Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 11

The wrath of heaven


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TITLE: The wrath of heaven

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney owns them.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4548

…I often wonder what Sheshona sees when she looks at me. I’m not sure what I see when I look at her. I have been trying to remind myself that she’s a sick woman, but I do not see that at all anymore. I doubt that I have seen it for a while now. Speaking with her only makes me see an intelligent, independent, strong, yet sorrowful woman. I wish to lift whatever burdens her, whatever pains her, and bring her some comfort. I do not know why I feel that way, but I fear it goes well beyond being a doctor.

Is there something wrong with me? I do not feel as if something is wrong with me, but is it feasible for me to not know? As a doctor, I should know if something is wrong with me. As a righteous person, I should know if something is wrong with me. I do not feel that something is wrong, but it is not reassuring.


Sheshona lay down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She was thinking about her doctor; Kimberly was almost always on her mind, she noted. She even dreamed of the crimson-haired vixen. Oh, would her father not love to know that she was only getting worse while in the asylum? She was not even a fan of the fact that she was getting worse. She needed to have her way with the tempting doctor and make her escape from the hospital before something really bad happened, like the things disturbing her insides getting the chance to take over. No, she was not about to let anything take over her senses. The doctor was just a conquest, only a conquest.

Yes, Kimberly was just a pretty little conquest. She was going to have her way with Doctor Kimberly Possible and leave her to contemplate that matter. A part of her brain dared her to argue that she knew she did not want to do that. She did not want to leave the doctor ragged and broken, as she knew that would happen if she went through with what she wanted. Kim was not a toy for her to just throw away.

She did not treat any of her women like they were worthless playthings. Yeah, well, she did not hate all of her other women like she did with the darling doctor, another part of her brain argued. Great, now it seemed like she was really crazy because her conscience was about to have an argument with her wicked side.

She had already explained to Kimberly that she did not hate her and even gave reasons why she would say something like she did. Kimberly frustrated her so much and in ways that she was not accustomed to. She was not used to women resisting her for so long and in the manner that Kimberly was. She had had women that should have been off-limits, even by her standards; she had actually once stolen an important young lady from her brother once, before he got the chance to spoil her, of course.

She just had a way with women when she wanted to; men would envy her talents if she wanted to make them public. Her abilities were infamous in the whispers of the upper-class and on the tongues of many high-society ladies; the upper-class was where she stalked her prey thanks to her father’s political career. Kimberly was different from those vixens and she wanted to believe that it was the challenge that was making her think about Kimberly whenever she was not seeing the olive-eyed doctor in the flesh.

Sheshona sighed as she pictured Kimberly in her mind. What was so different about her, Sheshona asked herself. She had met with intellectual females before and delighted in them; they were charming and she often returned to her intellectual conquests. They offered more than physical stimulation and she did appreciate their minds, which was something that they were not very used to, especially from the men in their lives. She assumed that was why they undoubtedly put up with her, even though they knew that Sheshona felt no attachment to them. It was another refreshing thing about smart women; they could rationalize their emotions for the most part and accept that she would never offer them any sort of commitment. So, she had intelligent women and Kimberly was intelligent, but it went beyond what she was used to.

There was something about Kimberly’s intelligence that was different, just like the doctor was. Sheshona could not figure it out and she did not even want to try. She thought if she unrevealed the mystery of the good doctor, she would be the one trapped. Kimberly was supposed to be the one trapped. The redhead was supposed to be thinking of her; everything was going backwards.

The pale woman wanted to curse Kimberly for confusing her, as she was looking at it. But, she did not have it in her to curse her lovely little physician. The best that she could do was just to get what she wanted to prove that the doctor was just a conquest. But, she had never done what she was planning to do with Kimberly.

Conquests, though no one of any real importance to her, were never cast aside once she was sated. They could come back, they could lean on her. She would not offer them anything except for what she had given them before, but they were never forsaken. She had no choice with the doctor, though.

