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In the future


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TITLE: In the future

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own “Jaws.”

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: This one goes out to Mouse a.k.a Mouserr2255.

Words: 6014


“Hey, Aunt Sheshona, are you home?” a chipper voice called from the front of the house.

“Aren’t I always, Cyn?” Sheshona replied as she walked out to the main room.

Sheshona was pushing forty-five years old and did not look it in the slightest; she did not feel it either. She looked at her “daughter,” Cynthia Kimberly Possible. She was pushing eighteen and showing it more than Sheshona liked. She did not like that her little girl was grown now because that meant that all sorts of unworthy men were vying for the beautiful redhead’s attention.

Cynthia stood out too, which did not help ease Sheshona’s mind as far as how the kid looked. The first noticeable factor on her was her crimson hair, which she inherited her from her mother. She had bright green eyes and an infectious laugh. She was also rather tall for a woman, which did not seem to put men off in the slightest. It seemed to help them take notice of her quicker.

Sheshona called the girl “Cyn” because she thought that it was a cute nickname; hey, her idea of cute was often different from the mainstream. She wanted to give the kid a bit of a bad vibe too because the girl was a goody-goody for the most part. She was adventurous and wild, but she would never do anything really bad. Sure, she would do all sorts of things that shocked people, like cut her hair short, but she had done that so it would not get in her face when she was training. She wore pants instead of dresses, which seemed to bother people. She also did not seem interested in suitors, which people thought was odd since they believed that a woman should want nothing more than to get married. But, still, she was not a bad girl at all.

“Are we going to visit Mommy or are you still writing you never-ending book?” Cynthia inquired in a bit of a teasing tone. She was a pretty good natured kid, but she did get a kick out of taunting her “aunt” when she got the chance.

“Yes, we’re going to visit your mother. Let me go finish a sentence and then we’ll leave,” Sheshona replied.

The pale woman returned to the book that she had been writing for almost as long as Cynthia had been alive. She was looking to leave some sign on the world to show that she did not waste her life, mostly to show her beloved that she did not waste her life and she could carry on in a good way. She dedicated her time to writing down things about the family’s fighting style. Sure, she could not take a pupil, but that did not mean that she could not share her thoughts on moves and techniques. Her opinion was just as good as the next maniac in the Go family.

She also taught Cynthia martial arts, just not the Go family style. She spent a lot of time with the redhead from the day that the girl was born. The girl’s father did not seem to mind her presence. Maybe he thought that Cynthia needed a female presence in her life, no matter how odd the female and he probably could not think of anyone better than his late wife’s best friend. Although the man had remarried a few years after Kimberly passed away, Cynthia never connected with her stepmother and preferred spending time with her “Aunt Sheshona,” who was always happy to see the kid.

Sheshona liked telling Cyn about her mommy and what kind of woman Kimberly was. She never did mention her relationship to Kimberly, though. Yes, she would say things like she loved Kimberly and things like that, but she never put that love into a specific context. She only did it because she did not want Cyn to accidentally say something about the affair in front of her father one day. She would prefer not to soil her beloved’s good name.

The stories about her mommy, coupled with Sheshona being a unique woman in her own right, helped Cynthia grow into a peculiar young woman indeed. She liked doing daring things, dangerous things, which she more than likely got from her “aunt.” It did not help that she was highly intelligent like her mother and wanted to do something different like her mother did when she became a doctor. She was a trained historian already, but liked a more hands-on approach to the subject and went hunting for historical artifacts, no matter where the trail might take her.

Suitors had been coming after Cynthia since she was about fifteen and she often sent them running, screaming into the night. Her father did not think it was so funny because he wanted her to get married, so that she could have a man to take care of her, but her Aunt Sheshona was always thoroughly amused to hear about when some guy came to court her. It seemed that it was going to take a very special guy to handle Cynthia and maybe he would not come along. Then Sheshona could have little Cyn to herself forever, which she would have loved. Yes, she knew that was selfish thought, but Cyn was all she had left and she would love to have her forever because of that.

