Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 24



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AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4222

…My Duchess has grown tired of lying in bed all day and letting me worship her gorgeous body. I suppose I’ll have to take her outside for a while. I know what I’ll do with her tomorrow…


Kim wanted to be upset; she really did. Maybe wanting to be upset was good enough, she considered, but it certainly did not feel like it was good enough. Shego had practically forced her to break up with her boyfriend and had claimed her “bony ass.” Shego had also informed her that “things were going to change.” Whatever the hell that meant. She should be so pissed.

Now, Kim would have been raging out of her mind because of what happened, but two things were preventing that. The first thing was that it was hard to be pissed when eating some of the best pancakes and eggs that she had ever tasted. God, they just melted in her mouth. The other thing was that she actually would not mind being in a relationship with Shego if that kiss was any indication of how she really felt about the pale woman, but that started up a whole new list of problems.

There was the thing where the slender hero would like to believe that she was straight, even though she knew that was not the case. Hey, she enjoyed that kiss just as much as Shego, so she really could not argue that she was straight after that. There was also the fact that she was getting involved with her enemy. That did not make any sense no matter how many different ways it was sliced. She also did not like the way that the pale woman had come at her about the relationship.

Kim was silent for most of the morning, even though she really felt like she was bullied into being with Shego. She did not want to say that out loud at the moment, though. She just wanted to fume for a while.

Shego let her mope for a while until they were in the car and off to their house. It was a good drive to get some talking, maybe even some shouting, done, especially since they could not escape and she was pretty sure that Kim would not hit her. What were the odds of Kim hitting the driver, after all?

“Princess, are you just going to sulk all day?” Shego inquired because she was sick of the quiet little tantrum Kim was throwing. The super-powered woman was one of those people that got pissed at a person because the person was pissed at her.

“Maybe,” Kim snapped.

“Yeah, because it’s so productive,” the thief said sarcastically. “Come on, Kimmie, tell me what’s your problem. Maybe I’ll even kiss it and make it all better.”

Kim only turned her mouth up to show that she was insulted by those words. She was a hostage in a relationship for crying out loud and that was what her problem was. Well, crying to herself was not going to help, her brain pointed out. It was time for some action.

“Shego,” Kim started.

“Oh, we’re talking to me like a civilized being now?” Shego teased.

“Will you stop being a bitch for three seconds?” Kim requested in a forceful tone.

“Hard for me to give into that demand when you’re calling me a bitch,” the emerald-eyed villainess pointed out.

“Look, do you really want to be with me?” the redhead demanded to know.

“Didn’t I just promise to beat the shit out of your school’s whole male population for that sole purpose?” Shego countered.

“Well…yeah,” the slender hero conceded.

“And we both know I was serious. So, obviously, if I would waste my precious time to kick a few thousand male asses to have you, I must really want to be with you. Do you have a problem with that?” the pale woman inquired.

“Couldn’t you have just explained that?” Kim inquired in a bit of an irked tone. Why did Shego have to act like she was insane most of the time? They could have easily sat down and talked about things instead of there ultimatums being issued.

The elder female shrugged. “It would’ve taken too much time.” God, they would still be talking things out at the apartment if they had done that.

“What?” Kim asked incredulously.

“It would’ve taken too much time. I didn’t want to go through you either saying you’re straight, or I’m a villain and you’re a hero, or how you only like me as a friend, blah, blah, blah, or any combination of things. I skipped the hard part with threat of mindless violence. Now, we’re exactly where would have been, but in much less time,” Shego explained.

“You’re totally sick,” Kim deadpanned. The fact that Shego had thought that out so thoroughly was just sick and wrong.

“If you haven’t noticed by now, I come from a sick family,” the sidekick pointed out. “Besides, I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Well, you are the sidekick to my arch foe who is looking to take over the world,” Kim commented on the obvious. She was not even going to touch the straight argument, most of her life, she had actually wondered about that with herself. Sometimes, she actually felt like she was forcing herself to like guys because that was “normal.”

