Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 4

Tiger by the tail


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TITLE: Tiger by the tail

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4202

“Shego, how long have you been there?” Kim asked as she entered her apartment to find her arch-foe, whom she had a temporary truce with, lounging on her sofa, watching her television, and eating her snacks. A stranger might have thought the thief lived there from how comfortable she looked on the couch; hell, even someone that knew them might have thought that the pale woman lived in the apartment.

“Long enough to eat all of your pretzels. You have too much junk food around here. And you don’t have any pay channels, huh?” Shego countered while flipping through the television channels. There was never anything on when she needed to kill time, she silently complained.

“I’m not here enough to want pay channels and I don’t have the money for more than basic cable anyway,” Kim replied. Most of the time, she did not even know why she wasted money on the television. She hardly watched it when she was home; she preferred being on her computer.

“That’s a shame. You run around too much,” the green-skinned woman commented with a slight yawn. She was bored and television was not helping cure that problem, not that it ever did, even when she was at her home and had pay channels to watch.

“Aw, I didn’t know you cared,” the slim redhead teased.

“I don’t,” Shego replied casually. She did not give two damns about Kim Possible, she assured her brain.

“You didn’t start reading the thing without me, did you?” Kim inquired as she stepped deeper into her home. She was glad to be home, even if Shego was there. A day of classes, missions, and outside activities had wiped her out, as usual.

“I wouldn’t be here if I did. I would’ve just stayed home, brainiac. Now, get over here, so we can read this thing and move on with our lives,” the emerald-eyed sidekick ordered with a bit of an attitude.

“Can I get in the house for more than a second?” the hero retorted in a tone mirroring her guest’s voice.

“You’ve been standing there for almost thirty seconds. That’s good enough. Now, get over here,” the villainess commanded once again.

“Can I get in the house?” Kim repeated.

Shego sucked her teeth, but she did not say anything further. Kim traveled to the back of the apartment, going to change her clothing to get more comfortable in her home. She returned to the living room shortly and sat down next to her uninvited guest, accidentally flopping down on the thief’s leg. She did not land hard, but Shego made an irked noise and shoved the redhead off of her as if Kim had stabbed her in the limb. The younger woman yelped and nearly fell off the couch, but she managed to maintain her balance.

“Don’t touch me,” Shego ordered.

“All right, all right. Don’t get all huffy. It was an accident anyway,” Kim replied.

The green-skinned female did not say anything about the incident anymore, but she did not want Kim touching her at the moment thanks to things that were going on in the journal. It was bad enough that the woman whose name she carried was hitting on and tormenting one Doctor Kimberly Possible, so she did not need Kim touching her right now because it was disturbing, even if it was just an accident. She was not sure why it was so bothersome, but it was and she did not want it to happen again.

She wanted to get out of the college student’s company ASAP, so they needed to finish the journal and hopefully figure out what it was doing in her family’s old home. Then, they could go back to their normal lives without having to ever think about their ancestors again. Well, that was the hope anyway.

Kim did not think about Shego’s outburst because the pale woman was cranky most of the time anyway. She focused her attention on the journal as Shego opened it and looked for the place that they had ended the last time that they were reading. Kim leaned forward to get a better look at the page while making sure that she did not touch the older female next to her.

…My days seem to have gotten longer since Sheshona was brought to my little end of Middleton Asylum. She seems to want nothing more than to remain as she is, which is a pervert. She is also looking to drive me and perhaps the rest of the staff madder than march hares. She makes inquiries of me when she is speaking to me at all and not looking to say some reprehensible statement and the inquiries seem to be only to upset me in some way.

She has taken to the habit of referring to me as a hypocrite, but she does not explain herself. I want to dismiss her words as ranting, but I cannot. Her mind may not be sound, but she is far from the type of woman that raves. Her words are weighted heavily on my brain with wonder of the logic that she refuses to disclose to me. I look to comfort myself by reminding myself that she is only seeking to be a bother, but I can see in her strange eyes that she means those words. She views me as a hypocrite.

Sheshona is not just annoying me (and getting great pleasure from it from what I can tell), but she is also bothering any staff members that she can. If she continues with her behavior, I will ask her why she does such things. My suspicion is that she acquires sexual excitement from it. It would not be so odd for her to have such a fascination, considering her other deviations from what should be. What am I to do with a patient who only seems to want to get worse while in my care?