“I’ve got something really special to tell Mommy,” Cynthia informed Sheshona as they walked toward the cemetery that Kimberly was buried in. They often walked the long distance to the cemetery because it gave them a chance to talk and it was also not a hard journey in their opinions.

“I hope you’re not looking to shock her again,” Sheshona remarked. They often talked as if Kimberly was really there because it felt like she was still with them.

“What, you thought running into a burning building was shocking? Mommy didn’t mind,” the teen commented.

“That’s what you think. She was rolling in her grave and the only reason she calmed down was because you’re not lying next to her thanks to that little stunt,” the pale woman replied.

“She was proud that I saved that little boy. This isn’t going to be news like that, though.”

“I’m scared to consider the possibilities,” Sheshona commented dryly, especially since Cyn’s motto was now “Anything’s possible for a Possible.” She liked the girl’s confidence and everything, but it was a little nerve-wracking to have someone under her care that swore she could do anything.

They arrived at the cemetery and went to Kimberly’s grave. They would have been able to make it to the simple headstone blindfolded by now. They replaced the dying flowers with fresh ones as they always did when they came by. Sheshona also burned incense for the dearly departed as she always did.

Sometimes, they came up to the place with Cynthia’s brother. He liked talking to the grave as much as they did. It seemed that even though he used to spend most his time with his father when she was alive, he really admired his mother. He always regretted not telling her so, but he ended up becoming a doctor in her memory. Sheshona often told him that Kimberly loved him a great deal and she would be proud of him, which never failed to choke him up. He was very emotional when it came to his mother.

“Hey, Mommy. I know you’re probably wondering how I’m doing in school and the answer is fine, like always. Aunt Sheshona always tells me how you got great grades when you went to school, so I need to do the same. Well, I came up here because I wanted to tell you and Aunt Sheshona that I might be getting married,” Cynthia announced and Sheshona choked on air.

“Wait, what?” the pale woman inquired.

“Yeah, I met a guy who seems to like me for me. I was hoping for your blessing,” Cynthia said to her aunt.

“Cyn, you’re just a baby. Think about it for a while. Don’t be hasty,” Sheshona objected.

“I knew you’d say I was just a baby, so I also came up here for Mommy to bear witness to me challenging you to a fight to prove I’m an adult,” Cynthia added to her announcement.

Sheshona laughed as if she had just been told a great joke. “You want to fight me?”

“I think it’s about time I show you I’m an adult,” the redhead commented. She did not take offense to the fact that her aunt had just laughed in her face about the challenge. She had actually expected that.

Sheshona had been waiting for the day to come when the girl would challenge her. Cynthia really did not have to call her out in a fight, but she told the girl about her family traditions and how a student had to surpass her teacher if she wanted to be considered a master. Cynthia figured that for her aunt to see her as more than a child, she would have to prove it the one way that Sheshona responded to. She was going to have to surpass her teacher.

“I won’t hurt her too much, beloved,” Sheshona silently promised as she and Cynthia made their way back to her home, the dueling ground.

The pair prepared for their battle, changing into their training clothing. They then walked into the backyard because of all of the open space and there would be no distraction back there. Sheshona tied her hair back and stretched. Cynthia shadowed boxed for a while and then they faced off.

Cynthia attacked first, which was what Sheshona wanted since her family style was more defensive than offensive. She thought that she would be able to keep the girl at bay, but as it turned out Cynthia saw something that no one else had ever seen; she saw the little cracks in the defense.

Sheshona was hardly surprised when Cynthia got through her defense the first time. The redhead was a natural when it came to combat. She was a speedy little thing too. By the time Sheshona was blocking one move, the girl was already starting another.