“Who is in jail right now and will be until I break him out. What’s your point?” Shego inquired.

“When you do break him out, we’ll be enemies again. How can we have a working relationship if you’re backing up the guy bent on my destruction?” Kim countered.

“Kimmie, have you died on my watch yet?”


“Then don’t worry about it. I haven’t been interested in you dying or you getting seriously hurt for a long time now. If I didn’t let you die when we were enemies, why would I let you die when you’re with me? I can tell you that your ropes will be much looser now and parts will mysteriously fall off of Doctor D’s machines now,” Shego commented with an evil smirk. It would probably be fun to tinker with Drakken’s things to see what she could pull off.

“You’d really help me?” the younger female inquired incredulously.

“Sure, why not? Your life is worth way more than Drakken’s shitty machines and I get paid no matter what. Just don’t come at me lightly when you meet up with me. I still need the practice,” the older woman answered.

“But, you’d still get arrested,” the redhead pointed out.

“Most of the time I don’t get convicted,” Shego replied nonchalantly. Evidence on her was often flimsy at best and even when Drakken turned state’s evidence, it still was not guaranteed that she would be going to jail. Sure, juries tended to not like her, but reasonable doubt was still there, especially if some crazy blue guy was trying to incriminate her.


“Kimmie, just trust me, damn.”

“Trust you? A thief that doesn’t even believe in love?” Kim asked.

“Touché,” Shego muttered. Past words were certainly biting her in the ass now. “Okay, Princess, I can’t promise you a happy ending like in fairy tales, but I can promise to give you and this my all. I do want this to work and whenever I want something, I go after with as much as I can offer.”


“Yeah, and I want this to work as much as you do.”


“I did promise to beat up the whole male population of your school, so I’m going to go with yes. I didn’t do it to be mean or because I didn’t have anything better to do with my time. I did it because I want to be with you,” the thief pointed out.

“Really?” the redheaded adventurer asked again in a low voice. She was beyond astonished at the moment.

“Yes, really. Can you use another vocabulary word now?” Shego remarked.

“Sorry, but it’s just hard to believe.”

“Well, what the hell did you think I kissed you for? Kicks?”

“Um…yeah,” Kim answered honestly. “You were trying to take my shirt off at the time,” she reminded the pale woman.

“And I promise to try again until I succeed,” Shego replied with a smile.

“So, that is all you want from me?” the hero inquired.

“Yeah, Kimmie. I’m hanging around my arch foe, helping her rebuild a house for both of us to spend time in just to get her in the sack,” Shego said sarcastically. She would never in her life work so hard just for sex. Hell, she would never work so hard in her life for a lot of things. It was too much trouble.

“Well, you don’t really expect me to believe you want to try for a real, long lasting relationship,” Kim commented. Come on, it was Shego after all.

“Funny, that’s just want I was going for,” the raven-haired woman answered.

“Why?” the redhead asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Because it’s what we both want. Simple as that. You want me, don’t you?” Shego pointed out.

“Well…” Kim trailed off. She did not even need to answer.

“And I want you. We should just be together rather than playing around,” Shego continued on. The easiest thing was always the best thing.

“Sounds logical,” the slim college student yielded. Why fight what she wanted? It would only stress her out and she really did not any more stress in her life.

“I know, so let’s not talk about it anymore. We’re together, end of discussion,” Shego proclaimed.

“Wait, you can’t do that,” Kim objected.

“Why not?” the pale woman while trying to control her annoyance. What the hell was the problem now? It was agreed upon that they both wanted each other, so they should be together and that should be the end of everything. What was Kim protesting about now? Everything should be settled.

“You can’t just say we’re together without my input. What if I don’t want that?” the redhead asked.

“Too bad,” Shego answered and she rolled her eyes. She was starting to think that Kim just wanted to be difficult and she was doing a good job of it. They had reached a logical conclusion, why the hell could Kim not just be happy with that and leave well enough alone?

