Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 18



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TITLE: Circles

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4146

A/N: okay, I meant to address this in the last chapter, but it slipped my mind. Someone asked about Shego’s mother carrying on the family tradition instead of her father carrying it on. Much of what happens in this story in regards to lineage depends on the fact that child can inherit the mother’s last name and the mother’s legacy.

“So, that’s it, huh?” Shego asked since they just read a letter from Doctor Possible that claimed it would be the last letter.

She sincerely hoped that was it and there would be no more letters, no more anything. It was far from fun to read through all of those letters and just see how hopelessly in love the doctor was while the person she loved was not paying her any mind at all it seemed. It was rather painful to see that the doctor poured her heart out to an insensitive sow, who was probably off finding a new toy to play with and break just like she did the doctor. It was just cruel and while Shego condoned a lot of things, cruelty for no apparent reason beyond being cruel was not something that she was into.

“How could that be it? Look at all of these envelopes,” Kim replied while flipping through the dozens of letters in her hands and then a loose paper fell out of the bundle.

“What’s that?” Shego inquired as the paper floated to the porch.

“We’ll see,” the redhead replied as she reached down to retrieve the paper.

The swing that the pair was sharing rocked a little bit as Kim moved to get the paper. The hero almost fell forward because of the instability of the swing, but Shego caught her. They did not say anything about that, which was a conscious decision on both of their parts. Kim pulled the paper up as she sat back up. She looked at it and smiled broadly.

“What? What is it?” Shego asked because of the girl’s big joyful expression.

“Sheshona responded,” the younger female answered.

“What?” the pale woman asked in sheer disbelief. Her ancestor could not have composed a response. It had to be a mistake. She stared down at the letter and it appeared to be an answer to the doctor’s letter. But, if that was the case, why was it still at the house? “She probably didn’t send it,” Shego realized. That seemed right about the speed of her obnoxious ancestor.

Shego was well aware that she did really not like her ancestor right now. She thought that she should be more upset with the doctor for falling for someone in the Go family. Now, she was upset with the doctor for making such a stupid move, but she was also angry with the past Sheshona for treating someone that obviously cared about her so callously. She did not know why she cared about that, but it seemed that she did and it was pissing her off.

“There you go again being totally negative. Have some faith and trust in their love,” Kim said.

“There you go again being a hopeless romantic. True love doesn’t exist and Sheshona screwed the doctor over, just face the facts,” the thief stated. How much more proof did Kim need aside for the letters begging and pleading to understand that Sheshona was just toying with the doctor? It seemed that neither Possibles could accept the truth. Maybe idiotic optimism was genetic.

“True love does exist if you believe in it and the fact that Sheshona even tried to write a response shows that she didn’t screw the doctor over. She was trying and she more than likely answered back at some point for all of these other letters to be here. If you believe in love, then you’re open to find it. They found it. I bet you that they found it,” the slim adventurer declared.

“You bet me?” Shego inquired with a suspicious and sinister-looking smirk on her face.

“Yeah,” Kim replied confidently. She had not meant it literally at first, but now that the challenge was staring her in the face, she was not about to stand down. She believed in her words wholeheartedly and would back them up with whatever Shego wanted to throw at her.

“It’s a good thing you don’t have anything I want,” the villainess remarked. She could not believe that Kim was so eager to lose a bet.

“You’re just scared that you’ll lose,” the hero quipped and that earned her a frown from her companion.

“I don’t lose,” Shego declared. See, just when she was going to take it easy on Kim, the kid had to go and open her big mouth. Now, she was going to have to burst the brat’s shiny, happy bubble.

“Then bet me,” the redhead challenged the pale woman.

“Fine, what do you want to bet?”

“Breakfast,” Kim answered.

“I’m not eating your cooking,” Shego replied.

“No, no, no. I’m not going to cook. God, no. I wouldn’t do that to my worse enemy. If I win, you cook me breakfast and if you win, I’ll buy you all you can eat for breakfast,” Kim offered.

“And if I win, I get to see you in my pajamas again,” Shego added.

“Same here,” Kim agreed with a grin.

“Deal,” Shego said and they shook on it to seal the deal. They both thought that was just about the easiest bet that they had ever won. But, of course, they both could not possibly be winners.

