A twist of destiny

Chapter 9

Living together?


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TITLE: Living together?


DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that I do not own any of the characters of Kim possible. I'll be using Estella, and she is the product of my not so creative imagination.

SUMMARY: Two generations ago, The possible matriarch Mim, and the Go Matriarch Zahn shi have made a vow that unfufillment will cause a terrible disaster on both families. It now depends on Kim and Shego to fulfill this vow and save their family.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2471

A/N: From this chapter on ward, the fic will be dealing with Kim and Shego living together in one roof.

The Wedding Banquet that was arranged by Shego went smoothly. Both woman knew that from that moment on, they are already married, though there was no paper signed, no witnesses to see, no entourage to walk before them…the mere thought of what happened inside the temple is enough for the two woman to believe that they are truly wed, and with a wedding ring on both fingers as a proof.

The parents keep on asking what have transpired inside, but the two did not give any details and just say “hard”. The word hard coming from Kim, a renowned hero, and Shego an A-1 Criminal, the ‘rents’ believed that the obstacle is really hard.

“So what is your living arrangement?” Estella look at her daughter with a smile.

Shego shrug her shoulder, she continue on eating, “I saw a nice apartment near Lowerton's boundary. I think me and KIm could move there” Shego announced then.

The Possibles look at Shego, Kim's mouth wide open.

“You can't be serious!” Anne snap after sometime.

“Well, It was part of my deal with Global Justice. I would want to live alone but Betty want's Kimmie on my tail. She'll be my Parole Officer”

“What?” Kim ask, eyes widens.

“Didn't she tell you?” Shego ask her. SHego shook her head once she saw Kim shook her head signifying a ‘no’ answer, “That Betty Director really wants to Torment me until I die!” Shego commented, she stop eating and look at Kim, “Well now you know Kimmie. That is one of the things Betty wants from me. Complete surrender i guess” She raised her brows, then resume her eating.

there was silence.

“That is not acceptable” James Possible interrupted. Everyone looked at James, “I agree that my Kimmie-cub will act as your parole officer, but she is not going to live with you in a house that is at the border of Middleton and Lowerton.”

Anne look at her husband with a quizzical look, “And what do you suggest?” SHe then ask.

James cough a bit then look at Shego, “You have to stay with us SHego. Either that or You just have to go to jail.”

Kim once again dropped her jaw.

Shego look at her Princess, and tried hard not to laugh, “I could live with that” She smiled at Kim, “Will I be sharing Kimmie's room?” She ask teasingly, she knew Mr. POssible won't allow it, but just for the fun of looking at their expression.

“HELL NO!” Kim, MRs. Dr. POssible and MR. Dr. Possible said in unison.

Shego laugh then nod, “That's what i thought too”

So after that thoughtful day, Shego moved in with the Possibles at their house, Shego occupying the house’ guestroom. It was a day after the wedding that they went home,. and none of Kim's friend knew what happened. Shego have been with them for 3 days, and it seems Kim and Shego have not find time talking with each other as Dr. Director summoned the green thief already for a mission. Kim was quite relieved that she have to sit this mission out, but at the same time anxious, as to why she felt the later, she have to figure it out.

It is already dawn, and in a matter of hours, she have to wake up to go to school. Kim is sprawled on her bed, lying on her back, she raised her left hand and look at the ring in her finger.

‘why am i wearing this still?’ she ask herself, she only took the vow to lift the curse, and now that she is “officially” married to Shego by Phoenix standard, she could remove the ring. She rub the ring finger and started pulling the ring out of her finger…but there is just one problem…

The ring is stucked, and it will not get off.

She stand up, went to her bathroom and put out a lotion, applying a generous amount on the finger and continue on removing it. But still it remain. The ring do move around her finger, but it never goes off.

“What the-” Kim almost sweared. She now tried soap, then hand sanitizer, but to no avail.

KNowing that it will not go off, she surrendered. She plop her body on her bed, raised her ringed hand on her face “What have i really gotten into now?” she ask herself.

She then closed her eyes, hoping that sleep would finally find her.

The first bell to her class rang, Kim went inside the designated room and sit beside her best friend Ron.

