Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 12

Underneath it all


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TITLE: Underneath it all

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4250

…I stared into those lovely emerald eyes of hers. I had no idea her eyes were so captivating. I had no idea that anyone’s eyes could be so entrancing…


Shego and Kim stared at each other; the pale woman lying on top of Kim after a brief brawl. There was not malice in the green eyes, even though they had just finished fighting. Well, it was not even really a fight considering the fact that Shego had taken Kim down in less than five moves as she promised she would do, so it was more an embarrassment to Kim than anything else. Now, they were gazing at each other; something close to teenagers in love, but they would deny that until their last breaths.

The two refused to inhale; they were too stunned and a bit afraid to make any sorts of moves. They were not sure where any sudden movements might lead. They did not think that such a thing would lead to a fight; they feared something worse than a battle might occur. If they dared to breathe certain body parts might come into contact with each other and that would not be a good thing, or so they were telling themselves mentally.

The duo was under the impression that they were in a clench. The idea that they were going to kiss floated across both of their minds and there were tons of reasons why that was just plain wrong as far as they were concerned. So, they did not move, even though their faces seemed uncomfortably close.

Shego was still on top of Kim and their bodies were pressed together; it was not as bad as they mentally insisted it was. Their bodies touched more with each light breath that they took, which was why they were trying their best not to breathe. It was not working well because Kim was doing some heavy panting thanks to the exercise that she had just gone through. The contact was not as alarming as they believed it should have been, which freaked them out all the more.

“Get off,” Kim grunted in a low voice and through clenched teeth, as if speaking like that would help minimize their contact.

“I was,” Shego growled in a whisper; she was speaking that way for the same reason that Kim was.

The pale woman crawled off of the redhead and mentally scolded herself for gazing at Kim like some horny schoolgirl. She also ordered her heart to stop beating a mile a minute and for her body to stop missing the contact of Kim’s slender form. It was not like that was the first time that she had been close to the trim hero before and it was not special. It was not like she really cared about the annoying little hero or was attracted to her or something bizarre like that; well, that was what she told herself with the hope that her mind and body would start acting right. Her body needed to start listening to what she was telling herself because she and Kim still had time to spend together and she did not want things getting any more bizarre than they already were.

Kim sat up in the dirt and tried to figure out what to focus more on, her hurt pride or the strange feeling that overcame her while Shego was looming over her. She had to dwell on the feeling because it was still there; yeah, the feeling actually beat out her pride on her priority list. Her body was tingling from the contact and wanting more of the same. She wondered why her body was having such a reaction. She had been pressed against Shego dozens of times before and that…actually, she had had that reaction a few times. She usually tried to ignore it, but it was coming through too strongly now to just ignore it. She wondered why that was, but she suspected that it had something to do with all of the time that she was spending with the green-skinned female. She wondered if things were going to get worse the more that she was around Shego and there was not evil-doings happening.

“Hey, is everything all right here?” a police officer inquired while shinning a bright light on both females.

The two fighters were stunned and blinded by the light. They shielded their eyes to avoid being hurt any further by the bright intrusion. Kim squinted as she tried to look at the officer to explain what was going on. She noticed that the police officer had a spot light on them from his patrol car. Maybe he was trying to blind them, she considered.

“We’re fine, sir,” Kim called out to the officer.

“We got a call about a fight,” he informed the ladies while looking back and forth from the two of them.

“It’s all right, sir. We’re martial artists. My friend was just showing me moves from her special style,” the redhead explained.

“Are you sure everything’s fine?” he inquired.

“Positive, sir. In fact, we’re going back home now. Sorry to be of any trouble to you,” Kim apologized.

The cop looked at the two women, as if to see if Kim was telling the truth. Kim and Shego climbed to their feet and turned their attention to the officer. Shego was now irked by the law enforcer since he was still there after Kim had taken the time out of her day to explain to him what they were doing; and to make matter to worse, he was still blinding them with that spot light. She was tempted to throw a plasma blast at the irksome spot light to get the pain to stop.

“Can you at least turn off the damn light if you’re going to stare at us, flatfoot?” Shego snarled in anger. Her eyes were rather important to her and she would like to be able to use them without seeing spots for the rest of her days.

“Shego, calm down,” Kim said in a low voice because she did not want to chance the officer recognizing her sparring partner. Who knew what might happen if the officer realized that Shego was a wanted criminal. The third world war might break out, she thought.

“Let’s just get the hell out of here,” the moss-hued thief suggested. They were not under arrest, so they were not obligated to stand around and go back and forth the some troublesome patrolman that only seemed interested in making them need glasses for the rest of their lives.

