A twist of destiny

Chapter 11

Stop the press! Who is that?


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TITLE: Stop the press! Who is that?


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2597

Shego is in her Mother's house, she keeps on walking to and fro in front of the telephone while her mother Estella is sitting on their couch looking at her anxious daughter.

‘i got to do this! I have to!’ Shego battles inside. She stop and takes a deep breath then she grab the telephone…and dialed a series of number…


Shego heard the other line ring, her heart is pounding, she really doesn't want to ask anything from her, but she needs someone only “She” can provide…

-hwei?- answered a woman on the other line.

“Shego here” Shego said dryly, swallowing a forming lump in her throat.

-Oh----Sheryl, I am most surprised, what honor do i have that my granddaughter is calling me?- The older woman said.

“Gahhhh!” Shego screamed, “Look, i really wouldn't call you if not for-”

-then there is something terrible that is happening you swallowed your pride-

“Yeah, and don't rub it in much” Shego said stopping her grandmother's sentence.


-so what do you need?- she ask still on a very calm way.

Shego sighed deeply, mustering all the courage she have to finish ‘say it and be done with it’ “I need a lawyer”


“Effective in threatening, in making its way, in-”

-you need someone like Freebush- the old woman finish the sentence for her granddaughter.

“Whoever, as long as the lawyer can do the job” Shego could feel her grandmother grin on the other end.

-very well, i'll arrange a meeting for you and Attorney Gracy Lou Freebush-

“Gracy Lou Freebush? Doesn't that sound loser?” Shego ask.

-do not judge a book by its-

“Name?” Shego ask, brows up.

-whatever, just see her in an hour!- The old woman growled.

“Whooooo, sore spot!” Shego teased.

-is that all?-

“YEs” Shego sighed in relief, without saying thank you she hung up, “I didn't know that Dad's mom have a sore spot” Shego told her mother.

“She does?” Estella ask bewildered, “Where?”

“Oh…not where, but who…Gracy Lou Freebush”

“Oh” Estella nods.

(A/N: I can't think of a name so i borrowed Sandra Bullocks beauty pageant name at Miss Congeniality…just like to borrow it, so Gracy is not mine)

The door to Mr. BArkin's Office swung open with force, forcing the hulking man to look at it.

His eyes widens to see a woman, Raven black hair, wearing a leather sleeveless blouse that hugs her very curvaceous body, a quite large collar is covering her nape and folded down on her way to her chest, the chest button is open revealing a healthy breast. Below the woman wears a tight leather mini skirt with a 2 inches slit in front, matching her dress is a black knee high boots, with 3 inches heels. She is wearing a smoke glass.

“Mr. BArkin's Office yes noh?” The woman inquired, her face is graced with a small smile.

“Ahhhh” Barkin stand up and swallowed a lump in his throat before answering, “I am Mr. BArkin, Steve-”

“I know- I know noh?!” The woman said then walked towards Mr. BArkin's table and slammed on the table a book, “My name is Gracy Lou Freebush noh, and I hope you know what this book is about noh?”

Mr. BArkin did not look at the book instead his eyes is fixed on the woman's chest that is just parallel to his eyes. The woman is sitted in his desk instead of the chair in front.

“The book is here noh,” Gracy pointed out then slammed her palm on the table pulling Barkin on his little perverted fantasy.

“Oh…sorry for-” He stop when he saw the book “This-”

“YEs, the book on human rights. Do you want me to read to you noh?”

BArkin shook his head to shook away the feeling of being hypnotized, “Ahh…what is this for?”

Gracy stand up, she leaned forward, slamming her palms again on the table, her chest now mere inches of BArkin's face, “My client noh, her right to hold office in school and right to have extra curricular activity have been violated noh?”


“Kimberly POssible was dismissed from cheerleading and Student council-”

“But that is because-”

“She is gay noh?” Gracy straightened herself and a single finger waves in front of her face, “No-no-no, Mr Barkin, don't you think that is a violation of human rights?”

“We have rules!”

“Show me noh!”

BArkin scrunch his forehead, stand up and took a book on School guidelines. He handed it to GRacy, but the woman did not took it.

“Open it to the rule you are saying noh!” She said, her brows raised, BArkin.

Gracy read the rules.

“Oh, here!” Gracy said, “Rules on holding a school office as Student Council, the said student must be of good academic standard” She look at BArkin, “Is Miss possible of poor academic standard noh?”

“she is running for valedictorian”

“So she pass that, Student must have been studying in the school for atleast 6 months” She look at Barkin again.

“She was here since pre-kindergarten”

“I see, she pass again noh?” Barkin nodded, “And must be duly elected, is she?” BArkin nodded,"Now i don't see why she is to be remove from office noh?”

