Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 2

Beyond belief


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TITLE: Beyond belief

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. They are totally the property of that Disney company.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

NOTE: Journal entries will be in italics.

Years will be indicated to avoid confusion.

Also Dr. Kim Possible is a rather progressive woman of her age, not only as a doctor, but her treatment of the particular “illness” that Sheshona possesses since it was treated as a totally physical aliment until about the 20th century.

I hope that was everything that I wanted to say because if not, I forgot the read. Please, enjoy.

Words: 4333

“Where’d you say you found that book again?” Kim asked Shego while staring down at the leather-bound book that was still on the floor with a bewildered expression on her face.

The slender hero did not understand why her name was in that book. It was not hers; she had never seen it before in her life. It was something so shocking that she could not put it into words. It felt so weird to see her name in something that she knew was not hers, especially since it had been in her foe’s possession.

“It was in the attic of an old family house,” Shego answered while deciding to hide her amusement. She was entertained by Kim’s reaction, but she was just as puzzled as Kim was by the book.

There were so many questions regarding the small, worn journal. Why did it have Kim’s name in it, but it had been hidden in a Go family house? It just did not make any sense to either of them. They could not think of a reason for why the book would have been in the house.

“Why’d you bring it here? I hope you don’t think it’s mine,” the redhead stated. There was no way that she would put her own journal in a Go house, especially since she did not even know where Shego lived.

“If it was yours, you’d have a lot of explaining to do. I looked in it and it’s got a date written in it. The thing is about a hundred and fifty years old. I just figured you’d be interested in it,” the green-skinned thief explained in a calm tone.

“Why?” Kim asked, even though she was interested. The book was bearing her name after all. She would have to be nuts to not be interested. She was just a little suspicious of Shego sharing such a discovery with her. Who would not be suspicious if her deadliest enemy was suddenly sharing things with her?

“Because it’s got your name in it, Kimmie. I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit curious myself. So, I thought we’d cast aside our differences for a couple or so days and read the blasted thing. Maybe it’ll explain how a journal with your name in it got into my family house from about the same time that the house was built,” Shego replied with a slight shrug.

Kim mimicked the move and shrugged herself. It was very tempting to read the journal because she would like to know why the tiny book contained her name, which Shego had banked on. It would be better to have two people pondering the journal just in case it did not explain itself, in Shego’s opinion anyway.

“Is it all right to read someone’s personal journal?” the slender hero inquired in a curious tone while looking down at the book.

Kim knew that it was immoral to read someone’s private thoughts, but she was not so sure if that applied when the person was more than likely dead. It did not occur to her that she was asking an “evil” person about morality. Shego was not surprised that Kim would ask such a question about reading the journal, but she still thought it was a somewhat stupid question to ask.

“Princess, it’s a hundred and fifty years old. I’m pretty sure the owner won’t mind and even if she does, I don’t think we’re going to know about it anytime soon,” the pale woman replied.

The slim redhead conceded to that point and shrugged again. She bent down and collected the disregarded journal. She went to sit down next to Shego on the couch in order for them to read the chronicle together. Shego took control over the book; hey, she stole it from the house, so that made it hers, even if it had Kim’s name on it. The pair made sure that they were not touching each other as they settled in to begin reading; they just did not want to touch each other because they thought that it would be creepy. It did not take long for them to get to an intriguing entry.

Today, a rather odd thing happened to me at the institution. Strange things often happen, but I rarely take notice of them, but this required my attention. I was given a new patient today, which of course isn’t the queer thing to which I am referring. My new patient is a woman afflicted with the notion that she prefers women to men in her attraction. She is also of an odd complexion, a whitish green that I’ve never witnessed before. I can only wonder if her skin tone has been affected by her sickness, even though I have never seen such a thing on others like her. I can only wonder why her skin is as it is.

She is also said to be prone to violent fits of anger, as if she is possessed, but we have been assured that she has no demons in her. Nevertheless, her fits are so terrible that her father and brother brought her there in shackles. They had her bound by the wrists and ankles and instructed us to not remove them, lest we’d be regretful. I feel a bit sorry for the poor girl because she is chained like an animal.

As I said, her father is the one who delivered her to me with her brother. She didn’t look much obliged to be at the institution, but not many patients do appear as such. It is just that the glint in her eyes was so bizarre. I only glimpsed them a moment before she was led away, but it seemed as if she had the devil in her gaze. Perhaps she does have demons. It seemed that if she could have slain her father and brother right then and there, she would have and worried no more over the matter than I would for killing a fly. And to think, I shall be working with such a girl. I shall show no fear and shall treat my patient well. I shall cure her of all perversions and send her on her way better than she arrived into my care. I will help Sheshona Go.

