he look at the dripping cheese of the Nacho. Kim sighed and toss it to the waiting rodent, rufus put it in its mouth and swallow it whole “buuuurpppp”

Kim smiled at Rufus, “Besides, Nana said if i don't agree, it would mean more disaster to our family, and the damage maybe permanent” Kim said then look at Monique who seem to zone out from the group, “Yo! Nique!” Kim called out.

Monique was startled and look at Kim, “Sorry about that GF”

“You zoned out, very unlikely, why?” Kim ask, straightforward.

Monique smiled at KIm as she felt her face burn up, “I just imagined you making the pout and being countered by your mother's and grandmother's version of ‘puppy dog pout'” again picturing the scenario, Monique giggled.

“Haha, funny” Kim said without laughing.

“Sorry” Monique apologized and did a poor job in stopping her giggles. Ron who is looking at his girlfriend joined in, and the giggling fiasco progress into a full laughter, Even Rufus joined in, now holding on to its belly as it rolled over the table. KIm look at them, not even smiling, but as seconds pass, she found herself laughing too. LAughing maniacally…

Monique and Ron suddenly stop, and so did rufus, the three exchange glances and look at Kim who did not stop from laughing, “Ki-Kim?” Ron tried calling.

“Oh Ron!” Kim said in between pants as she continue to laugh.

“Your freaking me” Ron added, MOnique nodded.

“Freaky!” Rufus chimed in agreement.

“Oh-oh- so-rry, but i -i can't stop now-” Kim said syllabically as she tried to stop the feat of laughter, “help-” Kim said as she now bends on her stomach, clutching it as she felt pain searing in, and her diaphgram constrict making her breath less and less, “help-”

Ron freak out, stand up and run towards the Counter, took a cold water, run towards Kim and splash it all over her. The other people around who doesn't know what is happening gasp as they saw a soaking Kim POssible. Then suddenly, by work of miracle, or goofiness or plain Monkey power luck, Kim's laughter died down, leaving a heaving, very wet Red head on BUeno Nacho's bench.

“Thanks” mutterred Kim after regaining some oxygen, and after the muscle pain subsided. Then she look at Ron with a deadly gaze, “And i'm all wet”

“But it help?” MOnique defended her BF when she saw Kim's death glare. She saw her GF nodded, “You freak us out”

“The news freak me out” Kim exclaimed.

“So you did accept?”

“They gave me 3 days to think it over”

“And?” Ron ask, KNowing his BFSPK (best friend since pre k)he knew he have made the decision. She won't be calling an urgent meeting, and inside their wonderful hideout if not.

“I decided i'll go for it”

Monique and Ron's Jaw drop. Are they hearing Kim right. She accepted the setting, she is going to Marry?

“Ah…i hope its not too much to ask, but who is the lucky guy?” Ron ask, “Someone from school? JOsh? Brigs? Mr. Barkin?-”

“RON!” MOnique and Kim shouted at Ron at the same time.

“Mr. BArkin? That's gross!” MOnique said tapping Ron's shoulder.

“Ewwwww” Rufus then acted as if vomiting.

“Besides, I don't know who i am to marry,which brings me the second problem-”

“What problem?” Ron ask.

“Just imagine Ron, accepting this setting would mean that i'll be engage, and i have to marry him before or on May 24-”

“What? MAy 24? this year? 2007?” Monique ask.

“YEs, that means i only have one month, and i don't even have the slightest idea where he is, if he knew, and i have to find him! Find him anywhere in the world for 30 days!!!!”

Ron lookl at his best friend, “I think that can be done. JAckie chan did it, around the world in 30 days!”

“80 Ron! that is 80!” Monique corrected her boyfriend.


“yep-yep” agreed rufus.

“The molerat knows more” KIm said as she sighed. “There is no way i could find him in this populated world. Who knows? HE might just be anywhere in the world”


“Your desperate” Ron said shaking his head and taking out his communicator, “Wade” Ron said as he connected.

“Yo Ron Whats up?”

“We have a sitch”

“Sitch me up” wade nods his head as he sips his cola.

Ron turned his communicator to face Kim, “Wade, i need you to locate the location of a woman named Go Zahn Shi”

“Chinese? Kore-”


“I'll get back to you”

“And wade”


“She lives in the 1900.”

Wade eyes widens, “Your asking for a miracle?”

“NO, but i know your the man”

Wade smiled, “Then think of this as done!” he type on his computer, “Wade out-” then the screen went blank.

“I'm crossing my finger” Kim said as she now laid her forehead on the table.