Shego climbed to her feet and grabbed Kim by the arm. She started back toward the hero’s apartment, leaving the cop behind to look as stupid as he was in her opinion. She flipped the officer off as they passed him. Kim yelped when she saw the gesture and pulled down Shego’s hand. She grinned nervously at the law enforcer, who was frowning, and she changed from being pulled to doing the tugging with the hope of getting Shego away from the cop before he recognized her. They made it back to the apartment with getting into any trouble with the law.

“Shego, don’t you worry about getting arrested at all? What if that guy noticed who you were? You are an internationally wanted criminal,” Kim pointed out.

“Most of my warrants are actually up,” Shego informed the little hero. It would at least get Kim to stop worrying about her being out in public.

“Really?” Kim asked in disbelief.

“I usually get caught on breaking and entering or something else like that. It’s not like I’ve killed anyone and anyone I’ve assaulted hasn’t filed charges. I mean, if I make to what I’m after, I’m usually gone before they know I’m there. I don’t get arrested for anything serious,” the pale woman explained.

“What about the jailbreaks?” the redhead inquired.

“They don’t have any proof that I do those. Most things I do, they don’t have much proof that I did them, except for my style that links me to stuff. Still, it’s hard to convict me of anything. I’ve served any time that I’ve had,” Shego answered with a shrug.

“Really? What do you get, like months for all of your crimes?” Kim asked incredulously. She put all of that effort in catching the villainess and she hardly got punished for it? That thought made it seem like such a waste of time, but she could not let Drakken succeed in taking over the world, so that made it worth it. She just hoped his sentences were not as light as his sidekick’s.

Shego shrugged. “My lawyers kick serious ass,” she replied. She did not come from some little regular family where money was hard to come by. She did distance herself from her brothers, but that did not mean that she was out of the family. When she got into trouble, lawyers seemed to appear out of nowhere; they were always sent by her mother because that was the person that she called whenever she got arrested. Sometimes, she did not even need to waste the phone call.

“Well, I guess that explains your untouchable attitude,” Kim commented.

The emerald-eyed female only shrugged again. “Not really. It’s just that I haven’t done anything for a cop to arrest me for and if they try anything stupid, my lawyers will take up residency in their asses and never leave. So, if the cops touch me, they better have a damn good reason why.”

“I guess that makes sense. Well, I’m going to go take a shower and get out of these now sweaty clothes,” the slim hero announced.

Shego did not respond to that; she really did not need the proclamation. She went to the sofa while Kim went to the back. Shego wished that she could take a shower now that it was on her mind. She had worked up a little sweat, enough to feel uncomfortable. Also, she had been sitting in dirt, so she would have liked to change her clothes.

When she heard the shower turn on, she looked in the direction of the bathroom. Her mind began to wander and she tried to shake away where it was trying to go because her evil brain was trying to picture Kim in the shower. She promised herself that she was not interested in Kim in such a way.

“I must need sleep. I’ve got to be going out of my damn mind,” Shego concluded. It did explain a lot of things happening recently in her opinion.

The pale woman rubbed her eyes, as if that would get rid of the images in her mind. She was not interested in Kim, she continued to tell herself. Why would she be attracted to Kim? All right, Kim was a bit cute, but other than that, she was annoying, self-righteous little brat. There was nothing attractive about her foe; they were enemies, first of all. Yeah, so there was absolutely nothing attractive about Kim, Shego silently insisted; well, maybe her confidence was a little attractive.

Okay, no, Shego ordered herself. She was not about to walk down the road that her mind was trying to go. She just refused to think of Kim in that way and that was the end of the matter, she told herself. There would be no more thoughts on how attractive the little hero was.

Shego was not the only one battling it out with her brain; Kim was doing the same. The petite adventurer was trying to stop thinking about having Shego’s body pressed against her own. It did not mean anything, she told herself. Shego was not only her foe, but a woman. She was attracted to men, so having Shego pressed against her could not mean anything. It just would not make any sense for it to mean anything, she told herself. Right, so that settled it; she was not attracted to Shego.

Sure, she might have told herself that she was not attracted to the super-powered female, but her body did not seem to be paying much attention to the thoughts. Her body was tingling from having Shego on top of her, from their bodies brushing against each other, even if it was only barely. Her body seemed to like that and wanted to remember it; not to mention, wanted it to happen again.

Her shower was cut short because of her body acting up. She could not focus on enjoying the hot water or anything at all. She washed up and went to go put on some new house clothes before returning to Shego.

“Ready to do some more reading?” the redhead inquired as she came back to the living room after her quick shower.

“Do you think I could take a shower?” Shego requested. She really wanted to get clean, especially since Kim returned looking so refreshed; the girl was not as refreshed as she appeared thanks to her thoughts while she had been in the shower. Shego also figured that a shower might get some bad thoughts out of her mind; Kim would have informed her how well that worked if she had asked.

