A twist of destiny

Chapter 14



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DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3210

Kim woke up, her head rested on a pale-green arm that surrounds her. Her arm draped around a covered pale-green colored abdomen, her face is being stroked by a raven colored hair, and she could hear a steady breathing in her ear.She puts her face closer to the body part where she is rested and takes in the scent of the green skinned woman, her nose almost touching the bare skin. She opened her eyes, smiled and realized she have joined her “wife” in her matress late last night…

She made the move because she wanted to know what is in her “wife” ‘s mind, so she thought…but deep inside of her, ‘is this really the reason?’.

She is Kim POssible, a cheerleader, a teen heroine, she can do anything, she is capable of fighting for herself and her family…how come this embraced she is in now makes her feel more safe? IS she safer in Shego's arms? Is it the embrace? Or the person itself? It has been 4 months since she shared her life with Shego. So it may not be the sharing a “real” couple does, they share one roof, and have shared lots of stories and laughters that they never thought they could do before, when they were still enemies.


Shego have been her opponent, her equal in everything…Or is she an equal to the green woman? She hated and loathed the green skinned villain, for trying to take over the world with Drakken, that stupid Drakken, she would be there anywhere the duo would go to steal or plan to take over the world.

Kim smiled as she remembered the many times Drakken have failed to stop her, then her smile faded, and she thought…'Drakken's machines were on top form, everything about his machines were well thought off, and well prepared, it could have killed her, but everytime Drakken is about to succeed, a small accident happens and the machines will never work right again…

Does Ron have something to do with it? Ron might be good at taking after Drakken, but all Ron have ever done is to push the red button for the lair to crumble…

Is she wrong in thinking that Drakken's work are at its top form? Or does a green skinned thief have something to do about it? Kim smiled again and move her head up to look at the green skinned woman's face.

“Good morning Pumpkin, you have been awake for sometime now?” Shego said smiling, not removing her embrace. Kim just nods to agree…then her eyes widens…

‘does that mean Shego is already awake? And she felt how-’

“Did you like my smell Princess?” Shego ask, her smile widens when she saw her pumpkin's facial expression.

Kim roused up immediately, sitting and looking at Shego, “Shego!” The green skinned ex-villain just kept her smile and started to stretch.

“I thought i lost my right arm there Princess” Shego said, in a teasing tone.

Kim bowed down, “Sorry-” She was stop by Shego's hand taking her face and lifting it up.

“Have you had a good sleep?” Shego ask, her face now with a smile Kim only see when her “wife” talks about some good memories.

“Y-Yes” Kim answered, then her face reddens. Shego pressed her palms firmly on Kim's cheeks, Shego's emerald eyes looking at another emerald pair, “I had a very good sleep” Kim assured Shego.

“That's good enough, so you don't have to say sorry for losing my arm!” Shego said then laugh softly, Kim did follow. “Don't you have class?” Shego ask after regaining control of herself.

Kim smiled and shook her head, “No, It's a saturday, I was hoping to be called for a mission though, it's been a while since i have not heard any hits from my website” Kim said, it is evident in her face the sorrow, Shego knew what that feelings is about.

“Hey pumpkin” Shego said then scooted near the red head and laid her right-numb arm on the red head's shoulder, “If you think that it is because of you being married to me and being tagged as a dyke is the reason your not having hits on your website then your thinking wrong” Shego said smiling. Kim look at her with a quizzical look, “Don't look at me like that Princess, I know you know what i mean, the people that ask for your help doesn't care if you are a lesbian or not, the mere fact you are helping them is enough for them to look at you with respect”

“How do you know?” Kim ask, her eyes quite sad.

Shego held the younger woman's shoulder tighter, “Okay, this should be a secret between me and Betty, but i'll let you in this secret if you promise not to tell Betty i told you!”

Kim's eyes widens, ‘Shego is telling me a secret?’ may light never cease a day!, Kim nodded in agreement.

“The GJ is now controlling your website pumpkin. The reason she have me us a sideline agent is for things like that. Missions that are supposed to be handled by you, but you know Betty…she relegate the work to me”

Kim's eyes widens, “But why? Doesn't Dr. Director trust me to accomplish those missions anymore?” Kim looks like a grade school kid whose toy was taken from her.

Shego just held the red head more firmly, “Ofcourse not. Betty trust you more than she trust me”

“So why?”

“I told her…I told her-” Kim look at Shego who is looking at her.

“You told her what?”

“I just want you to finish your school Kimmie, i want you to enjoy your life as a highschool kid, have fun time with your friends, family…and missions takes away all of those” Shego confessed, Kim tried to look at a hint of deception in the older woman's eyes, but there was none.

“But…I still want to go on missions…maybe not like before, but i still like-”

“I'll take you with me on my next mission…will that make you at ease?”

Kim's eyes widens, “But Dr. Director will get mad if you-”

“Screw Betty! If i want to take you, I will and she cannot say anything about it, besides i am not under GJ's employement!”

“But she pays you?”