My Precious doctor,

You could never be a bee to me. You are much too precious to me for such a thought to even enter my mind. I am glad to be your Dearest One and I beg your forgiveness in letting you wait so long to hear from me. I also beg that you don’t stop writing me. You cannot fathom how joyful I am when I receive your letters. I didn’t even know I could feel such a way until your first letter arrived and it continued on as more followed that one lovely letter.

I’ve been trying to write back, but I find it beyond difficult. After all, what does an insect have to say to a queen? You are royalty in my eyes, after all. Really, what does a worshipper have to say to a goddess once acknowledged by the divine? She is too awestruck to recollect speech, let alone grasp a pen in response. But, those are merely excuses, aren’t they? That’s very unlike me to offer an excuse, but I can’t think of any other way to explain myself.

Do not be in pain because your agony does kill me. I don’t wish to die, but I will because you claim to be there now. I am now dead with you, so perhaps here we might be at peace with each other. If it’s only in death that we might have each other, where you might rest in my arms for all eternity, and I may shower you in kisses to my heart’s content, then let’s meet in the heavens tonight! I know I am destined for Hades, but I would escape to Eden to be with you. No hell hound (1)could stop me, no matter how many heads it had. I would only want to be with you and I would make it happen.

Right now, I only want to be with you. I think of you all the time and see you wherever I look. It’s quite distracting, but I don’t really mind. I haven’t a thing to do other than imagine you everywhere and wait to hear from you again.

I know that it may be hard to believe my words since I ran from you. I confess that I thought it was the best for both of us. I didn’t want to be the ruin of you, but it seems that I have been just that anyway. I poisoned you and I knew that I would, yet I pressed forward. I suspect you knew too, but you accepted that because of your love and what did I do? I used that as if it wasn’t the greatest of all treasures a worthless wretch such as myself would or could receive. I wanted you to continue on without me, as it would be best, but now I only want you back.

Is it selfish to want you in my arms every night? To want to be able to treat you like the Duchess you are for the rest of our lives? To want to make sweet, tender love to you until it seems tedious, as if that would ever happen? Is it selfish to want make you touch the heavens whenever I can? If it is selfish, that would explain why I desire it all.

I would love you like no one else, I promise you that. I have promised you that. I—


Sheshona sighed as she flung her pen across the room in a fury, as if it was the reason that she could not write what she felt. She would have liked to place blame on the pen because if it was the pen’s fault then she could solve all of her problems by going out and retrieving another pen. If only things were that simple.

She put her head down on her table and crumbled up the letter that she was trying her best to write. That one was just one in a long series of failures on her part to put what she felt on paper; she agreed now with Kimberly. She wished that paper would hold liquid because she would just send whatever was left of her soul to her dearest doctor and hope that explained what she wanted to express since ink was not cutting it.

She did not want the last letter from Kimberly to truly be the last that she ever heard for her darling doctor, despite what she had told herself just last night. The only problem was that she just could not write back to the redhead to make sure that was not the last letter that she got. It was frustrating and the way her heart clenched each time that she considered if she did not write something then she would never hear from Kimberly again was not helping.

The emerald-eyed woman knew that she should have taken her inability to pen something worth reading as a sign. She and Kimberly were not meant to be and she should just leave the redheaded doctor be. But, she could not do that because she saw Kimberly’s face every time that she closed her eyes. She could not focus on anything lately. Her mind merely stayed on Kimberly and the pain that she was causing her precious doctor, not to mention the pain that she was going through from not seeing Kimberly and believing that she might not hear from the doctor again. She did not want to cause Kimberly any agony, but she had done and was still doing it because she was gone.

“I want to go to her, but how can I do that?” Sheshona asked herself.

The pale woman was aware that she could not just show up at Kimberly’s door; the redhead’s husband could possibly answer, after all. She could go back to the hospital, but she did not want to go back there. She wanted to be able to see Kimberly and take Kimberly out immediately when she saw her, so they could be alone together and not where someone might burst in on them.

Sheshona frowned as she grabbed a fresh piece of paper and a new pen to start her grueling exercise once again. She was determined to finish one letter. She felt like she could not just show up in Kimberly’s life again without warning. She wanted Kimberly to know to wait for her, so she wanted to respond to the letter. She wanted Kimberly to stop hurting by knowing that she was not forgotten or forsaken.

The pale woman did not make it much further in that attempt than in any previous attempts and she did not get the chance to go any deeper than she had. She heard a ruckus coming from outside of her room; she was staying in the attic apartment of an old acquaintance. She could hear all too familiar barking and also very familiar screeching. The noise let her know that she overstayed her welcome more than likely. Her father and her acquaintance were yelling at each other.

