Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 27



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TITLE: Sentimental

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own legos, but they are fun.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4143

Kim and Shego stared at the end product of all of their hard work, a presentable home that if they had their way, no one else would ever see. It was a livable space that they had built and was for their own private, personal use. It was a grand home that they had painted a lime green because of Shego’s insistence. Kim grinned proudly while Shego put her arm around Kim’s shoulder. The redhead turned to her pale companion, still wearing her huge grin.

“Good work!” Kim congratulated Shego in a jubilant tone.

“Kimmie,” Shego sighed and she shook her head slightly.

“What?” the slim hero asked in a puzzled tone. Had she done something wrong?

“Don’t tell me ‘good work’ like I’m ten-freaking-years-old and just made a lego castle,” the raven-haired villainess remarked.

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“I know, but you just should’ve done this,” Shego said and she leaned in for, a deep, long, lingering kiss. She had a lot of work ahead of her with Kim, she thought.

Kim accepted the embrace and muttered an “oh” when it was done. She supposed that was a lot better than her “good work” congratulations. They walked up to the porch of the house, which was spotless. The swing that was on the porch was also fixed up. They used the swing every now and then when they were looking to relax and curl up next to each other.

They stepped inside of the house and walked through the rooms, all of which were rocking clean, polished furniture, be it new or just well dusted and polished antiques that had been in the house before. Everything was spotless and close to immaculate; and Shego planned for it to stay that way. Kim was not going to be messing up their private place. She had her own apartment to do that in as far as Shego was concerned.

“So, are you making dinner?” the slender hero asked with a hopelessly cute smile on her face.

“I’m teaching you to cook one of these days,” the moss-hued thief commented.

“Why? That’s what I have you for,” Kim pointed out with an amused smile.

“I’m not your maid or your chef and it’s not like you ever have any money to take me out. What good are you to me?” Shego teased.

“I’m really cute,” the redhead replied with another adorable smile.

“Your only saving grace.”

“Hey, that’s why you feed me, so I’ll run with it,” Kim remarked and Shego laughed.

“Seriously, we’ve got to teach you to cook, if only for when I’m not around or when you’re out on your own. We’re two busy people, Pumpkin. If I’m not with you, I don’t want to wonder if you’re starving.”

“Aw! You care about me,” Kim taunted the pale woman while throwing her arms around Shego for a mocking hug.

“Damn it, Kimmie! That’s it, I’m not making you dinner,” Shego declared because she knew that would put Kim in line.

“What? But, we were having chicken. You have to cook. I haven’t eaten all day!” Kim pointed out. She had been running around on a mission before she met up with Shego to go to the house and she had been looking forward to their evening meal ever since her Kimmunicator had gone off that morning.

“Well, you’d better call for a pizza. Although I doubt that they deliver to the sticks, especially since they probably wouldn’t make it here in under thirty minutes,” the pale woman commented with a cruel smirk on her face while stepping away from the redhead.

“No, no, no, you can’t do this, you vile, evil woman! You promised me chicken. I believed you and now I want chicken. I’ve been busting my ass all day, just thinking about when dinner was going to come,” Kim huffed.

“Well, you could cook it yourself then,” the thief suggested with a small shrug. She was obviously just looking to be obnoxious now. “Everything you need is waiting for you in the kitchen. Have fun fucking it up.”

“You promised,” Kim repeated forcefully.

“Oh, you’re going to make me keep that promise then?” Shego inquired with a challenging smile on her face.

“Yeah,” Kim proclaimed and leaped away from Shego. She crouched down into her fighting stance.

Shego smirked to show her amusement. “Are you sure you want to do that?” she inquired.

“Put your hands up if you don’t want a really quick ass kicking,” Kim warned, which she knew would get to the green-skinned woman.

Shego gladly put her hands up and smiled at the redhead, daring the younger woman to come at her. Kim dashed at her in their newly finished, fresh, furnished, polished home. It seemed that they had enough confidence in each other to not break something in the place. They did fine with going at each other and not breaking anything until Shego bumped the mantle in the living room. Kim had to do a split second dive to save a little glass figurine and also block a kick that was being brought down on her.

“Shego,” Kim hissed in slight anger as she caught the little figurine. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oops,” Shego said quite insincerely.

“Nana gave this to me for my fourth birthday and you almost broke it when it hasn’t been in here for four minutes,” the petite hero commented.

“Oh, you’re going to cry about it now?” the pale woman teased.