“Because as a president she should project a good image”

“You mean being gay makes her the bad guy noh? You must have forgotten how she save the world manytimes Mr. BArkin Noh? Save your assess frorm being killed many times noh? And please Mr. BArkin” She again laid a file on his desk, “This people here are gays…and they are not being reprimanded because they did not go out, please noh? Don;t tell me you don't know about this?”


“My client is willing to put this on court noh, and ‘she’ have all the resources to put your school down…maybe you want media to get into-”

“PLease! Ms. Freebush, OUr school have reputation!”

“YEs, a pervert Principal and unjust system noh? What a reputation to uphold”

“PLease…I, we can talk about this properly”

“I am free tomorrow to talk”

“I still need to talk with the faculties and-”

“Tomorrow, maybe we can all have a sit down lunch noh?”

Barkin just nodded. Gracy bowed down, took the folder and book on the table and walk out of the office.

“Did you see the Hot mama on BArkin's office?” Josh ask his friends, it just so happens that Ron passed by.

“HOt chick? Where?”

“Mr. BArkin's office” JOsh replied.

“What's a hot chick doing in the big man's office?”

“Oh, i guess it have to do with Kim”

“KP?” Josh nodded.

Ron was about to say something when she felt his tee-shirt's sleeve burn, looking at his shirt, he saw a hole and a greenish fire disappearing. He look back and his eyes widen as she saw- “SHEGO!!!” then he ducked.

The green skinned thief is wearing her signature uniform, hugging all the curves in her body, she walk towards Ronald, Bringing herself like the great thief she is. Boys hovering in the lobby can't help it but to stare, eyes wide, some drooling…

“Now that's some hot mama there!” Josh said, arranging his hair and meeting Shego halfway, “Hi sexy” Josh made a deep baritone voice.

Shego lifted a hand and ignited it, which made Josh back out, his eyes now more wide, and it seems it made him attracted more to the sexy woman. And so does every boy in the lobby.

“That's a cool chick!”

“Stoppable” Shego said, clinging to Ron, tracing her long finger nail on Ron's chest.

“She-shego” Ron said, his voice have that fear tone, unlike his classmates, he knew who shego is, and knew what she can do.

“Detention?” Shego ask seductively, like a cat purring in Ron's ears.

“Owww Man! How come Ron have all the fun!” A male student shouted, and the others just yelled “yeah!”

“I am not serving detention she-shego” Ron nervously answered, swallowing a lump in his throat.

Then MOnique came, seeing the scene his boyfriend is in too. She march angrily towards Ron.

“Okay, now women are fighting over Ron! IS he lucky or what?” ANother student shouted.

“Hey!” MOnique said eyeing Shego. Shego just look at Monique, she didn't stop her ministrations.

“It's not what you think Mo”

“Not what i think?” MOnique hollered.

“She is Kim's wife!!!! For god sake!” Ron shouted.

The room seem to stand still. There was a complete silence.

“Kim is married to a cool, hot chick! I am so envious of her!!!!” JOsh shouted.

“Yeah!!!!” the other boys shouted.

Shego smirk her usual, “I have to see that Bonnie”

Ron look at Shego, “You do? Your not here to hurt me?”

Monique is looking at Shego now, impressed on how magnanimous the thief look, “Kim definitely have a taste!” Monique said. Shego look at her and winks.

“I'm not here to hurt anybody…just talk, you can watch-”

“Let me lead the way?” Josh walk towards SHego. Shego ignited her hand again to signal him to back off.

“If i were you Josh, I'll back off” Ron said, then he look at SHego, “Let's go, this i need to watch”

“What is your problem?” Bonnie shouted at the woman in front of her.

“You” Shego answered in a calm manner. Shego is sitted in a chair in front of Bonnie's desk, her feet rested on the desk. “you know you did something bad to Kimmie right?” She ask giving Bonnie an evil smirk.

“That smirk almost made me piss everytime we face her” Ronwhispered to Monique who just nods.

“I think i like that Shego”

“I don't and Kp doesn't too”

“Now-now Bonnie, where is the fun if you just tie your tongue inside your mouth?”

“So she is an awful dyke! outcast! What is it to you?!” BOnnie shouted, pretending to be tough, but her voice shakes and this Shego knows. Shego stand up and pulled Bonnie on her bluse and yank her up.

“I know what a girl like you treasures most, Bonnie! And believe me, i can rip that face off of you if i wanted to-” Shego ignited her right hand that is not carrying Bonnie and place it at the wall just beside Bonnie's face. The wall slowly melted. Bonnie swallowed hard, “So let's make it clear bone-head…ONce Kimmie get back here, i don't want any rumors about her, no talking foul to my Kimmie-”

“My Kimmie?” MOnique whispered to Ron, Ron look at his girlfriend and shrug his shoulder.