“No, no, no, this is all wrong,” the slender hero said.

“What’s wrong with it?” the pale woman inquired.

“You didn’t even ask me if I want us to be together. My opinion counts and I should be able to voice my opinion. So, you should ask me,” Kim explained.

Shego sighed. “Fine, Princess, would you like to be my girlfriend?” she asked with mock politeness.

“I suppose.”

“What the hell kind of answer is that?” the villainess huffed. She just had to go through all of that bullshit and she got a crappy answer like “I suppose”? Oh, that was bullshit to the extreme.

“Well, what the hell kind of request was that?” the hero countered.

“Princess, you’re really starting to work my damn nerves. Now, do you want to be my girlfriend or not?” Shego practically snorted the question out, like an angry fire-breathing dragon.

“All right, all right,” Kim agreed.

“Okay. Now, let’s just get to the house and work on that,” Shego said. God, she was glad that was done. Going through that was like getting her fingernails pulled out.

Kim nodded and they went about their business of fixing up the house in the woods. They were beginning to consider that it was annoying to have to go back and forth between three different homes. They started thinking that they might just need to camp out in one spot and stay there for a while. If they did that, they were more than likely going to chose to camp out at the house because that was the place that they had to travel back and forth to.

“Should we just bed down here for the night?” Kim asked while looking around the main room of the house.

“Well, it is a halfway decent spot and it’s not cold or too hot or anything. But, we didn’t bring anything with us for that. Let’s do it tomorrow,” Shego suggested.

“All right,” Kim concurred.

So tomorrow they were going to spend their first night in their somewhat revamped house. The place did look a lot better thanks to their work and care. They were thankful that even though no one lived in the house for years, someone had the good thought to install indoor plumbing and even some wiring, but they were going to have to touch up the wiring. The house was fit for life, at least for a night or two.

…I have my dearest doctor completely to myself today and tomorrow. I know you’re thinking that I have that everyday, but it’s different now. I warned her yesterday and she agreed. She will be spending the night with me and I am going to take her places that I’m sure she’s never been before. I suppose I’ll inform you, little book, how well things go. I should go meet my love now. I wouldn’t want her to step off the carriage and be greeted by a closed door.


Sheshona strolled downstairs as she heard her beloved’s daily carriage arrive. She greeted Kimberly at the door with a heated kiss as she did everyday. Kimberly accepted and returned the embrace, wrapping her arms around her paramour’s neck. It was so beautiful to be loved and have that loved expressed, they both thought.

“How was your ride?” Sheshona asked as she always did once the kiss was done. She genuinely always wanted to know that information.

“Anxious. It never gets to you fast enough,” Kimberly replied earnestly. She always sat in that carriage, fiddling with her hands for an hour, wondering why the horses could not trot faster. She wondered if the trip would always be like that or if one day she would grow accustomed to the time.

“I agree. All right, it’s time for you to go change,” the pale woman announced.

“Change? Why?” Kimberly inquired.

“I’m taking you out and I’d rather you not be in all of those heavy, complicated clothes,” Sheshona explained.

“Where are we going?”

“Some place new. Go change.”

Kimberly did not argue. She went up to the bedroom to change her clothes. Sheshona had gathered for her a rather impressive wardrobe of foreign clothing, most of which came from the East. As it turned out, Sheshona was of Chinese descent, so she was aware that there were other kinds of clothes in the world aside for the bulky, heavy clothing that Kimberly trapped herself.

Sheshona actually had a complicated ancestry. Her family was very color blind and would marry almost anybody as along as decent offspring would come out of the deal. She tried her best to explore and understand any aspects of her makeup, so she was rather experienced with the world. She was glad for that because she knew where to get her lover some decent garments.

Kimberly returned to Sheshona in a plain pink mandarin style dress. Sheshona looked her lover over and then spotted her footwear. Kimberly was still wearing her button-up, heeled shoes. The raven-haired woman shook her head and went to get a pair of shoes that would better suit her beloved, ones with no heels. Once Kimberly had on some proper shoes, a pair of moccasins, they could go on their way.

