A twist of destiny

Chapter 4

Problem solve? 'don't think so.


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TITLE: Problem solve? 'don't think so.


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2474

Drakken is phasing to and fro as he waits for Shego to arrive. 2 weeks after Shego asked for his help, the blue doctor have diligently searched for that woman Mim who lives in the 1900 and have been in China on the date May 24, 1907, at the phoenix temple. There was lack of information and no matter how genius his mind is, he can't seem to locate the woman's place, nor locate the woman's descendants. But there is one thing he knew could help, and it still needs Shego's skill. His phasing stops when he heard the door to his renovated laboratory opened with a hiss.

“A henchman said you called for me?” Shego ask as she rest her right arm on the door sill, crossed her left leg over her right while standing, and made a smile (devilish if one can see) in her face.

“Ahhhh, Shego, how are you doing with the inves-”

“I'm not doing any. I have other things in mind to do than investigate who ‘MIM’ is, i thought it's clear that it will be you to look for her?” Shego drop her arm and straightened her body. The smile faded and now was change to a frown, “You did'nt do it?” Shego ask in a low, threatening voice.


“YOU DIDN'T DO IT?!!!!!” Shego shouted then bolted forward and held the blue doctor on his collar.

“Please…Shego, I did, It's all i've been doing for the last 2 weeks”


“Bu-but, lack of information i can't locate her-”

“You have to!!!!” Shego shook the blue doctor, the doctor rolled her eyes before dropping her head.

“I know, i have a brilliant idea on how to know who is this MIM”

Shego stop shaking the doctor, and look at him intensely, “How?”

“Put me down please” Shego complied, “aherm” Drakken cough first to release the trap air in his throat, “There is this archive in a library in China. I'm sure your grand mother knows about that library. There is a certain section there that keeps the record of the people where the Phoenix have granted its power”



“Then we can go there and look-”

“We can't”

“Why not?”

Drakken swallowed the now forming mucus in his throat, “The-the archive is restricted”

Shego just look at the blue doctor.

“but you can go in. I mean…your the best in stealth, you can go in to take the book of phoenix?”

Shego smiled, “we're heading there Dr. D”

Drakken's eye widens, “But why am i going?”

Shego just look at him, raised her right hand and lit it.

“I told you i'm coming!” Drakken said before Shego unlit her hand and walk away from him.

“So it seems my great grand daughter have finally visited me?” The Go matriarch is sipping her tea, cross legged, she motioned for the green skinned thief to take a sit in front of her, “What brings the great Shego here at Shanghai?”

“You want this damn curse lifted?” Shego ask without sitting, a smirk in her face. The old woman look at her and nodded, “I need to know where the library that holds the Phoenix list of people it granted its power.”

The old lady put downs her cup, “It is not for anyone to see the book. That book is restricted, this curse will just escalate 50 times when any person not listed in that book try to look at it.”

“There is no way i could find that woman you told us. You didn't even give us any useful information to locate her and her descendants!”

“fate will see through it”

“Fuck that fate! My father is dying, my family is breaking apart!” Shego march forward and stomp her hand on the table making the cup spill its content, “You tell me where it is or i swear, you'll be the first aged person i will hurt!”

Shego made a devilish look. BUt her grandmother was not phased by it. Go Muai Li, widow, with 2 children Dorothy Go and Jason Go have lived a life, not even Shego can imagine she could do. This is the reason why the older woman can never be intimidated by the green skinned thief. “The library is at the city if Yinchuan, Ningxia. The book is well hidden, It's for you to figure out where in the library is the book hidden.” The old woman finally said smiling, “But Shego-”

The green skinned woman straightened herself, look at the woman angrily.

“The bond between you and your supposed fiancee will be stronger once you entered Ningxia, for it is also there where the Phoenix temple lays.”

“My supposed to be fiancee is american. Have you forgotten?”

“The power of the Phoenix will make a way for its vow to be completed. It is fate” Muai smiled, “It will bring you together”

With that said Shego left the older woman.

“Okay, so why am i doing this again?” Kim ask softly through the ear plug she has.

