A twist of destiny

Chapter 5



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TITLE: Emotion


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3382

Shego sat down beside the slumped Kim POssible, still looking at her pumpkin. Shego can't beleive, but if her hunch is right, she is to marry Kim POssible. Hoping that Kim is the eldest child of James POssible. Unless ofcourse Dr. POssible have other children other than her Kimmie and the twins. “So it is you who is after the book? For older brother?” Shego smiled, her tone trying to masked the excitedness she is feeling.

“What brother?” KIm ask in an irritated tone.

“Older brother. I guess they have already told you about the vow? The eldest child must be the one to get married.”

“And your the eldest? Isn't Hego the eldest?” Kim ask, remembering Shego's brothers from the time she help them with their power problem.

“Hego just look old. I am older than him by a year” Shego smiled, “he just like to say he is the eldest because i'm the only girl in the family and i turn my back on tEAM GO to live a life of villainy” Shego lean her head on the wall behind them, “ So no elder brother? I was thinking, your father must have other children other than the three of you”

Kim look at Shego, frowning, “We are the only children my Father have”

“Really?” Shego ask smiling evilly, “I guess i'll still be ruining your life even if i don't have to get that book”

Kim look down. Realizing Shego's words. She have accused Shego of ruining her family to ruin her. Mocking the green thief not even knowing what she really is after or why is she after the book? Kim shook her head, “Sorry if i accused you-”

“It's okay Kimmie. I guess I'll be ruining your life like you have said it. I'll be marrying you right?” Shego chuckled, then shook her head, “Fate” Shego said then she stand up, “I guess i don't need to open the book after all”

Kim look at the standing woman, “Don't you like to see the names of our great grand mother's children who were supposed to be the one engage?”

Shego shook her head. “My grand mother said the curse will double if the book is opened by someone whose name is not on the list”

“Aren't we?” Kim ask.

“No idea. Don't want to know and risk having my family suffer more.”

“And you beleive your grandmother?” Kim ask, looking at Shego who held her hand out to help Kim up. She took the hand and pulled herself up.

“She said Fate will make me see the one i'm looking for. I didn't beleive her, but…” Shego look at Kim, “Your here.”

Kim sighed, “Fate sucks” kim said.

Shego turn away from Kim to hide the sadness she is feeling. Her Kimmie hates her, and nothing is going to change that.

“So what are we going to do Shego?” Kim ask.

“I'm getting out of here before the chinese police comes here and puts me in jail. I'll tell the news to my mother. Your choice what to do”

Kim look at Ron who is looking at the two of them, “I think i'll do the same.”

“C'mon Dr. D!” Shego called on Drakken who is sitting on the floor, “we got to move fast” Shego said running outside, Drakken following her.

Kim just look at the thief as she vanished from her sight.

“KP?” Ron shook Kim a little. “I called Wade, we have 5 minutes to get out. OUr ride is waiting”

Kim look at Ron and nodded.

Kim arrived home from China 3 days ago and told her parents what happened. Who the person she is looking for. Mr. And Mrs. Dr. POssible gasp when they learned that the woman Go Zhan shi is actually Shego's ancestor. Shego who have tried many times to kill Kim possible and have tried many times to take over the world with Drakken.

But it seems fate have spoken.

Kim ask her Nana if it is possible that two women marry each other for the curse to be lifted. Nana Possible have no definite answer, but she is sure that the Phoenix gives life to the first 2 to come to the temple, and does not care of the gender. Kim doesn't want her family to suffer, but Marrying Shego means her future is sealed and ruined. There is no way she could be together with Josh (KIm's crush since ever?) plus the fact that Bonnie will win on having Josh by default, and she is sure Bonnie will rub it off on her for being married to a woman, not to mention a green skinned thief. Well, so Shego's green color is not freakish, in truth Kim find it exotically beautiful, and Shego seems to handle her color with ease and sexiness.

But she is 17, she will be married to a woman…a woman she have fought for three years, a woman she hated. The woman who is the only one who can help her save her family.

