Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 23



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TITLE: Countdown

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4218

…I suppose that today I’ll have my lover right where I want her, namely in my bed. It’s about time. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it. I want her here now already, but I have to wait. I hate waiting, especially for something good.


Sheshona was happy to be allotted the Go country home all to herself, although her brother had done some barking about that. He was complaining because he could no longer just go up to the house whenever it tickled his fancy, so now he had to go and find some new place to bring his rowdy friends and all of their cheap whores to have wild parties. She wished him all the luck in that one… okay … no, she did not.

Sheshona cleaned the place from top to bottom by herself, even though the house was rather large. She made sure to get rid of all of her father’s and brother’s property. She wanted the house to look like it belonged to her because it did. The house had actually belonged to her since her mother passed away and left it to her; her mother had been the truly wealthy one out of her parents, so a lot of their land had belonged to her mother, which made things a legal nightmare when she died. Sheshona had no use for the house in the past and did not really care what happened to it. However, now it was going to become a home, not just for her, but for her beloved too. So, she had to make sure that it was perfect for the both of them.

She waited anxiously for the first day that Kimberly would come to see her. The redhead arrived early in the morning by coach, which was paid for by Sheshona’s father. He had arranged things where a carriage would bring Kimberly to the house and take her home at certain hours five days a week. The doctor was practically pulled into the house by Sheshona, who shut the door by simply pinning her beloved against it. Kimberly could not even get out a verbal greeting because Sheshona was heatedly kissing her within an instant.

“How long?” the pale woman inquired before she attacked Kimberly’s neck with her impatient lips.

“What, beloved?” Kimberly asked in a daze. She did not understand the question and she doubted that she would be able to understand much with Sheshona touching her the way that she was.

“How long do we have, Duchess?” Sheshona clarified the question. Her father had not informed her of the hours that her doctor would be spending with her, even though she had practically begged the question when she was at the house.

“The coach…it…um…” Kimberly paused to let out a loud moan. It was so hard to think straight with such delight coursing through her brought on by her lover’s mouth. “It comes back…it comes back…at five… I believe,” she managed to say through a series of pants.

“Good. All day and I have you all to myself finally,” the pale woman said while smirking into the doctor’s skin.

“Sheshona—” Kimberly tried to say something, but she was cut off.

“No talking for today,” Sheshona said. They did not need to talk for once. They just needed action, mostly friction.

“But—” the redhead tried again.

“Nah-uh. I’m not listening to any talking today. In fact, I’m giving you one minute,” Sheshona decided as she picked her head up to look Kimberly in the face. She wanted Kimberly to see that she was serious with everything that she was about to say.

“One minute for what?” the doctor inquired with a bemused expression.

“To strip and make it upstairs to my bedroom,” Sheshona replied.

“What?” Kimberly looked absolutely shocked by the response. She had never heard such a proposal before.

“You heard me, Duchess.” Sheshona looked completely serious too. She was not even smirking as she spoke.

“And if I refuse to comply?” Kimberly demanded to know with a challenging look in her leaf-colored eyes. She was unaware that her defiance was not helping her situation because it was only making Sheshona want her more.

“Then today is probably going to be the first time that you’ve felt ecstasy on the floor,” the pale woman answered matter-of-factly.

“You’re not serious,” Kimberly said. Her lover just had to be kidding. People did not do things like that after all. It was…well, it was improper.

“You’ve already wasted five seconds, doc. My room is pretty far and this floor is pretty hard,” Sheshona replied while tapping her bare foot on the wood.

“Sheshona—” Kimberly tried to object.

“And you really don’t want me to have to take those clothes off for you or you may not be able to wear them home,” Sheshona added.

Kimberly decided not to call her paramour’s bluff anymore, lest she waste more time. She began to work her way out of her dress. Sheshona added to the pressure by counting down out loud. She watched with hungry eyes as the redhead fumbled with buttons on her clothing and then Kimberly decided to go upstairs while trying to get out of her dress. Sheshona followed, keeping a steady count. She was certain that her poor doctor was not going to make it. And then when even it looked like Kimberly might have had a chance, Sheshona merely cheated.

“Fifteen…fourteen…three…two…one,” Sheshona said.

“What? What happened to thirteen through four?” Kimberly complained in a slight panic. She had never done what Sheshona had planned for her and she really was not sure if she wanted to find out what it was like to experience bliss on a wooden floor.

“I never learned to count properly,” Sheshona lied and she pounced on Kimberly right outside of her room. So close, yet so far away, even though she had no intention of letting Kimberly make it to the bed when she started the little game.

“Wait, dearest!” the redhead shouted, but she was already on the floor.

