Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 20



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TITLE: Anxious

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4107

Sheshona stood before her beloved doctor. She was very close to being thrown out of the redhead’s house. Kimberly was ready to throw the raven-haired female out because she thought that the pale woman had only come to her house to use her. So, Kimberly desired to know what Sheshona wanted from her and Sheshona was taking too long to answer the demand.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly started.

“Happiness,” Sheshona realized. That was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to know what that felt like and she knew that she could only get it if she was with her precious doctor.


“That’s what I want from you. I want happiness, peace of mind, love, and just about whatever else you’re willing to give me while letting me treat you like a duchess,” Sheshona answered.

Kimberly was surprised by those words because they just were not the type of words she had expected to come from her standoffish lover. She had expected vulgar, hard words because that was how Sheshona was. She was glad to see that the pale woman had changed somewhat.

“I will give you all that I can as long as you stay with me,” Kimberly vowed while taking Sheshona’s hand into her own.

“I will stay, so can hot, sweaty intercourse be at the top of that list?” Sheshona asked with a lecherous smirk. It would seem that she had not changed that much, but the redhead supposed that she did not want the pale woman to change much because she loved Sheshona as she was.

Kimberly shook her head in a disapproving manner to the question, but she was smiling to show that she was amused. Maybe she was even tempted. She sort of missed Sheshona’s vulgarity.

“Not at the moment,” the doctor told her former patient.

“But, we wouldn’t be long,” the pale female argued. She was lying, of course. If she could get her redhead vixen naked, they were going to stay that way for the rest of the day.

“We can’t,” Kimberly insisted.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know when my husband will be back,” the doctor informed her paramour.

“Oh, him.” Sheshona’s expression dropped a bit at being reminded that Kimberly was married.

“Yes, him.”

“Well, when can we have some ‘us’ time?” Sheshona inquired with an almost adorable expression. It was amazing to witness and Kimberly was probably the only person to ever see it.

“Time to be together or time for what you just suggested?” Kimberly asked.

“Just to be together,” Sheshona replied. Of course, she really wanted a night of passion, but she wanted that along with quality time with her beloved doctor. She missed talking to the redhead and just being around her.

“Well, we can do that now,” the olive-eyed female answered.

“And when your husband comes in?”

“We shall tell him that you are my dearest friend,” Kimberly answered as if she had no problem whatsoever lying right to her husband’s face.

“That’s one of the things I love about you,” Sheshona concurred with a crooked smirk. If Kimberly had no problem lying to the man, then she really had no problem with it. She lied to people all the time, after all.

“Then you might as well come in and make yourself comfortable. I can fix us some tea and cake,” the doctor offered.

Sheshona shrugged, even though she did not care about having tea or cake. Kimberly led her to the parlor where she had a seat while Kimberly went to put on the tea. Sheshona looked around the large room and noticed the window in the front of the space. It looked into the center of the room where she was sitting. She thought that it might be a little suspicious of her to pull the drapes, so she moved the furniture to get it out of the way of the window. If someone looked in, they would not happen to see her doing naughty things with the doctor and she did plan on doing some very naughty things, even if they were not going to get to the one thing that she wanted to do.

When Kimberly returned, she did not seem to notice that the table and chairs had been moved. She was a little too happy to notice something that trivial. It was hard to believe that about five minutes ago, she had been ready to throw Sheshona out with her bare hands because now, there was an almost bright look in her olive eyes. If it was feasible, she probably would have floated right off into the air from the way that she was feeling. She just felt so good.

They talked for a bit over the tea and cake. Kimberly wanted to know what Sheshona had been doing the past few months after escaping the hospital. The pale woman was vague with her answers for the most part because she could not tell her beloved that she had been sleeping around. That would just make Kimberly angry again and she was not sure if she would be forgiven for that after just being forgiven for running away. In her opinion, it did not matter anyway because she not going to sleep around anymore.

Sheshona was also interested in finding out what the doctor had been doing without her. Kimberly pretty much had buried herself in her work and researched new treatments. She also started an organization to look into the status of mental institutions to make sure that they shaped up. Much of the time, she went herself to inspect asylums and hospitals to make sure that the patients were being properly cared for despite their mental states. It would seem that she had been busy, Sheshona thought.

Once the tea and cake was gone, Sheshona was done with conversing for the moment. She got up from her seat and went over to the doctor. She met Kimberly in a fervent kiss and Kimberly eagerly returned the sweet embrace. Oh, how she missed that fire, the doctor silently noted. Oh, how she loved that fire.