“Shego” All kim could say as she is sprawled out on her bed. Telephone beside her head, she closed her eyes trying not to take in the enormity of the situation. Then she heard a knock. Kim lifted her head up to see her door being opened slightly, and a red head peek in.

“Kimmie Dear?” Anne Possible smiled at her daughter, “Will you mind if i interrupt your moment of privacy?”

Kim smiled at her mother and sitted herself on her bed, “Come on in Mom”

Anne possible came in and sitted beside her daughter. Kim grab her mother and embraced her, “Oh Kimmie” Anne then kissed her daughters head, “This thing, this fate and marriage thing…it is too hard for you?” Anne started rubbing Kim's back to pacify her daughter.

“Anything is possible with a possible, even marrying her greatest enemy” Kim said muffled as her head still burried on her mother.


“But it's true”

“KImmie, you really don't have to do this. We can probably find another way to stop this”

Kim look at her mother, “By what? By letting one of us die? or perhaps everyone dies? I'm not going to let that happen.”

Anne Look at her daughter with a sad eyes, “Shego might know what is happening to you and she wanted to torment you and pretend-”

“I did tell her that. She was looking for Nana Mim. She is not doing it to torment me. She even thought it was Ron who is her fiancee not me”

Anne look puzzled this time. If Shego knew of Kim's predicament, then she will never suspect Ron even for a while to be her fiancee. Perhaps Shego does not know anything about this, “What did Shego said?”

Kim just shrug her shoulder. Kim thought back 3 days ago, Shego left her without a word, she vanished and haven't heard anything from her since then. NOt even from Drakken. NO taking over the world scheme, no nothing. “You think it's wise i talk to her about this?” Kim ask her mother.

“If you have decided to push through with this, i guess you should.” Anne answered, Kim nodded, “And Kimmie, dinner is ready, your father did the cooking” Anne smiled.

“Let me guess. Omelette?” Kim smiled at her mother who just nodded, “I'll be down”

“Okay honey”

Shego have her hand touch the glass that separates them from her father. Her father inside the Critical Care Service of Go City Hospital. Shego is releived that she have quite a wealth, with how her father is fairing, her mother out of Job, even Hego was out of Job. Mego still in High school and Wally and Watari still in Middle school? There is no way She can afford to have her father in a good medical care if she have been doing straight jobs. Her bitch of a grand mother offered to help, but she refuse. She is not going to ask anything from the old lady.

Estella approach her daughter and put her hand on her daughter's shoulder, “Sheryl?”

Shego turn around to look at her mother.

“Hego will be taken to Go city Security Prison. Mego is with Him right now”

Shego smiled and shook her head, “Henry have dedicated all his life saving innocent people, and look where it got him?”

“He made his decision Sheryl”

“Yeah, a damn decision”

“Sheryl, me and your father never question your decision, so i assume you won't question his”

“I will not if it doesn't make him bad in the eyes of the public?! It looks like people have no gratitude at all.” Shego slump her shoulder, “I offered to help him with money, I could pay that jerk to keep his mouth shut but no! Henry the proper would rather go to jail than bribe”


“Good thing Father is not awake. If he is, he would have punch Hego until he accept my offer”

“Sheryl, Men have Pride. Always remember that”

“YEah-yeah” Shego look at the glass again, looking at her father, “If-If-” shego swallowed the forming lump in her throat, “If i don't push through with the marriage…Dad will die?”

“That was what your grand mother said”

“HEgo is already in prison, i thought, if Dad will not die, will he be like his old self? I mean will he not have a permanent damage like that?”

“We don't know that Sheryl” Estella embraced her daughter, “Having doubts marrying?”

Shego look at her Mother, “Mom, Kim is 17, a hero, highschool student, she have a life, If I marry her, will i not ruin her life?”

Estella look at her daughter smiling. She knew her Sheryl, she doesn't care about other people except her family. She do what she have to do because it will gain her something. Like now, she could Marry Kim Possible whether the hero likes it or not becuase it would mean Her father being out of danger, her brother free from jail. She will push through with it without doubt especially with the request coming from her. BUt this Sheryl is different, she is thinking about Kim's future. not her future, “Me and your father, i think have done our responsibility well, we have fulfilled so much, we have shared many things. And your Brother chose to be imprisoned. It is his choice and no one elses.”