“I’ve waited and waited and waited, like a good little girl. You’re mine now,” Sheshona declared with a predatory smirk. The doctor believed that she now knew what a deer would feel like if it got to look a puma in the face.

Kimberly let out a panicked squeal as Sheshona began removing the rest of her clothing; her dress was lying in the middle of the stairs. Her panic quickly gave way to curiosity, although she was a bit anxious about the idea that Sheshona had in mind. It was improper, after all.

They made love right there on the floor outside of Sheshona’s bedroom. Well, that was where it happened the first time anyway. It was like nothing Kimberly had ever experienced and she rapidly forgot how improper it was to do such a thing on the floor. It seemed to slip her mind that the first time they had been physically intimate they had been on her desk, which was also improper. Adding to that, they were two women being together, so they were just completely “improper.”

They eventually made it to the bed, where they continued their passionate dance. It was a good thing that there was not another house close by or the neighbors might have thought that something was wrong with all of the noise coming from the Go house. And to think, that was just the start of the sounds that Sheshona wanted echoing through their home for the rest of her life.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” Kimberly commented as her breathing finally started to calm down.

The redhead was resting on top of Sheshona because that was where the pale woman wanted her lovely physician. She wanted to feel as much of Kimberly as she could at all times. They had just spent the whole morning intertwined with each other, but it was not enough. Even though it was the most gratifying intercourse Sheshona had ever had, she still wanted more.

Maybe it was because it was so pleasing which was why she wanted more, she considered. Maybe it was her old hunger still tugging at her. Maybe she was still suffering from eternal thirst. It did not matter, though. Kimberly would happily oblige until her lover was sated.

“I haven’t either, but get used to it. You will experience it for the rest of the week at least,” Sheshona informed her beloved.

“What?” Kimberly inquired.

“We’re not getting out of this bed all week,” Sheshona explained. She had already marked up the journal for the whole week. She had dated the pages in advance and wrote “we stayed in bed.”

“Sheshona,” the redhead said in an even tone.

“What? You don’t want to just lay with me all day? You’d rather try to cure me?” Sheshona teased while moving her arms to rest on Kimberly’s bare back.

“Is this all that we shall ever do?” Kimberly asked in a slightly disappointed tone. Of course, she had not problem with being intimate, but she wanted more. She wanted to spend time with Sheshona beyond carnal pleasures.

“Of course not, Duchess. I have so many plans for us and so many things to show you, but right now, I just want to savor your soft flesh against me,” the emerald-eyed woman answered with a content smile as she massaged Kimberly’s back.

“Plans?” the doctor echoed.

“Yes, so you’d better start thinking of a lot of lies to tell him,” Sheshona replied. She had all sorts of places that she planned to take her darling physician. She wanted to show Kimberly the world if she could.


“Some days, you might have to just stay over here with me. I wouldn’t want you riding so late at night on your own. So, you’ll just have to stay here. What, you don’t want to stay with me?” Sheshona inquired with a fake pout.

“Of course I do,” Kimberly replied and she snuggled up against Sheshona more so than she already was to prove her point. She wished that she could stay with her pale paramour always and forever, but it seemed that Sheshona showed up too late in her life for that to happen.

The redhead wondered what she would have done if she had met Sheshona before she had gotten married. Would she have run away with the pale woman to live with her? She had been trying to be the perfect woman back then, so maybe not. But, then again, she had been attempting to be the perfect woman and a good wife when she did meet the raven-haired female.

The olive-eyed physician supposed that she would have gone away with Sheshona if she still would have been able to become a doctor. That was all she really wanted out of life back then. She just wanted to be a doctor, so as long as she could have fulfilled her dream, she thought that she might have run off with Sheshona. Of course, she would have had to make it passed Sheshona crass attitude before considering such a thing that was only possible because she was a doctor.

Kimberly decided to stop thinking about what could have been and what was going to be. She was going to have to start lying to her husband on a daily basis. Maybe she would not have to tell a total lie to the man. She did not have to completely lie the first day, after all. She had informed him that she had been hired as the private physician to an old patient and she would be spending a great deal of time with that patient, treating her at her home. Her husband hardly looked up from his blueprints for his latest invention as she told him that her patient would require her from early morning to the evening. She doubted that he would mind if some days she would have to stay with her patient for whatever reason, especially as long as he had ideas coming to mind for inventions.

“I love you,” Kimberly said out of the blue, which did not bother Sheshona. The doctor leaned up and kissed her lover.

“If you really love me, you’d be ready to go at it again,” Sheshona remarked with a smirk.

“Again?” Kimberly echoed. She had only just caught her breath for crying out loud.


“You’re unbelievable. Are you part rabbit?” the doctor joked.