“So how was the wedding?” Ron ask Kim. KIm look at Ron and show him the ring, “Wow, that's some kind of a ring!” Ron said,

“I can't take it off” Kim said with a pout.

“Why would you want to take it off? It's a wedding ring. My mom never takes off her wedding ring” Ron argued.

Kim slump her shoulder, “Ron” then she sighed deeply, “This is not a real ring. We did not buy any wedding ring when we got to the temple”

“You did not?”

“We did not. The caretaker of the temple said we don't need it”

“So how come you have one?”

“It just appeared”

“Magic! Booyah!” Ron shouted getting the attention of their other classmates, “Sorry” Ron apologized then bowed down, “So how's living with Shego?”

there was silence.

“A-okay, It's not good. THe silence say it all” Ron finally said.

“It's not that”

“So what?”

“I haven't seen Shego since after the wedding”


“Dr. Director have a mission for her already.”

Ron look at the sour face of her best friend, “You haven't seen Shego since the 25th? Don't you think it's a good idea? Atleast you won't have to see your once enemy's face now turned ‘wife?'” He shook his head smiling.

Kim sighed deeply again, “I don't know Ron, i…i just-” Ron look at the stammerring Kim, “I don't know what to think anymore”

Ron look at his friend contemplatively, he smiled and put his hand on her shoulder, “Hey don't look so down KP, Bonnie will like it if she sees you like that”

Kim smiled and look at Ron, “Yeah, thanks for reminding me Ron”

“No big”

Everyone then greeted “good morning Mr. Barkin”

The two friends ended their conversation and focus on the hulking man.

Friday of that week. Kim have cheerleading practice and a meeting for the student council. It have already been more than a week that she have been married. SHe haven't seen Shego yet after they returned from China, and good thing, no news of her wedding in school yet.

Life is good- she thought…then her mind drifted to the fact that she haven't seen Shego yet. She is walking lazily towards home, Ron and MOnique went out on a date, she is alone walking, no call from wade to save the world. BEfore all the weird things happened to her, walking alone back to her house on a friday night doesn't make her feel low, down, in fact she anticipated going home every friday because the next day will be saturday, fun day if there is no saving the world work. How is today different from before?

~ perhaps because you are actually hoping to see a wife when you get home but know that you will find none?~ a voice resounded in her head.

She shook her head as if the voice will stop if she do that.

~ because you miss your thief~

‘shut up’ she thought to rebuked the inner voice.

~you don't wnat to admit it~

‘whatever! Shego is still once my enemy, and i hated her’ she answered the voice.

~yeah you do. So why do you feel this way now?~



~blaming physiology for- ~

‘shut up!’ Kim angrily thought.


She stop walking as she finally arrived at their house. She opened the door and was surprised by a tasty smell that assaulted her nose once entering the house.

‘delicious’ she told herself, ‘mom made something special what could it be?’ Kim thought, then she hurriedly went to the Kitchen. She stop as she found not her mom in their kitchen instead there is her ‘wife’ Shego cooking.

Kim shook her head to erase a mental image of Shego in apron, cooking and smiling at her.

“She-shego?” Kim called out. Shego turned her head her way and smiled.

“Pumpkin, welcome home!” Shego greeted Kim, smiling, she turn her head towards the work at hand, “Your mom called and good thing i am here already, she said she have an emergency operation and will not be back yet, and your dad said he have to do a project for the Space center, and will be on a meeting so he'll also be late. I told your mom i'll make the food for you and your brothers”

Kim's eyes is wide, her jaw open.

“Now pumpkin, you don't want those jaws of your to locked that way? Close it” Shego said without looking at Kim. Kim shook her head as she was pulled out of her shock state.

“You knew even if your not looking”

“I knew you pumpkin. I know every move you make, i know what your thinking specially about me.”

Kim move closer to Shego, she smiled and rest her chin on the older woman's right shoulder and scrunch her forehead, “So what did you make for me and the tweebs?”

“I made you something healthy” Shego said, feeling her pumpkin on her shoulder, her heart flutters, she must have goosebumps by now good thing her catsuit is covering it all up.

“Healthy is good” Kim said, removing her chin on Shego's shoulder, “When did you get home?”

