A twist of destiny

Chapter 1

A Family's vow


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TITLE: A Family's vow


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1351

A/N: AU fan fic starring Kim, Shego (mainly). It has a hint of adult topics in this fic, so I rate this R.

Nana possible, Anne Possible and James Possible have been restless for 4 hours now. The three possibles is at the lobby of the 3rd floor of Middleton hospital where the operating room is. Kimberly Anne Possible, Anne and James possible's eldest daughter is currently at the laboratory having her blood work up, and cross link for possible donation. One of the Twins, Timothy is right now being operated, and the surgeon in charge told Anne possible, that there is a need for a blood donation in case the boy have to loose more blood becuase of a ruptured abdominal aorta secondary to trauma. JIm, the other of the twin was already declared out of danger, and is right now inside a room and being watch by Ronald Stoppable, KIm's best friend since Pre-K and MOnique. Ron's girlfriend and Kim's best friend as well.

Earlier today, the “Tweebs” as Kim called her twin brothers was permitted by their parents to go to a party, hosted by Jim's girlfriend. It was going smoothly when there were 4 men who crushed to the party and started hitting on Jim and Tim's girlfriends which irritated the twins. Angry, they bragged to the four men saying that they are Kim POssible's brothers, and that they could beat them 2 to four. The men who took this as a challenge accepted and a brawl happened.

The twin actually outdone the four, living up to their name as possibles, but later in the evening after a bout of drinking, Tim started complaining of stomach ache, his girlfriend thinking that it was just gas went to their medicine cabinet and took an Aluminum plus Magnessium (generic for antacid)and have Tim take it orally, but then after a few minutes, the stomach ache progress and Tim is already sweating hard. Jim then decided that he have to take his brother home for their mother to check.

On their way home, Tim started crying and shouting curses as the abdominal intensified, that not even a change in position relieved it, this causes Jim to panic and when he is about to park the car, he accidentally steered widely, the car then skidded and rolled over, Jim's head hitting the steering wheel and lose consciousness.

“James” Nana called out to her son, Do you think this have to do with our Family vows?”

James look at his mother who is now carrying a worried expression, Anne not knowing what Nana possible is talking about raised an eyebrow as a form of a question, “You think?”

“What is nana talking about?” Anne ask.

“Well-” James look at his mother.

“It was a silly Story, a story told from generation. IT actually started from my great grand mother Mim, it was really silly no one believed…even the curses if not fulfilled is silly, we don't believe in folklores anymore. But with what i've seen…It might have a truth to it.”

“What curse?”

“I talked to Nana two months ago, when all this disaster started hitting us. The accident you had was the first. HAven't you wondered? When you went out of the house, you checked everything and everything is allright, but when you drive going back home suddenly your car doesn't have a break? Good thing you just have a little bruise, but then when I arrived at the scene and started to drive your car, the break is okay?”

“Coincidence?” Anne defended.

“How about Kimmie cub? Isn't it quite unusual that she sufferred a very high fever in the morning,to the point she is chilling to death? then later in the afternoon it goes away like nothing happened?”

“Fever always go away Honey when the body starts counter attacking the infection.”

“Okay…how about Nana? She acquired an Injury and two days later, her bone healed without any scars?” James knew this will hit.

“Okay…that is not usual but…hey anything can happen in science” Anne still defended. She cannot accept that what is happening is a part of a curse. It just can't.

Their conversation was interrupted by Tim's Doctor. He went out of the operating room shaking his head. Annes eyes widens, that expression and head shake only means one thing in her experience as a doctor.

“PLease Ed, don't tell me-”

“Tim is Okay Anne, and that puzzles me.”

The three expectator look at him, “I told you his abdominal aorta was ruptured right?” Anne nodded, “I have it double check that's why we are having a longer operation time here, but-”

“The ruptured close?” James interjected, in surprised voice.

“It doesn't literally close but it disappeared. I tried looking for it but found none, and Tim's vitals stabilizes abruptly.”

Anne's jaw dropped, then they heard Ron.

“Mrs Dr. P!”

“Ron? What happened to Jim?” Anne ask, eyes still widens.

“Huh,” Ron exhaled, “He's up already. he said he is hungry he wants burger” Ron then smiled.

Anne look at James then Nana.

“Those two are works of miracle” Ed said.

“I think you need to tell me the story more nana” Anne told her mother in law.

“I shall. Kim needs to be with us once we talk about this.”

The couple nodded.

“Alright! So what is the meaning of This?” Sherryl Anne Go was fuming once she get iniside of the house, Seeing her Grandmother she despise the most in their couch taking a tea. “What is that old bag doing Here?” She ask her mother who is currently having chit-chat with the evil woman.

“Why Sherryl-”

“Shego for you! Sherryl are for families I don't think you are.”

“Shego then,” the elderly, aristocratic Chinese woman look at the green skinned female, “That is not the way to treat your Grandmother.”

“Well your not-”

“Princess, please” Estella urged her eldest daughter to stop, “She is here to help bring this disaster in our family to an end.”

“How could she end it? She is a disaster herself!”

“C'mon now Shego, the old woman said, can't you be atleast be polite like your brother Mego and the Wego?”

“They can be polite because they don't know what evil you have done to this family!” Shego hollered.

“And I came not to add, but to lessen the evil.”

Shego did not answer when she saw her mother's eyes widens at her, “Okay speak up!” Shego crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“I know what is happening to our family-”

“Our- not yours” Shego interrupted.

“Sherryl” It was Estella.

“Mine and yours if you like. Shego, I am old, I have no family with me, and I am having troubles too, and the answer to mine and yours is here.”

“What troubles? Is there any mother?” Shego ask her MOther.

“Your mother being terminated at work because she was wrongfully accused of pocketing 50 dollars? Your Father, my son on his death bed because of stroke, Henry in jail for saving an innocent?”

“So you spy on us?” Shego ask in a stern voice.

“I have to…i've been having the same problem.”


“Your Aunt Dorothy died 3 weeks ago of an accident. With her family, her Husband, and 2 sons. Before that I learned half of my shares in the company was transferred to my administrator without me knowing, and none of my powers can make it right. I should have not come here if Dorothy is alive and so is her family, but their not…and Your father is my only hope…and he can't because he is in his death bed.”

“So what are you saying?” Shego's brows raised up.

“Everything that is happening is because of a vow, an unfulfilled vow made 2 generations ago.”

“And what does it have to do with what is happening?” Estella interrupted, “Curses, folklores are not true, they are just superstitious belief.”

“Perhaps for you who was reared in a country like America. But we Chinese believes in them. Do you want to hear the story or not?”

“Tell us…make sure it's believable because I can outrightly kill you here, in our house.” Shego declared.

The old woman's eyes widens.

-end chapter 1 -

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