Doctor Kimberly Possible sat at her desk and was trying to take care of some paperwork that she had; it seemed like the paperwork never ended. Her irksome patient was sitting across from her, but she was not paying Sheshona any mind at the moment. She was trying to focus solely on her work, but on her mind was her patient referring to her as hypocrite for being a doctor. How could she be a hypocrite because she was a doctor?

Being a doctor was something great and respectable as far as Kimberly was concerned and she was proud to be one. She had already admitted to herself that it was abnormal for her to be a woman and a doctor, but she did not see why that would make her a hypocrite. There were no rules that said a woman could not be a doctor, but there were rules that stated a woman should lay with a man, preferably her husband. Yet, Sheshona’s words continued to plague her.

Kimberly took her olive eyes from her papers; she was not going to get anything done with the pale woman sitting across from her. She leaned back in her chair as she stared at her patient, but she did not speak to the raven-haired female. She just did not see the point in doing so anymore. Nothing she said was getting through to the pale woman. She was going to wait for her patient to offer her something and to show an interest in being cured because if she did not want to be cured, then the doctor could not do anything for her because she would continue to resist.

Sheshona was eyeing her doctor and naughty, just very naughty things floating through her mind as they always did when it came to her redheaded doctor. How was she supposed to get cured, not that she wanted to, with such a lovely doctor sitting before her? If her father was smart, he would have made sure that she had gotten the ugliest, oldest, just most vile female doctor there was in existence or at least a handsome male doctor that might try to change her opinion of men. No one was swaying her desire by locking her in a small room with a pretty redhead with an expensive desk that was begging for some lascivious behavior between her and her prurient physician.

“Well, doc, are you going to say anything?” Sheshona asked because she liked hearing Kimberly speak.

Sheshona supposed that she had an attraction to intelligent women, but she was not sure. She tried to mentally go down her list of conquests and deep intelligence did not stand out so much. Some of her lovers were very smart, good for conversation, and a pleasure to be around when she was looking for company, but she had just as many vacant lovers that could not hold an intelligent conversation with guns to their heads. She was just attracted to the bashful and meek, probably because she liked to be the dominate one and she knew that. So, she could not figure out why she liked hearing Kimberly speak, which she did thoroughly enjoy. Before the doctor, she could care less about what desired conquests thought. Fulfilling conversation came after a night of passion, never before.

“Is there anything that I could say to you that would get through to you?” the doctor countered.

“So, you give up?” the pale woman asked curiously. It was nice if she did give up because they could stop the pointless banter and she would move on to having her way with Kimberly. It would save them so much time, she silently commented.

“Never,” Kimberly declared.

Kimberly could not recall a time in her life where she failed to capture what she set out for. She had wanted to be a doctor and there she was, despite all of the hardship that she had to go through for that. She was a doer. Quitting was for people that did not want something bad enough and if she did not want something, she would not bother with it because it would be a waste of time. She did not have time to waste.

“I never give up, but I cannot cure someone who doesn’t wish to be cured. Your only desire is to continue to be a degenerate. So, until you are prepared to speak your mind beyond your perversion, I can only treat you physically and when you are in this office, you can watch the wallpaper,” the physician explained in a calm tone.

Sheshona frowned. Something inside of her was injured to hear such words from her physician, who for so many weeks had been striving so earnestly to cure her, and now was not going to try to goad information out of her anymore. She was bothered by that, but she chose to ignore it. It was not like her doctor really cared about her, she reminded herself. Kimberly was only being paid to “cure” her, so she did not care if Kimberly did not want to try anymore. The doctor was only going to be a conquest anyway; she was not important nor was she special.

The doctor and patient silently shared the office for Sheshona’s whole session. When the time was up, Orderly Barkin came in to take Sheshona back to her room. He grabbed her roughly by the arm, as he had a habit of doing, and he managed to get scolded by the doctor as usual. Kimberly commanded Barkin to treat her patient with some respect and care. Barkin complied, but in his eyes, both women could tell that he was upset with being ordered to treat a pervert with kid gloves. Sheshona ignored the redhead’s words for the moment and then decided to be irksome, if only to get back at Kimberly for reasons that Sheshona did not want to acknowledge; she disliked being snubbed and deprived of her doctor’s voice and thoughts.

“Don’t worry about it, doc. I like it rough,” Sheshona remarked to undermine the order from the doctor.