Kim snarled and carefully placed the glass figure back on the mantle. She launched herself at Shego again and threw a series of punches that the super-powered female dodged. Shego countered with a kick that forced Kim back, even though it did not land. She rushed her redheaded opponent and had the notion of grabbing Kim to flip her, but remembered the limit amount of space that they were working with. In the split second of indecision, Kim struck. The hero landed the first hit, a kick to Shego’s side.

“Now, are you going to make dinner?” Kim asked as the blow made her green-skinned opponent bend down for a moment.

“Make it yourself,” Shego replied. How the hell could she just stop paying attention like that? Bad move, she scolded herself. She was supposed to take Kim seriously at all times and even treat sparring matches as if they were real battles, at least in her mind. Just to train herself better for when the time came that she took on that beast woman.

“You promised,” Kim huffed again.

“Yeah, I promise a lot of things,” Shego said in a flippant tone while looking down at her nails to appear even more nonchalant.

The younger fighter moved in again and they began their old dance, but a bit more cautiously than usual. They considered that they might want to take things outside if they were going to keep on fighting. Nevertheless, neither of them made such a suggestion and they remained in the house and continued to fight.

As they continued on, Shego was stuck by an old memory that sort of amused her. She recalled back when she was little and she used to practice her moves in the house with encouragement coming from her mother while her father hollered from upstairs that if she broke anything than that was her ass. She had always wondered, did he mean that he was going to break her ass if she broke something? Her mother did not seem to know the answer because she could never explain it when asked.

She wondered if Kim used to do something similar. Kim used to like to show off her moves in the house, yes, but she never practiced in the house. She preferred being outside when she was little. She liked the wide, open space because she had a lot of energy to burn off and she liked going all over the place. She was pretty much a hyper child that knew a lot of kung fu.

The pair attacked and counterattacked each other while moving through out the living room. They did bump other things in the area, but nothing was hit hard enough to do any damage, to the objects anyway. Occasionally, one of them would almost fall over the sofa or trip over the coffee table, but that did not discourage them from battling. They did not even know how long they went on for, but they eventually had to stop for a breather.

“Please, make dinner,” Kim requested through a series of pants. She was now barely standing in her fighting stance because she was getting tired. It was a rare day indeed when she was running out of energy.

Battling in such a small area while making sure not to touch anything was very draining because it took a lot of concentration on several things. They had to be very aware of their surroundings and also of each other. They had to consider the force that they were putting into their blows to make sure that they did not cause any real damage, not just to each other, but in case they touched items in the room. It did help them both work on control, but it really should not be done for more than an hour and they were working toward their second hour. They were both strained from the exercise, but they were both making mental notes to practice as they were more often.

“What’s in it for me?” Shego inquired. Her stance was just as pathetic as Kim’s, if not more so. She was breathing much harder than the redhead too. She had Kim beat in technique and skill, but not even two of her could match Kim in energy, grit, and determination. If they continued on, she dared consider that she was going to lose.

“It’ll keep me from closing this five feet of distance between us,” Kim replied in a serious tone. She was more than aware that time was on her side. She could see it in Shego’s eyes and in her stance. She could hear it in the way that the pale woman was sucking in air. If they kept going, she was more than likely going to win the match. She knew that with almost every fight that she was in; time was almost always on her side.

“Oh, a decent threat. There’s hope for you yet, Possible, if only I wouldn’t wipe the floor with you once you got over here,” Shego remarked. She would like to believe that was the truth, that she would wear Kim out if the girl came near her, but with the way that she was feeling, she knew what would more than likely happen if the redhead did what she said.

“You haven’t done it yet,” Kim pointed out. She knew that Shego was bluffing for the most part. The fight was hers if they continued on. Shego just did not have the stamina to run with her.

“I haven’t cooked you dinner yet either.”

“All right, you’re starting to piss me off,” the redhead declared. She was not really pissed off. She was having a good time, despite the pain in her knuckles thanks to a few bad judgments in trying to hit Shego and hitting the wall instead. It was a good thing they were padding their hits or the living room would be full of holes from missed kicks and punches by both females.

“I’m only starting? I haven’t been doing my job then,” the emerald-eyed thief remarked with an exhausted smirk.

“Make me dinner!” the hero ordered.

“Make me make it,” Shego retorted. She was hoping that Kim was just as worn out as she was.

Kim’s hands slowly, but surely rose back into her proper stance. Shego softly gulped; she might have bitten off more than she could chew right about now. She had zero energy to spare. Whatever Kim attacked with would probably be her end. She was going to lose fair and square. To hell with that, she thought. It was definitely time to cheat.