“I want you so badly,” Sheshona whispered against Kimberly’s lips.

“I agree,” Kimberly replied.

“So, you should give yourself to me,” the pale woman suggested. It sounded logical enough to her.

“Not today.”

Sheshona did not argue and went in for another kiss. Maybe she could change the redhead’s mind, she considered. The doctor wrapped her arms around Sheshona and held her close. Sheshona began lifting up Kimberly’s skirts again while noting that it felt so good to be back with Kimberly. She was never letting the doctor go again. She would surrender to her emotions and let them rule the day when it came to Kimberly.

The pale woman caressed the doctor’s gorgeous legs. She wanted those legs wrapped around her waist or draped on her shoulders so badly that the desire caused tremors in her stomach. She wanted to have Kimberly trembling underneath her for the whole day until they were exhausted. And then, she wanted to just drift into the deepest sleep that she could with Kimberly in her arms.

The redhead would have been in agreement with all of that if she knew what Sheshona was thinking. Kissing seemed like such a tease now that they were together. She would have given right into Sheshona’s complete desire, but she really did not know when her husband would be home. He did not have a set schedule and he could walk through the door at anytime. She would not be able to explain things if he caught them into anything too deep.

The couple pulled apart suddenly as they heard the front doors open. They could hear low speech and Kimberly knew that her family had returned. She maintained her composure as her husband and young son walked into the parlor. The male pair was aware that she spent her free time mostly in that room reading, either books or documents for her organization. They were surprised to find that she had company because even though Kimberly was a very friendly woman, she did not have any close friends.

Kimberly introduced her “guest” to her husband and son. Sheshona smiled in the man’s face and firmly shook his hand while thinking about how the second he looked the other way, she was going to be using that same hand to explore his wife, just like she had been doing before he showed up. She was certain that her one hand was going to go places that he never thought to go. She could only wonder what kind of idiot he was to never go to those areas, but she did not care because she was going to have a good time exploring every inch of Kimberly, appreciating the good doctor in ways that he probably could not even imagine.

The man of the house did look at Sheshona oddly, but it was not because he suspected anything. He was actually happy to see that his wife had a friend. He was looking at her in the manner that he was because Sheshona was wearing men’s clothing; she had on plain black slacks, a white shirt, and a matching jacket over the shirt. He smiled at her nonetheless. He was still happy that his wife had finally made a friend, even if she was a strange friend. What a rube, Sheshona thought.


“Hey, Kimmie, be careful over there. I didn’t like the way the floor sounded in that room,” Shego said to the redheaded hero, who was in another room of the old Possible house.

The thief was pulling in supplies to fix up the house while Kim was admiring the parlor from outside of the room. They had done a quick search of the house before going to get things to fix it and they had netted no results, much to their disappointment. They guessed that they were going to have to do a thorough investigation and they would rather do that without having to worry about falling through any floors.

“The floor is holding up pretty good. It’s supporting those arm chairs and everything in the room,” Kim pointed out.

“Just don’t tempt it at the moment. Come help me with these damn paint cans,” Shego requested.

“Okay,” the college student agreed.

Kim turned away from the parlor and went back to the front of the house. She grabbed some of the paint cans; they were planning to paint the main room that day. They had already had an exterminator come by to take care of any pest problems, which there were plenty of considering how the house sat unattended in the middle of the woods for fifty plus years. They were going to take care of the main room because it was the one that seemed to be in the best shape. They had already cleaned it up for the most part and now they were going to throw a fresh coat of paint on it.

They had also sat most of the furniture outside and they were letting that air out. They had dusted most of it. They had plans to polish some of the wood that they did not have to replace. Once they did all that they could, they figured that they would get some tips on how to do the things that they did not know how to do and then get to that stuff. They had almost no plans to call in professionals to do anything.

“Oh, come on,” Shego groaned when she looked into the main room.

“What?” Kim asked.

“Who put the stuff back in here?” the pale woman inquired, as if she did not know. After all, she had not put all of the stuff back in there and she was willing to bet that some woodland creature had not sneaked in and put everything back in the room.

“I did. It was all aired out and everything,” the hero answered.

“We don’t have any tarp to cover this stuff, so now we have to move it back out if we’re going to paint the room,” the thief pointed out in a slightly annoyed tone.

“I guess it wasn’t the best idea to move this stuff back in here then,” Kim admitted.

“No, ya think?” Shego asked sarcastically.