It was Kimberly’s turn to frown. Obviously, she was not getting anywhere with her patient. She could not believe that they had spent so much time together and Sheshona was still putting up such resistance to the whole treatment. She was not sure what she was going to do, but she guessed that she was going to have to come up with a different sort of treatment for Sheshona if the fact that they were going to be sitting in her office for over an hour doing nothing did not get to her patient.

The pale woman was escorted out of the office and was flung back to her small cell. She laughed a little to herself; at least she was having some fun while in the institution getting on everyone’s nerves. But, she would have preferred to be having intercourse with her doctor on that beautiful, dark wooden desk, which was why she had not bothered with escaping, but now Kimberly was irking her.

Kimberly probably would have liked to know that she was bothering Sheshona because she was returning the favor. The doctor was irritated with being called a hypocrite and the patient was vexed with being ignored. They both wished that they could dismiss those things because they did not believe they should care, but the problem was that they did care and it seemed that they could not let that go.

Sheshona went to sit on her bed like she did everyday. She did not have any means of entertainment in her box of a room, except for the thoughts of what she was going to do to her physician when given the chance. She thought “when” and not “if” because it was inevitable in her mind. No woman had ever resisted her and no woman would in her opinion. She did not think poorly of women because of the way that they fell for her; she was just attracted to women and enjoyed being with women. She wanted them to fall for her and she was not going to hold it against them for doing what she wanted after she worked on them enough to have her way.

Sheshona decided to do some meditation exercises to occupy her time and her brain because she did not even want to think about her fussy doctor. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. It was what she usually did with her time when she was not fantasizing about what she was going to do to Doctor Possible. She sat there for an undetermined amount of time and then she heard her door open. She figured that it was time for supper.

The pale woman was not hungry for some reason; it may or may not have had something to do with the fact that she was upset with her doctor. She was about to inform the orderly that she was not going to eat, but then she heard the door shut. She opened her eyes to see Orderly Barkin standing in her dreary little cell.

“I don’t have a banana for you, monkey,” Sheshona remarked. She wondered why he had shut the door, but she did not let that show on her face. She would wait to see what he had up his big sleeves.

“I’ve had just about enough of your mouth. I’ll cure you the proper way that a foul mouth wench like you needs to be cured of anything,” he declared.

Sheshona’s deep jade eyes narrowed. “And what do you mean by that?” she inquired, even though the wheels in her head were turning with a terrible assumption. If he was going to try what she thought that he was going to try, he would be lucky to make it out of her depressing, grey cell alive.

“I’ll do just what that damn sow of a doctor can’t,” he stated with conviction.

The raven-haired woman scowled; she did not like that the giant monkey was referring to her doctor as a sow more than she disliked the fact that she could guess what he was insinuating now that he had opened his disgusting mouth. She was going to have to teach him some manners and respect for her doctor. She was also going to teach him that she was not the type of creature to sit there and let a man treat her any way that he felt, even her father knew that one. The orderly’s problem was that he did not know anything of her background aside for the fact that she lay with women in her spare time.

Barkin stalked over to the upset patient and smirked since she did not call for assistance. To him, it showed that she already understood her place and he was going to teach her how to be a proper little female. He was also going to teach her to stop talking to him as if she was better than he was. She needed to know her place and how to behave like a good little girl.

The brunette male got to Sheshona and began reaching for her clothing, her pants more specifically. He seemed to think that she was just going to sit back and take it, she noted; what an idiot. She brought her arms up and clanged him on the chin forcefully with her wrists shackles; hmm, it seemed that the chains were good for something after all. He grunted as the blow landed and fell back.

“Do you think I’ll just let you have your way with me, monkey? We both know I don’t do guys, so why would I do monkeys?” Sheshona remarked with a deadly smirk on her face. He was going to rue the day that he attempted to touch her without her permission.

“You’ll regret that. I’m going to get my way. I’m bigger and stronger than you. You’re just a woman,” he pointed out.

“I do believe you meant to say uglier and smellier,” she riposted. Boy, he did smell rather badly; it was an affront to humanity for a person to have such a stench, even if stinking did seem to be a hobby of everyone’s nowadays. She hoped that someday soon bathing became a hobby that the general population would share.

