Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 26



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TITLE: Angels

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4129

A/N: I have a link on my profile to a lovely picture by YogurthFrost based on this fic. I strongly recommend checking it out.

…I almost didn’t believe it when she spoke the words, but she would not lie over something like that. Why couldn’t things just go on as they were forever? Why did this have to happen? What am I supposed to do?


“The doctor was pregnant!” Kim hollered in disbelief as she read the line.

“Well, I can guarantee that it wasn’t Sheshona’s,” Shego remarked with a forced laugh. It was not as humorous as she would have liked it to be because she knew that it had affected the past relationship and she doubted that something positive came from it. She thought that they had been going good and she was actually, secretly, rooting for them to come out ahead of the game.

“This can’t be good for their relationship,” Kim commented.

“Gee, Sherlock, ya think?” Shego teased. She wondered if they had just come across the reason the journal was not finished. Perhaps, her ancestor walked away after finding out her dear doctor was pregnant. It seemed plausible, but she would wait and see rather than prejudge Sheshona. After all, from what she could tell with the journal entries, she had been wrong about the woman. Sheshona seemed to genuinely love the doctor and tried to show it as best she could.

“Could you not be sarcastic with me right now?” Kim requested. She was obviously upset because she was thinking the same thing that Shego was thinking. Sheshona seemed lost, so what if she left the doctor because of the pregnancy? She claimed that she was understanding and supportive of the doctor when it came the woman having to be with her husband, but how far did those things go? Would she stick by the doctor through a whole pregnancy? And even if she stayed through a pregnancy, would she stay through a baby?

“Ah, you’re busting my chops, Kimmie,” Shego complained while draping her arms around Kim’s shoulder and pulling the smaller hero to her.

The green-skinned woman understood that Kim was upset. She seemed to be rather emotionally invested in what was happening between their ancestors, but Shego knew why that was. Kim was looking for proof that true loved existed and would last no matter what the obstacle. So far, it seemed that the kid had invested in the right pair.

“No, don’t try to cuddle me up now,” the redhead playfully protested while halfheartedly trying to get away from Shego’s embrace.

“No, I’ve got you now,” Shego said.

The pale thief pulled the petite college student to her. They were camped out in the living room of the old house that they had been repairing. Kim resisted and they ended up wrestling on their makeshift bed, which was just two thick comforters placed on the polished wooden floor. Shego pinned Kim underneath her after a few minutes and then smirked wickedly because of her victory.

“Why do you even bother?” the raven-haired woman inquired, asking about why Kim challenged her.

“Because I can do anything,” Kim replied with a grunt. She was attempting to flip Shego off of her. She still believed that she could beat Shego in anything that they did, even if the pale woman was so full of herself.

“Like lie here like a good little girl while I have my way with you?” the emerald-eyed female suggested with the lewd smirk.

“No!” the slim hero protested and tried once again to get Shego off of her. She could not get the right angle, so the attempt was in vain.

“Yes,” Shego continued to smirk.

The villainess leaned in and kissed Kim. It took a few seconds, but the redhead stopped struggling and accepted the kiss. It started out as sweet and slow; neither had experienced such a tender, lovely embrace. It brought comfort and a soft, yet significant sense of satisfaction. It was about as close to innocent as anything ever would be with Shego involved, but that would not last too long.

Shego moved one hand underneath Kim’s shirt. She touched a couple of ribs before coming to the younger female’s bra. She cupped one of the redhead’s breasts and began to knead the small mound like fresh dough. Kim moaned into the pale woman’s mouth and then she considered just where Shego might be planning to take things.

“Shego,” Kim said, breaking the kiss, much to her partner’s annoyance.

“Yeah?” Shego inquired while licking her lips. Damn, Kim tasted good.

“Let’s not go too far,” the slender adventurer requested.

“What? Why not?” Shego asked. She was all worked up now and she wanted to get to things.

“Because we just got involved,” Kim answered.

“So what?” the raven-haired villainess inquired because it did not make any sense to her. After all, she and Kim had known each other for years already. “What, do you think I’m going to judge you or something?” she asked with a little frustration evident in her voice.

“No, but this is still moving too fast for me. Way too fast,” Kim said. She would not say that she was old-fashion or anything like that, but she never had sex at the start of a relationship. Usually, just because she was willing to bet that the relationship was not going to last long anyway and she figured that if she gave anything up, it would only help the relationship die faster.

The pale woman chuckled, even though she did not think things were funny at all. She was rather worked up, but she would bear with it. She should have seen that coming, though. Kim was the ultimate goody-goody, after all.

“My chaste little Princess,” Shego remarked.

“Ah, man, now you’re going to make fun of me,” the redhead pouted. She was blushing now from total embarrassment.