“You need to find your fiancee?” Wade answered on the other end, “Besides this is the best way to know the exact descendants of that Go Zhan Shi”

“I think this phoenix thing really sucks”

“KP, it does when you have to marry someone not Josh” Ron interrupted.

“Ron” Kim look at his friend.

“And you haven't even have sex with-”

“RON!” Kim called out Ron sternly, “Kid on audio? and please, as if i wanted to lose my virginity to him”

“As if you don't” Ron replied with a hmph.

“Aherm” Wade interjected, “I think you need to focus KIm, Ron”

“Ah, yeah, Sorry Wade. So what now?”

“There's a bifocal point at the end, you have to turn left, that is where the Archive of HIstory is located.”

“Why there?” Ron ask.

“Because that is where it is”

Kim and Ron finally reach the end of the library's ventilation system. They turn left once they are at the end.

“Kim, there is the ventilation exhaust. That is directly located at the archive section, don't turn left when you reach the exhaust.”


Kim and Ron started bringing out their gadgets. Kim took 2 automatic screw drivers, and a retractable rope launcher. She gave one driver to Ron and the two work simultaneously in removing the screws. Kim and Ron using a special eye wear that makes her see the other side of the exhaust.

“I think it's all done Kim” Ron said as he keeps his hold on the exhaust to prevent it from falling.

“I can't beleive i'm doing this Ron.”

“Hey think of this as a special mission for your family.”

Kim smiled, “Yeah. I don't know what i'll do if your not backing me up”

“Booyah! Kim can do nothing without her “RONFACTOR"”

“Yeah- right” Kim then sighed.

“WHat the fuck-” Shego hollered as she turn around.

“What is the problem Shego?” Drakken ask as he continue on breaking the secret code of the highly secured vault of the library.

“I can't beleive the radar of Kim POssible!”

“She is here?” Drakken ask now nervously, stopping his work.

“I can smell her!” Shego said, closing her eyes. she could feel her body tensed. YEs, she can't help it but tensed everytime her red headed hero comes. She have memorized her scent in her mind, her face, her body shape that everytime Shego closed her eyes, the image of Kim POssible is there, alive in her brain, haunting her. She could feel her heart beats faster as the strength of the smell becomes stronger, “Continue your work Dr. D, I'll distract Princess”

“Okay, but what about the buffoon?”

“Him too” Shego said smiling then walking away from Drakken.

“Miss me Princess?” Shego ask smiling as she leans on one of the book shelves.

“Shego?” KIm's was more of a question, not anticipating the green skinned female's presence.

“Yeah, that's my name”

Kim frowned, “So? Haven't find anything valuable worth your time so you decided to steal history book?” Kim said in a mocking voice.

“Oh yes, actually, but see, its not just a sinple history book i am after-”


“I'm after the book of Phoenix” Shego's smirk widens when she saw the expression on Kim's face.

Kim cannot believe it. Shego is after the Book of Phoenix. She must have heard about her family's predicament, now she is going to steal it for Kim not to find her fiancee, and finally destroy Kim POssible's family. Kim thought it is not fair, and what Shego is doing is just Evil.

“Ready to ramble Princess?” Shego ask still looking at the redhead, “I don't know how you knew i'm coming here to steal this damn book, i think i should praise your nerdy boy about that, but since your here and i'm here? Why don't we bring it on?”

Kim frowned more with Shego, then she smiled, “Go for Drakken Ron, I'll handle-”

“Oh no! NOt this time Kimmie, Drakken have to finish decoding the vault, so i guess i have to take on the two of you” Shego then run to block Ron.

“KP!” Ron shouted when he saw Shego on his way.

Kim run forward and leap herself up, landing in between Shego and Ron. Kim then crouch into a battle stance, and so did Shego, “Go Ron” When Ron move away from Kim. Shego tried to run after the blond boy but was intercepted by a straight forward punch from Kim. THe green skinned thief dock to avoid being hit but the punch was followed by a knee, having the thief down, the knee of Kim POssible connected to her chin, the blow was quite hard sending the thief on the floor.