Sheshona watched Cynthia carefully as the girl continued trying to take her down a notch. It amazed her that the family style was not as invincible as she always swore it was. Cynthia was breaking through with an assortment of moves, mostly because of her speed. She supposed that no defense was good if it was slower than the offense coming at it, especially if the offense kept coming.

The pale woman decided that she needed to adjust if she wanted the fight to even be a contest. She quickly went from her failing defense into an offensive stance and tried to meet Cynthia, but she could not match the speed of the kid. She would have blamed her age if she was looking for excuses, but she was not. She doubted that she would have matched Cynthia’s speed ever, which was what she wanted. She had trained the girl to be fast.

Sheshona had figured that the quicker fighter in a match would win if the fighters were evenly matched in technique and skill. The thing was that the fighter had to be quick in legs, technique, and thought. Cynthia seemed to have all of that and she was winning the match because of it. The thing that made it tricky was that the person had to have stamina too to maintain the speed and Cynthia never seemed to run out of energy. She eventually won the match.

“So, I can get married now?” Cynthia inquired as she flopped down in the grass next to Sheshona, who was sucking in air while lying on her back.

“You’re rushing into this. I know you are,” the pale woman objected.

“I rush into everything.” Cynthia smiled.

“That’s not something to be proud of.” She thought that Cynthia was much like she was when she was younger, always proud of the wrong thing.

“Are you sure?” the girl asked while still smiling.

“You’re rushing it.”

“He’s a nice guy. He’s seen me in action and still managed to stay around me afterwards,” Cynthia replied.

“Why don’t you just wait and think it over?”

“I thought it over,” Cynthia tried to assure her aunt.

Sheshona knew that Cynthia had not thought it over like she claimed to. The girl was impulsive to a fault. She was too trusting too, but Sheshona knew that she could not tell the redhead anything. Sometimes, a person had to be left to walk her own path and find out for herself if it was a mistake or not.

Cynthia eventually did get married. She had two sons and a daughter, but their father did not stick around. As it turned out, he could not handle Cynthia for too long either. There was something about her independence that bothered him, like it bothered every man that she ever met who was not her brother, who only used to encourage her when she was little to be even more crazy than she was. She was not very dejected by her husband leaving her, which many people did not understand. They thought that she should have fallen apart after her husband left her with three small children. She was an optimist like no one had ever seen and figured that what had happened was for the best. She was not going to let her husband running off bring her down.

She merely took her children, moved into her mother’s old home and looked after her aging father while her children grew up with the family name of Possible since their father wanted to cut and run on them. She continued on with her career in history and went to see Sheshona quite often until a couple of people from the Go family took her aunt back to Go City; it happened when Sheshona was sixty-three years old.

Sheshona had been shocked that someone in her family actually cared that she was living alone at the age of sixty-three. The pair that came to her was some of her brother’s children, but she did not care about that. She had been unaware that her idiot brother even had offspring. She would find out that he damn near had a litter, ten kids in all.

She had tried to object to them removing her from her home, but they did not listen because they just thought that she was a rambling, stubborn old woman. They also did not inform her “daughter” that they were taking her back to Go City because they did not know that she had Cyn, who would have been happy to look after her aunt if anyone had bothered to ask her.

Sheshona’s main concern was finishing her manuscript after that. The day after she finished the book, she died silently in her sleep. Her work was done and she wanted to be with her beloved again. She did not think to leave a will because she did not have anything that she valued enough to pass on to someone, but her relatives did publish her book for her. With her went the connection between the Go and Possible families.


Shego cracked her knuckles and dug her bare heels in the dirt to get a good feel for the ground underneath her. She was dressed in a plain black tank-top and black sweatpants. She had her hair tied back in a braided ponytail to keep it from getting in the way. She was about to do what she was born to do.

“Go, Gan-ma!”

“No, baby. You have to cheer for your Mama,” Kim corrected the eighteen-month old in her arms.