“I didn’t think he’s ever find this place or think to come in,” Sheshona commented to herself. She was hiding out in a very upscale brothel. She had figured if her father did discover the place, he would be very apprehensive about going in. How would it look for a mayor to be in a brothel after all?

She grabbed everything that meant something to her, including the letter that she was writing, as quickly as she could. She then ducked out of the area just as her father burst into the room; there was a petite woman hanging from his thick arm and screaming at him. He ignored her for the most part and scanned the small space for his runaway daughter.

“Where is she?” he demanded to know while holding his arm up to holler at the little female face to face.

“How the hell should I know?” the woman hollered back.

He scowled as he exited the room. Sheshona had slipped away yet again; she was like a greased up snake as far as he was concerned with the way that she continued to elude him. He needed to find her before she soiled their family name anymore than she already had. He doubted that she had gotten far since he had confirmation that she had been seen in the area just yesterday. He went to search for her in the small town, thinking that she might have been hiding out somewhere else.

“What an ass,” Sheshona commented about her father as she hopped back into the room through the open window.

The woman sighed and shook her head. “You’re so troublesome,” she replied.

“I do try. You know you love having me around,” the pale woman teased with a smirk.

“That does explain why I want you gone now,” the smaller female ordered while pointing to the door to drive home the command.

“But if I leave, who will tie you up at night?” Sheshona kept on. She had known that the second her father showed up, she was going to be thrown out. Her acquaintance hated anything that looked like trouble and the only reason she let Sheshona stay was because the pale woman always lied and promised not to be bothersome. It was usually true until someone showed up looking for her. Sheshona’s whole life when she was on the run seemed to be nothing more than finding new conquests to please and be pleased by.

“Out, now,” the petite woman commanded again.

Sheshona did not argue and dipped out of the window again. Now, she was going to have to avoid being seen on the street. She actually enjoyed running away from her father. It gave her an exercise to do when not trying to add more conquests to her list. Her life would probably be boring if her father did not chase her. Well, she probably would find some other way to kill time, but she did like escaping him. She was willing to bet that she would get into a lot more trouble if she was not chased. She would probably get into a lot of fights, like her brother.

She pulled herself up onto the roof of the building that she was on and looked around for some sign of her father. She caught sight of his signature carriage, which was decorated in a way to let anyone who saw it know that someone important was riding in it. He was so decadent, she thought with an amused smile because she knew that was the pot calling the kettle black. She watched the vehicle and waited for her father’s return. She wanted to see which direction he was heading in because she was going to go in the opposite one.

The emerald-eyed female ran to one of the last places that she thought of going and she figured the last place that her father would think to look for her. She returned to Middleton. She had never run back to some place that she had run from, but it was genius in her opinion. Her father would never see it coming, so she figured that she should be alone for a while.

She had wasted her Christmas and New Year’s celebration to run right back to the place that she had left. She did not really mind. All she did on those holidays was what she did most of the time, namely find new ladies to be with. She no longer held that interest, save one woman. She only wanted to be with one woman and she was now in the town to be with that one special person.

Once she was in the town, she seemed to automatically go to the hospital. She was hoping to catch at least a glimpse of her precious doctor, but it was too late. Kimberly had gone home for the night. Sheshona was determined to find her darling doctor.

The pale female spent her day looking for Kimberly or her home. She found the redhead’s house late at night thanks to directions from some people on the street. She was not surprised that the doctor lived in a rather classy neighborhood on the edge on of town. She looked around the large house that was keeping the physician from her. She conducted a scan of the area before doing anything. She scaled a tree to look in a window, even though the house was pitch black. She wondered where the master bedroom was and she decided to go look for that place specifically because she was willing to bet that it held her enchanting doctor.

It did not take Sheshona long to find where she wanted to be. She tried the window to see if it would open and it did. She could not believe her luck and she stepped into the room. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear, which it was as far as she could tell considering it was pretty dark. She went to the bed in the center of the room and stared down at the sleeping couple, Kimberly and her husband. Sheshona decided to get a look at the husband to gauge him, not that it even mattered to her. After all, it was not like she was going to conclude that he was worthy of being with the woman that she loved.