It was not like Sheshona would just allow Kimberly to continue “treating” her, especially when she did not particularly like the asylum that they were in. She wanted to get away from Kimberly anyway because of what the redhead was doing to her. No other conquests made her feel things and she refused to feel anything. There was nothing in life to feel. All life had to offer was momentary fulfillments of her eternal hunger; she did not even know what she was hungry for, but she was forever starving. It was as if she walked through life experiencing the wrath of heaven.

So, the plan was for her to drink from the well of Kimberly Possible until she no longer felt the thirst and then she would leave the redheaded siren drained of anything that she had. It was actually for the best, she told herself.

Kimberly did not need her sticking around and she really did not want to be around. Her conscience suggested that she should just escape without going for anything; it would be better that way. She could maintain what she built with Kimberly and that was something. They had something special, her conscience insisted. Surely there was some other woman in the world that would satisfy her hunger, probably more so than the doctor would. She should just leave and everything would be all right.

No, she argued with herself. No other woman would do! It had to be Kimberly. It had to be the woman that she saw when she closed her eyes or else she would always see that rounded, olive-eyed visage. She would always wonder about what could have been. She silently admitted that she was damned if she did and damned if she did not. Well, she might as well give into sin as usual if she was damned either way.

Her first step to Hell was to get out of her bonds. It was a good thing that she knew where the key was. Soon, she was going to be on her way to Hell and she was going to enjoy the ride. She would not let the wrath of heaven get her down.

The next session that Sheshona had with Kimberly, she pretended to trip and she fell against the doctor. Kimberly caught her and helped her right herself as expected. The redhead asked Sheshona if she was all right, all the while unsuspecting that her pocket was being picked.

“I’m fine,” Sheshona answered as she palmed the key to keep it out of sight.

“You shouldn’t walk so fast since it would be difficult for you to catch yourself were you to fall alone,” Kimberly cautioned her patient.

“You worry too much,” Sheshona pointed out.

“Someone needs to worry about you,” the doctor muttered.

“I heard that, doc,” the pale woman said.

Kimberly only glanced at her patient. She waited to see if Sheshona was going to go on a tirade because of her words, but the emerald-eyed female said nothing. They took their usual seats.

Sheshona debated with herself if she should just undo her cuffs now and lunge at the redheaded vixen or if she should just be patient. She needed to wait, she told herself; besides, with the way her bonds were designed, she would need time to get out of them. If she undid them right in front of Kimberly, the doctor would catch her, know that she stole the key, and have a million questions to nag her with. Kim might even offer to take them off if she noticed Sheshona fiddling around with the manacles, which would ruin a keen surprise. So, she was going to have to sit through one more session before she got what she wanted and then she would have to bid her dear doctor goodbye.

Sheshona mostly stared at Kimberly through out the session, which struck the doctor was odd. She let it go for a while, but eventually she could see that something was bothering her green-skinned patient. Those emerald eyes looked disturbed by something.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly said while resting her hands on Sheshona’s knee.

“Yeah?” the pale woman replied while staring down at the small hand on her knee. A warm feeling spread through her like a hot soup on a cold day. She looked up at those caring leaf-colored eyes. Affection should not be there, but it was. Kimberly was her doctor and she was so professional, yet something was going so awry. Things were just going so wrong.

“Are you all right?” the redhead asked in a considerate tone.

“I’m fine. Doc, can we cut this short? I’m a little tired,” Sheshona lied.

“Oh, of course then. I hope you get a good rest and feel better,” Kimberly replied and Sheshona almost ran out of the office.

…My patient ended our session rather early. I was both relieved and worried when she left. I am concerned for her, of course. I hope that she has not caught some new, serious illness while under my care. I should hate to see her become truly sick and it would cause me great distress. I dare suppose that I would stay by her bedside until I am certain that she is in good humors again. I nearly proposed that she allow me to check on her to be certain that she is well, but she rushed out much too swiftly. It was probably for the best that she exited in a hurry.