Kim was sitting on the front steps of the house that she shared with Shego; it was the same house that they had fixed up a few years ago. They still used the house as more of a getaway place than an actual residence, but they had been spending a lot of time there recently because of all of the space and they got to be together there without many distractions. They were looking into getting a house, though; some place closer to civilization, but not for their sake.

Kim was holding an ebony-haired, emerald-eyed baby girl and she was the reason they were house-hunting. They wanted a house with neighbors and things for the girl’s sake. The child was clapping and then turned around. The baby looked rather puzzled.

“Go Gan-ma?” the baby asked while pointing to Isabel, who was dressed like her daughter, but in white. The child was trying to say “grandma,” but some of the letters were getting lost from her brain to her mouth it seemed.

“No, baby. Cheer for Mama,” Kim replied while pointing at Shego.

“Look at that. My granddaughter is so smart and she’s not even two yet. She already knows who’s going to win this one,” Isabel remarked.

“Like hell you are. Miranda, you stop cheering for your grandmother right now,” Shego ordered.

“Go, Mama!” the baby finally cheered.

“That’s right,” Shego smirked proudly.

“Go, Mama!” the child repeated since she got encouragement to do so.

Kim and Shego had been together for three years and counting. They had adopted Miranda over a year ago. They had not really talked about having kids, but one day Kim brought the baby home after a mission. She had found the baby in a garbage can and they had had a big discussion over keeping the child. Sometime during the night, the discussion turned into a fight, first verbal and then physical. But, eventually, they agreed to keep the baby and officially adopted the child, which was a challenge in itself considering their lifestyles.

Speaking of their lifestyles, those had to change now that they had Miranda. Kim was easing out of the hero life because it was too dangerous. She had actually been doing that for a while because her hobby worried Shego quite a bit, but with Miranda around, the process was speeding up. She had to make time for their daughter, after all, and she would not do anyone any good if something horrible happened to her on a mission.

“Now I have to take you down. You’ve turned my little granddaughter against me,” Isabel commented.

“Just take the ass whipping and like it, old woman,” Shego said.

Shego could not believe that she was about to take on her mother, officially. It was time to prove herself. It was not a game and it was not a practice. It was the real thing and she was not about to disappoint, not just herself, but she was not about disappoint her mother or her family.

“Go, Shego!” Kim cheered.

The super-powered woman exhaled slowly and then she ran at her mother. She attacked with a series of kicks that her mother dodged and blocked. Isabel expected the assault and could tell that her daughter was just looking to feel her out. They went back and forth for a few minutes, just looking to gauge each other.

“Go, Mama!” Miranda cheered again while jumping in Kim’s lap.

Shego soon switched tactics. She made a move that looked like she was going to punch her mother, which Isabel moved to block. Shego stopped the move with amazing precision and went into another move before her mother realized that the punch was not coming. She went to kick her mother in the side and the blow landed. Isabel seemed shocked; she was actually stunned that her daughter could stop a move so suddenly.

Shego had gained a lot of control over her moves from sparring with Kim in their living room. Their sparring in the house was more about not hitting items in the room than about hitting each other. It had helped both of them a great deal in their skills. It also helped improve her stamina because she had to keep going as long as her redheaded lover could or she would lose and she was not interested in losing.

Shego did not let up on her mother after that one blow landed. She tried to move in for a combination, but her mother recovered quickly. Isabel blocked Shego’s fist as it was coming toward her, but the younger fighter was not put off. She faked like she was going to kick her mother and Isabel moved to dodge the blow that never came. Shego changed her attack rapidly and caught her mother with a three-punch combination. Isabel fell again.

“Come on, Shego,” Kim said. She knew how badly her girlfriend wanted the fight. She watched the pale woman train and train and train some more. The match eventually had become something of an obsession with the green-skinned woman.

Shego had actually quit working for Drakken because she wanted to devote her time to defeating her mother. She did not want to wait anymore. She wanted to take her mother down while the woman was still fit and no one could accuse her of winning because her mother was old. She could take the demon woman, she kept telling herself. She could win.