The pale woman did not see anything special about the gentleman that was sharing a bed with her beloved. He was not particularly handsome; while she was attracted to women, she knew a handsome man when she saw one and he was not one. He looked average with brown hair and a mustache. He did not look muscular in any way. She bet that he could not even defend the doctor if things came to that.

He was not even smart enough to hold Kimberly in their sleep, Sheshona noted. They actually had almost an inch of visible space between them. Sheshona shook her head in disbelief. She could not believe that he was such an idiot as to not hold onto the doctor as if she was the most precious thing that he would ever come across in his life. If she shared a bed with Kimberly, there would never be any space between them. If she shared a bed with the doctor, the only way to tell where one stopped and the other began would have been the color difference.

Another thing was that if she shared a bed with Kimberly, they would never go to sleep in clothes. It would not even be an option. Even if was cold, she would keep Kimberly warm. They would not need clothing, but that was not the case between the doctor and her husband. They were both covered from head to toe in pajamas. They looked ready to go outside in Sheshona’s opinion more than they looked ready to be asleep for the night.

“His body language is all wrong for you, doc. He doesn’t know how to treat you or what to do with you, but I do,” Sheshona whispered as she leaned down and caressed Kimberly’s cheek. She placed a lingering, but chaste kiss on the redhead’s lips.

“Dearest one?” Kimberly said as her eyes fluttered open, but the room was empty. She could have sworn that Sheshona was there, kissing her, but it was apparent that she was wrong. “I suppose I was dreaming,” she sighed. It would not have been the first time, so she left it at that and went back to sleep. Sheshona noticed the redhead go back to sleep from outside of the window.

“Why should I let him have you?” Sheshona asked the air. It was like allowing a mouse to have a gold bar. What the hell was a mouse going to with gold? Nothing that she could think of and that was her justification to herself for what she was going to do next.


“I’m telling you, she wrote it, but didn’t send it. She didn’t even finish the damn thing,” Shego pointed out. She and Kim were still arguing over the letter that Sheshona wrote, but never seemed to mail in response to all of the doctor’s letters.

“Then why is this the response to that?” Kim asked with a bragging look in her eyes as she pulled a letter from the doctor out of an envelope. She glanced it over to make sure that she was not making something up and it did look like the reply to the letter that they were debating over.

“The doctor is obviously head over heels for Sheshona, not to mention out of whatever mind that she had. She probably kept trying, even though she swore the other letter would be her last,” the pale woman replied.

Kim frowned. The older woman had a cynical retort for everything that she came up with. It was not very fun to be around her when she was knocking every single thing that their ancestors did.

“Why are being like this?” the redhead inquired.

“I told you why. You’re just arguing because you lost the bet,” Shego answered.

“I didn’t lose. We don’t know if Sheshona wrote back or not if you want to dispute the fact that this letter is a response. So, for the moment, we don’t know if they found true love or not,” Kim stated.

“And we won’t know from this crap,” Shego declared. They were only going to get one side of the issue if everything was from the doctor. They needed something from Sheshona, anything.

“It’s not crap,” the younger woman huffed.

“Whatever. We need to see if Sheshona had a piece of this thing or if she just continued to let Doctor Kim pour her heart out to her,” the green-skinned woman pointed out.

“You make a point,” Kim conceded. “But, how do we do that?”

“The same way we did this, on dumb luck. The Possibles don’t have an old ass family house or a trunk or something that might have things from that time?” Shego asked curiously. She would not be surprised to find out that her family was the only one that saved a hundred and fifty year old junk.

“We probably do, but I don’t know where to start looking for things like that,” the slender hero answered and then a light bulb went off in her head. “But, I know someone who would know.”


“Do you have free day?”

“Always,” Shego answered. She was free until she broke Drakken out of jail and she had no intention of doing that anytime soon considering the time that she was having without him being around. She might have to let that loon serve his time for once.

“Want to go to Florida?” Kim inquired.

“Florida?” Shego echoed. Who or what were they going to find in Florida? She shrugged and decided to just trust Kim on that note. Hey, she wanted to crack the mystery just as badly as Kim, even if she was being cynical over the idea of their ancestors being in love with each other.

Next time: Kim and Shego take a trip to Florida while Sheshona makes another guest visit to Kimberly’s house, but this time, the doctor will be awake.

1: The hell hound Sheshona is referring to is Cerberus, who had three heads and guards the gates into Hades in Greek mythology. She more than likely brings it up because of Kimberly’s mention of Charon in her last letter.

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