It is not so terrible that I as a doctor wish for my patient to be well. I am a doctor, after all. Better still, I am her doctor, but I fear that my actions with her would be more than anything expected of someone else in my position. I feel as if I would fret over her much like I would my son or husband if they were ill. A part of me even seems to think that if she was very sick, I would remove her from the hospital and take her to my home to give her all of my attention to help heal her. It would be beyond inappropriate. So, yes, it was probably best that she exited in a hurry.


Shego sighed as she read the passage and Kim did the same. They were not sure what was going on with Sheshona, but it was getting pretty clear that Doctor Possible was entering forbidden territory for a doctor, even though the journal seemed to indicate that she was trying to fight against that and keep it from happening. They were starting to speculate hard on how the journal got into the old Go family house, which sort of told Kim how Sheshona reacted to what the doctor was going through.

“This is weird,” Kim commented after a long moment of silence with her and Shego just staring at the page as if that would change the words.

“Weird is an understatement. I wish I never found this stupid thing,” Shego said. She was learning way too much about the past right now to feel comfortable, especially around her present company.

“Well, you did find the thing. It does kind of make everything between us a little awk-weird,” Kim remarked.

“There is nothing between us!” Shego argued, obviously taking the statement the wrong way. The stupid journal was just making her on edge about almost anything that could be said about her and the little hero.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Ew!” the slender redhead shuddered.

“What do you mean ‘ew’? Are you trying to say I’m ugly?” the thief demanded to know in a serious tone. She was actually offended.

“No, but I wouldn’t touch you unless I was putting my knuckles on your cheek,” Kim replied.

“My thoughts exactly. Let’s just read the damn journal,” Shego said.

The pair turned their attention back to the book while trying to ignore the fact that they had just had a very senseless argument. Shego also attempted to ignore the fact that she was more insulted by the thought of Kim calling her ugly than the thought that there was something between them. Kim, on the other hand, was trying to ignore the fact that she was not as serious as she believed she should have been when she showed disgust about there being something between her and Shego.

…Why does Sheshona affect me as she does? I have never met someone who had such a tug at so many layers of my being. I do not understand how it works with her. What is it about her? I cannot figure it out, yet she has some kind of hold on me. Should I fight it?


Sheshona undid her shackles around her ankles first. Getting rid of her wrists restraints was a bit trickier, but it seemed that her father did not know or believe that she could work a key with her mouth. There had not been bonds made that she could not get out of, especially if she had the key. Well, the next session would be the moment of truth now that she was free.

Until the time came, Sheshona figured that she would try to relieve some of her built up frustration now that she could touch herself. It would be enough for now. But, tomorrow, the doctor was all hers. She would not be hungry for the little redhead anymore after tomorrow; or so she hoped anyway.

The sun could not rise soon enough for Sheshona. She ate the breakfast that was prescribed for her by her doctor and did not taste a thing; it was better that way considering that she knew the hospital food was not fit for pigs. Food was not on her mind; rocks could have been in that bowl and she would not have known at all. She just waited to see her dear doctor because they had a long overdue appointment with that desk.

Sheshona nearly ran to Kimberly’s office, but she composed herself and walked like a controlled, civil being. She slipped into the office silently and found the doctor at her desk, trying, as usual, to do some last minute paperwork; Sheshona had come to expect such things. She wanted some form of surprise anyway and since she did not get to undo her bonds in front of the doctor, shocking her and showing up unbound was the next best thing. She stalked over to Kimberly with the stealth that leopards would envy. She leaned down over Kimberly.

“Hey, doc,” Sheshona whispered into Kimberly’s ear. She had been tempted, very much so, to nip her doctor’s earlobe, but decided against it. She had some self-control it would seem.

Kimberly jumped in shock because she had not heard her patient come in. “Oh, Sheshona,” the doctor said as she tried to calm her breathing. “I’ll be with you in a moment,” she informed the pale woman.

“No, I think I’ll have you right now,” the emerald-eyed woman stated.

