A twist of destiny

Chapter 15

A funeral and A story


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TITLE: A funeral and A story


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2262

There was nothing said between Shego and Kim. 3 days of mourning had pass by without a word. Kim still feeling that pain everytime she sees Shego, there beside her father's coffin. Hego had a temporary release order by GJ's request. Though Kim noticed how Shego tried hard to be strong in front of her siblings and mother, the scene of Shego breaking down on Dr. Director's shoulder still hits her hard, and Kim knew she cannot argue with that, or even complain because after all, she was Shego's enemy, and their marriage was just circumstantial.

Kim's thought we're cut when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“You know my Sheryll is really never that strong” The voice of Estella is near her. Kim look at the older woman who is smiling at her, “When Sheryll was still a child, Henry used to call her cry baby. You see Sheryll is just a year older than Henry, they will fight usually and after the fight, it is Sheryll who stop crying, and she will run to her father's arms for comfort.”

Kim nodded, then she saw Betty Director came at Shego's side, Betty took Shego away from the casket and the two sat themselves at a fuse just in front of the casket, “Shego seems close with Dr. Betty”

“Oh! that, Shego and Betty we're best friend since childhood. Betty is almost like a daughter to me, when Sheryll is being bullied at school, Betty is the one who fights for her. You see, my SHeryl isn't really a fighter, she was a pacifist, she looks at everything in a positive way”

“Very unlikely of the Shego i know” Kim said, she saw Estella nod.

“She became like that after the accident, after the meteor hits her and Henry”

“The meteor just hit the two of them?”


“How come Mego and the Wego's have power too?”

“Those we're radiation effects. After the accident, the 3 boys came in contact with them,it was late when me and my husband realized that the meteor is radioactive. So if you will analyze, it is only SHeryll and Henry who got the more useful and strong power, unlike Melchor and the twins. After that accident, My husband's mother, her grandmother Mrs. Mua Li Go, tried to separate me and Jason.”

“Her grand mother did that?"Kim ask, eyes wide.

“Yes, and the sad part is that Jason actually left us, he went with his mother in fear of being disowned. That thing i think pull Sheryll out of the positive aspects of life, we were left with nothing, i have to work to feed 5 mouths, Sheryll then being the oldest have to do something, that's when she began thievery. With her power, she tried to learn all the martial arts move she can with the help of Betty's mother, ofcourse Betty and her mother was oblivious to why Shego wanted to learn.”

“So you knew she is stealing and you did not said anything?”

“It was late when i learned she is a thief. When she started bringing in money, i ask her where she get it, and she said she landed a bodyguarding job for some rich guy because of her power. She stopped going to school and began full time in her job, helping me with finances so we can have her siblings to go to decent school. I learned about her work when she began teaming up with that blue man-”


“Yes, that Drakken, that time, Jason came back to us, saying he missed me and his children, and i know Jason, he never lied. He took the punishment of being disowned by his mother just to return to us, and Sheryll is very glad, but she cannot turn her back to Drakken since she have a contract…and-”

Kim look at Estella who stop narrating Shego's story.

there was silence.

“My Sheryll doesn't want to leave Drakken, because if she does, there will be no fighting Kim POssible, no seeing Kimmie, no teasing Pumpkin” Estella smiled as she recalled all the things Shego will tell her, “My husband would have not known you, but if he is alive, i am sure he'll be very happy to have known you, and you pulling our Sheryll out of the evil business-”

“Shego is not evil” Kim defended.

“I know, she just like calling herself that, so me and Jason conceded” Estella smiled again, “You know, my daughter is very fond of you, she would always tells us about you everytime she visits us at home, she would also tell us how Drakken look stupid, and laugh at how her employer look once his doomsday device starts malfunctioning”

“Drakken really never do things right”

“I think it was Sheryll's doing. She might not finish school but she knew things about building toys like her employer, I'm sure she will sneak out on him to do something about his device so little no one will notice but the effect is great”

“I don't think she would do that” Kim said smiling.

“She told me a story once, she put a used chewing gum on one of her employer's machine, just at rim of the laser, the laser malfunction!” Estella said, now laughing softly, “So i told you, My Sheryl can”

Kim just smiled as the thought she once had returned. So it is possible that Shego have everything to do with Drakken's foiled plans, is Shego doing it for her, or just for fun?

“My first time to have seen her breakdown is at the infirmary” Kim started again.

“Oh, Sheryll promised to herself that she will never be a cry baby for the person she truly cares. You see, she never shed a tears before us, she knew how hard our life is and she never wanted to burden us anymore”

“She should have told me her father's condition, i could have been there to help her”

Estella just smiled and shook her head, “She cares for you so much, she would rather take all the burden in her alone than have you burdened.”

“Why would she do that?” KIm ask innocently.

“Remember that time when she decided not to marry you?” Estella look at Kim nod, “She was the happiest person when she learned that she have to marry not any of your brothers but you, but after realizing what the marriage could do to you, she have to decline.”

“But i insist” Kim look at Estella nod.

“She would have been the happiest if not for her father's condition, and Henry's ofcourse”

“And i call her selfish…when the truth is she is actually thinking of me, of my - future” Kim said now looking at Shego who is talking with Betty, her heart squeezing tight, ‘Shego’ she thought.

“Mom” Shego called out her mother.

“Excuse me Kim” Estella said, then patted Kim's shoulder before she stand up and approach her daughter.