“Gudluck” Rufus chirp patting Kim's head.

“remember. we're here” MOnique assured her GF.

“Booyah, Mrs. Shi” Ron said without knowing that the first word is the surname, not the Last.

Drakken docked on the corner of his laboratory when he heard his door flung open as 2 bolts of green fire gazed his head.

“SHHHEEEGOOOO! WHAT DID I DO?” Drakken screamed on top of his voice so she can be heard by the screaming woman. The blue skinned doctor now shaking, his thumb sucked in his mouth.

Shego did not hear Drakken's shout, and continue on her feat of screaming and firing of plasma in all parts of the laboratory, including the new doomsday device the doctor is building to finally stop and kill Kim possible.

“MY DOOMS DAY AAACCCKKK-” Drakken stop from hollering when she found a green fist taking him from his collar and lifting him up, “She-she-shego?” The doctor's blue skinned became bluer as fear encrouch his system.

“You have to help me” Shego said, her death filled green orb lightens.

Drakken nodded.

“You will listen to what i am about to say, you will not say a word, not one word or i'll promise i'll make a torch out of your body”

Drakken nodded again like a scared kid.

“good” then shego let go of the doctor, making the man fall on his butt. Drakken kept the grunt in his throat fearing that Shego might perceived it as a word. He doesn't want to be a torch.

“Dr D?” Shego started, phasing to and fro inside the laboratory now a ruined bliss, “I have told you why i have to ask for a vacation right?” the dr. nodded, “My father is in a state of comatose, my mother was charged for theft, and my brother Hego was jailed for rescuing a derange man committing suicide (A/N: Got the idea from The incredibles)” there was no answer, “And now my helluva of a grandmother showed up in our doorstep to say that everything is because of an unfulfilled vow my ancestor made a century ago. And it depends on me to stop this what she calls ‘fated demise’ to stop. And you know what i have to do?” Shego stop on her track facing the blue doctor.

Drakken's eyes widens. HE wanted to scream the word what, and rant on how it is a concern for him. BUt he knew his green skinned side kick is onto making her threats a reality. And right now, a burning body does not appeal to him. So he choked his answer and shrug letting the woman know he don't know the answer to her question.

“HAh!” Shego shouted, then Shego stop from her version of ranting and drifted off to a far away place. A place where She and KIm possible could have not been enemies, but friends. No, more than friends. And now, she have to commit herself into this vow to save her family. She have to marry a guy he doesn't know who and doesn't know where, without even telling her princess, pumpkin, peaches, kimmie that she have a very special place in her heart. A place only her can occupy, and it's all for her damn!miserable! family. IT is not known to many because of her evil reputation that Shego is the favorite in the family. She is the Mama's girl and the Papa's girl. BEcause after all she is just the girl in the family. She love her mother and father deeply that she is willing to do anything for them to make them happy. BUt they never asked her any favors ever since, they did not even ask her to change her criminal activities. And now, her mother have cried before her, asking her to give this vow a chance. Her mther k.

If Drakken's eyes widens earlier, it even became wider that he almost felt his eye lids reach his hairline. Shego? Getting married to a man? HE wanted to laugh, but he have to hold it if he doesn't want Shego to bake him crisp, holding on to the air makes a bulge in his cheeks, the bulge of air now growing, and his blue skin darkened.

Shego noticed Drakken's state, she sighed and slump her shoulder, “Go Dr. D. LAugh” with these the Doctor burst into laugh, “Laugh Dr. D but don't dare say a word”

Drakken suddenly stop laughing.

“And that's where i need you to help, and NO! Its not help in planning my wedding or help that you could be the best man. I need you to find that man for me. He lived in the 1900. There was no other clue given except the name Mim, Mim is the mother and she is an american who came to China to ask for the “phoenix” power to save her son probably. The date is exactly a hundred years from now, MAy 24. Other than that, i have no clue. And i need to find him in exactly 1 month”

Drakken look shocked. Shego is finally beleiving in his genius mind to ask him for a help like this. ‘i will not fail you Shego’ Drakken thought. Now with a smile in his face.

“You can speak now Dr. D.”

“Shego!” Drakken lift unto his feet and hug the woman, “You finally beleived in my genius mind!”

Shego then lighted herself a bit causing the blue skinned doctor to jump back and uncoil.

“I won't let you down. BUt after this you will help me rebuild my doomsday device”

“As if…” Shego rolled her eyes then turn her back on hte mad scientist and went out of the ruined laboratory.

“AND I NEED A NEW LABORATORY!!!!” Drakken shouted to the fading sidekick.

-end chapter 3-

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