A twist of destiny

Chapter 13



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TITLE: Sharing


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3135

Kim Possible, Teen heroine, She can do anything…Yes, Kim can do anything but to argue with another POssible who thinks she too can do anything. Nana Possible.

The old woman decided to pay her Son and his family a visit. IT was alright for everyone because the old woman is very good and they love her, what's not good is the idea that the old woman will stay with them for quite a longer time. Usually Nana Possible stays with them for a day and she will leave because she misses her house in Florida, but this time, Nana Possible clearly states in her letter that she'll be spending a longer time with her son and her grandchildren. She did not state how long is “long”.

So the family convened for one reason…Where will Nana POssible stay.

“Nana can't stay in the guestroom, Shego is using it” Kim said in behalf of the green thief who was summoned by Betty Director for an important task.

“Yes, that we know” Anne Possible agreed, “You can share your room with Nana?” Anne ask Kimberly.

“But Nana doesn't like being in my room”

“Honey, Kimmie-cub have a point there” James possible sided with the younger red head, “My Nana seems not too fond of Kimmie's cuddle buddies, she don't even want to see it”

Ann sighed.

“Ahhhhh, You think Nana like” Jim.

“To stay with us?” Tim.

“NO!” James and Anne said simultaneously.

“First, we don't want Nana to have an accident because of your experiments “ Anne said then look at her husband who nods his head, “And two, where do you suppose Nana will sleep if she shares the bedroom with you two?”

The two teen age boys remain silent, in thinking then look at each other, “I could take the floor” Jim said then shrug her shoulder.

“No, we can think of a way…”

“Why not ask Shego to leave the house for the mean time? She can sleep in her mom's house while Nana is here” Tim suggested.

James smiled, “That's a-”

“Oh no she's not!” Kim suddenly said in an outburst.

Anne and James look at their daughter wide eye, “It will just be for a while honey” Anne told her daughter.

“She can't!”

James scrunch his forehead, leaned forward and look at her daughter, “And why not?”

Kim's eyes widens. So why not? Why can't Shego leave the house for a while until her Nana leaves?, “Because-because-” Kim look at her parents and brothers who are looking at her intensely, “Because--i---i am her--her-” ‘God what am i to say’

~she is your wife!~ her inner voice said.

“Becasue i--i ---i am her --her--her--- PAROLE officer!” ‘yes, thats a good reason, safe too’

Anne smiled at Kim and nods, “Oh, we almost forgot about that” Anne said, but her smile is mischievous, as if implying something.

“Yeah. We totally forgot about that” James said, Kim look at her father's expression. He seems to not think of anything behind her declaration unlike her mother.

‘So why is it that the idea of Shego being separated to me is bad?’ Kim thought. She thought that she really is not that attach to the older woman, she could actually live without her…or could she now? She sighed deep, but again the dilemma of where to put Nana…

“I think Shego can Share my room, she doesn't mind my cuddle buddies” Kim then blurted out, looking at her parents.

“But-” James is going to argue.

“I think that's a good idea!” Anne exclaimed.

“No it's not” James argued.

“Why not?” Anne ask in a low tone.

“Because- she is a woman!”

“Dad!!!!” Kim shouted, “We are not going to have sex, we'll just sleep! God!” Kim said then slapping her forehead lightly.

“too much INFO!!!!!” Jim and Tim Shouted.

“uhum!” James Possible made a coughing sound. The two boys stop.

Anne smiled, “Why don't we make a vote. WHo is in favor for Shego staying at her mother's house?” Anne look at her family, JAmes raised his hand, “OKay” Anne smiled, “Who is in favor of Shego Sharing room with Kim?” Everyone except James raised their hands.

“Sorry dad your out voted!” Tim said smiling.

“Yeah!” Jim raised a fist in the air, then the twins high five in the air saying “Hoosha!”

“Okay, i concurr! BUt Kimmie no sex!” James said again.

“Dad!” Kim said standing, “I'll tell Shego” KIm said smiling and hurrying to her room.

Shego stand still beside her father, she is looking at the machines that is hooked to his father, beeping lightly. She can see her father's chest slowly rising and falling along with the respirator. Shego wondered, how come her father is not showing any sign of improvement? It has been 4 months since she married Kim POssible, the curse should have been lifted. OKay so Hego is on trial again, and his lawyer said he have the edge and might get the jury's vote. Her mother is now working, thanks to Betty. Mego and the Wego's are doing fine. But why is her father's condition unchanged? Her father should be up and about now, but it seems his condition is worsening even with the intervention GJ is giving.

The green skinned woman sighed, she walk closer to her father's bed, she touch her father's forhead and remove some hairs that are obstructing her father's close eyes, “What is happening Dad?” Shego voiced her question, even though she knew he can't hear her, “Do you want to leave us already? Aren't you happy to be with us anymore?” Shego smiled at herself, “I stopped being a thief dad, i work for GJ now, ofcourse with the insitence of Betty, i am married to the woman of my dreams…dad you should meet Kim, she is great, she is a hero too!” Shego tried to stop herself from crying but she failed as tears began falling on her eyes, “Mom is great too, she is worried but great. Hego's case is going well! You should see Mego dad, he seems very responsible now, he is now doing his responsibility as Wego's older brother in the absence of me and HEgo. You should see them” Shego wiped her eyes with her forearm.