Shego went to attack Isabel while she was on the ground. Isabel rolled out of the way and her daughter ended up punching dirt. She turned just in time to block a kick from her mother. She then leaped back to put some space between them, but her mother did not allow that. Isabel met Shego right where she landed.

“Do you think I don’t have an offense to come at you with, Sheshona?” Isabel teased, using her daughter’s real name to irk her.

“I don’t believe your offense is strong enough to come at me,” Shego replied while avoiding an attack from her mother. She had spent most of her time away from her mother trying to gain a superior offense to the woman.

“Prove it to me, Sheshona,” Isabel dared her daughter.

Shego frowned at being called by her real name and then Isabel struck like a viper. She showed off the offense that she developed and left Shego in utter shock as she was hit in the chest with a palm strike and continued on with some rather fast hits in almost the same spot. The pale woman dropped to the ground after the fiery assault.

“Shego!” Kim called.

“Mama!” Miranda said.

“Come on, Shego. It wasn’t that bad. I hit harder than that,” Kim said.

“Prove it to me, Sheshona,” Isabel demanded.

Shego growled as she picked herself up off of the ground. Okay, she had no idea that her mother’s offense was that good or that fast. But, it was like Kim said, she did hit harder than that. Shego knew that sparring with Kim would be just what she needed to take down her devil of a mother.

“Yes, come on, Shego,” Kim cheered as the moss-hued woman stood up.

“Yeah, your offense isn’t strong enough,” Shego repeated as she put her hands back up.

The pale woman went at her mother again. She attacked while her mother avoided her. She increased her speed, thinking it would gain her an advantage, but her mother managed to keep up with her. She then went back to attempting to trick her mother by starting an attack, but changing it suddenly. It did not work.

Isabel noticed that Shego seemed to be going to punch her, but she was willing to bet that it was another fake. She ignored the fist coming at her and ended up catching a knee that had been aimed for her abdomen. She shoved the knee down and then attacked her daughter’s open midsection. Shego tumbled back.

“A good offense doesn’t mean you should forget your defense,” Isabel told her daughter.

“Come on, Shego,” Kim said anxiously.

Shego nodded. All right, she could not take her mother out with sheer offense. She was not fast enough to fool the woman and Isabel had caught on to her trick. She could not use her stealth in such an open area. The only thing working for her was that her mother did not hit as hard as Kim.

Wait, Kim, that was it, Shego realized. She had to approach the fight now the way that Kim would approach a fight with her. She had to wear her mother down, attacking and then defending for the most part. She had to let her mother do the work until she saw an opening. All right, that was the new plan.

The pale woman ran at Isabel and just tried to goad her into attacking, which worked. Isabel ended up countering what she considered a sloppy attack on her daughter’s part. Shego dodged and blocked the attack until her mother stopped and went back into her automatic defensive mode. Shego started another attack with the same purpose, to her get mother to go after her and it worked just the same.

Shego watched carefully as they went back and forth. She knew that her attacks were wearing her mother down. She had a solid offense, even if it could not carry her completely through the battle. She knew that her precise blows were weighing on her mother and she was aware that her mother was running out of steam with having to defend against her, trying to avoid those stinging blows. Isabel was also losing energy by countering every so often, but Shego was ducking and dodging those for the most part. Even if she hit Shego, she was not getting the full affect that she wanted.

When Shego noticed how her mother was trying to sneak some deep breaths, she knew that it was time to make the woman proud of her. She moved in and finished Isabel off with a move that her mother taught her when she was younger. Isabel dropped to the dirt and it was clear that she was not getting back up.

“Gan-ma all right?” Miranda inquired. She was standing over Isabel, who was gasping for air.

“Fine. Perfectly fine,” Isabel replied with a smile. She looked unbelievably happy, especially for a person that was just beaten up.

“So, should I sue you for copyright infringement?” Kim asked Shego with an amused smile as she walked over to the moss-hued woman.