Sheshona put her hand to Kimberly’s face, which did catch the physician’s attention. She looked down at Sheshona’s bare wrist and was about to comment on it, but a more urgent matter caught her undivided attention. The emerald-eyed female was leaning in and it appeared that she was leaning in for a kiss. Kimberly acted on instinct and pushed the pale woman away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the redhead demanded to know.

“What I told you I would do to you when we first met,” Sheshona replied with a little smirk. The expression was more teasing than anything else.

“And you actually believe that I would allow such a thing?” Kimberly inquired in an outraged voice.

“You’ll give in. I know you want it. Just give in, if only to sate your curiosity,” the raven-haired female answered. And to sate her eternal hunger for the moment, her mind added.

“I won’t let you have your way with me anymore than I would let some man have his way with me,” Kimberly declared.

“I’m going to doubt that,” Sheshona said in a confident tone. “So, come to me, doc. Let me show you why you’ll never be able to cure me. Let me show you my treatment. I will treat you like royalty.”

“I won’t,” the redhead stated firmly.

“Then scream for help and have me put back in my chains,” the pale woman suggested. She doubted that the doctor would do such a thing because she had not done it already.

“I won’t,” Kimberly replied just as decisively as before.

“Those are your only options because once I catch you, I will touch you and you will adore it,” Sheshona promised. “If you wish for a different fate, scream now,” she ordered the physician.

She was not going to take a woman that screamed; she was not a rapist, after all. She wanted their union to be consensual, like with all of her conquests. She wanted to be desired when she made the redhead feel like she was a goddess.

Kimberly remained tightlipped, which told Sheshona that the doctor actually wanted what she had to offer; she was just playing hard to get, which was all right. Other women had run and Sheshona chased them; she had no problem with pursuing her doctor. The pale woman walked over to Kimberly and was in for a big surprise. It turned out that the little doctor could grapple.

Sheshona smirked; her darling doctor was just full of surprises. It seemed that fighting came natural to Kimberly and she fought with Sheshona, who could tell that the redhead was winging it more than anything else. But, she was winging it very well. She countered all of Sheshona’s attempts to grab hold of her. The green-skinned female did not try to do more than grab Kimberly. She was only looking to subdue the redhead in order to place a kiss to those tempting lips, but Kimberly was resisting well.

Before Sheshona knew it, she and the doctor fell to the floor from the struggle. They continued on with the battle, rolling around on the wooden floor, and then much to Sheshona’s surprise, she lost. Kimberly had her patient pinned underneath her and was holding the pale woman’s arms, trying to make sure that her patient could not do anything funny. Now, it was possible for Sheshona to get away, of course. But, why would she want to?

The pair was breathing hard from all of the activity; they had both worked up a little sweat. Their heaving chests came into contact with every little inhale because of their positions. They locked eyes and gazed into those opposite green pools.

…I do not know how and could not explain it if I was allotted the rest of my days plus another lifetime, but I fended off Sheshona. I been so fearful when she came at me, yet there was nothing to fear. I was in control…


“Oh, hell no!” Shego objected when she saw those lines. “She’s a damn liar,” she declared.

“What? Why do you say that?” Kim inquired.

“Because there’s no way in hell that a woman in the freaking nineteenth century can beat a member of the Go family. There’s just no way,” the villainess insisted. Come on, her ancestor was a martial artist. How many other women in the country were martial artists in the 1800’s? It did not even matter because she was certain the doctor was not one of them.

“But, she’s a Possible,” Kim argued. Anything was possible for a Possible, after all.

“So the hell what? No Possible can top a Go,” Shego pointed out.

“I do it all of the time,” Kim countered. If they were keeping a tally of their battles, she was certain that she was on top when it came to victories.

“Only because I let you,” the pale woman reminded the little self-important hero.

“Not always!” the redhead argued. She got in some good whacks sometimes and she was not going to let Shego downplay that.

“Yes, always,” the thief replied.

“Prove it!” Kim challenged the villainess. A part of her did wonder if she had just bitten off more than she could chew, but she ignored that small part of her. She was the person that could do anything, after all; beating Shego in a sparring match had be covered under “anything.”

