A twist of destiny

Chapter 2

The Phoenix


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TITLE: The Phoenix


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1810

A/N: Characters not in Kim Possible's story is a product of my brain. Exact places are fictional if there be any place that is mentioned. Diseases mentioned do exist.

May 20, 1907 (possible Home)

Mim Possible helds her daughter in her arms, cradling her little Kimberly who is now convulsing. Jonathan Possible was out to seek for a doctor, and finally arrived 2 hours later.

The doctor have tried all her best but it seems that the child cradled in her arms have no hope. The doctor shook her head in desperation, he doesn't have answer to this sickness. The child Kimberly is having a very high fever, on and off, and the poor child is convulsing everytime the girl gets a fever. Mim and Jonathan have brought their daughter to almost all specialist to cure her. Kimberly is their first born Child and they love her dearly. It wouldn't matter as to how she be cured, all they know is that they will cross even the boundaries of the earth just to find a cure.

May 22, 1907 (market place, chinatown)

Mim is walking along the path, trying to put her mind to buying what she needs, there was this Chinese neighbor who told her that an herb is efficacious in such disease. She was given a piece of paper, written in it are chinese characters she cannot read. Finally, finding her way to an alley that is directly located to a chinese drug store, she came in and knock.

“wha iz it?” A chinese man, with a pipe tobacco on his mouth answered her.

“I like to ask if this is available here?” MIm ask ina slow english, thinking that the man might not understand her if she speaks faster than necessary.

The chinese man took the paper in MIm's hand and read it, then Mim noticed the man gave her a frown, “Why do you need this?”

Mim smiled, “No, it's not for me, for my daughter.”

The man look at her. HIs expression is not one that is happy to sell something, “I have this. How old iz your daughter?”

“A year old.”

The man sighed and handed her the paper, “I can't sell to you” The man said and when he is about to turn his back to MIm, she called out.

“Sir! Please, my daughter needs this, she might die if she wont-”

She was interrupted by an angry man, “foolish, do you know what this? Your daughter dying? You accelerate death if use this! This is opio! Opio! you understand opio?” The man is so angry, he's saliva spurting out.

Mim felt she was strucked to her heart, Opioid? It's a prohibited drug that could depress the nervous system, how could her neighbor thought of giving her that, Mim realizing there is no way cried, she slump on the floor crying. The chinese man who suddenly felt remorse for shouting at the American woman walk near her “I-i did not know,” Mim said while she sobs, “My daughter have been convulsing, and the doctor said that if it will not go away, her brain may not take it anymore and she may die” Mim cried.

“It is true” the chinese man said to her, “Opio can stop convulsion, but not permanent, just temporary, then convulse again, then brain dies after.”

Mim nod, she stood and wipe her tears, “I'm sorry” Mim started to walk away.

“I know a way to save daughter” Mim stop walking and turn around.

May 24, 1907 (Go Shi Martial Arts School)





Go Zahn shi walks around inspecting her students. The beautiful Chinese female is teaching the art of Sword handling to her students whose age ranges 11-17. Of all the things that have happened to her in the past, this school she have built from her own will and blood is the greatest achievement she have. Aside from her son ofcourse who is now 10. Her son Go Yun shi is her pride. At a young age he have develop a skill uncomparable to other boys. He may have grown without a father, but he is full of pride, which elates the Go woman.

As her students practiced on their own, Zahn went inside and saw her son practicing sword handling, copying her students though using a wooden sword instead of the real one. Zahn claps her hand once her son make the final execution with a perfect movement.

“Mother!” Yun called out grinning, then run towards her mother to embrace her, “You've seen me?”

“Yes I did.”

“Sorry if I spy on you while teaching.”

“Don't be” Zahn removed a stray hair in her son's face, “your good.”


“Will I lie to you?” their conversation was shortened when mother and son heard screaming outside, which they knew came from the dojo. “You stay here, i'll see what is happening.”

“I like to look.”

“You just want to gossip” Zahn teased her son.

“PLease?” Yun made a pout.

“Okay, you got me there.”

Zahn and Yun went inside the dojo to find two boys quarreling, and even on a position to attack one another. One held a dagger and one helds the sword they practice in.

“What is this comotion?” Zahn shouted but she was too late because the two teens started to come with each other. IN desperation to stop, Zahn run and just in time, held the two boys on both arms and swing them outward, away with each other.