“No, I won’t. If it’s too fast for you, I’ll slow down. I really do hope you’re not stopping me because you think I’ll judge you if you let me have my way with you, though,” Shego commented.

“No, I just…it’s just too fast for me.”

“All right.”

“Besides, I’d like a clean bed if we’re going to do that,” Kim added. She was a little uncomfortable with the idea of having sex on a floor.

“All right, so what are you willing to let me get away with now on a cover in the middle of a clean living room?” Shego asked with an amused smile on her face, which hid the fact that she was tinkering on the edge with desire.

“Are you serious?”

“Dead serious. You need to stop asking me that. Now, you’ve gotten me started, so I’m ready to roll with the punches on this one. It’ll be fun,” the villainess replied and she placed a small peck on Kim’s lips.

“I’m sure it will…” the redhead agreed, but she still sounded so unsure.

“Just go with it, Kimmie. We won’t go all the way, but let’s have a bit of fun. We are in the middle of nowhere and there won’t be any interruptions. Let’s take full advantage,” Shego suggested in a whisper and then she placed another tiny peck on Kim’s beckoning lips.

The younger warrior only nodded, as long as they did not cross the line, she was up for a bit of fun. She could do anything, after all. She moved in for a kiss that Shego did not back down from. The pale woman kept herself propped up with one hand and the other hand went back to roaming the slender little body trapped underneath her. She quickly noted that the skin was smooth and soft. She was certain that she was going to enjoy Kim when they finally got to it. For the moment though, she was just going to have fun molesting the petite redhead.

Shego’s hand went back to Kim’s breast and began kneading that scandalous flesh. She got a few more moans from Kim, which was gratifying. So, she had found something better than fighting Kim. And the funny thing was that she never would have made it to where she was if her demon mother had not shanghaied her to clean out that smelly garret. Who would have thought?

“Could I talk you into taking your shirt off?” Shego inquired in a whisper close to Kim’s ear. She licked at Kim’s earlobe since her mouth was there.

“Probably not,” the redhead replied. That seemed like a bit much and would probably lead to a place that she was not ready to go.

“Not even with promises of pancakes for breakfast?” the pale woman proposed.

“It is tempting,” the olive-eyed student commented while leaning into Shego’s wicked touches.

“Isn’t it? Imagine the soft, fluffy hotcakes with whipped cream, strawberries, and syrup,” Shego said with the hope of distracting Kim with what she felt was the girl’s weakness. “Shit, we should use those items right now,” she commented as she thought about it. Now she was distracting herself with thoughts of what she could do with those things.

“Stop teasing me, Shego. You’re just going to make me hungry. We shouldn’t go too far yet,” Kim insisted.

“Sure we should. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. We’re both adults and it would take up some time,” the thief argued.

“Let’s not go too far. Clothes stay on for the night,” the redhead laid the ground rules.

“Fine,” Shego huffed. How boring was that? Especially with the thoughts that she had going through her mind now. They could do so much and she wanted to do it all that night, but…she would respect Kim’s rules.

All right, clothing would stay on for the night, but that did not mean that Shego was deterred. She caressed any part of Kim that she could and the redhead arched into many of the light touches. Kim decided to return the favor because she wanted to touch the pale woman and there was no way that she was going to let Shego do everything.

Kim’s slim fingers began exploring the body that was above her. Shego’s skin was smooth and practically begging to be traveled; the redhead answered that call. She gently massaged whatever she could get her small hands on and Shego began moaning. They spent the night exploring each other’s bodies while keeping their clothes on.

It was an educational experience. They both noted the reactions that they received from touching certain places. They committed to memory the places that they would return to the next time that they were caressing each other.

Shego was now more focused on finishing up the house after that night. She wanted to get a bed in the place, so she could experience all of Kim. They needed to get the house up and running quickly; Kim was secretly in agreement with that thinking for the same reason.

…My beloved is swollen with that man’s seed. She looks ready to burst at this point. I’m going to join her at her house today for some tea. I’ll probably treat her to a massage. Her husband doesn’t seem to realize that her muscles get sore carrying around all of that extra cargo. He’s just proud of what he did to her. I suppose I could understand that a little bit because if I could have done it to her, I’d be proud too.

If I could’ve done to this to her, yes, I would have been proud, but I would also be there for my beloved like I am now. I like treating her to whatever she desires and making sure she’s comfortable, but then again, I’m often like that. She makes me like that for some reason.


Sheshona sighed as she prepared to go to Kimberly’s house. She had been making the journey to Middleton for the past couple of months, ever since Kimberly began really showing her pregnancy. She had tried to get Kimberly to stop making trips to her house sooner than that, but the redhead was so stubborn. She actually seemed to need to get out of the house and that was because it was not her home. She wanted to be at her home and that was with Sheshona.