Home- Shego thought. So this is my home now? “Just this afternoon” Shego turned off the stove and faced Kim, “Betty really wants me dead. I thought i'll never get out alive in the mission she gave me”

“Oh” Kim nods, but deep inside her stomach started churning as if its beeing pulled out of her body. And she felt it after Shego's declaration of ‘thought of dying on a mission’ thing ‘what is happening to me?’ Kim ask herself.

“So do you want the soup hot pumpkin?” Shego ask.

“Yes please and thank you” Shego look at Kim, smiled and shook her head. Then she started taking out chinas for Kim to use and prepared the food for Kim. As Shego busy herself, kim just look, ‘i never thought of Shego to look domesticated’ kim thought to herself, “Where are the tweebs”

“Their room. They are studying for an exam they said so i delivered their food on their room”

Kim's eye widens, “You what? The tweebs don't study that is 1, and besides mom will be furious if they do that stuff. They-”

“But they told me that your mom delivers their food to their room if they are studying?” Shego said, now her face is contorted.

“Aha! So your the first victim heh? No my mom will not let them eat on their room. We always eat here, with exam or without”

“Those brats!” Shego hollered. Then she walkout of the kitchen and stormed the two boy's room.

Kim heard screams of horror, and she Smiled.

Kim is already lounging on the living room couch when SHego finally finished taking a bath. After a hearty dinner, Shego insisted that Kim rest and take a shower and she'll clean the Kitchen. Kim went to her brother's room and saw the two of them taped on the edge of their beds, their pants wet. Kim thought perhaps they have seen the real evil side of Shego that it made them piss. Their mouths is bonded by masking tape. Kim removed it.

“i'm never gonna mess with Shego again!” Jim cried as Tim nodded in agreement.

“Serve you two right” Kim said smiling then freeing her brothers.

Kim smiled as she recall her brother's faces.

“Something great happened at school?” Shego is standing behind the couch, Kim look back at Shego.

“Nothing really, but the good part is that there still isn't any news about our wedding”

“That's good” Shego said then she walk around the couch and sit beside Kim.

“Have you noticed something weird about the ring?” Kim ask Shego as soon as she is sitted.

“No” Shego look at her ringed finger then her gaze switch to that of Kim, ‘so she is not removing the ring too?’ Shego ask herself.

“I can't remove it, No matter what i do, it wont go off”

‘okay, to early to think, my princess really hates me’ SHego sighed a little then rest her back on the couch, “I haven't tried removing it yet”

“Want to try it?” Kim looks at Shego.

Shego shook her head, “I believe you” shego then said.

then there was silence.

Kim relaxed her body on the couch, feeling light and contented, different from what she felt while walking alone home.

“Don't you and your boyfriend have a date?” Shego ask while staring at the blank television.



“Oh…no he is not my boyfriend,” Kim sighed heavily, “He have a date with his girlfriend Monique” Kim look at Shego who look at her, “You don't know MOnique, she is my other friend at school. I like this josh guy in school but i guess i will lose to Bonnie by default”

“Default? why? Who is Bonnie”

“Bonnie is a bitch at school. Co-cheerleader. Default becuase i am alreadty married-”

“This isn't the real deal Kimmie, you can still date if you like”

Kim raised her brows then raised her fingered hand on SHego, “And this?”

“You can explain that as something mission related. ISn't that always gets you out of trouble?”

Kim stop looking at SHego and look at the blank TV “Yeah, i guess” Kim took the TV remote and open it, “Is it okay if we watch-”

“Whatever you like pumpkin” Shego interrupted her sentence. Kim put the channel on sports, watching a soccer game.

Kim and Shego watch in silence. Then later Shego saw Kim yawned.

“You should rest” Shego said, she was surprised when Kim lied down and used her thigh as her pillow.

“You won't mind?” KIm look at Shego as she lied there, smiling.

“It's okay pumpkin, as long as you won't drool on my thighs”

“As if!” the two woman laugh.

they continue watching until Kim doze off in SHego's lap. Shego change the channel and watch while stroking Kim's hair.

This is how they look when the Dr. POssibles walk in on them.

-end chapter 9 -

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