The redhead came at Shego only to be stopped dead in her tracks as the thief lifted her tee-shirt off. Kim’s mind was telling her that whatever the hell Shego was doing, it was a trap, but her eyes were not listening. Her olive eyes were locked on what had been revealed with the shedding of the forest green tee-shirt. Shego smirked as she stood there in only a black lace bra and she calmly closed the distance between herself and Kim. She took one of Kim’s fists and opened the hand. She then placed that hand on her clothe-covered breast. She used her hand to make Kim caress her.

“Let’s call this one a draw, Princess. I’ll go make dinner now. Chicken just like I promised,” Shego said in a low whisper, as if she was saying something seductive. Technically, she was talking Kim’s language.

Kim could only nod in agreement as she stared down at her hand and what it was doing to Shego. She seemed hypnotized by what was going on, which actually told Shego just how much Kim enjoyed touching her. The villainess stepped away after a few seconds and retrieved her shirt. She slipped the shirt back on and started toward the kitchen.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Kim realized what just happened. She had been tricked right out of her victory, not that her hand or eyes were going to complain about the exchange.

“You’re way too easy, Princess,” Shego called from the hallway.

“Damn it!” Kim could not believe that she had fallen for that.

“I guess someone’s horny as well as hungry,” Shego remarked quietly, but Kim heard her. The redhead blushed, which Shego would have liked to see.

The moss-hued woman silently admitted that she was both too, but way more horny than hungry. Knowing Kim, it was probably the other way around with her, the thief thought. They had fooled around quite a bit already, like two curious junior high students in her opinion. Well, they were adults and she needed them to act like it, which she knew they would do tonight.

Kim had wanted to wait for them to have a bed. Well, they had one now and they were going to use it if Shego had any say about it. From what she had just done, she doubted that Kim was going to offer up anymore excuses on the matter. She might even take a page out of her ancestor’s book and keep Kim in the bed for the whole week. It seemed like an idea worth exploring.

Shego cooked chicken as promised, which made Kim happy for the moment. The redhead truly appreciated any and all homemade meals that she had, especially from the pale woman. It made Shego happy to be appreciated in a way that she never had before; it was a great feeling. It was just great to be around Kim, someone who was fun and intelligent. Someone so like herself.

Kim felt something similar to Shego. It was great being around Shego and everything. It was soothing to be around someone that accepted her for who she was for the most part. Shego was not insecure around her and that was good.

All of those years of chasing after a meaningful relationship and to think that she found that with Shego. It was almost ironic in Kim’s opinion. She just hoped that things continued to go as smoothly as they were. Shego had promised to try and she was true to her word of the time, unless she was teasing, but Kim still worried. Would the new relationship work? She looked at Shego; she was going to stick it out and see what happened. After all, she was the sentimental one.

Of course, Shego was as sincere as she was going to get in wanting things to work. She did not believe in wasting her time and energy on something that she did not truly want. She did believe that life was meant to be enjoyed and she enjoyed being around Kim for the most part, so by her logic, she should stand with Kim. Kim made her life enjoyable.

The couple retired to the bedroom after the meal was done. They both knew what was coming, even though they had not really discussed it much. They just knew what they both wanted and what awaited them at the end of the day. They accepted their fates.

Kim actually thought that it might be awkward when they crawled into bed, but Shego did not spare any time for things to get weird or uncomfortable. She eagerly attacked the redhead as soon as they hit the mattress. Shego began a heated kiss that Kim zealously returned.

The emerald-eyed woman wasted no time in pulling Kim’s nightshirt off and she removed her own shirt. The kiss was halted just for a moment to get rid of those annoying items, which were lost on the floor somewhere. They continued their passionate kiss as Kim’s hands explored the flesh before her while Shego busied herself with taking Kim’s bra off.

“Am I interrupting something?” a voice asked from the doorway … A hauntingly familiar voice.

Shego stopped her actions while Kim yelped and hid under the covers. The pale woman turned to the doorway with a half-crazed, half-furious look in her emerald eyes. She frowned and could not believe her eyes.

“Mommy, what the fuck are you doing here!” Shego demanded to know.

The green-skinned woman really did not care that she was only sitting there in a bra, but she was glad that Kim had not gotten to remove that piece of cloth. She had no problem with her mother seeing her like she was. She just wanted to know why she could not escape her mother no matter where she went. The damn woman would probably track her to lowest levels of Hell just to get on her nerves.

“How the hell did you even find me out here? Do you have me chipped or something?” Shego inquired. She would not put it past her mother to have a GPS unit in her skull.

“I just know you very well,” Isabel replied while maintaining her cool. Honestly, she was actually a bit embarrassed with disturbing the two girls. She just had not expected them to be doing what they were doing when she came into the house. She guessed that she was going to have to start knocking at the very least when she came to see her daughter.