Shego shook her head, “The client pays me, not her”

“What?!” Kim suddenly blurted out, “Team POssible does not take any money from any client!”

“I know”

“Then how could you-”

“First pumpkin, I am not working under Team Possible, i do those missions alone, second, if you haven't noticed, even Nerdlinger doesn't contact you about anything? GJ have already announced that The head of Team POssible is in a longer vacation, school problem” Shego push Kim away slightly to look at her princess’ face, “Like i said, you need a real fun time, because your age passes you once, and you must enjoy it…so team Possible is retired for the moment and i take your missions”


“But i will take you on a mission with me occassionally”

So Kim thought,Shego have made that deal, and it is only now that she learned about it, she should have been mad, but no she is not. She could finally see reason, something she wouldn't see before when Shego was still her enemy.

“You promise?” Kim said, and SHego nodded.

It was a promise that Kim could rely on to, the red head thought. She stand up and left the green skinned woman still lying on her matress by the floor and walk to the bathroom, “I'll go shower Shego then we could go down and eat breakfast?”

“Okay…maybe i could go down now and see if there is something cooked there or if i have to cook?” Shego said sighing.

“I think that is a better idea” Kim said then walking in the bathroom, and shut the door. Shego stayed on the matress for a minute more before she stood up and headed to the Kitchen.

So it turned out that Shego and Kim beats everyone that day. The possibles are still in their bed, being patted on their assess by their guardian angels for a good sleep. Shego cooked breakfast that is good for everyone (As the possibles really likes the food Shego make). After cooking Shego went up to Kim's room for her shower.

Once every Possible was up, they headed to the Kitchen for breakfast, James take the responsibility of taking Nana out of her room to join them in the table. Everyone is pleased with the food, as usual, the Tweebs finding something to annoy their elder sister, that now includes flirting with the green skinned woman, and Shego would reciprocate the flirting to tease her wife, James and Anne just shook their head, and Nana just look at her grandchildren as she smile. It is a very lovely day.


“I'll get that” Shego volunteered to stop Kim from pounding her. the green skinned ex-villain stand up and hurried to the telephone, “Moshi-moshi” Shego said cheerfully, trying to tease the person on the other end of the phone, the action puts a smile on Kim's lips which did not go unnoticed by the two elder possible woman. James as usual is oblivious, and so is the tweebs.


Shego's eyes widens, It was Betty, and she doesn't like Betty's voice, “Bets?”

-you need to come here at once-




-just come here at once, i'm out-

Shego just heard the clicking sound followed by a dialtone. Betty wants her on the GJ office now and did not even care to give an explanation? Shego felt her heart leap out of her chest ‘i do hope it have nothing to do with my father’ she thought.

Without a word, or any gesture, she turn her back on the phone and sprinted her way to Kim's room. Not 5 minutes later, Shego is running down the stairs, sporting her green and black catsuit, she run towards the door but was stopped by the voice of one red head.

“You said you'll take me with you to a mission” Kim's voice was sad.

Shego don't know what to feel anymore…She heard the sad voice of her “wife”, and it saddens her, but the thought of her father probably dying makes her heart leap, makes her want to cry…but not in front of her Princess. She can't burden her princess anymore.

“This is not a mission princess, I do hope to return later” Shego said without looking at the young red head, then she walk out of the house.

“Kimmie?” Anne called her daughter who is still looking out,

“There is something wrong, she isn't telling me Mom” KIm said then look at her mother.

“Perhaps it is something personal” Kim just shook her head, the red head could feel that it is something heavy, and Shego is shouldering it all by herself.

“Why don't you follow her, you must know where she is going right now” Nana Possible said.

“I can't…I don't want to leave you here Nana, It will just be every weekend that i'll be spending time with you and i can't just cut those time off”

“I'll be staying here longer Kimmie. I think Shego needs you more right now than i do. Besides your brothers and parents are here to keep me company” Nana said smiling, Kim look at the older woman, she is smiling, but her eyes is telling her something else…her Nana's eyes is telling her that She have to run after Shego.

Kim took the Kimmunicator out of her POcket and activated it, “Wade”

the black boy appeared on her screen. “Whoa! Kim, long time since you access this site”


“So, what's the sitch?” Wade ask, Kim smiled, and she thought how time have twisted things, before it would have been her who will ask those question, now it is wade asking them.

“I need to know Where Shego is going, she left the house about 5 minutes ago”

“JUst 5 minutes? Can't you just follow her?” Wade ask while sipping a soda.

“No, i want to know where she is heading then i'll follow”

“I see”

“Please Wade and thank you”

“I miss that!” Wade said as he smiled, “I'll get back to you once i have her locked”

“you always rock wade.” Kim said smiling, “I'm out” KIm ended.

The screen now turned black.

‘Shego’ Kim thought.

Shego was greeted by a site that made her suspicions true. Estella her mother is there, sitting at a bench outside the Infirmary, The wegos clinging on her both sides, their faces buried on their mother's shoulder. Mego is walking to and fro, passing their mother.

“Mom?” Shego said in a low voice.

“Sheryl!” Estella said as she free herself from her sons, stand up and walk towards her eldest.