They began to move the furnishings out of the room once again. They also agreed that no one was going to do anything to any other rooms unless they both agreed on it to avoid another mishap in the future. Once they started moving furniture, they got carried away and then went to any other rooms that still had things in it. They figured that they might as well set those outside if they had not done that already. After cleaning out the downstairs, they moved upstairs to see if they could find anything up there that they should move out.

“Did I already tell you that I’m stealing some of this stuff?” Shego remarked as they grabbed a pair antique chairs.

“Yeah, and I told you over my dead body,” Kim replied.

“Don’t tempt me, Princess, especially after what you did with the main room. We actually should sell some of this stuff. It could help up fix the place up,” Shego pointed out. It was easy to tell from her voice and expression that she was enjoying their project, even though she had not said so out loud.

“It’s not our stuff to sell, though. I’d have to ask Nana,” Kim countered.

“You’re such a goody-goody. Do you really think she gives a damn? She said no one’s been here for over fifty freaky years. We could buy some really nice things for the house if we did.”

Kim nodded while silently noting that Shego spoke about the house as if it was their place. The super-powered female seemed rather attached to the house already and she guessed that would make sense since Shego was putting in work on the place. She was even a bit attached to the place now because she was working on the house with Shego.

After spending so much time with Shego, the notion of sharing a house with her was not as crazy as it would have been about a month ago. In fact, now it seemed downright pleasant. She would not mind hanging around Shego more often, even if they were still going to be enemies when everything was over, like the mystery being solved and the house being repaired.

Maybe the house would make for a nice place to go for them to be alone. It could be like neutral ground or something. It could be their own special place to hang out. Kim could not believe that she was thinking along such lines, especially since the house was not even theirs. They had just volunteered to fix it in order to find out where it was. But, now they were deep into the house project as well as looking for information to solve their mystery.

Kim kept the idea in mind, even though it seemed so outrageous. The next spare moment that she got, Kim found herself going back to Florida, thanks to her wacky thought. She caught up with her Nana before the woman was about to go to bed. Kim had actually been lucky to catch her because Nana Possible had just stayed up later than usual to watch an interesting movie.

“Kimberly Ann, what are you doing out at this time of night?” Nana inquired as she let the girl in.

“I wanted to talk to you about the house,” the hero answered.

“What about the house? You didn’t get hurt in it, did you? I told you that house is dangerous—” Nana began to ramble.

“No, Nana,” Kim interjected.

“That place should be knocked down—” the old woman tried to continue on.

“Nana, the house is fine. It’s looking pretty spanking actually. We’re fixing it up just like we promised. I was just wondering if I could ask a really huge favor of you,” Kim replied.

“What do you want, Kimberly Ann?” Nana inquired in a puzzled, but gentle tone.

“It’s a really monster-sized favor. Well, maybe not since no one uses the house anymore. But, it is still a house and everything, so that does make the favor ferociously huge—” It seemed to be Kim’s turn to ramble and Nana’s turn to cut her off.

“Kim, what do you want to ask me?” the retired woman inquired to get the redhead to stop ranting.

“My friend and I are a bit attached to the place now, so I was wondering if we could use it sometime,” Kim explained.

“I told you that place is dangerous,” Nana objected.

“Not anymore. We’re fixing it up. Once we’re done, is it all right if we use it?” the younger female requested.

“I guess you like that old house, huh?”

“Well, it’s a nice house,” Kim replied with a little shrug. She and Shego had already put a lot of work into it and it would be nice to be able to reap the reward of their labor by being able to stay in the house every once and a while. Besides, what was the point in fixing it up if no one was going to use it afterwards?

Nana nodded and she walked into her bedroom without saying a word. Kim was curious as to what her grandmother was doing, but she did not ask just yet, considering that if she gave it time then the situation would explain itself. The old woman returned after a few minutes and handed Kim a folder. The redhead glanced down at the folder, which looked a bit beaten up.

“Nana, what’s this?” Kim asked.

“The deed to the house and the property surrounding it,” Nana replied as if it was nothing. To her it was nothing. The house was so important to her that she had been using the deed as a makeshift dustpan when she swept the kitchen floor.

“Why are you giving me this?” the hero inquired in a bemused tone.

“Because you like the house and you’re trying to take care of it. No one has cared about that house for a long time, ever since my parents forced my Nana Cynthia to move out. It should belong to someone who wanted to take care of it. So, just promise that you and your friend will take very good care of the house,” Nana explained.