“Um…okay,” the younger woman hesitantly agreed. She did not see the harm in that, but it seemed a bit odd for her guest to ask.

Shego got off of the sofa and went to the bathroom. Kim supplied her with all of the necessary items for bathing and even provided her with an extra set of clothing. The thing about the extra clothes was that Kim was smaller than Shego in every sense of the word, so when the pale woman put the clothing on, she ended up showing more skin than expected. The attire was also hugging her in several places. The blush pink tank-top was riding high and showed off half of her well-toned abdomen. It was also stretched at the top thanks to her bust-size. The shorts fit her snuggly and stopped just below mid-thigh on her; the shorts usually almost reached Kim’s knees.

When Kim saw the older woman in her clothes, she had an unexpected reaction. Her mouth dropped open before she even realized it and she just could not catch herself. Shego noticed almost immediately and she was secretly flattered to get such a reaction from Kim.

“Careful, Princess, I hear that’s a good way to catch flies,” the pale woman remarked.

“Wha?” the redhead said in a dazed tone and then she shook herself out of her stupor. She blushed as she realized what she had been doing. “Sorry about that,” she sheepishly apologized.

Shego decided right then and there that she liked seeing Kim blush when it came to her. She also disliked that she liked such a thing, but hey, she liked what she liked. It was becoming apparent that she liked Kim beyond the fact that she had been hoping for a student. Damn it, she really did not like that notion, but they seemed to be the facts.

“Um…so, how come you never showed me your real style before?” Kim inquired to move past the fact that she had been ogling her foe.

“There’s no fun in that. You’re not a master of any of the styles you practice and I would’ve taken you down way too easily with that, especially since I know some of the styles you practice and I know the weaknesses of the moves. It doesn’t help that as much as you wing it, you don’t really think outside the box when it comes to the mechanics of fighting,” Shego answered.

“I do,” Kim insisted. She winged it almost all of the time, so she had to think on her feet, so she had to use her moves in an unorthodox manner sometime. Right?

“Not enough for it to matter. You’re usually pretty good at winging it, but it doesn’t seem to happen when you’re fighting. You think on your feet, but you don’t come up with imaginative ways to battle. You’re probably not very comfortable with creating moves on the fly since you’re not a master of any one style,” the moss-hued fighter commented.

Kim thought on the words and then nodded in agreement. She really did not feel comfortable improvising much on her fighting. She was methodical when she battled because she was not a master of any one style. She mixed her styles fairly well, but that was about it. Sometimes, she felt like a boy that had just learned ballroom dancing and was counting the steps in her head.

“Maybe you could teach me,” the redhead suggested hesitantly.

“I don’t want to waste my time on someone who’s not a warrior,” Shego replied in a dismissive tone.

“But, I do fight,” the trim adventurer pointed out.

“But, you don’t just fight,” the green-skinned woman said.

“Neither do you. You steal too,” Kim countered.

“I do it for a reason that has to do with fighting,” Shego stated.

“What reason?”

“None of your business.”

“You’re just being a hypocrite,” Kim accused her guest.

“No, I’m being lazy. It’s one of my few flaws. Now, let’s read this journal,” Shego said.

The petite hero pouted. “Come on,” she pled, hoping that would work.

“Let’s just read the journal,” the pale woman repeated.

Shego playfully pushed Kim’s face to turn her head as an attempt to get that expression of the redhead’s face; it did not work. Kim transformed from regular pouting to the start of her patented “puppy-dog pout.” She turned it full on and Shego nearly gasped when she noticed the expression.

“What the hell is wrong with your face?” the thief demanded to know. She made it sound like the hero had her face torn open or something more gruesome.

“Teach me,” Kim begged with her patented pout coming out in full force.

“Stop it,” Shego ordered. She had never seen anything as disturbing as the expression that she was looking at now, in her opinion. Heroes were not supposed to pout like that.


“No, stop it,” the elder female commanded.

“Teach me,” Kim sort of whimpered to go along with her expression.

“You manipulating little cow, if you don’t stop, I’m just going to hit you,” Shego declared. She was ready to just about do anything to get Kim to stop looking at her like that. The expression was almost haunting.

“Please,” the redhead repeated.

Shego decided that she only had two options: hit Kim or give in. She grabbed Kim and yanked her to the floor. She did not do it in a particularly rough manner, but enough to get the girl to stop eyeing her with that look on her face. Kim yelped as she hit the floor.

“Don’t try that again,” Shego warned in an amused tone. “Now, let’s just read the journal.”

The villainess sat down on the sofa and Kim crawled back up to the couch. The hero grabbed the book; she was now allowed to touch what Shego at first acted like was her total and complete property. They did not seem to notice the chance in their behavior and they went back to reading.