“Dearest, where are we going?” Kimberly inquired as Sheshona gathered up a bag in her hands. It was clear that they were not going on their usual walk as they did when lying in bed got tedious.

“You’ll see,” Sheshona replied. “Come on.”

The pale woman took Kimberly by the hand and led her outside of the house. They strolled to some nearby woods, which made it seem like they were going on one of their typical walks. The first time that they did it, Kimberly had been rather nervous. She thought that there might be all kinds of wild animals, but Sheshona had assured her that everything was all right. She had still been nervous and jumped at every movement that caught her eye. Sheshona thought that it was adorable and had said as much, which earned her a blush from her beautiful doctor. She still loved it when her exquisite doctor blushed.

Kimberly was curious as to what they were going to do in the woods where she had to change her clothes and her shoes. She did not ask about it, though. She knew that Sheshona would not answer because she enjoyed surprising Kimberly.

“Be careful here, Duchess,” Sheshona informed Kimberly as they came to some rocky hills, which the pale woman proceeded up.

“What are we doing?” Kimberly inquired as she started watching her step. She did not climb things very often, at least not since she was a child.

“Just follow me and be careful,” the raven-haired female replied with a teasing smile. She took the doctor’s hand just in case. She liked erring on the side of caution when it came to her beloved.

“Why are you being so secretive?”

“Because it’s a surprise, like everything else I’ve done with you,” Sheshona pointed out.

“Like when you baked me that cake?” Kimberly teased.

“I thought we agreed not to bring that incident up ever again,” Sheshona commented with a playful look in her eyes, even though she would like them to never talk about it again.

“It’s just that now sometimes your surprises worry me,” the redhead replied in a light tone. Sheshona had tried to surprise her with a lovely cake on her birthday, but the cake did not turn out so lovely. Kimberly had eaten it, just to make her paramour feel good; Sheshona had looked so proud of her creation. The doctor then spent the next few hours throwing up. She had tried to assure her lover that it was not because of the cake, but they both knew the truth.

“I never claimed to know how to prepare a decent meal. That’s what I have you for,” the pale woman quipped.

Kimberly did not respond. Whenever she came over Sheshona’s house, she often had food with her. Sheshona could not cook particularly well. The food just had to be edible by her standards to keep her alive. It was the best that she could do, but with Kimberly in her life now, she had some great meals. She thoroughly enjoyed when the doctor cooked for her in the house, usually making breakfast or a light lunch. It made it feel like they were a normal couple.

They continued up the pile of rocks. Sheshona made sure to keep a good grip on her lover, which was a good thing because Kimberly slipped quite a few times. It took about ten minutes for them to get to the place that Sheshona desired and Kimberly was speechless for a moment when they arrived. They were in a small, isolated spot in the woods that was hidden by the rocky hills. There was a small pool of fresh water in the center of the area being fed by a tiny waterfall.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Sheshona asked while kissing Kimberly’s cheek.

“Indeed,” Kimberly concurred in a whisper.

“All right. Well, get naked,” the pale woman commanded.

“What?” the doctor asked because that came out of nowhere. It seemed like Sheshona was always coming out of the blue with commands that she strip. Once they were reading together and in the middle of the book, Sheshona had turned to her and nonchalantly ordered her out of her clothing. Sometimes, she also did that when they were outside on the porch swing at the house.

“I want to swim with you. You can’t do that in those clothes, so get naked,” Sheshona explained. She was not all about random sex.

“Beloved, I can’t swim,” Kimberly confessed.

“It’s not that deep. I checked it out and everything. You’ll be fine, so get naked.”

Kimberly looked around. “Will people come by?” she asked curiously. They seemed rather exposed outside in the woods.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t tell you to get naked if someone else was to see you. You’re all mine, after all, and only I get to see you naked,” Sheshona replied. She ignored the fact that on occasion, Kimberly’s husband probably saw her naked too. He was probably too stupid to appreciate the sight, she considered.

