A twist of destiny

Chapter 10



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TITLE: Tears


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2778

It have been a month now since SHego started living with the Possibles. Mrs. Doctor Possible relieved that atleast if she gets to have emergency cases she would have Shego to cook for her kids. And Shego cook good, and the POssibles actually like it.

Mr. Dr. POssible on the other hand liked it that Shego is with them to look out for Kimmie in case boys wanted to get close to her Kimmie cub, and he also admired the green skin thief for holding on to her promise making him more relax in dealing with Shego.

Kim liked Shego's presence because it keeps her brother off her. After the incident with Shego, her brother's became tamed and their teasing lessened. plus the fact that the twins are more closer to Shego now because they wanted to experiment on her plasma power. Kim did not think that Shego will agree to it, but to her surprise she did so long as the tweebs do their staff outside, which also relieved her mother from worrying that the two might burn the house.

Shego is opening up to them…

They say that no secrets remained kept for long…and Kim now knew that is so true…

“What the-” Kim's eye's widens when she saw flyers in every locker, some girls gathered and giggling, then stop and look at her when she pass by then giggles again once she left “OKay, who did this?” She ask herself, then her reverie was cut as she heard Ron shouting.

“KP_KP_KP_KP!!!” Ron slide his way to his best friend, “Have you seen the flyer-” ROn stop when he saw the dark aura emitting form her bestfriend's face.

“Who did it?” Kim ask, Ron shrug…

“Look Kp-” Kim look at her.

“What did you do?” She ask coldly, good thing MOnique cam.

“HEy girl” She held on Kim's shoulder.

“I'm sorry KP! It wasn't my fault!” Ron said raising his hand.

“What do you mean?” Kim raised her brows.

“I was talking with Ron about you Kim at Club Banana, he was so excited about giving me this-” Monique raised her now ringed finger, “And he compared it to your wedding ring and-”

“Someone overheard” The two nodded, “And the details of my relaitonship-”

“She blackmailed me!” Ron shouted then kneeling before kim and clasping his hand like someone praying, “Forgive me KP! I will never do this to you on purpose”

“And who is she?” Kim ask.

“Kim i think its not-” Monique tried to pacify Kim.

“Who is she?!!!!” Kim shouted, her face darker, they are now facing a very angry Kim Possible.

“BONNIE!” Ron said then docking on the floor to prevent being hit.

And Kim was gone.

“Miss POssible, i do hope you know the gravity of what you have done?” Mr. BArkin said, sitting in his chair, Kim in front of him and so is Bonnie who is now sporting a bruised in her left eye.

“She is lucky that's all she got” Kim answered.

“MISS POSSIBLE!” BArkin stand up, “I do not tolerate such behavior in my school!”

“But you tolerate a gossiper like her?!” Kim answered again, “Itsn't that unfair?”

Bonnie hmped, “I do not gossip possible!”

“Then what is this!” KIm turned to Bonnie and throw a flyer on her face.

“This isn't a gossip. This is a fact” Bonnie replied.

there was silence, Kim look at Bonnie growling.

“Miss Possible…is this true-”

Kim did not let Mr. Barkin finish, she raised her ringed finger in his face.

“So you really are married, and the nature of marriage is with a woman?” Kim did not answer instead she noded, then she closed her eyes, tears wanted to errupt but she prevented it, “So it is true, that you are a homosexual?”

“But you don't even know what ha-”

“But the mere fact that you married a woman is already a proof that you are and Miss Rockwaller here indeed did tell a fact not a gossip”


“But Miss Rockwaller, in fairness to Miss POssible, this flyer is not so needed, and is very much a proof that you wanted to destroy her reputation to your classmates and schoolmates who are younger than you are”

Bonnie's eyes widens, “But they have the right to know!”

“Miss possible's sexual preference have nothing to do with anybody. So i suggest you make the same flyer making an apology to Miss POssible, i want you to deliver it to me so i can sign it and you have a detention for 1 week for doing this mess”

Bonnie slump her shoulder, “Isn't she goint to detention for hitting me”

“You deserve that Miss Rockwaller, your dismiss” Barkin then look at Kim who is now smiling, “but that doesn't put you out of trouble Miss POssible” Kim nodded, “Have a sit” Kim did as soon as Bonnie went out of Mr. Barkin's office.

“Miss possible, as principal of this school, i ofcourse have the obligation to protect the interest of the school” Kim nodded at BArkin who is now sitted in his chair again, “ I don't have anything about you being gay, and please let me finish-” Kim nodded again, “You can be what you want because.

America is a free country, but school regulaiton is school regulation. I met with all the faculties and the president of the PTA-”

“They want me kick out of school?”