“What the hell?” they both yelled simultaneously as they found their place on the page. They looked at each other in horror and disbelief. They had not expected to go from reading about an attack to what they had just seen on the page.

…My heart fluttered like a bird’s wing and I felt just as light as a bird. My brain knew not what my body had planned or surely it would have bid my body to halt. I cannot explain, excuse, and maybe even forgive myself for my actions. I actually kissed Sheshona.


Doctor Kimberly Possible slowly leaned in and kissed the woman that lie underneath her, her patient, Sheshona Go; it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. She had somehow managed to pin Sheshona after the pale woman had revealed that she was out of her shackles and intended on having her way with the good doctor. It seemed like despite the fact that Kimberly had come out on top with the fight that followed Sheshona’s coming at her, Sheshona had gotten her way after all.

The kiss was rather chaste, especially for Sheshona; it was a soft touching of their lips. It would do for a start as far as the raven-haired woman was concerned. It was still a sweet embrace that neither woman had the pleasure of experiencing before that moment. They never would have thought that such a simple could feel so right.

Sheshona had gone through thousands of kisses in her life with various women, but the almost virtuous kiss that she was sharing with Kimberly was the best without a doubt. She refused to acknowledge why it was the best, but it was golden. It was priceless and she silently wished that it would never end or at least many more would follow; she knew that neither would happen.

Kimberly could not believe what she was doing. She felt like she could melt against Sheshona and her splendid touch. How could something feel so right when it was so wrong? It had to be a sin to kiss Sheshona because of the sheer pleasure that she felt while doing it. She pulled away from the emerald-eyed female after a few seconds and looked away from the pale woman while climbing off of her.

“What are you doing?” Sheshona almost demanded to know. The kiss was too short and she missed the weight on top of her already.

“I’m sorry. That was inappropriate,” Kimberly replied while putting a little distance between her and her patient.

“To hell with this,” Sheshona said as she sat up.

“Please, forgive me,” Kimberly begged. She doubted that she would ever be able to forgive herself for such zealous, immoral actions.

The pale woman sucked her teeth and crawled over to her doctor. She sat down right next to Kimberly and grabbed the redhead by the chin. She forced Kimberly to turn to her and she moved to kiss the physician again. The doctor jumped because of the shock of those warms lips touching her own again, meeting for another delicious embrace. She tried to move to stop the action, but Sheshona held her in place. Kimberly nearly gave in, but she panicked a few seconds into the soft embrace, especially when she felt Sheshona’s tongue brush against her lips.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly protested, which broke the kiss.

“What?” the patient asked.

“We cannot—” the doctor attempted to argue.

“We are,” Sheshona pointed out.

“No, we cannot. This is wrong,” Kimberly stated soundly.

“Does it feel wrong?” Sheshona asked. She thought that the doctor was referring to her “illness,” even though there were other reasons for why what they were doing was wrong.

“No,” Kimberly accidentally confessed. No touch ever felt so good and so right to her in all of her life.

“Then go with it,” Sheshona said.

“I cannot. I’m your doctor and I’m married, not to mention we are two women. I love my husband. I love my husband. I love my husband,” Kimberly repeated over and over like a mantra. It seemed that she was trying to make herself believe it.

Sheshona sighed; her doctor was no fun with she was in distress as she was. She moved a bit and cradled her darling physician in her arms while Kimberly freaked out about what happened and continued to chant that she loved her husband. Sheshona rested her head on top of Kimberly’s and just held her; it was the first time that she had ever done anything like that.

The emerald-eyed woman wanted to tell Kimberly that she knew the truth; they both knew the truth. The doctor did not love her husband. If the redhead loved her husband, she would not have kissed Sheshona. Sheshona had done something that was not new to her, but it suddenly mattered to her; it had never mattered before. She had stolen a heart and she actually wished that she could do something about it.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Sheshona apologized, not just for what she did, but for what she was going to do. She was still going to have her way with Kimberly because that was what she wanted. She always got what she wanted, even if it crushed her in return. She was like a moth flying straight into that beautiful light, only to be burned to a crisp once she made it to her destination.

It would hurt her to not have Kimberly anymore and she knew that she was not going to have her anymore when it was all said and down. But, it would hurt to be without her, which she was going to be. Yet, she was still going to take the good doctor because it would hurt if she did not. She was damned if she did and damned if she did not in her mind. She had been damned since birth it seemed.

“I’m so sorry,” Sheshona whispered again. Why was she so messed up, she wondered about herself as she continued to hold her distraught doctor.

Next time: Kim gets to go to Shego’s apartment while Kimberly tries to figure out what is going on her life. What is the truth?

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