When Kimberly used to still come by her home, Sheshona would take her dearest doctor outside for fresh air. They usually took walks around the forest that was close by or they stayed out on the porch, swinging on the swing. They could do those things around the doctor’s home too, which was the argument that Sheshona used to get Kimberly to ceasing come to their home. The main thing that got Kimberly to stay at her house was that her lover promised to come see her everyday.

Sheshona kept that promise because she did not think that Kimberly’s moron of a husband would take care of the doctor when she needed it the most. She worried about Kimberly and the child that she was carrying. She had had some trouble at first adjusting to the idea of her Duchess being pregnant, but she quickly wrapped her mind around the idea. She had to because Kimberly had been ready to leave her, thinking that she would not want someone who was “so used and turning into a fat cow.”

Now, Sheshona would not lie, but the thought of cutting and running had crossed her mind for a brief moment. She could not do it, though. The thought of her beloved being alone, crushed, and crying made her stop thinking anything that involved her leaving. She was going to see things through with her beloved. She was going to be there for Kimberly no matter what.

“Hey, how are you doing today?” Sheshona inquired her lover as she entered the physician’s home.

“Tired,” Kimberly answered and Sheshona gave her small kiss on the lips.

“Is our little one causing you problems again?” Sheshona asked as she rubbed Kimberly’s large belly. The redhead was now eight months pregnant and sixty pounds heavier than she was at the start of the process.

“This is an active child,” Kimberly commented.

“She’s like her mother then,” the pale woman remarked, trying to get a smile out of her tired doctor.

“Not at the moment. Her mother is exhausted,” the redhead said with a long sigh.

“Well, I’m here to take care of her darling mother. What can I get you?” Sheshona asked. She never would have thought that she could be helpful until now. Kimberly was the only person that she wanted to do things for and she stepped that up since Kimberly became pregnant. Kimberly could ask her for almost anything and she would try her damnedest to make it happen.

“Well…would you…I mean…” Kimberly trailed off and looked away. She tried her best not to be a burden or irksome to her generous paramour. She did not want to go overboard, even though she suspected that nothing could be going overboard with the way Sheshona acted.

“Oh, that’s a foot rub look. You want me to rub your feet for you?” the pale woman inquired.

“Please and thank you.” The redhead smiled a little bit. She still appeared rather tired, but her lover was happy to see the tiny expression on her face.

Sheshona led Kimberly to the sofa and they sat down. Sheshona took Kimberly’s shoes off and then put the redhead’s legs in her lap. She proceeded to massage Kimberly’s feet. She would never even think to do such a thing for anyone other than her beloved doctor. No one would even be stupid enough to ask her for such a thing, but Kimberly knew that she would be able to get a much desired rubdown from her dearest one.

“Will you be here when I have this little one?” Kimberly asked with one hand on her large stomach. She was stunned that Sheshona had stuck with her through the whole pregnancy, but she was beyond joyful that the emerald-eyed woman stayed. She hoped that Sheshona stayed with her through her labor when she gave birth and then she hoped that her lover remained with her for the rest of her life throughout raising the baby.

“Would he mind?” Sheshona countered, like she gave a damn.

“Why would he mind? You’ve my dearest friend and you’d here to support me,” the redhead replied with a small smile.

“That’s true. I would’ve come whether he liked it or not anyway.”


“Yeah, you asked because you want me there and only your desire matters to me. I’ll be there because that’s what you want,” the raven-haired woman explained.

“You’re so good to me,” Kimberly said and she meant that. Sheshona was such a gentle lover and she sometimes felt that she did not deserve all of the attention that the pale woman gave her.

“I need to waste my little bit of goodness on somebody and you’re the best candidate,” the emerald-eyed female remarked with a small smile.

Kimberly only smiled back at her paramour. She felt at ease knowing that her beloved was going to be by her side when she gave birth. Honestly, she was afraid. She had not told anyone, not even Sheshona, but childbirth truly frightened her. Yes, she loved her son and she would love the baby that she was carrying just as much, but she recalled all of the work that it took to bring her son into the world.

Kimberly had not had an easy labor with her son. She had been bedridden for almost a month afterwards from physical weakness. It had taken her a whole year to completely recover and she had refused her husband any sort of relations for that time too out of fear that she might get pregnant again.

Her first pregnancy had been rough, but her second one was nowhere near as bad. She suspected that Sheshona’s comforting hand had something to do with it. She had been essentially on her own for her first pregnancy and would have been that way for the second too if it was not for Sheshona. Her husband seemed to think that pregnancy was a woman’s natural state of being. He offered her no assistance or support. He went on like everything was normal, except on occasion he would ask her how the child was doing.