The two boys came flying outwars. The one holding the sword landed on the window at the side of the dojo, and the one with dagger landed - on Yun.

Zahn who was not fast enough to deflect the other's landing gasp as she saw her son tumble backward, the student over him. HEr eyes widens when she saw blood on the floor when she run towards the student and her son 'whose blood is this?' Zahn ask herself in a panic, she pulle dthe student up, and when she saw that the student is not harmed except being dizzy, she saw the dagger on her son'e abdomen, blood pouring out.

“NOOOOHHH, YUN!” Zahn screamed and held her Son. She look at Yun, not moving, gasping for air…Yun needs help…He is going to die and she can't afford to lose her only son.

It occurred to her…the Phoenix Temple. It would be 2 hours travel…but…the Phoenix can help.

May 24, 1907 (10:00 A.M.)

“Are you sure about this?” Jonathan said looking at her wife.

“I am” MIm exhaled, “I told you I will do anything even this folklore or whatever you might call it just save our daughter” Mim said angrily to Jonathan.

“I know. I know” He look around, “But aren't we early?”

“The chinese man said that the Phoenix will only accept two. The earlier the better.”

“But there are too many? Can't we go some other day?”

“Jonathan!” Mim shouted, “Did you not listen to me? The Chinese man said that it will just be today, and the next time the Phoenix give out its power is after a hundred years! I'm going to do this for Kimberly whether you are coming or not!”

Jonathan remained silent, “Sorry Mim, I'm just nervous, what if this is not true?”

“There's no harm trying JOnathan, there is nothing the doctors can do, this atleast gives us hope.”

Jonathan nod. “1 hour 40 minutes before we could get in.”


“And with this huge number of people, what is the odd?”

“They might be many but, I know I could get in before any one of them.”

Jonathan look at his wife smiling, “So using special skills to enter.”

Mim smiled at him, “I'll get in at all cost.”

“Then i'll stay behind, make a distraction as we usually do?”

“Yes” then Mim gave Jonathan a kiss on his lips. Women around look at them with eyes wide, “What's with them?” mim ask.

“Honey, we're not in America.”


May 24, 1907 11:59 P.M.

The golden gate with a decoration of 2 birds with colorful tails starts to open. A shout was heard and everyone run forward.

Mim strapped Kimberly on her back started to run as well, using all her skill and athleticism, Mim sprung on her feet, making sure her kimberly is well secured on her back and flip making her advanced than most of the people coming there. She was the first now and the rest is at her back though the distance is not that great. There are still those that could run fast, She saw some disabled people who tried to run, some with dying child as well. Mim felt guilt inside, but like them, she also have a dying child.

Her reverie was cut short when from nowhere a chinese woman landed on the ground, and the landing was perfect that her mouth gape in appreciation, then she notice a boy she carried on her arms, bleeding, bluish lips, probably dying, worst than her Kimberly.

The two woman look at each other determined to go in first. They started to race forward, using all their abilities to gain distance. First Mim get a distance then the chinese woman even with a heavy load than Mim, was able to match her, determination in the eyes of the two woman.

“A little more” Mim said to herself and sprinted her way to the stairs that leads to the gate. BUt the chinese woman is not taking this. She positioned the boy she is carrying to her shoulder and lift herself up, landing just infront of Mim, and infront of the Door.

The door is opened slightly just to allow one person at a time.

“I am sorry to beat you. BUt you are a good opponent. I need my son” The chinese woman said to her.

“And I need my daughter” Mim replied, “They will allow two anyway, then after you.”

The chinese woman look back at Mim and smiled, “I don't want to admit it because it's not the time, but this race between us is sure to have raised my adrenaline. I love challenges like this” Her smiled faded when she look at her dying son.

“My name is Mim POssible.”

“Zahn Shi. Go Zahn Shi” The chinese woman nodded at Mim.


A woman's voice echoed inside.

Zahn shi walk in first followed by Mim and then te door automatically close.

The two woman was led to an altar, they were instructed to kneel down. Zan shi's son was placed in green carpet, and Mim's daughter in a red one.

-The power of the Phoenix comes forth every 100 years. On every turn of the Century, the phoenix will grant her power of life to 2 special persons. It have been then selected the two of you. Your children will be granted life, but have to fulfill a destiny-

The two mothers look at each other.

-end chapter 2-

A/N” What is the destiny?”

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