A twist of destiny

Chapter 8



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TITLE: Wedding


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2094

3 days after Betty Director made a deal with Shego, Mr. Jason Go was transferred from Go Medical HOspital to the private medical facility of Global JUstice. And as Shego promised, she bought a small but appropriate house for her mother and brothers in middleton.

“I do hope you keep your end of the Bargain Shego” Betty Director is opposite Shego, the two met at Bueno Nacho to have a snack.

“I am here right?” Shego look at her friend, then Shego smiled, “I am sure the Possible have no idea about our past”

“Why? Do you have any intention of telling your ‘wife'” Betty said raising her two hands in the air demonstrating a quote-unquote gesture.

“If she ask”

“it won't be a problem on my part if you ask me” Betty look at her friend who just shrug. “So, you have 1 week before the wedding”

“Yeah” then Shego look far away, her chin propped on a settled arm on the table, then sighed deeply.

“You make it seem like a prison” Betty said to her friend, Shego just look at her.

“It's okay, Kimmie's the warden” Shego look at her friend shook her head, and laugh.

“Your in deep this time” Shego look at her with a quizzical look, “Deep, as in deep-” Betty put her right hand sideway and pressed it against her chest, “Deeply in love”

“Betty Kim is 17”

“And a cheerleader, and beautiful, and sexy-” Shego's jaw dropped with her friends words, “And don't forget, a hero with a good heart”

“And stupid” Shego added, Betty just look at her friend, “She still wanted to pursue this stupid marriage because of the fate. Betty its fate, there is no way out with fate. And she is so going to destroy her life to try to twist this twisted destiny”

Betty just smiled at her friend, lifted her spoon and point it at Shego, “You're in Love no doubt"Shego growl at Betty and stand up, “What? Your so touchy!” Betty shouted at her retreating friend, she stood up and follow.

3 days is all it take for the POssibles and the Go's to prepare the wedding, on May 22nd, the two families went to Ningxia. They stayed at a scenic Resort at Yinchuan. it will only take them 30 minutes to travel to go to the phoenix temple. There was no news on how the wedding ceremony will go. What each person will do, what they expect. The only thing they were told is that it will only be the bride and the groom who will enter the chamber, and them agreeing to get married will still be decided. So it is not a guarantee that they will be wed.

The last news gets the better of Kim. What are they saying? After she have made all the effort to convince Shego to marry her, in the end, its not an assurance? And it means that if they were not meant to be wed in the end, still her family will die? Kim almost cried in front of everybody if not for Shego who surprisingly held her shoulder, smiled at her and said ‘it'll be okay’. Shego who is supposed to be the one who will lose her temper is actually the calm one.

“If it's not meant Princess, then we just have to accept our fate” Shego said to Kim. Shego invited Kim on a veranda over seeing the moon lit place.

“You mean, just accept that everyone in our family is doomed”

“No. not doomed. Look Kimmie, we all gonna die in a way, maybe there will just be someone who will have to go first. The good thing to do perhaps is live our life to the fullest knowing it will not last long.”

Kim look at Shego, her eyes full of sad emotion, “So just live our life like it will be the last?” Kim look at Shego nod.

“That is the point” Shego stop looking at Kim and look at the sky.

“So your not going to push through with the wedding?” Kim is looking at the taller woman, then she saw Shego look at her.

“Do you want to try it? I mean try our luck?”, Kim nodded, “Then what's the point we're here if we are to back out. We don't quit remember?” Shego smiled at her Kimmie, Kim look at Shego and smiled too. Shego as if remembering something started looking for something in her dress.

“What is it?” Kim ask.

“Wait” Shego answered, then finally finding what she is looking for, she brought out a bracelet, “Here, give me a wrist” Kim seeing the bracelet stretch out her right wrist, “I have no engagement ring, and i saw this, don't worry i bought this, it just remind me of you. Ruby for your red hair, and Emerald for your eyes.”

Kim looked at the bracelet now encircled in her wrist, her eyes mesmerized by the beauty that is the bracelet, “It's beautiful” She said with a smile.

“I'm glad you like it” Kim nodded still looking at the bracelet. “Enjoy our off day tomorrow. We'll be heading to the temple on the 24th”

Kim look at Shego one last time before she turn her back. The next time they will see each other is on the chamber. What awaits them they have no idea.

May 24.

Kim was led to the temple by her parents and siblings, while Shego was with her mother. The two woman occupied two opposite side of the temple, not able to see each other. They have arrived 30 minutes earlier than the designated time, but they patiently wait.

As soon as the clock strikes 12. Two small door opened. One where Kim is and the other is in Shego's place.

Kim look at her family, nodded and entered. As soon as she is inside, the door automatically close.

At the same time, Shego did enter the chamber and the door also closes the moment she is in.

Then there was Darkness. Just plain, creepy darkness.