“NO MIss POssible, it's not about that…”


“They have decided to lessen your activity…”


“Its hard to admit, but they have reasons and valid ones. We decided to remove you from the cheer squad-”

“I think i get the logic in that but-”

“NO buts Miss POssible. Also you are removed form your duty as Student Council President”

“But Mr. BArkin-”

“I cannot argue with them, The president should project something normal”

there was silence.

“And i am not normal…yes, i get you Mr. BArkin”

“And you have 1 week suspension” Kim look at Mr. BArkin, “Its not about you being gay, but its for hurting Ms. Rockwaller, I don;'t want to tell her because she might just shove it in your face.”

“Thank you Mr. BArkin, i guess i should go home now?”

“Yes, you are dismissed”

Kim did not went home after she was dismissed, thinking about what have happened to her today, her tears started flowing, she remembered what Shego told her on the hospital parking lot when she is stupidly asking Shego to marry her, “Is this what you are telling me SHego?” She stop from wondering the street and park herself in a large tree root, she slump there and cried.

It's past dinner time at the Possible house and KIm haven't returned yet. Mrs. Dr. POssible got a call from MR. BArkin of what happened at school and informed them of Kim's 1 week suspension.

Mrs. Dr. POssible went home early to hug her daughter and tell her its alright…but kim wasn't Home.

The dr. POssibles, as well as Shego is worried about the redhead not going home, they called wade if he have any idea where Kim might be, or if Kim have a call on her website for a possible mission, but there was none. Ronald Called later to check on Kim, he became worried when he learned his bestfriend did not go home.

“I'm going to go out and look for her” Shego stand up and went to the door.

“Make sure she is okay” Mrs. POssible told SHego.

The green thief woman opened the door, her eyes widens when she found her Kimmie on the door, slump down…not sure if she passed out or she have been mauled or---

“Dr. P! Kim is at the door!” Shego yelled, then by instinct, she came to Kim and carried her bridal style inside.

“KIM!” Mrs. Possible shouted as she see her unconsciouss daughter in Shego's arms.

“She is cold Anne, what to do?” Shego looks worried and helpless.

“How long have she been outside? It's cold out there!” Mrs. Dr. POssible said, “Lay her down in the couch Shego and I'll get a blanket” Shego nodded and proceeded to the living room, “You get a hot pack and put it under her feet” Mrs. Dr, POssible instructed Shego, “And honey! Take Kimmie's shoes and socks off her!”

“Yes Honey!” Mr. Possible scramble to his feet and doing what he have been ask to do.

After some time, with the combined effort, Kim's color returned and her body's temperature rise to a normal. Mrs. Possible and SHego just sitted there beside Kim waiting for the red head to wake up. Mrs. Possible sent her sons and husband to bed so Shego and Mrs. POssible is alone looking out for Kim.

“Whatever happened in school must be hard on Kimmie” Mrs. POssible opened the conversation.

Shego nodded, “What did the principal told you?” she then ask.

Anne sighed, “She was suspended for a week for hurting a classmate, Bonnie”

“The bitch girl?” Shego ask with a smirk.

“Bonnie wasn't always like that with Kim, when they were younger, they used to be playmates” Anne said smiling as she remember Kim's younger days.

“So some sort of rivalry when they grow up?” Shego ask, looking not at Anne but looking at Kim, “Kim had always been the best in school right?” Shego look at Anne nod, “Well, who wouldn't be jealous?” She smiled.

“I never thought of you as someone who will care for my Kimmie Shego”

Shego look at Anne after the older red head's unexpected confession.

“I thought i'll be just looking at you as the woman who tried to Kill my Kimmie many times” Shego just nodded, she thought silence is the best way to answer Kim's mother right now, “But come to think of it, my Kimmie never goes hoome with a serious injury, aside from scratches and slight bruises, and to think what your powers can do-” Anne look at Shego smiling, “You have been protecting my Kimmie without her knowing it”

“Kim is just good” Shego defended, she look at Anne shook her head.

“Kim maybe active, but she is just one of the regular kids in school who knows a martial arts or two. I know my daughter well Shego”

“She defeated me the first time we clash Anne.” Shego wanted to say that Kim defeated her in her heart. The very first time they have fought, Kim had penetrated a barrier she long ago have built. And as time moves, she cannot help it but to fall in love with the red head heroine. Her Kimmie, HEr pumpkin, Her princess.

their conversation was halted when they saw Kim stir from her sleep. Anne and Shego move towards Kim's side…

Kim opened her eyes, and look around, she thought of the thiings that have transpired this day…and how she end up in their doorstep.