Sheshona was very different. She always asked about how Kimberly was doing. She made sure the doctor stayed off of her feet, especially if she was tired. She rubbed any sore muscles that Kimberly had. She offered comforting touches and words if Kimberly seemed to be in any sort of pain. She even helped walk Kimberly places if the redhead needed to get up from the sofa, which was where the pale woman liked to keep her beloved to make sure that she was all right.

“We’re going to have a beautiful baby girl,” Sheshona declared.

She always spoke of the unborn child as if it was hers, which Kimberly thought was charming. Sheshona felt like the child was hers and even though she had never wanted children since she did not know what she would do with one, she looked forward to being around the baby. Sure, she would not be able to teach the child any of her family’s arts like she would want to, but she still thought that it would be nice to help raise a child. She would not mind seeing if she could bring up a semi-decent human being like her mother had been trying to do with her.

“It may be a boy,” Kimberly pointed out.

“Bite your tongue. You’ll hurt our daughter’s feelings,” Sheshona said. She honestly did not mind if it was a boy, but she felt like she would connect better with a daughter. She wanted the baby to be a girl.

“All right, all right. We’re going to have a daughter. Have you thought on any names?” Kimberly asked. She figured that since Sheshona seemed to think that the baby was hers too, she felt that it would be all right for Sheshona to name the baby if she could think of a name.

“No, I’ll let you handle that. I have thought of what kind of weapons’ training she’s going to get,” the pale woman remarked.

“You’re not training our daughter in weapons.”

“I am. She’s got to defend herself. I’m going to teach her all about that. That way, when she gets older, we won’t have to worry about something happening to her, especially if she’s as active as you. Maybe she’ll even teach it to her own kids. We could start a legacy,” Sheshona commented.

It would be something, the pale woman thought, to start a new legacy. Besides, she had to offer their daughter something. Kimberly was more than likely going to handle the important things like education. She had no doubt that their daughter would be smart just for the fact that Kimberly was carrying her. So, she had to impart their child with something from her.

“We’re going to have a great daughter,” Sheshona whispered.

“All right, we’re going to have a great daughter,” Kimberly agreed with a content sigh. It was hard for her to be disagreeable when her beloved was rubbing her feet.

“That’s right,” Sheshona said smugly. They were having a little girl who was going to be smart and a fighter. Their daughter was going to shake up the world.

…My beloved gave birth to a beautiful redheaded, green-eyed baby girl, just like I knew she would. Our daughter is healthy and so very cute. She looks just like her mother. Her name is Cynthia Kimberly Possible. I had to make sure my beloved’s name got in there. I had to because she couldn’t.

My beloved…my precious Duchess…Kimberly…didn’t make it. She lost too much blood. She died…


Kim gasped. “She died?” the redhead shouted in disbelief as she read the page.

“Oh, that’s rough,” Shego muttered. She stared at the page and she could feel the agony for her ancestor. She knew that the loss was tough on the past Sheshona because she could see that the aged paper was still stained with small droplets of what she assumed to be tears. Sheshona had wept as she penned that entry; she had wept hard and long.

“I can’t believe it! She died just like that?” Kim practically hollered because she was so upset with the entry.

“Look at it this way, Kimmie, they’re both dead now,” Shego offered, hoping that it would help calm Kim down.

“That’s horrible!” the redhead countered.

Shego’s face dropped. Okay, she was not too good at being sensitive. She could feel empathetic, which she did toward her ancestor and the doctor, but it seemed that she did not know exactly what to say for Kim to not take the way things ended to heart.

“They still had so many things that they wanted to do. They had their whole lives ahead of them. They were supposed to grow old together,” Kim commented with tears gathering in her eyes.

“Don’t cry, Princess,” Shego pled in a panicked tone. What the hell was she supposed to do if Kim Possible cried over the death of someone who was alive a hundred and fifty years ago?

“It isn’t fair!” Kim sniffled as her tears began to fall. They were supposed to live happily ever after. They were supposed to be able to be together for much more time than they were allotted. They were supposed to…she did not even know.

“It’s all right, Princess,” Shego said while wrapping her arms around the distressed hero. She held onto the redhead in a secure, loving manner that surprised the both of them.

“It just isn’t fair,” Kim muttered.

“You’re so sentimental, Princess,” Shego commented in a tender, but amused tone.

“And you’re just going to say something cynical, aren’t you?”

“Not really. I’m starting to see the point to this whole sentimental thing,” Shego replied while continuing to embrace Kim to comfort her. It felt good to have someone, to hold someone, to know that she was not alone. It was nice to be able to return that feeling too, to know that she was fulfilling the person that was fulfilling to her. It was a bit disheartening to know that her ancestor had the same feeling and lost it prematurely.

…This was for my love, the person that brought me into the light and gave my life purpose. She made my life worth living and I will live this life well in her memory. I’ll look after our daughter for her too. So, rest in peace, beloved. I’m going to put this where it belongs.

Next time: the end.

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