The redhead nodded to that knowledge, but she did not begin to remove her clothing. Sheshona decided to encourage her lover by stripping first. She quickly shed her garments of plain, light black pants and a white shirt. She then waded into the small pool of blue water. At its deepest, the water came up to her shoulders, so she figured that it would come up to her lover’s chin. It felt perfect for the warm weather that had set in. It was cool, but not cold.

“Come on,” Sheshona beckoned her beloved.

Kimberly bit her lip and then bravely took her clothes off in public. She put her clothing neatly on the ground and also folded her pale paramour’s attire neatly for her. She then shyly joined Sheshona in the water. Kim did not go out as far as Sheshona because she was not looking to see how deep the water really was. The emerald-eyed woman laughed a bit as she watched Kimberly, who seemed to be waiting for the water to swallow her whole. Sheshona splashed her lover to get her to liven up and relax.

“Don’t,” the redheaded physician protested as she tried to block the water.

“Why not? You’ll cry?” Sheshona teased.

“I’ll get you back,” Kimberly replied, pushing water in her lover’s direction.

Sheshona laughed and returned fire. It did not take long for the doctor’s apprehension about being in the water, naked, and outside in the open seemed to melt away. She focused on just being out with Sheshona and having fun. She was soon laughing with Sheshona and playing around in the water like a child. Having fun, it was not something that she had gotten the chance to do since becoming an adult.

They fooled around in the water for a long time and Kimberly thoroughly enjoyed it, as Sheshona gambled that she would. They ate the lunch that Sheshona had packed; it was in the bag that Sheshona brought. The lunch was not too complex, only some sandwiches. They then lounged around the area for a few more hours, just enjoying the scenery and being together.

They returned to Sheshona’s house in the late afternoon and then later shared Sheshona’s bed. They were going to sleep next to each other for the first time, like a real couple, they both silently noted. They had wanted to do something like that for a long time now and they were both near grinning when they went to bed.

“I had fun today,” Kimberly reported while resting her head on Sheshona’s shoulder. They were both quite nude because Sheshona refused to let her beloved put on nightclothes. She had always vowed that if Kimberly ever got to sleep with her that she would not need clothing.

“You always have fun with me,” the pale woman pointed out as she caressed the doctor’s arm.

“That I do,” Kimberly purred. “Do you always have fun with me?”

“Yes, especially when you’re naked,” Sheshona remarked.

“You’re such a pervert,” the redhead commented.

“Guilty as charged, your honor,” the emerald-eyed woman replied with a lecherous smirk.

“You’re going to pounce me, aren’t you?” Kimberly inquired, even though she knew the answer to that thanks to look in her lover’s jade eyes.

“Well, you’re there, I’m here, and we’re both naked, so it seems like the right thing to do,” the pale woman remarked and she attacked Kimberly with lightning speed. It did seem like the right thing to do.

“You’re unbelievable,” Kimberly said. She was now underneath her lover, not that she was going to complain.

“Let’s look at it like this, Duchess. I wear the pants in our relationship and I’m feeling want of you. As a good woman in this relationship, you should pleasure me to my heart’s content because you are such a good woman,” Sheshona remarked.

“I’ll pleasure you to my heart’s content, but only because I love you and you showed me such a good time.”

“And you want it just as badly as I do,” the pale woman teased.

“I confess nothing.”

“Now, I’m going to make you say it, doc,” Sheshona decided with an evil smirk. Kimberly realized that it was going to be a very long night and she was quite right.

…I’ve got to think other places to take my Duchess. Places that she’s never seen before, places that would take her breath away, places that she should see. It always leads to good things, like her staying in our home and sharing our bed…

Next time: Kimberly is depressed and Sheshona worries about her while Kim and Shego try to get the hang of being a couple.

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