“Anytime, any place, Princess,” Shego answered the dare.

“Across the street in the small park right now,” the younger woman stated.

“Lead the way to your own demise,” the moss-hued villainess said with a shrug. It was about time that she put the little punk in her place, she figured. It was time for the humbling of Kim Possible.

Kim went to put her shoes on and led Shego right to the little park that was across the street from her building. It was fairly late a night, so the little area was empty. They walked over onto a grassy part of the park and got into their fighting stances. She would show her, Kim silently commented; she would beat Shego just like she always did.

“You should just back down now, Shego,” Kim suggested. It seemed that she forgot that she knew Shego took it easy on her a great deal of the time. But, she had her pride and she could not allow her foe to make it sound like she was weak.

“I’m going to show you why you should’ve become my apprentice,” Shego replied.

The slender adventurer scoffed. “Like I would ever need lessons from you.”

“I’m going to drop you in less than five moves, Princess,” the emerald-eyed female declared.

“You’re bluffing,” the redhead insisted, although the look in Shego’s eyes said otherwise. But, she had to be bluffing as far as Kim was concerned. If Shego could really defeat her so easily, why had she not done it before?

“Without my powers,” Shego added. She was so much better than what she had ever showed Kim. The girl had no clue the true force that she was, especially without her powers. She had been taught by a monster, after all. There were not many people that she had met in her life that she could not take down.

Kim gave her opponent a look that just called Shego’s bluff on the fact that the older woman swore she could win without her powers. The redhead obviously did not think that it was feasible for Shego to defeat her in less than five moves without her powers. No one could beat her so easily; she was Kim Possible, after all. She bet that Shego was using that bluff as a ploy to distract her.

“If you don’t want to get planted in five seconds, you’d better use your powers,” Kim informed her opponent.

“Less than five moves and you’ll be the one planted,” Shego vowed.

Kim was ready for almost anything because of the confidence that Shego spoke with. Was her family’s martial arts really that good, Kim wondered. The redhead convinced herself that it was a trick; despite the fact that Shego’s body language was telling her otherwise. She waited for Shego to attack, but the pale woman did not move. Why did she not move, Kim wondered about the thief.

The slim college student ended up attacking because she could not take the pressure of just standing there. She went at Shego with a straight punch, which the emerald-eyed villainess easily dodged. Kim came back with a rapid flurry of punches; all of which, her opponent avoided without any difficulty. No matter what Kim did, Shego dodged the assault.

“Why aren’t you fighting back?” Kim demanded to know as she let loose a series of kicks, which all missed their target. She was a bit frustrated because for the first time ever, she could not touch her foe at all.

“This is my true style, Kimmie. It’s about patience. It’s about waiting for the right time to strike. It’s about to taking your opponent down as swiftly as possible so that they cannot surprise you once you see that perfect opening. Pay close attention,” Shego told her foe.

The green-skinned woman avoided another kick combination from the smaller hero and waited for just what she wanted, the perfect strike time. She then suddenly snapped her wrist and hit Kim with a palm strike so quickly that the blow only registered to the redhead after it landed and Shego was pulling her hand back. The blow knocked all of the air out of Kim and she could see that Shego was coming in for another blow. She rapidly tried to put her arms out to block, but felt what she would consider a sting on the top of her arm; Shego had landed another hit, to a pressure point no less. Kim’s right arm dropped, limp to her side because of the strike and she was open for another hit. Shego grabbed Kim’s left arm and flipped her on the ground. The only thing was that Kim held onto her and they both went down from the force that she had placed in the toss. Shego landed on top of Kim.

The raven-haired female was set to say something, but when she locked eyes with Kim, she forgot what she wanted to say. It was a rare event when Shego was speechless, but to make it more of an oddity, Kim was also dumbstruck. They gazed at each other with their faces mere inches away.

Next time: one of these pairs share a kiss. Which one?

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