“Mommy, what the hell do you even want?” Shego demanded to know with a scowl on her face.

“It’s hardly important now,” Isabel commented. “I think I shall take my leave now,” she decided and she walked out of the room. She did not mind the fact that she now knew her daughter was homosexual, but she did not want to continue to stand there as if she was not embarrassed with walking in on them.

“Good riddance,” Shego said and then she realized that she wanted to ask her mother something. She did not care how inappropriate the time was, her mother was there now, so she might as well get it out of the way. “Wait, Mommy, let me ask you something because it’s been bugging the hell out of me.”

“Yes?” Isabel asked. She was standing outside of the room, leaning against the wall now.

“Why’d you name me after an ancestor that was placed in a damn asylum? Are you trying to jinx me?” Shego remarked. She did not understand why her mother would name her after such a woman. She was hoping that it was for a good reason, but with her mother, she was not totally sure.

“Was she?” Isabel asked in a much too innocent tone.

“You knew she was. Don’t play around. Why’d you name me after her?”

“For a couple of reasons, really. She refined the style that I taught you. She might not have been able to take a pupil because her mother died before she could beat her, but she did write a manual with her thoughts on certain moves and different ways to do things. I found it to be a much more solid version of the style than my father taught me and I taught it to you. She devoted over half of her life to that book. I still have it in my library and read it again from time to time. Funny, she devoted the book to her love and their daughter, but she died a spinster and childless. Whenever I read the book, I can imagine you changing our style just as much as she did. I figure when you defeat me, I’ll give you the book for you to see,” Isabel explained.

“And what’s the other reason?”

“She sort of represents hope in our family. She drifted for a part of her life and cared only about herself, nothing else. She hardly cared about our art, but one day, she decided to make her mark on the world and in turn left a huge mark in our family. I mean, her book is phenomenal. I’m hoping that once you’ve had your fun, you’ll do the same,” Isabel replied.

“Yeah, right,” Shego scoffed. She liked pretending that she did not believe her mother had so much faith in her. Sometimes, it was hard to live up to the standards of another person, especially a person that she secretly admired, so she tried to downplay it whenever she got the chance.

“As I said, it’s a hope. Why do you even care?” Isabel asked curiously.

“I don’t. You can get out now,” Shego ordered.

“Such a rude daughter. You won’t even introduce me?” Isabel asked and Shego did not have to see to know that her mother was smiling.

“No, get out,” the super-powered thief replied bluntly.

“You are quite the rude daughter,” Isabel commented as she turned toward the stairs and began to leave the house.

“At least I’m not breaking into people’s houses and messing up their sex lives!” Shego called to her mother as Isabel hit the main floor. Shego sucked teeth. “Damn that nosy old bat. She almost ruined the night.”

“Almost?” Kim echoed while wondering how in the hell the mother and daughter had managed to act like that whole thing was normal.

“Oh, we’re not stopping now,” Shego assured the redhead and went right back at Kim, yanking away the blanket that Kim had been covering herself with.

Later on, when they could spare some time to think, they would note that it was good to know that Sheshona had done something with her life, but it seemed she still remembered her dear doctor and the baby that took the doctor from her. It seemed that they had found true love, even if one of them had died suddenly.

…I will always cherish you, beloved, even when I’m dead and forgotten.


Sheshona was sitting on the roof of the Possible house, staring at the full moon that illuminated the sky like a lonely diamond. She exhaled slowly. She and the moon would have a lot in common for a while, she thought.

She had just sneaked into the Possible house and went to the secret place that Kimberly had kept all of the little things that she had collected throughout their relationship. Sheshona had actually built the secret compartment for her during one of her first visits to the house; she had a similar one in her home for her things from the relationship. Those were happier times back then, she had quietly reflected. She had placed the journal in there with all of the other treasures.

She did not see the reason to keep the journal anymore because it had been a record of her time with Kimberly. It should rest in peace with all of the notes that she had written, the bobbles that she had bought, and every other little thing that Kimberly saved because of the memories attached to the item. She was so sentimental, Sheshona mentally commented about her beloved.

“And you’ve made me sentimental, Duchess. We shall meet again. I’m sure of that. We shall meet somewhere we can be together openly and love each other without anyone or anything getting in between us. I know that. So, until then, just wait for me, Duchess. I will wait for you. Someday, on the winds of fate, we shall be reunited,” Sheshona whispered in the breeze. Someday, she would be with her beloved again, she was certain of that.

There will be an epilogue.

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