She stop when she heard the door to the infirmary hissed open.


The green skinned ex-thief knew that voice. It is her bestfriend Betty.


Betty stood there on the door, her head bowed down “Shego you should go home. You've been out in the field for 3 days, you should rest” Betty said in a very low tone.

“Tell me Betty…honestly”

there was no answer.

“Is there going to be a miracle for my dad?” Shego sighed deeply, “Is he going out of this predicament? Or should i just…just drop all this stupid machines and let him go?” Shego tried to be strong.


“Answer me Betty- PLease”

Betty lift her head, it is unusual for her friend to say please, to look down like this, and it makes Betty's heart bleed to see the green skinned woman down and hopeless.

“Will you let him go?” Betty ask in return as an answer to Shego's question.


“ONe week” Shego said, then she turn her back to her father and walk past the GJ head, out of the infirmary.

Betty shook her head, she knew what her friend means by One week. And one week they will wait.


Shego's eyes widens when a red headed teen assaulted her as soon as she entered the house.

“KIM!!!!” Anne Possible shouted when she saw her daughter tackle Shego.

Kim and Shego is now lying on the floor, Shego lying on her back and Kim on top of her. Jim and Tim who saw what Kim did winced.

“I would never want to make Kim excited!” Jim said.

“Me too Bro!” Tim added, then the two boys shrug their shoulder.

Shego made a deep sighed, and while still on her back, she pull her head up and look at the red head whose head is on her chest, looking at her with a wide smile, “What is the matter pumpkin?” Shego ask with a growl, though in truth, Shego is happy her red head did that, it atleast alleviate some of the heavy burdens in her shoulder.

“Nothing much!” Kim said, then pulling herself away from the green skinned ex-thief, she sitted, her weigth on the balls of her toe, “Nana going to spend lots of time here with us” Kim said still smiling.

“Kim, you could have told her that without tackling Shego!” Anne scolded her daughter.

“But i'm excited!” KIm answer back her mom.

“So am i going to share the room with your Nana? Or do i have to make an exit for a while?” Shego ask interrupting the mother-daughter banter. BOth red head look at Shego.

“You mean it's alright for you to spend time at your mother's house for Nana?” Anne ask, her eyes wide, bewildered.

“Ofcourse” Shego answered, then she pulled herself up, then offered her hand to the still sitting Kim POssible.

“But your not!” Kim said, then Shego look at Kim with a question, “Your not sharing the guestroom with Nana, nor leave the house”

“And-” Shego ask, her arms folded on her chest, eyebrows raised, one foot stomping.

“Your sharing my room” Kim said, her smile now a grin.

“Your insane?” Shego shrug her shoulder, “Your father will not agree, not even-”

“HE- was voted out!” Kim said, emphasizing on the pronoun “he”


Shego look at Kim then at Anne who is smiling and nodding. The twins weren't there anymore, “Does the Twins voted for that too?” Shego ask, the two red heads nodded. Shego smiled.

“Lunch is ready” Anne then said, smiling.

It was late in the afternoon when the POssibles heard a vehicle pulled at their gate, Kim who is anticipating her Nana'a arrival went to the window to check on it, she saw a black SUV that is usually used by Secret Agents in a movie, a man wearing a black S.W.A.T. like uniform came down from the driver's seat and went to the side door and slide it open. 2 more man came down from the SUV, one of the man brought out a wheel chair, then the other two started to pull down …Nana Possible.

Kim's eyes widens as the sight hit her, she hurriedly back out from the window and shouted “Mom! Dad! Nana is here! she is on a wheelchair! Kim shouted then run towards their door, opened it and run outside. Tim and Jim who heard Kim Scream followed suit. Anne went out of the Kitchen, stopping what she is doing, while James put down the newspaper he is reading. Shego who is helping Anne prepare dinner just stood there, stunned.

Nana POssible is smiling as she is being put inside the Possible's house, looking at every corner.

“Mother?” James said, then he kneeled before the woman in wheel chair. Nana Possible stretch out her arm and caressed her son's head.

“I chose to stay here you know James?” Nana said in whisper, she meant it to be that way.

“What happened?” Anne ask, a look of worry in her eyes, she should have known if something is ailing her mother-in-law, for god sake she is a doctor, a good one too.

Nana smiled and shrug her shoulder, then she patted Anne's hand that is touching her shoulder, “No big” Nana said then looking at Kim, “Like my beautiful granddaughter always say.

“Nana? It is big, you are in a wheelchair” James argued.

Nana just shoook her head, “How are my grand children?”

“We are fine!” Jim and Tim said in unison then make their way to hug the old woman.

“And how is Kim?”

“I am fine too Nana”

“I heard you stop being a cheerleader and you drop out form the student council?”

“Yes” KIm said smiling, she is standing in front of Shego who on the otherhand is silently watching the family, “They don't need me that much anyway” Kim added.

“You know, dinner will be ready in a few…perhaps we could leave Nana to her room so she can rest?” Anne suggested.