“Nice hit Kimmie”

“Your not going away this time” Kim said then charge.

Shego pick herself up quickly enough to block three fast punch from the red head. She backflip to avoid being hit by Kim's roundhouse kick. Another Kick was sent by Kim but was halted by Shego as the thief was able to catch the hero's right leg, then toss the hero out. The red head flip to not hit the ground.

The fight ensues like the way it does. Shego not using her plasma, they fought hand to hand, skills vs skills, with the occassional taunt from the thief. Taking a little time for a break to breath in before they again engage in their fight, that for them seems eternal but in reality, they have been fighting for just 10 minutes.

“So what Princess?” Shego started panting, “The book so valuable someone have to tip Team POssible for rescue?”

“I know what your after Shego. You want to ruin me and my family and you finally found one reason to do it. Can't win me thru this?” Kim said back, raising her fist to let the meaning across SHego.

‘Ruin?’ Shego thought?’ ME ruin pumpkin? SHe just don't get it? Me who loves her to the heaven ruin her family? ruin her?’ Shego will rather die than to ruin her pumpkin. Have she not thought why until now she is alive? Despite the many traps Drakken have set, traps that will surely kill the red head, HOw come her red head gets out of her predicament with oly bruises and no lethal injuries to boast of? With Shego's power, she can actually burn down a whole city. She could even bring down GJ if she wish it. And Her Kimmie is just like anyone, ordinary girl who claims to do anything, with little of this martial arts and little of this? Shego could ruin her with her fist. She doesn't need a damn book to even ruin her family. She knows where she lives, she knows where her mother and father works, she knows her brother's school.

Shego's smirk died down,her face now serious. Shego straightened herself, “I don't know what your talking about Possible” Shego then turn away from Kim.

“So finally admits defeat” Kim said mocking, not aware of the other woman's feelings. Shego did not said any word in retort, instead she shrug her shoulder and walk towards Drakken and Ron who is right now fighting, fighting the way they know - scissor,stone and paper.

Shego shook her head when she saw what the two is doing. She went to the vault, followed by Kim who was startled by Shego's quiet reaction. Shego shoved Drakken and Ron away from the vault, she held the handle with her two hands and lit her hand. The plasma fire getting stronger and stronger.

Kim's eyes widens when she saw what Shego have done. She have used her plasma power to melt the vaults door, a very thick door, not even a bomb can take down. Shego showed Kim a power the red head have not seen.

Once the door was down, Shego entered the room, and so did Kim and Ron, and Drakken.

“wow” Ron muttered as he saw a large statue of a colorful bird in front. The room is empty except for a book encased in a glass, “KP, i think that one-” pointing to the encased book “- is what we are looking for?”

Shego look at Ron after saying it, “You?” shego frowned. If fate really exist? then this fate sucks. Does this mean that the one she is actually looking for is the buffoon? She thought, come to think of it, Stoppable was there all along.

Kim on the otherhand raised her brows, looking at Shego's expression, how her lips curled which told her the thief is disgusted. Why would she? What is the meaning of this?

“YOur the descendant of the woman named Mim hah? Stoppable?”

“Mim?” Ron ask in bewilderement, “What are you talking about?” Ron ask now very confused.

“My God Stoppable! This fate sucks! MIm is that woman i am looking for. HEr descendants! Her son was granted power by the phoenix a century ago to live, and made a vow that was not fulfilled. I came here just to look at who is her descen-”

“NOOOO!” Kim shouted suddenly, making the green thief, Ron and Drakken to look at her. She slump on the floor.

“What happened to her?” Drakken ask Ron.

“I----” Ron slump his shoulder, “Actually, It was Kim who is after the book. We have to find the descendants of this Go zhan shi-”

“My great grand mo-” Shego finally realizing what Kim have realized earlier, “Does that mean Mim is a possible?”

Kim look up,"Her name is MIm POssible, she is my great grand mother”

With this, Shego look at Kim, her expression match that of a cat who saw a rat. She grinned. Kim saw this and was startled. What is in Shego's mind now?

-end chapter 4.

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