Shego stopped reading right then and there. She gasped without thinking. Sheshona Go? No, it could not say that. She looked at the name carefully for some difference, but there was none; it was even spelled correctly. It said Sheshona Go as plain as day in that rather elegant handwriting. What the hell was going on? Could things get any weirder?

“Shego, are you all right?” Kim asked because of the expression that the thief was wearing at the moment; she had been failing to hide her shock.

“I’m fine,” Shego lied. “Why’d you ask?” she countered in a bit of a defensive tone.

“Because you’re hogging the book,” the redhead answered, even though that was not the only thing that she wanted to say. She was going to comment on Shego’s face, but she doubted that the villainess would acknowledge that she was stunned.

“Oh,” Shego muttered. She did have the book one inch from her face, as if that would change the name on the page in some way. She moved the book some distance for Kim to see the pages while the pale woman continued to wonder why the patient spoke of in the journal bore her name. She was named after an ancestor that ended up in a sanatorium? Oh, she was definitely killing her mother the next time that she saw that devil woman. How dare her mother name her after someone that was locked up in an asylum!


Sheshona Go was practically dragged into the small Middleton Asylum by her father and older brother; they were two very large men and they had had their fair share of problems with getting Sheshona to the hospital. She was passive now only because they managed to drug her sometime ago; if they had not done that, the hospital would have been pandemonium before she had even been there a minute. They brought her to the tiny institution because it was the only one in the region that she had not escaped from yet and there was a doctor with a new treatment for her particular illness.

The two males had Sheshona’s wrists cuffed with half-inch thick shackles that covered almost a third of her forearms. The manacles were locked and linked by one thick chain to keep her hands very close together to hopefully keep her from doing anyone any harm or doing any damage to any property. Her ankles were also bound, but not as closely as her arms to allow her the freedom to walk. It was the only favor that they seemed to do her by allotting her some use of her lower limbs. Still, it would be difficult for her to throw a proper blow with her legs and that was the important thing as far as her father was concerned.

Despite the fact that Sheshona was drugged, she was aware of what was going on. She just could not move enough to do anything about it. She had enough control over herself to look at her father and brother to let them know that they were going to pay when she got out and she would get out; it was fact. They were going to regret the day very soon, she silently vowed. She just was not looking to stay in some box of a hospital for something that she did not believe was a sickness and she was not happy that they were trying to interfere in her life anyway.

And then she spotted a redhead looking at her from about ten feet away and she ceased planning her father’s and brother’s demises. She tried to muster the strength and control to smirk at the woman staring at her, but she could not manage it just yet thanks to the drugs. She liked redheads just because they were a bit rare, especially around where she was from. Maybe she would see the little redhead around and they could become acquainted; forget the fact that it was thoughts like that that were getting her locked away once again by her father. That man needed to mind his own business; who she went to bed with was none of his damn concern. She did not care about who he went to bed with, so he needed to return the favor in her opinion.

Sheshona did not have a chance to ponder the redhead anymore than a few seconds because she was handed over to an orderly after her father warned the hospital staff not to let her out of those chains for any reason whatsoever. Her father knew that if she was released or managed to get out of those bonds, it would be over for everyone and he hoped that they understood that and did not let her out of those chains. She might not kill anyone, but she would make sure that they would all walk funny for the rest of their lives. Her father was another story; he might never walk again once she got her hands on him and her “darling” older brother since they wanted to drug her.

The pale woman was not so upset that her father and brother had left her in the asylum because they had done that before. It was the fact that they had drugged her as if she was some kind of animal to make sure that she would behave enough for them to leave her at the hospital that vexed her. She also was not very fond of being chained up like a wanted criminal when she had not done anything wrong…recently anyway; okay, she had not done anything to warrant such bonds at least.

The orderly, a large brown-haired fellow, whose name she would later learn was David Barkin, escorted her to her “suite.” He practically flung her into the little room that came equipped with one window that she would not be able to squeeze through even if she was greased up, she suspected, and one bed. She heard him lock the door with her inside, but she did not pay it much mind. She sat down on the bed because she was too dazed and feeling too sluggish to do much else.

She had never felt the way that the drug was making her feel. It was not a dizzy feeling or like she wanted to vomit. It was just a strange feeling that she hoped to never have to go through again. She was not going to allow her father and brother to ever do something like drugging her again. Who knew what those idiots had pumped into her system? She decided not to think about it and just hope and wait for it to wear off.