“Shego” Mego said following his mother. The Wegos just remained sitting.

“Is dad-”

“He arrested for the third time Shego” Mego answered, as he saw her mother embraced her sister and started crying.

“Third time?”

“Betty is inside the infirmary, there were doctors too, trying to revived dad”

“Mom” Shego said as she look down at her crying mother, “I am going inside, would you want to come with me?” Shego said, her voice now shaking, the green skinned woman is trying hard to control her voice, her emotions, she need to be strong for her mother and brothers.

Estella released her daughter from her embraced and shook her head, “I do not want to see him like that Sheryl…I- I don't want him to suffer anymore” Estella said as she broke into tears again, Mego held his mother so Shego could go on and see their father.

Shego started to walk slowly towards the infirmary, she felt her legs heavy, as if a 10 kg of weight is added on both her ankles, but she keeps on walking…She take a deep sigh then slid open the door to the infirmary.

Her knee almost gave up on the sight she saw. A female doctor is on top of the bed of her father,you could see her push hard on her father's chest, counting loudly “1 and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5-” she will stop pushing then a doctor holding an ambu-bag pressed the huge bulb twice, she will see her father's chest rise then the female doctor will start again.

Betty run towards her to support her friend, “Shego”

“Bets!” Shego cannot fight her anguish anymore. Her knees collapsed,If not for Betty, Shego would have fall on the floor, but Betty is there to catch her, the weight of Shego is too much for Betty and the two slowly landed on the floor, both on their knees, “Betty” Shego said as she embraced her friend and started crying.

“What's the sitch Wade?” Kim ask as soon as she opened her Kimmunicator and saw the young genius.

“Shego went directly to the GJ”


“Probably not, she went directly to the infirmary”

“I see, Thank you wade-”

“And Kim, there's another thing-” Wade's face became serious.


“Shego's Family is there too, excluding Hego ofcourse, but i got a tip that GJ have arranged a 4 day temporary release for Hego”

Kim brows furrowed, Why would GJ issue such a thing unless-

Kim stopped her thinking when the news finally made sense, “I need to be there as fast as i could Wade”

“I'm on to it, 5 minutes for your ride Kim, should i tell Ron to follow?”

Kim just shook her head, “Thank you Wade”, the screen went blank, Kim look at her mother, “I need to go mom”

“Okay, do you want me to come with you?” Anne volunteered, from what Anne have heard from Wade, she is also suspecting that something happened to Shego's father, all of them know that Shego's father was transferred to the GJ Infirmary after the wedding of the two.

“No mom, I'll be fine, I'm sure there are doctors there who is handling the case right now”

“I see, just call if you need something” Anne said.

“I will. Thank you mom” Kim said then kiss her mother, her Nana, her father before she went out to wait for her ride.

Sometimes being Kim Possible does a lot of wonders for one person. The guard at the GJ premise identified her at once and did not make any fuzz, they let her in and even escorted her upto the infirmary.

Kim's heart becomes faster when at the distance she saw Shego's family. The wego's were back in their mother's arms, the constant shaking of their shoulders tells Kim that the young twins is crying. Mego was there standing beside his mother, massaging the older woman's back.

“Estella?” Kim spoke softly, the older woman look up, her eyes blood shot.

“Sheryl is inside” Estella said, giving Kim the best smile she could give at that moment. Kim nodded, touching the older woman's shoulder, the older woman held the red heads arm, then Kim patted Mego on his shoulder before she proceeded to go inside the infirmary.

The door to the infirmary slide open, revealing now a quiet room. There is not much activity except for the nurses there removing the machines that were hooked up on Shego's father, the doctors removing the lines, nursing assistants cleaning the man lying lifeless, cyanotic on that bed.

And there is Shego. Standing beside the bed, embracing Dr. Director, crying. Crying in Director's shoulder.

Kim suddenly felt a pain deep inside. She have never seen the green thief broke down like this before. How come she could show Dr. Director that side of her that is vulnerable, and not show her? Isn't she important to Shego? Does she needs the one eyed woman's company more than hers? She knew it is not the time to think and feel this way…No she should not feel this way because as far as she knew, she is married to Shego only in paper…But why is it that she now wish that it is her over there consoling Shego and not Betty Director? Why does it breaks her heart to know that it is not her that could comfort the green skinned woman, her wife? Why does this hurt so much?

Her reverie was cut when she heard Betty Director speak.

“Kim POssible?” Betty's voice doesn't sound surprised, her voice is like the usual. But it is not her voice that caught the red head's attention, it is how Shego have reacted.

The green skinned woman stiffened when Dr. Director mentioned her name.

“I ask wade to locate where Shego is going” Kim said, then she walk towards the two woman. Once she is beside Shego, Dr. Director said good bye to the red head and the green skinned thief, and saying she is going to arrange the funeral.

There was but silence when Dr. Director left.

-end chapter 14-

A/N: Finally i was able to think of a plot so the title will mean something. So to all those who read this and is still reading despite the long wait, Thank you very much.

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