After what happened in her school Kim decided to roam around, not knowing what to tell her parents, ot knowing what to do thinking that she will be the outcast as Shego have said before they were married…Everything came upon Kim and it made her heart heavy-again.

“Shego!” Kim cried as she bolted from the couch and embraced the green thief, “Shego” Kim sobs in Shego's neck, Anne looking at her daughter and SHego, she smiled and nod at the two.

Anne motioned to SHego that she will go up to their room and the green thief nods at her. Anne move away, glancing one last time and seeing Shego patting Kim's hair, trying to pacify her troubled daughter. She move up with a smile on her lips.

“I'll make you a hot choco, I'm sure your hungry” Shego offered Kim who stop crying, but sobs can still be heard. The red head shook her head, Kim snuggled closer to Shego, her grip on the older woman tightened, Shego puts her arm around Kim as she continue on patting the girl's hair, “Would you like to tell me what happened now? OR-”

“You were right” Kim said in a faint, small voice.

“About what?”

“I'll be an outcast”

there was silence.

“So…the news spread out?” Shego look at Kim nod, “Look Kimmie, this is the time you'll know who your real friends are. Did you tell them that it has something to do with your mission?”

“They did not give time to explain” Kim buried her face on Shego's shoulder, “I don't feel well-”

“You should, you were cold. You made your mom worried so much”

Kim did not reply, she started crying again.

“There-there Kimmie,” Shego pushed Kim away a little from her and look at the younger girl, “Your much stronger than this”

“I'll lose my friends Shego…”

“Have you lose Ron?” Kim shook her head, “How about the other girl Monique is that?” Kim shook her head as well, “And wade?” she shook her head again, “Then that's what matters. You have the important people around you, what other says or think doesn't matter as long as those three is with you. ANd your family loves you and support you all the way” SHego look at her Kimmie smiling, and Kim smiled too.

“But i was remove from the cheerleading squad and student council, what if the world doesn't want to be saved by me anymore?” Kim asked wiping the tears in her face with the base of her palm. Shego thought her wife looks cute that way.

“Then they are the one to lose someone great. They will never experience how to win anymore because your not there.” Shego said then pulling Kim towards her again in embrace.

Kim sighed heavily, “I'm hungry”

“I'll make you something special” Shego said as she untangle herself from her wife.

Kim nodded and smiled.

“That's my Kimmie” SHego said, then she touch Kim's face and stand up and head to the Kitchen to whip something for Kim.

Shego is lying on her bed, a smile on her face. She is happy that somehow she was able to make her Kimmie smile. She is also happy that Kim actually looked for her instead of her mother, though it was kind of embarrassing knowing Anne is there. Shego is just relieved that Kim's mom is as understanding as hers. She like the way her Kimmie snuggled up to her, embraced her, be pampered by her… She loves her Kimmie very much even though she knew the red head does not feel the same way towards her. BUt she is thankful enough that Kim does not hate her anymore, and treat her like a friend.

Her reverie was cut when she heard a knock on her door. Shego stand up and opened it, thinking it was Anne, the older red head probably wnated to ask what happened…but she was surprise to see her pumpkin on her door, hugging a pillow and her favorite pandaroo with her.

“Princess?” Shego ask when she finally opened her door completely.

“Hi Shego” Kim is blushing SHego knew even though it is hidden by the dark surrounding.

“What are you doing here?” Shego ask even if she knew what her Kimmie is doing.

“Can-can-can i,” Kim sighed deeply, “I don't want to sleep alone, can i sleep here with you?” Kim finally blurt out what she wanted to say.

Shego nodded and move sideways to let Kim in. Kim run forward and jump on the bed, “I don't want to sleep alone, i'm afraid i'll cry again!” Kim announce.

Shego closed her door and went to the bed, “Okay, i'll sleep on the floor and you can-”

“Can't we share the bed?” Kim ask, “It's big enough for the both of us?”


“Besides, I'm your wife”

“In writing yeah”


“Okay-okay, i'll take the right side, i don't want to wake up on the wrong side of the bed!” SHego said then she plop herself on the bed beside Kim.

“It's alright, i like the left side anyway!” Kim smiled, then she move to her side facing Shego and put her arms around the older woman's abdomen.

“What are you doing Kimmie?” Shego ask feeling uncomfortable with Kimmie embracing her.


“Can't you just cuddle your pandaroo? Isn't that whats it made for?”

“But your more cuddly!”

“Kimmie i'm not-” Shego look at Kim who is now wearing a puppy dog pout, “Not again!” Shego sighed then just let her Kimmie do her thing. BUt at the back of her mind…the inner SHego is grinning.

‘way to go Sheryl’

her last thought before she drifted off to never-never land.

-end chapter 10 -

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