“Mom?” Shego look at her mother who is smiling at her.

“Shego, i will not tell you what to do. Do what you think you have to do. Maybe for the first time, you have decided to do something right. Something not for yourself but for others. Whatever happens to us? I know your father will be proud of you, I'm sure even your Brother will respect your decision.”

Shego felt the heavy feeling inside her being lifted. She love Kim POssible, and marrying her will be a dream come true. But she doesn't want to own Kim that way. Kim hated her even more now, she knew that. Shego embraced her mother tighter and cried.

“I don't know what the hell happened to Shego!” Kim growled as she rammaged her locker, trying to find her favorite pen.

“Concern?” Ron ask teasingly as he leans against the locker next to Kim's.

“What?” Kim turned her gaze to her bestfriend.

“You sound concern with the way you are saying things, and rammaging your locker” Monique seconded her boyfriend. Holding her books against her chest, shaking her head, “What are you looking for?”

“My pen! I can't seem to-” Kim's words was cut by Ron who took the pen which is tucked above her right ear, “I say your so out of it KP” Ron said smiling and shaking her head.

Kim look at the pen offered to her now in front of her, then she look at Ron, “You think?” Monique and Ron nodded at the same time.

“What is the problem?” Monique ask, her feature serious.

“I haven't heard from Shego for 4 days now” Kim admitted at once to her girl-best friend.

“YOu should be happy not hearing from her” Ron concurr.

“Ron” Kim close her locker slowly, “I need Shego. She might be the last person i like to ask for help, She is the last person i dreamt living my life with, but she is the only one that can help me.”

“Kim” Monique said sadly, feeling her friend's disappointment, she embraced her, “Tell me Kim, what can i do?” Monique pull Kim away and look at her friend's face.



Kim, Ron and Monique look at Kim's Pocket. Rufus peek out of Ron's. Kim took the kimmunicator and switch it open,"What's the sitch?”


Kim's eyes widens when it is not Wade she saw, “D-Drakken?”

“Good day Kim POssible!” Greeted the Blue doctor.

“How dare you hack on Wade's computer?” Kim accused the blue man angrily.

“Ahhhhh” Drakken shouted then Wade's face appear in the screen.


“Oh HI KIm” Wade greeted then sip on his cola beside him, “I thought Talking with Drakken will atleast help you find Shego, I called him”

“Oh” And again, Kim bowed down, accusing evil person's of things they haven't done yet. Kim is beginning to think her life's sitch is really getting into her. “I'll talk to him wade please, and thank you”

“Gotcha” Wade's face then disappear and Drakken's face replaced him.

“So what POssible?” Drakken ask, his tone now more forceful and sure.

“I need to talk to Shego. Wade can't have a lock on her, i have no idea-”

“I don't have either.”

“She works for you, I'm sure you know her number?”


Ron and Monique look at Kim who is now frowning.

“Say something Drakken or i'll swear i'll hunt you down on your lair”

“I'm not in any lair! I quit Villainy!” Drakken shouted, then his eyes widens when he saw the frown in Kim's face, “I am at my mother's house” He finished his sentence in a whimper.

“You what?” Ron ask bewildered, “Did i hear it right? Drakken quit taking over the world?”

“ISn't that a good thing?” Monique ask.

“Where is Shego then?”

“I don't know. She burned the contract she signed with me, it's as good as a resignation.”

“You must have an idea!!!” Kim shouted, her voice echoing at the school hall. Ron and MOnique look around as students stop on their track and looked at the pissed Kim and that includes Bonnie. Ron look at the now approaching girl and shook his head, warning her this is so not the time. Bonnie somehow get what Ron mean and she walk past the red head without saying anything. Ron exhaled loudly, glad that there is no other comotion that will happen.

“She- she must be in Go City Hospital. That's where she is if she is not with me or perhaps she is in Go city Security Prison?” Drakken said not so sure.

“Prison? She surrendered?” Ron ask.