“I promise,” Kim vowed without hesitating. She was in shock that her grandmother would so easily give her a house, even if no one had used it in so many years. It was a house after all.

“Good,” Nana said with a small smile. She was certain that her grandmother and great-grandmother were smiling too wherever they were. The house deserved someone who would love it again.

Kim was totally awed by what happened and she sounded that way when she recounted the whole thing to Shego the next day. Shego was a bit surprised to hear that Kim had been given a whole house so easily too. She was also surprised by the reasoning as to why Kim had been presented with the house and why Kim had gone to Florida in the first place. The pale woman was willing to bet that if she asked her grandmother for a house, even one that no one was using, the old goat would box her ears and curse her out and that was if she was lucky.

Kim had actually put the cart before the horse with what had happened. She had no idea if Shego would agree with her idea and if Shego did not, then she was stuck with a big house in the middle of nowhere. She still did not realize how impulsive her actions were after telling all of that to the pale thief either.

“So, this could be our place, huh?” Shego asked in neutral while looking over the house.

“Well, I thought…” Kim trailed off as it finally hit her how hasty she had been. What if Shego did not like being around her as much as she had assumed or what if Shego did not like the house as much as she had assumed?

“This is a lot of space for just the two of us, but it’s nice and out of the way. No one’ll hear you scream,” Shego remarked.

“Scream? I thought you didn’t kill people,” the redhead commented.

“Who’s talking about killing?” Shego quipped and then she realized what she was implying. Oh, no, she was starting to act like her lecherous ancestor. That was just creepy.

“What do you mean?” Kim asked. It seemed that the joke had gone way over her head.

“Oh, you really are that out of touch. Come on, Princess. We’ve got a house to fix up and a search to get to sometime soon,” Shego urged the little hero as she entered the house.

“Wait, what did you mean?”

“Just come on,” Shego replied. Being naïve should not have been as cute as Kim was making it seem to Shego, but she did not care. Kim was cute.

The redhead trotted in behind the moss-hued villainess, continuing to request that she explain herself. They went back to their task of making the house, their house, presentable. They made their way to the master bedroom that day and stared around at the furniture. They were not too sure what they wanted to do with the room and all of the nice wooden furnishings around the area. It was all so beautiful that they figured that they might just leave the room as it was.

Shego went to the closet, just to admire the space once again. It was such a huge closet and she could imagine filling it with all kinds of trendy outfits. She walked around and then leaned against the wall. She yelped as the wall under her shoulder pushed in.

“What’s wrong, Shego?” Kim asked as she poked her head into the closet.

“I think I just hit the jackpot,” Shego replied as a space in the empty floor opened up.

“What?” the younger female inquired.

“Well, you do remember how we were looking for goodies?” the villainess inquired. She thought that it was plausible for Kim to have forgotten their original reason for being in the house with everything else that they had going on now.


“I think I found them,” the pale woman declared as she went to the opening to inspect it.

“Spanking!” Kim cheered.

The redheaded hero rushed into the closet to join Shego. The pale woman kneeled down to see what was going on in the hiding hole. Kim leaned on Shego as the green-skinned woman fished out a small box.

“What the hell is up with them and jewelry boxes? It’s like they knew I’d keep finding them and hoping that there’d be jewelry inside,” Shego muttered.

“How in the world did we miss that?” Kim asked.

“There was a trunk in here before and we only moved it yesterday,” Shego answered as she tried to open the box and then she realized that she had seen that type of lock before.

“What’s wrong? Open it,” Kim implored the evil sidekick.

“I’d like to, but I need a lock-pick. This is the same lock that was on the box at my house that I found the journal in,” Shego explained.

“That’s got to be a good sign. You have a lock-pick, right?” Kim asked anxiously.

“Calm down, Princess. Let’s go in some better light and I’ll work on it.”

Kim nodded and they went back down to the living room. Shego pulled out her lock-pick from her jacket pocket and sat down with the troublesome box. She was beginning to suspect that she had more in common with Sheshona than sharing a name and their odd tolerance of Possible females because the lock seemed to be to protect against serious thieves and only a thief knew the best way to keep another thief out.

Kim practically hung herself on the pale woman’s shoulders. Shego did not mind the weight against her. In fact, she liked the weight on her, but the bouncing was something that she could do without. She worked on the lock until the lid popped open. They both peered inside to see what Shego had discovered.

Next time: what did Shego find? Meanwhile, the past pair ponder love and are interrupted by a familiar person.

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