Barkin snarled and charged over to Sheshona. She moved as best she could, but her fetters did limit what she could do in the way of dodging. He did miss her the first time he went for her, but he quickly recovered and grabbed for her a second time. He caught her as she was landing in her new space. He ripped her shirt somewhat around her collar before she managed to catch him in the chest with her knee; it was an achievement that she did not fall over from such a move thanks to the chain length connecting her ankles. He coughed from the hit, but continued to struggle with her despite the pain that he was in.

Sheshona silently cursed her father and brother for the brilliant idea of binding her. Sure, she could not hurt anyone with such manacles, but she could not defend herself properly either. She doubted that they would care if they knew what she was going through; they would probably agree with the monkey and maybe even hold her down, she thought. No one alive cared about what she was going through, she was willing to bet her life on that. Well, she cared and she was not going to let it happen.

Barkin managed to head-butt Sheshona in the face without a care in a few times, drawing blood from her nose and mouth. She flung him away from her with some ease and he hit the back of the wall with a little power, hurting his back a little. She climbed to her feet and spit some blood from her mouth. She then moved to kick him in the gut as best she could since she could only lift her legs a certain height because of the cuffs on her feet. Still, she kicked him as many times as she could before he moved away.

Sheshona kicked the wall on her last hit and Barkin lunged at her. She grunted as he knocked her to the floor and her head banged against the corner of her bed; the room was not big by far. He started tugging at her pants to rid her of them, but she refused to let him have his way. She growled as she flipped him off of her, using all of her might to hopefully cause him as much agony as she could and with luck, stop his assault. He hit the wall again and then fell on the bed. She jumped up from the hard floor as quickly as possible and then leaped into the air. She came down on Barkin, putting her knees in his ribs. She hit him with enough force to break her little wooden bed and hopefully his ribs too. He hollered in pain as the bed collapsed and then he passed out from the excruciating pain that coursed through his system.

The emerald-eyed female tried to calm her breathing once she was certain that he was unconscious. She watched him carefully as she went to the door and tried to open it. It was still locked; the bastard probably had the key on him, she thought with a growl. She limped back over to the giant; she had hurt her ankles, tugging on her chains to deliver the devastating kicks that she had hit him with. She began searching the big baboon for the key to her freedom.

“Where’s the damnable key, you stupid monkey?” she growled while going through his pockets.

She located the key and was about to go open the door to her. He suddenly awoke and slapped the key from her grip. She watched in disbelief as the key flew across the room, landed on the floor, and slid right under the crack of the door. She swore under her breath while he grabbed her by the neck. He slammed her against the wall enough to crack it and draw more of her blood. She coughed and he pressed his forearm into her throat, as if he intended on choking her. Maybe he wanted her to pass out for him to be able to have his way with her body without any trouble or maybe he was looking to kill her since she had already beaten up rather badly, but she was not looking to find out which it was. She kicked him in the knee to get him to let her go. He dropped her as the blow landed and then he fell to the side.

Sheshona tried to catch her breath as she stood up strong, despite the head wounds that she was suffering. It seemed that she was now trapped in the room with a crazed monkey until someone missed him. Well, she would dance with him until that door opened. Maybe she would just throw him through the blasted locked portal. It would get someone’s attention, but then again, someone might just come to his aid. It seemed that she had problem, she was damned if she did and damned if she did not. Well, she would be damned if she was going to allow him to have his way.

They went at each other again for who knew how long. She did try a few times to throw him through the door, but it was a well-made piece of furnishing. She just made sure to keep him off of her once it was apparent that the door was not going to give way. She outlasted him through the whole struggle; her will not to be violated outlasted his desire to dominate her for insulting him. He passed out after hours of violence and she just stared at him, waiting for him to wake up again, so that she could knock him out again. And then her cell door opened and entered Doctor Kimberly Possible.

…I discovered my patient in her room with the orderly, David Barkin, a man who has the thought in his mind that he is of a superior lot compared to the rest of the world for whatever reason. She was in one corner, eyeing his unmoving form in the opposite corner as if she was an alligator, waiting to snap at her moving prey. Her clothing was torn, her face was bruised, and there was blood pouring down her face. She locked eyes with me and it seemed like she conveyed her thoughts to me, declaring herself strong and no victim. She smirked at me, as if she was proud of what she had done and wanted me to be proud that she had done it. I was and may still be in shock, but I do feel pride…

Next time: Shego and Kim learn more about each other while Sheshona and Doctor Possible have to deal with the mess in Sheshona’s room.

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