“What’d I do?” Shego asked.

“I know that strategy you used. I kick your butt with it everyday, after all,” Kim commented.

“Everyday? I don’t think so, Kimmie. You should stop having delusions like that,” Shego remarked while gasping for air on her own.

Shego actually could not believe it, but she had defeated her mother. She did not know what she should do. She looked over at Isabel and noticed the tired smile on her mother’s face. She figured that she had done what she was supposed to do. Now, the only thing that was left was for when Miranda did the same thing to her sometime in the future.

No, there was actually a little more to be done. Isabel climbed to her, even though her legs were a bit wobbly. She managed to stand up tall and Shego smiled proudly, expecting heavy praise for what she actually considered her life’s greatest achievement so far, except for staying with Kim anyway. Instead, Isabel turned away and started off toward her car.

“What the hell?” Shego growled in a low voice. She had to watch the swearing because Miranda repeated everything that she heard.

“Is she really just going to leave?” Kim wondered. She had thought that Isabel would have congratulated Shego until her throat was sore because of the victory, but it seemed that Isabel was not as wanting as she seemed over the years in wanting her daughter to succeed.

“Bye, Gan-ma!” Miranda called with an innocent smile and she even waved, which was more like a one-handed clap.

“Damn it,” Shego snarled and she turned to head into the house.

Kim picked up Miranda and followed behind Shego. The couple really could not believe that Isabel was just going to leave. Then, as they made it to the door, they found out that they had been wrong.

“Where are you going, Sheshona?” Isabel inquired, irking her daughter purposely by using her real name again.

“What? What do you want now?” Shego growled in anger and frustration. Why did she have to look up to such a demon who obviously did not really want her to succeed as much as she claimed?

“Didn’t I tell you I would give you the book once you beat me?” Isabel reminded her daughter and she presented Shego with the book, but it was gift wrapped.

“Oh, present!” Miranda grinned and started reaching for the book.

“No, sweetie, that’s Mama’s present,” Kim said to the baby, who pouted because she was not receiving the gift.

Shego reached out for the book to find that her hand was trembling. It was like she was being presented with an award for outstanding achievement. She was actually choked up with emotion.

“Mommy…” Shego just did not know what to say.

“I’m so proud of you, Sheshona,” Isabel whispered wholeheartedly and she did the only thing she could that she believed would express how she felt, she hugged Shego.

The former villainess surprisingly returned the embrace. It was the only thing that she could do. Tears fell from their emerald eyes as they stayed that way for a few seconds and then they pulled away. They sniffled and wiped away all evidence that they were being emotional. They then looked at each other with the same irked expression.

“Now, get the hell off my property,” Shego said to her mother.

“I’ll leave when I’m good and ready,” Isabel replied. Kim laughed a little; it would seem that the mother and daughter pair of warriors were back to normal.

“I’ll throw you off,” Shego threatened.

“Lucky for you, I have an appointment that I need to get to,” Isabel replied. “So, Miranda, give Gan-ma a hug and then I’ll be on my way.”

“Bye, Gan-ma,” Miranda said as Kim handed over to Isabel.

“You be good and next time Gan-ma comes by she’ll have a present for you instead of your hotheaded Mama,” Isabel commented and she hugged Miranda tightly. The child kissed her on the cheek and then she handed her back to Kim.

“Drive safe,” Kim said while giving Isabel a farewell hug.

“I will. You just keep taking care of Sheshona for me,” Isabel replied.

Shego scoffed. Isabel returned to her car and actually left that time; she doubted that she would ever feel the emotions that she felt at the moment, until the twins defeated her anyway. Shego turned to Kim.

“You didn’t see anything,” the pale woman commented.

“You mean I didn’t see you hugging your mommy with tears in your eyes?” Kim inquired with a teasing smile.

“It never happened,” Shego insisted.