“I think that is a good idea”

Nana lock her gaze on the silent green skinned woman looking at the scene, “Isn't it that Kim's wife is sleeping in the room?” Nana ask still her gaze on Shego.

“Oh, nana she'll share my room!” Kim said cheerily. Nana just nodded.

“Shego- your name is Shego right?” Nana ask, shego nodded, looking at the old woman , “Can you please take me to my room?” Nana ask smiling, Shego nodded again and went to the back of the wheelchair and slowly push it towards the guestroom.

Knowing the Old woman could not walk, Shego bends over, tucked one hand on the older woman's nape, then one on the back of the old woman's knee, she carried Nana towards her bed, Nana encircling her arm around Shego's neck for support. Shego lay Nana gently to the bed.

“Thank you Shego” Nana said softly.

“Your welcome-” Shego saw nana tapping the side of her bed and motioning for her to sit beside her. Shego did.


“I know you care much about my Kimmie” Nana started, breaking the silence. Shego did not answer, “I am glad you came to my grand daughter's life…i told her before to take it easy with her extra curriculars, she never listened, she don't listen to my son nor to Anne” Nana smiled, “Kim is just…just like -”

Shego look at the old woman, she could see her face laced with happiness and sadness in one, “Like who?”

Nana smiled and shrug her shoulder, “Can i ask you to do soemthing for me?” NAna ask.

Shego thought, if she is going to ask her to take good care of her Kimmie? She don't have too, because she is planning to do that.

“Do you remember that book at Ying Chuan? The one you should be stealing to find your fiancee?” Nana ask looking at shego think for a while then nod, “Get it”

Shego's eyes widened, “What?”

“None of the cursed have been lifted right? I know because i am right now at this state which is not supposed to be happening because you have married my Kimmie. I think it is the same in your part”

Shego was stunned, Nana's words are true. Nothing is happening the way they should be.

“The answer to everything must be there…I-I” Nana bowed her head, “I have this dream about Nana Mim…she wanted me to get a book, a certain book”

“And that book in Ying chuan is what your Nana Mim is telling you?”

“I figured, yes”

“What does it have to do with me? And that will be again breaking the law, i promised Betty not to do that anymore, and Kim is my parole Officer, if i break in and get caught? What will happen to Kimmie then?” Shego ask, she wanted to get that book now, but thinking about her Kimmie's future…she can't do it anymore.

“You can figure out how to obtain it” Nana possible ended her statement and smiled.

They heard a knock on the door.

“Shego, Dinner is ready, can you open the door, i have Nana's food here”

Shego look at the old woman one more time, Nana smiled at her and nod, Then Shego stand up, “Yeah, I'm going out!” She shouted, then walk towards the door, opened it to reveal Anne with a tray of food, then she walk past the doctor.

Kim is looking discreetly at SHego who is lying on her back at a matress she put on the floor. Shego's hands were put on her chest, like a vampire sleeping. Her eyes were close but Kim can see the balls of her eyes moving. Her face is serious, Kim could feel Shego is having a problem and the older woman is keeping it from her.

Shego on the otherhand pretended to be asleep, but in reality, her mind wouldn't ket her. She gave Betty a her word, One week and she will let go of her father. It hurts to admit that no matter what she do she could never save her father. SHe wanted to cry then and there but she is so aware of where she is…She can't let her pumpkin see her cry. That red head is a worry wart and she will not stop until she knew what is happening. Kim is he wife, yes, she should be sharing this thing to her…but hey, they are married in papers not in reality. Besides, Kim might be having problems now that Nana POssible is here and in a wheelchair…and another is NAna's request to get that book? HOw in the world is she going to get it now?. Everything's not falling on the right place…not everything…perhaps her being married to Kim POssible even in paper is the only consolation about all this.

Shego's reverie was cut as she felt her matress move and a weight joined in, she knew the smell, it is her Kimmie, she could feel her Kimmie crawling under her blanket, then she felt a hand pressed on her hands.

“Shego?” Kim softly spoke, “Your not sleep yet right?”

Shego wanted to say she is very much awake, but she didn't. She kept her eyes close, try hard to keep her breath under normal condition.

“I know, even if your not speaking that something is bothering you, and you keep on pretending to be asleep because you don't want to tell me”


Kim snuggled closer to the older woman, putting her head on the older woman's shoulder, “I'm not going to force you to say it, but you know if you need someone to talk to, i am here…atleast let me do that as your wife” Kim said, her voice mellow.

Shego did not respond. SHe did not move. Then she heard Kim yawned.

“You won't mind if i sleep here right?” Kim said, relaxing her body as she feels Shego's heat radiates to her “Good night Shego” Kim said then putting a light peck on Shego's shoulder…Kim slept.

After a while, when Shego is sure that Kim is asleep, she opened her eyes, a single tear she is holding back fell, she look at the peaceful face Kim is wearing as she sleeps soundly in her arm. She stretch one of her arm and put it around Kim, then she kissed her pumpkin's forhead.

Kim smiled when she felt SHego's lips on her Forehead.

“shego” kim mumbles.

-end chapter 13-

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