“Shego” Kim said softly.

The sky is bright, the sun smiling at the group of people gathered around an open casket. It is the families last memory of their father. Henry, Melchor, Willie and Watari is shedding their tears as they said their last goodbye. Estella is being held by HEgo, Estella have said her last word for her husband, telling him to go ahead and she will follow when everything is settled in her family. Estella wasn't crying, she is smiling in fact but the people around except Shego started to cry. Even the strong willed Betty Diorector and Her Mother Antonina Director shed tears, Estella's declaration was heartfelt, sincere and simple, but it has an impact everyone who attended the funeral will remember. Shego did nnot said anything, she remained quiet.

After all the goodbyes and the last blessing, people started to go home, Hego was again cuffed and is being taken to jail, Estella and her sons went in their car and went home. But Shego stayed.

Kim is looking at the quiet woman looking at the tombstone of her father. She knew she wanted to cry, but she is just so stubborn and would not let her witness it. Without Betty, there is no shoulder she can cry on. Kim talked to her parents who attended the funeral to go ahead, she will stay by Shego's side, and so they did go. ONce her parents are gone, Kim slowly walk towards the woman, situating herself on the green skinned woman's back, she sighed and then she put her arms around the green thief's woman waist.

“Shego” Kim said softly, she felt Shego's body stiffened, but she did not let go, “It is alright to cry Shego, I won't tease you for crying” Kim said trying to lighten up the mood.

“Princess” Shego whispered.

“I know Dr. Director is not here to be your crying shoulder, i-i wish i could lend you my shoulder right now to cry on. You don't have to be strong today SHego”


Then KIm felt Shego's hand took hers that is in SHego's belly.

“Why are you always so nice Possible?” Shego ask, her voice shaking.

“I am not. Remember i fought you with hatred, so i am not always nice” Kim said smiling, Kim rested her face on Shego's back, then Kim felt drops of liquids in her forearm, knowing that it is not raining she knew her “wife” is crying.

“I tried to Kill you many times, so your hatred is justified” Shego felt the red head shook her head.

“Drakken tried and you always foiled his plan, and i thought it was Ron who did that”

silence again.

“What make you think i did foil drakken's plan”

“Your mom said so”

Shego smiled, then she remove herself from Kim's embrace and face the red head, “You should not beleive every word my mom tells you. She is exaggerating things most of the time” Shego said, tears still falling in her face.

Kim smiled at Shego, she lift her arms towards the green thief's face and wiped the tears with her thumb. Shego smiled at her, then she did something the red head did not expect, Shego embraced Kim, and cried on the red head's shoulder. Kim sighed as she let the green skinned woman cried her heart out, she tightened her embrace.

Kim and SHego did stay for quite a while, though they have been together no words were said, the two decided to sit on the lawn in front of Sheg's father's tombstone.

“HEy dad!” Shego said breaking the silence, KIm look at her “wife” who is sporting a smile on her lips, “See this woman at my side? She is Kim Possible, I really like you to meet her!” Shego look at Kim who is smiling at her.

“Hello Mr. Go, nice to meet you” Kim then said after looking at the tombstone.

“I'm sure my dad is happy to meet you Princess, he just have his tongue tied, perhaps he can't believe i am married to a wonderful woman like you” Shego said in a quite ligh tone.

Kim smiled on Shego's words.

“Yes, I guess your dad can't believe it, my parents can't believe it themselves” Kim retorted. Her retort brought fort a smile then a laugh from SHego, Kim just look at her laughing “wife”, “You want to know what i think right now Shego?” Kim ask not looking at the green skinned woman.

“That i am crazy?” SHego ask.

Kim smiled and shook her head, “You are beautiful when you smile and laugh” Kim answered.

There was silence, as Shego stops lauging and just look at Kim.

“Hey!” Kim saiud and patted her “wife"s shoulder, “I am telling the truth, i am not saying it because you are lamenting-”

“Do i really look beautiful?” Shego ask smiling at Kim. Kim look at her, smiled and nod, “guess so”

“Guess so?”

“I've guessed that you really find me beautiful and alluring and sexy that's why you keep on busting me and Drakken” Shego said shrugging her shoulder.

Kim's eyes widen, “Shego!” Kim shouted, she bolted up and look at Shego, but the green skinned woman is just looking at her, Kim stop herself from saying anything.

“Thank you Princess” Shego then said, warmly, then the green skinned woman smiled, “I felt better”

“Your welcome Shego” Kim said, then reaching her hand out at Shego. The green skinned woman took the hand and stand up, “I think we should said good bye to your dad now?”

The two woman look at the tombstone.

“We have to go now dad. Maybe me and Pumpkin will see you again soon” then after that the two left, hand in hand.

“So i have a mission, you like to go pumpkin?” Shego ask as she drives.

“You really mean it? Your taking me to a mission?” Kim ask, smiling widely.

“Yes, so are you in?”

“Ofcourse i'm in. So where?”



“Tell Stoppable to come too, also-”

“We could ask Wade for help”

“You always know what i am thinking hah!”


“So make sure you don't have anything to do this weekend”


“So how much are we being paid for this?”

“None pumpkin, this is TY”

“oh…so you want me in because no money is involve?”



“You'll know when we get there, and make sure the animal comes, it may be handy”

“Rufus! the name of the animal is rufus”

“Whatever- dufus”


-end Chapter 15-

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