“Miranda, wasn’t it cute how Mama and Gan-ma hugged?” the redhead asked.

“Yeah!” the child agreed.

“I’ve had enough of both of you. Get in the house now,” Shego ordered.

Kim laughed as the family went inside to the library. Shego pulled the wrapping paper off of the book and could not believe that she was looking at the manual that her mother used to train her. She opened the cover and she read it with Kim. The book was dedicated to “my love and our daughter.” Shego and Kim just looked at each other before the former thief put the book away on the shelf, next to two leather bound journals.

“It’s been a pretty eventful day. How about we all relax?” Kim suggested.

“I could use a hot bath,” Shego commented.

The redhead agreed with that. They all went and had a family bath. Shego held onto Miranda, who was having a ball with a single fish toy. Shego did not think that she would ever understand children because of the fun that their daughter was having with that one toy. Kim was busy being a dear and massaging Shego’s now sore muscles.

“You know, I’m proud of you, right?” Kim asked, speaking into Shego’s ear in a whisper, as if the words were a secret. She was sitting behind Shego in their large rectangular tub and working on the pale woman’s back.

“You should be. I’m great,” Shego replied. It was the best she could come up with thanks to the warm water and the rubdown. Her mind was numb.

Kim laughed a little. She leaned forward and kissed her pale lover’s cheek. Shego turned around for a proper kiss. They were enthralled with each other until Miranda started splashing loudly. Shego turned her attention back to the baby to see that she was just bugging out with her toy.

“Where in the world did she get this fish from anyway?” Shego asked as Miranda made her toy mimic the movement of a shark. The baby also did the theme to “Jaws” while playing and it was agreed that it was Shego’s fault that their child knew that song.

“Her Gan-ma of course,” Kim replied.

Miranda referred to Shego’s mother as “gan-ma” while Kim’s mother was “nana.” Her grandfathers were “gan-pa” and “pop-pop” respectively. They all made it seem like Miranda was the greatest creature on the planet as she was their only grandchild. It seemed that all of their sons were not looking to reproduce anything soon.

“We have got to go find her some grandparents that won’t spoil her because between your parents and mine, she’s just going to expect the world on a plate,” Shego commented.

“I doubt you’ll let that happen,” Kim stated.

Shego nodded in agreement. When the bath was over, Shego went to lie on the sofa in nothing but a bathrobe. Kim put Miranda into some nightclothes and then laid her down on Shego.

“I’ll do dinner,” the redhead said.

“Way to go,” the pale woman sarcastically cheered.

Kim just rolled her eyes. She was now a decent cook thanks to tutoring from Shego. The pale woman stayed on the sofa with Miranda, who was entranced with some little puppet show that she just could not get enough of. They had the whole DVD collection of the show so she could watch it anytime that she wanted to. She was good for grabbing the box and finding one of them to put the show on.

They had a quiet dinner with Miranda only throwing a few items and managing to nail Shego right in the head each time. They let the baby watch her show again for a little while and then put her to bed. They started for their bedroom and then Shego turned to Kim.

“You know, there’s one thing that I’m a little envious of past Sheshona for,” Shego commented out of the blue.

“What? We have true love just like them, right?” Kim asked. She figured that since they had that, there was nothing to be envious of.

“Definitely true love on both fronts,” Shego easily conceded. She was now a big believer in true love because she knew that she loved Kim with all of her heart and soul and that feeling was returned. She had no doubt that their ancestors had the same.

“Then what’s the problem?” Kim asked.

“There’s no problem. It’s just that she got to fuck her Kimmie on the floor and I’ve been dying to try it,” Shego answered with a twisted smile.

“No way,” the redhead objected.

“Then you’d better make it to the bed in five seconds.”



“Shego,” Kim pled, knowing how that countdown was going to go.


“No,” the redhead said and she started to run toward their room, but she knew that she was not going to make it.

“Zero.” Shego went after her prey, who only made it to their door.

The End.

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