She glanced around her room and supposed that it was better having a private room than what she had in other hospitals and what she had heard in some asylums. Her father, being the compassionate man that he was, explained that the Middleton hospital was actually the best for treating those that were sick as she was and he wanted his daughter to have the best treatment that she could. She had laughed all the way through the explanation.

She believed that he had placed her in Middleton because none of his high class friends would know that she was there, just like whenever he placed her in such hospitals. He always made sure to place her somewhere in the region, but still far enough where no one that the family knew would see her. Heaven forbid someone found out that Go City’s mayor had a daughter who was afflicted with her particular aliment; although it was not as big a secret as he wished it was.

Sheshona did not even see why her father even cared if people knew what she did in her leisure time. All right, people would think that there was something wrong with her and they would talk, but she did not see why that should matter. It was not like their family was known for having moral standards of any kind or pure reputations. They were far from angels or saints and the world had to know that; they did not even attend church. If people did not know that they were unethical for the most part, they had to have been living in caves for the better part of forever.

The only reason that her father was even mayor was because he had the money to buy his votes; it was amazing what a poor man would do for one drink of whiskey. His whole political career was built on the fact that he had the money to buy whatever he wanted. Also, as mayor, he took huge kickbacks from almost any and everyone. How dare a man with such low scruples even think to judge her, she thought heatedly. She hated him so much.

Then there was her brother, another bastion of unholy behavior that her father seemed to ignore. Her brother was a heavy drinker, who went out with some of his rich buddies and lost money on dog fights. His idea of entertainment was beating any poor chap that got in his path while he was strolling down the street. At least with her form of entertainment no one got physically hurt. But, that did not matter to her father and so, she was in the asylum for the moment.

She leaned her back against the cold, stone wall that her bed was up against; the wall was painted white. She propped her legs up and rested her arms on her knees as best she could, but she found that the position was uncomfortable because of her shackled arms. She wished that she could cross her legs underneath her, but she could not do that because the chain connecting her legs were not long enough for such a move. She decided to just stay in the uncomfortable arrangement that she was in. She remained like that for an undetermined amount of time and, eventually, the drug worked its way out of her body. And then she heard the door open.

Sheshona had her head down, partially hiding her face behind a river of inky black hair, but she did glance over without moving her head to see who it was that decided to join her. Maybe she had a roommate and if she was lucky, the roommate would know how to pick locks. She knew how to pick locks, but she did not have the tools to do so and it would just be easier for second person to free her. Instead of a roommate though, she was looking at that redhead from earlier.

The young woman seemed to be dressed to work in the asylum, so Sheshona concluded that she was nurse more than likely, even though the redhead was not wearing a nurse’s uniform. The pale woman laughed to herself; how lucky she was to have such a pretty nurse. It certainly was not going to help cure of her of her “degenerate” behavior of liking women to be around such a lovely creature.

The redhead had an attractive face and sweet-looking, deep green eyes. Her eyes seemed almost innocent, but not like the eyes of other women that Sheshona had seen. It was like those olive eyes had bore witness to extraordinary things, but those things did not manage to spoil the redhead. Her crimson mane was done up in an average style, making it seem like as if she was not looking to attract attention to herself. So, she was probably modest or shy, which Sheshona liked.

Sheshona noticed the redhead staring at her for a few impolite seconds. She did not mind because she was used to the gawking. Staring was actually a good sign; it meant that she had sparked the redheaded woman’s curiosity. It might not seem it, but her odd skin color, a very pale green, was seen as exotic and it caught her more prey than any other asset that she had. Her skin color baited females for her to work her charms on and leave the woman begging for more after she sated her own hunger. It seemed like she was going to have to go for another prize; maybe she would hate her father less after she had the little redhead since she was meeting the redhead thanks to him.

The redhead was a bit fascinated because she had seen many things in her active life, but she had never seen such a skin color as the one that her patient was sporting. It did not shock her, yet she stared all the same, unaware that her patient believed that she had trapped the olive-eyed female. She finally managed to regain her wits, not to mention her professional demeanor. Her olive eyes refocused on her patient as a whole and not just on her skin tone.

“Good afternoon. Miss Sheshona Go,” the redhead greeted her patient, who did not respond and she made sure not to move. “I’m Kimberly Possible and I will be your doctor,” the redhead announced.

Sheshona went rigid for a quick moment that the crimson-haired doctor failed to notice. So, the little cutie was her doctor, not her nurse? It actually amazed the pale woman because she had never met a female doctor; she had been unaware that such a creature could even exist. No matter, she told herself. The fact that the woman was a doctor only made the prospect of conquering her all the more desirable, especially since the woman was her doctor specifically. She would gain control over her own doctor; it was such a challenge and she just could not turn such a challenge down.