“-and most of all…i want her back on the cheerleading squad. I want to see my pumpkin in those cheerleading uniform again”

Bonnie just nodded, her eyes ablaze as fear starts to seap inside her, “Wh-why do you-”

Shego let go of Bonnie and raised her ringed finger, “Got the picture?”

Bonnie nodded.

Shego then turn around, looking back at Bonnie and placing two fingers on her eyes then pointing it to Bonnie like an ‘i'll be watching you’ sign, then she left. Walking staright along the school hall then lobby. Boys stared at her as she walks out of the campus…

“I am in love!” Josh said clasping his chest.

“Sorry Buddy! Shego is taken” Ron said, rufus pop out his head and said “taken!”, Ron put his arm on Josh shoulder as Josh bowed down.

“Dr. Director called in 3 times asking about you. Where have you been?” Kim ask Shego as soon as the thief entered their house, and started to remove her jacket revealing her well toned body covered by her green and black catsuit.

“Somewhere-somewhere” Shego replied.

“That is not an answer” Kim said with a hard tone.

“I am with my mom. IS that an answer now?” Shego replied. Kim raised an eyebrow, “C'mon Pumpkin, i really am! You can call my mother if you like”

“Okay-okay i believe you” Kim concurr, turning her back on SHego. the green thief just smiled, her Kimmie is acting like a wife. She wanted to giggle but she doesn't want to alert her ‘wife’, “Mom called, she have an emergency, and dad is in a meeting-”

“I noticed their emergencies and meetings are becoming more frequent?”

“Yeah, i notice that too. Tweebs still in school they have a basketball game, Mom said they'll be fetching them”

“So it's just the two of us?”

Kim smiled and nod, “I am hungry”

Shego slump her shoulder, “Am i reduced to being the Possibles cook now?”

“Well, we can't help it, you cook really-really good!”

“Okay!” Shego went inside the Kitchen.

“Aren't you going to take a shower first?” Kim ask as she follows Shego inside their Kitchen.

“I'd rather cook first. What do you want?” Shego ask without looking at Kim.

“Anyting” Kim sighed and this did not go unnotice by SHego.

The green skinned thief turn around to look at her Kimmie, “What is that sigh all about?”

Kim smiled, “I feel lie a bum. I don't go to school, i don't have missions, no cheerleading, and i have to wait for you or mom to cook so i can eat”

“So you want something to do?” Shego ask smiling, her Kimmie is cute as she sat there on the chair, her chin rest on her palm, arm resting on the table.


“We can cook, you can help me” Shego offerred, Kim's eyes beamed when she heard it.

“really?” Shego nodded, Kim in her excitement run towards Shego and Jump on her. Good thing the green thief is strong, she held Kim who is now hunging in front of her, Kim did not realize that she have kissed Shego on her cheek.

Later in that event that Kim realized what she have done, still in Shego's arms, she pulled her head away from the green thief, SHego saw her Kimmie blushing.

“You really look cute when you blush” Shego teased her wife.

Kim smiled, “I never thought you could blush too!” Kim retorted.

the two just laugh. Kim went down and the two started rummaging the refrigerator for something to cook.

Late in the evening Kim and Shego is on the couch sitting side by side watching a movie.

“Thank you” Kim suddenly said. Shego look at her Kimmie with a smile.

“What for?”

“Your the first one to have trusted me in the Kitchen” Shego stared at the TV once again.

“YOur mom did not encourage you to cook?”

“She is always busy, you know, cooking have to be done fast and teaching me will delay it. BEsides mom could cook yes, but your much better”

“Now, not because i teach means you have to embarrassed me like that!” Shego said after she lightly nudhe Kim's arm.

Kim shook her head, “I don't mean it that way. but i am telling the truth, you know more menus than mom”

Shego nods.

“I really appreciate it Sheho. MOm,Dad and the Tweebs like it too, and really i'll never miss those expression in their face when you said i cook the omelette” Kim giggled.

Shego followed giggling, “Now that is a priced one!”

the two continue on their giggling fit, until they stop to fill up their lungs with air.

The two stared again at the TV. And there was silence.

Then SHego felt a weight on her shoulder. Looking sideways, she saw Kim laid her head on Shego's shoulder, eyes close, then Kim mumbles “night Shego”

Shego smiled at her Kimmie, she brushed her cheek with her hand, letting her Kimmie doze off on her shoulder.

“Good night Kimmie”

-end chapter 11-

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