“Could be.” Sheshona smiled and then she went in for a smoldering kiss while grabbing a handful of forbidden flesh.

…She’s finally all mine. I think I will move this week’s activities to next week too. I like wearing her out and she likes it too, even if she likes to play coy.


Kim and Shego were currently sharing Kim’s bed for the night, but that was not all they were sharing. They were also caught in a kiss; a kiss that neither wanted to admit was getting borderline hot. It started out rather simple, just their lips pressed against each other, but considering how long it had been going on without either pulling away, it was clear that something was going on.

Once the redhead realized what Shego was doing, she returned the embrace without any commands from her brain. When Shego noticed that Kim was kissing her back, she went into make it deeper, sweeter, better. She lapped at Kim’s lips and was quickly granted access to the hero’s mouth. Their tongues met and engaged in a sparring contest with neither gaining any ground. The kiss had just reached the level of “hot.”

Shego began reaching for Kim’s shirt on instinct. Hey, she was in a bed and having a great kiss, so her body was used to wild sex being the goal for such activities. Kim pulled away when she felt her tank-top being lifted. It seemed that she was not of like mind with Shego on where the night was going to go.

The kiss was broken and the pair looked at each other, ignoring a thin line of saliva connecting their mouths. The only thought that was going through their minds was “that was hot,” which thoroughly surprised the both of them because not only were they enemies, but they had also been damn sure that they were straight before that kiss. Man, who would have guessed that one action could open so many different cans of worms?

“Shego,” Kim said, but she was not sure how to follow that up. How was she supposed to tell her sworn enemy that she had just gotten the most pleasurable kiss ever when it was delivered by said enemy? It really was not helping the cogs in her brain that the enemy was a woman. Her brain was really asking her, “didn’t we used to like guys?” and that was about the best it could do.

“Yeah?” Shego replied. She really had not expected the kiss to be that great. Oh, she had really stepped in it that time. Damn her bright ideas, her mind screamed at her.

“Can I go back to sleep now?” Kim opted to ask. Lame, her brain scolded her.

“Um…yeah,” the pale woman answered.

Kim flopped back onto her pillow and shut her eyes, pretending to be asleep. She could not believe that she had just shared and enjoyed a kiss with a woman, Shego nonetheless. She knew that they had been growing closer and more comfortable with each other, but she did not think that it would get to the point where they would kiss. Well, maybe she had hoped that they would not get to that point.

Did that kiss mean anything? Kim was not sure. After all, Shego was hard to get a gauge on much of the time. Who knew what was going through the thief’s mind when she began that kiss.

Well, if the kiss did mean something, did that mean she should consider a relationship with Shego? She had never thought of being in a relationship with a woman, especially Shego. Where could they go as partners? Shego was a mercenary villain while she was a globetrotting hero. They were on opposite sides and would never have time for each other anyway. They could not have anything together. It did not help matters that Shego was cynical to the point of being self-destructive sometimes.

Okay, well, it seemed that was settled for Kim. She was not even going to think about a relationship with Shego. They were just too different to go anywhere, no matter how much she liked spending time with Shego. If anything, maybe they could have a friendship of sorts, but that was about it.

Shego settled back into her pillow. She did not quite achieve her goal of getting them out of the awkward place that they were stuck in with that kiss, she silently conceded. If anything, she had turned the awkward up a few notches. But, how was she supposed to know that one simple kiss could be so…connecting? She had felt a spark that connected her to Kim and that was the first time that such a thing had ever happened to her in her twenty-five years of life.

Well, that spark certainly threw a wrench in her works. Shego thought that she was just setting up for her and Kim to get down and dirty, which she really did not mind even if Kim was a woman. Hey, pleasure was pleasure and she thought that they both would enjoy it. But, no, things did not go quite that way.

The spark told Shego that sex was not what she was looking for. No, she screamed in her head. Damn it, no! She was actually falling for Kim Possible of all people. Maybe there was a family curse or something that she did not know about for such a thing to be happening.

“Damn it, how do I get myself into things like this?” Shego asked herself as she looked over at Kim, who was now really asleep. “Well, at least I’m falling for someone interesting and cute.”

All right, Shego easily yielded to that battle. She had learned a long time ago to not fight against her feelings, unless her feelings were rage and trying to get her to attack her mother anyway. She went with her instincts whenever she felt confused on something because that was better than being bewildered. It also made sure that she did not hesitate when doing something, which could mean the difference between winning or losing or living or dying much of the time. So, it was settled. She was taking Kim, whether the redhead liked it or not and whether it was weird or not considering what they knew happened in the past.

Shego easily drifted to sleep once she made that decision. When she woke up, she discovered something both creepy and fascinating. Kim was sleeping against her, which was a good sign in her opinion. The reason that it was creepy was because Kim had her eyes open again. Shego knew that the petite hero was sleeping because of the even way that she was breathing.