“Are you awake, Miss Go?” Doctor Possible inquired since her patient was completely silent and had not moved as far as she could see.

“Well, doc, I don’t know if I should tell you this,” Sheshona replied while glancing up just a little bit for the redhead to see the glint in her emerald eyes. It was another one of her weapons in catching women; the look in her eyes often grabbed their curiosity and they often wanted to know why she would look at them in such a manner. She doubted that the doctor would be any different from other women that she had caught.

“I’m your doctor. You should feel free to tell me everything,” the redhead answered in a calm, small voice. She even sounded friendly.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Sheshona practically purred. At least she was not lying.

The doctor went stiff from surprise and she appeared shocked by the statement. A low blush began to work its way onto her peach cheeks, staining them a rose color. Sheshona continued to smirk; she just loved it when ladies blushed, especially when she had caused the blush. She got the feeling that she was actually going to enjoy her time at the asylum. However, she was still going to hurt her father the second that she got out of the hospital. No one on the planet drugged her and got away with it. That just was not going to happen.

I think I have my hands full with my new patient, Miss Sheshona Go, and I have only just made her acquaintance. There was a strange look in her eyes when she looked at me. It was again as if the devil was in her gaze. And then she complimented me on my eyes. It nearly undid my nerves because of the suddenness, but I won’t allow her to derail me. I shall treat her illness and she shall be cured of this perversion.


“Ah! My ancestor was hitting on a woman with your name!” Shego hollered as she read the journal entry. She could not believe it; did her ancestor not have taste? Her predecessor should have hated Doctor Kimberly Possible from the moment that she met her, not complimented her eyes as far as Shego was concerned.

“Calm down, calm down,” Kim said while motioning with her hands to back up her words. She would not have minded freaking out a little herself since it was disturbing that Shego’s ancestor had complimented a woman with her name; a woman that was undoubtedly related to her in some manner since Possible was just as rare a name as Go. She supposed that she could remain calm just for the simple fact that it was not Doctor Possible that was complimenting her patient on her eyes.

“Calm down? The woman that I’m named after complimented a woman with your name about her eyes!” the green-skinned thief pointed out. How in the hell could she calm down when something like that happened?

“You’re named after her?” the slim redhead asked curiously. “Wait, so, your real name—” she was going to inquire on the villainess true name, but Shego interjected.

“Yes, it’s Sheshona Go. Let’s move on,” Shego huffed because she did not even want to acknowledge her name now thanks to her ancestor complimenting a Possible. She had never had much of a problem with her name until now. Now, she was finding out that she was named after a woman that had been sent to an asylum, even though it was not for a real illness, and then to top things off, she was hitting on her doctor and not in the proper way that a Go should hit on a Possible.

“Right,” Kim concurred with the notion of moving on. She had always been a little curious about Shego’s real name, but now she was curious about how she came to be called Shego. She decided against asking because the emerald-eyed woman seemed rather upset.

“She was probably just playing around. I mean, no one with the last name Go would ever, never, ever…” Shego trailed off because she could have just continued to add “never” to her statement without getting to her point.

“Be a lesbian with a rage problem?” the trim hero guessed.

“No, that’s pretty common,” Shego accidentally admitted. She hated divulging family information, but she had not been thinking when she answered the question. She was too disturbed to think before opening her mouth.

“Really?” Kim asked in a shocked tone.

“Damn it!” the raven-haired villainess hollered as she realized the words that escaped her throat. She could not believe that she just blurted out family information. It was all her stupid ancestor’s fault for getting put in an asylum with Doctor Possible. Wait a second, she stopped and thought about the reason why they were even reading the stupid journal; none of what they just read explained how the journal ended up in the Go family house. “Let’s just keep reading,” Shego huffed because she was still vexed, but she wanted to know why the journal had been in the house.

Kim nodded in agreement considering the fact that she was just learning a bit too much about Shego…or Sheshona Go as she now knew her foe to be called. She hoped that things did not get any crazier in the journal than the implied words of Sheshona hitting on Doctor Possible. She doubted that things would get any more off-the-wall. Surely someone with the name Possible would be the sound professional, even if she was referring to lesbianism as a perversion. Well, it was the nineteenth century, so she guessed that was the norm for back then.

Next time: in the 19th century Doctor Possible gets to know her patient a little better while in the present Kim and Shego have dinner together and no one gets hurt.

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