“Shego!” Kim shouted, trying to locate her suppose to be fiancee. KIm can't help it but feel nervous. It is always safe to see your oponent, even if your a skilled martial artist, especially in a place so quiet like this. She can't focus on where to go. Her legs become heavier as fear starts to attack her. She keeps on thinking that she is Kim POssible and she can do anything. Maybe, except passing this darkness.

Shego adjusted her eyes to the blinding light that hits her eyes as soon as she entered the room. The light is so magnanimous that she cannot see anything, cannot feel anything. Her heart races as she have no idea where she is going, or if there are traps for her eyes cannot see. All she could phatom are the lights, bright lights.

‘Kimmie’ she thought as she started walking, ‘she might be in the same trap as she is in, ‘hold on Kimmie, hold on’

Kim just can't walk, the fear attack is onto her, with resignation, she slid on a wall, gathering her knees towards her and burrying her face on her hands. Kim started crying. She have never felt so scared before, never felt so ----alone.

“Shego” she cried, not even noticing she is calling Shego's name.

Then something happened she did not expect, as she closed her eyes, she saw a luminiscent green form moving, she knew that light, it must have been Shego.

Without opening her eyes she followed the light…

Shego is worried. Not that she might faced a trap without seeing, she is worried that something might happen to her Pumpkin. She did not know what will happen to them if they could not pass this chamber. Are they going to die if they fail? No, not her pumpkin, she have a bright future ahead of her.

“Kimmie” she whispered, as if by fate, she heard a familiar voice calling her, “Kimmie!” She shouted as she recognized the voice. Her Kimmie needs her.

Shego closed her eyes and concentrated her power. She let herself glow and her light contrasted the bright light of the room, creating a faint but still a shadow she can form in her retina. The shadow is that of a woman.

It is her Kimmie. She is sure of it. She followed the shadow…

It feels like eternity. Closing their eyes as their follow a faint light and shadow. They don't know where the forms will take them. BUt in a very dark, and very bright place where you can see nothing, it is the only thing you could depend upon.

Kim held her arms around her chest, still following the luminiscent form. She felt the bracelet Shego gave her, and she smile…So she is not alone, Shego is with her.

Shego knew her Kimmie is just there, she can feel her, she will see through this trap and see her Kimmie. She continued on following the shadow.

As if by some magic, the two women arrived on single rounded room, still with their eyes closed. Kim felt a sudden change of color in her environment, and so does Shego. Both sporting a smile on their face. Then slowly the two woman opened their eyes. Different bright colors surround each of them, still not able to see each other because of the dancing light. Both women followed the dancing lights with their eyes, mesmerized by the beauty it gives off. Then at the very center, where both women are facing they saw 2 gold rings floating.

The two women are not sure what it means, so they hesitated, but with determination, both women reach for the ring that they see. Once they held the ring in both of their hand, the mulitiple colored light joined together and burst into one bright light. The women surprisingly look at each other as the bright light acts as a curtain, unveiling each other.

Kim smiled seeing Shego in front of her, in her hand a ring. Shego did the same.

“So what are we going to do with the ring?” Kim ask.

“I figure we should wear it?” Shego answered then there was silence, and they tried but the ring did not fit their finger. They look at each other, “Maybe, pumpkin, like a real wedding, we should exchange ring?”

Kim smiled at Shego, “Yes. You put that in my ring finger and i put mine in yours”

“Okay” Shego lifted her hand to put the ring on Kim's but Kim stop her.

“I'll go first.” Shego look at Kim, smiled and nod. Stretching her left hand to Kim, and Kim sliding the ring on her left ring finger. It fits. Then it was Shego's turn.

“Last chance pumpkin, once i slid this in your finger, you'll be tied with me” Shego look.

Kim look at her and smile, “I've come this far, i'm not backing out”

Shego smiled and slowly she slid the ring in Kim's ring finger.

Like an animated story, the whole room burst out with light of different shades and formed a huge Bird. The phoenix. Both women is showered by the light it gave, then a single red light starts to encircle them, round and round then the lights ends on both rings of their finger. Shego is just looking at her Kimmie, smiling as Kim looks at the display of light like a child ‘Kim’ Shego recited in her brain, then she close her eyes.

Both party were amazed to see different colors of light bursting out of the center of the temple. They have no idea what is happening inside, but with what they can feel , the their daughters have succeeded. Anne look at her husband, she msiled at him, James returned the gesture, then the brain surgeon rested her head on her husbands shoulder, and James encircled her arms around Anne. The twins high five. On the other side of the temple, they saw Estella. Her arms around her chest, she is smiling and a trail of tears on her eyes. James waved at her to come over. When Estella saw the Possibles waving at her, she nods and walks towards them.

“They did it” Estella said upon approaching.

“Yes, they did it” James agreed. All of them returned their look at the bursting light.

“wow” the twins ended.

-end chapter 8-

A/N: This is not the end of the story. This is just the wedding.

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