“Ron!” Kim look at her best friend, “Why is she there?”

“Haven't you watching the news? HEr Brother Hego was sentenced guilty for saving a person from committing suicide, he was transferred there yesterday”

Kim's jaw drop with the news. Hego, the ever law abiding hero is jailed for saving someone? Kim shook her head. If this happens to a super hero like him? How much unlikely that the same predicament could happen to her? Could it be because of the curse?

“She must not be there. Hospital?” Ron suggested,he look at the blue man on the screen, “What is she doing there? Having an abortion?” Ron ask downplaying the green thief.

“Shego might be bad and evil but she will never resort to doing that buffoon!” Drakken's voice hardened, “Her father suddenly fall into coma without any reason. The doctor wanted to remove the life support because Shego's family have no money to afford hospitalization, Good thing she worked for me, she have resources of her own”

Kim can't believe what she heard. It seems that while she is so anxious of what is happening to her family, those temporary abnormalities in their life, Shego's family is suffering twice, and her predicament seems permanent.

Kim look at Ron, “Will you two cover for me?” She ask the couple, Monique nodded, Kim then focus her attention to Drakken, “Thank you Drakken for the heinformation, i need to talk with Wade”

Drakken's figure disappear from the screen and Wade's replace him.

“I need a ride to Go city Wade” Kim ask.

“Your going to mission alone?” Ron ask, “I can't let you-”

“This is not a mission Ron. I need to talk to Shego.”

Ron did not said anything, he just nodded.

“not mission?” Rufus squeek.

“I'm on it Kim” Wade type away, “5 minutes, soccer field”

“Thank you”

Shego have her head on the cafeteria table. She have not gone home since yesterday. The Doctor's tried to convince her to remove her father from the artificial ventilator and withdrew all volume expanders hooked on him, that there is no way her father could survive without the life support. BUt as a daughter who loves her father very much? She will not conceed. Not until her father stop responding to those damn machines and those irksome medicines? She will not allow that life support to be taken out. BUt she did sign for a “no resuscitation” clause which means once her father's vital signs drops to zero, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and other means of resuscitation will be withheld. For long she have never cried, she is a strong woman, and she knew she can do something. The marrying thing would have been her last hope, she'll push thru with it if it wasn't her Kimmie, Her princess. If marriage will just be as simple as signing papers, then forgetting she is married, she would have plunge in to save.

“Is the sit taken?” A familiar voice ask. Shego sighed and motioned for the person in front of her to sit, “I ask the hospital information where to find you, they have no idea, so i ask where your father is. He is the only “GO” admitted here, not hard to find.”

Shego straightened herself and look at the red head in front of her, “I bet 100 dollars you met my Mother and she told you i'm here”. Kim shrug her shoulder, “How did you know i'm here in the hospital?”


“I see” Shego then slump again on the table, burying her head on her arms.

“What is your plan?” Kim ask.


more silence.

“Princess-” Shego sighed, then she rest her chin on her folded arms that is resting on the table. She is looking at the window and could see the other building of the hospital.

Kim look at the thief. Right now, her hatred had pacified, she is looking at Shego differently. SHe seem weak and helpless, very different from the Strong, confident Shego she have fought since she was 14. It seems the Shego she is looking at right now have already resigned to fate. Kim thought this aura is brought about by the forth coming marriage to her, like her she thought, Shego must have hate her to the bone.

“The doctor is convincing me to drop the life support. There are other patients that needs the machine more than my father, that's what they say. I told them no. Not until my father stop responding, the support will remain, i'll pay at whatever price” Shego smiled softly, her face calm, but her eyes were sad, “I tried to offer Henry money to bribe the fucking bastard he saved, but he denied, he chose to be imprisoned, his choice. My mother was terminated from work because she was blamed for stealing 50 dollars. Just because she is my mother and i'm a thief? they already assumed it was her. And she can't find jobs after that. “ Shego look at Kim, “Cruel world isn't it?”

Kim just stayed there quiet, loking at her green adversary, “So when do you plan-”

“I have made a decision princess, I'm not marrying you”

Kim's eyes widens.

-end chapter 5-

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