“For the love of…Princess, I’m breaking you of this habit quick,” Shego muttered.

The pale woman eased out of bed, careful not wake up the resting hero. She was glad that Kim got sleep when she was around. She had come to realize how bad Kim’s schedule was and she did not like that the little redheaded adventurer sometimes stayed up well passed twenty-four hours. It just was not healthy.

Half of the time, Kim actually did not even know what day it was because of her schedule. If she did know what day it was, it was a good bet that the month was a mystery to her. Time was lost to her because of her lifestyle. The only reason that she knew when she had classes was because she programmed her class schedule into her Kimmunicator. Shego figured that she might as well straighten that out once she got Kim to realize that they were going to be together beyond the odd friendship that they had developed.

Shego went to the kitchen and started on breakfast. Thanks to her, Kim’s cupboards were equipped with the necessities to have a wholesome morning meal that did not involve the toaster or microwave. At least she already cleared up Kim’s diet, she thought. That girl was going to be a work in progress, Shego thought as she pulled out some eggs from the refrigerator.

The moss-hued thief was a little happy that she had not taken Kim as her apprentice. She would have had to turn the girl’s life upside down to do that. Kim would have more than likely walked away from the training a month in because she would not be able to take the absolute control Shego would have to have over her life. They probably would have had a huge fight over things. Yeah, that definitely would not have worked out well.

Kim woke up grabbing for something. She did not know what she was grabbing for, but she knew that it had been there a while ago. “It” had been something soft and warm near her and she really wanted “it” back to help her stay asleep. She considered that “it” might have been a pillow…a pillow with ribs. A pillow was the only thing that her brain could offer her in its mostly “off” state.

Well, since the mysterious pillow with ribs was gone, Kim opened her eyes. She noticed that Shego was no longer in bed and the she immediately smelled good food. She would have thanked the heavens for Shego, if only she did not have to go out there and face the woman that kissed her and turned her into a puddle of goo last night. Well, she might as well get the torture over with since she would get to breakfast faster that way.

The redhead flipped out of bed and wandered into the kitchen. She watched Shego crack an egg into the bowl and then the pale woman turned to her. They stared at each other for a long moment before the elder female left the area. Kim watched curiously because she wanted to know what Shego was doing. The thief grabbed the phone and tossed it to Kim, who easily caught the device, even though she had not been warned.

“Why’d you throw me the phone?” Kim inquired with a baffled look on her face.

“Call your boyfriend,” Shego ordered in a no-nonsense tone.

“Why?” the redhead asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Because you’re breaking up with him,” the pale woman answered.

“And why am I doing that?” Kim continued to look completely puzzled with the conversation. She was beginning to wonder if she was actually still asleep and just having a very weird dream because nothing that was going on was making any sense.

“Don’t play stupid, Kimmie. It’s not attractive,” the super-powered female commented.

“Shego, you’re not serious.”

“I am dead serious. Call him now and break up with him. Your bony ass is mine now,” Shego proclaimed.

“Like hell it is. I didn’t agree to that,” the young hero objected.

“Oh, I see. You’d rather be with a boy who doesn’t really give a damn about you and will jump ship on you once he realizes your world doesn’t revolve around him rather just being with me?” the moss-hued thief inquired. She would have been insulted, if she did not know the truth anyway.

“Well…” Kim hesitated. Man, when Shego put it that way, she made things sound rather bad. A part of her was telling her that Shego made a point and she should just give in to her desires. She fought that part of her because that did not sound like a good decision.

“Yeah, you’re not that stupid. So, make the call,” the emerald-eyed female commanded.

“Shego—” the younger woman tried to protest.

“Are you going to call him now or I am just going to have to go to your campus, beat the living shit out of every straight male there, and tell them to stay the fuck away from my Princess in order to end the relationship and to make sure that no other guy tries to come near you?” Shego proposed.


“You’re got thirty seconds to make this decision,” Shego announced. “Thirty…Twenty-nine…” she started the countdown.



“What happened to twenty-eight?” Kim demanded to know.


“What!” Kim hollered in disbelief. There were a whole lot of numbers that got left out and that sort of worried her.


“Shego! Come on! Stop playing around,” the slender hero ordered.




“I’m calling, I’m calling!” Kim said because she could tell that the pale woman was as serious as she claimed to be.

“I thought so,” Shego commented smugly.

“How immature,” Kim muttered.

…I think now that she’s mine, I’ll just wear her out everyday that I can. That’s a good way to show my appreciation, right?

Next time: Kim and Shego deal with what just happened while Sheshona takes her dearest doctor some place special.

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