Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 3

Speak to me


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TITLE: Speak to me

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

NOTE: Journals are still in italics and it’ll be that way through the whole story.

Words: 4460

I don’t think I’ve ever met a person like Sheshona Go, let alone had a patient close to her. She doesn’t act like any woman I’ve ever had the grace to meet. She is like a whole different type of creature to what I am used to when it comes to people in general. I doubt Darwin himself would believe her if he were to witness the sight of her, but she would prove his point quite well enough to silence any nay-sayers. She is just a different type of creature compared to the rest of us.

I don’t know what to do about her so far. Nothing works because she does not wish to speak to me about anything that might help me understand why she has her illness. She just looks at me with those strange eyes of hers; they are probably the closest thing I shall ever see to a predator that feeds on human flesh. I do not mean that she actually eats humans, but she has the eyes of a cat. I fear what she is thinking because it means that I am failing. I have vowed to cure this woman and yet she resists. She does not even adhere to the diet I have prescribed her.

She does not seem to want to be cured, even though she hasn’t said any word toward that conclusion. She actually hasn’t said anything worthwhile to me at all. I have had some patients that at first do not like my treatment, but they opened up and left the hospital all the better afterwards. She doesn’t seem like the type to open up. How can I treat a woman that will not speak to me? Well, she does sometime speak to me, but she only states distasteful and rude things that I dare not repeat, even to my most private journal. But, what am I supposed to do with her?


“Wow, you were even a jerk in a past life,” Kim remarked while turning away from the journal to speak to her unwanted guest.

“Don’t call it a past life. Like I would waste my time hitting on you in any life,” Shego riposted in a somewhat offended tone.

“I’m only joking,” the redhead replied because the pale woman was so defensive. She would not want to have spent a past life with Shego, even if she could not recall it; that was just too much Shego for any one person. She would look at it as being punished for doing something very, very wrong.

“You’re pretty bad at that then and shouldn’t joke anymore. But, if it was a past life, you were whiny even back then. ‘What do I do,’ ‘what do I do,’ ‘what do I do?’ Sounds like she should see a psychiatrist,” the raven-haired villainess commented.

“If Sheshona was anything like you, she should just call a priest,” the petite hero countered.

Shego sucked her teeth; she mentally commented that that was a good one. It was fun trading insults with Kim, especially since the redhead understood the insults most of the time. So far, hanging around her foe was proving much better than hanging around her employer, but Drakken was not hard thing to beat in any sort of competition.

“Whatever. Do you have anything to eat around here?” the green-skinned female inquired while rubbing her stomach. They had been parked on the couch for a few hours now and it was about suppertime in her opinion.

“What?” the adventurer asked because the question caught her off guard.

“Food. I’m hungry,” Shego explained in a slow tone as if Kim was a chimp.

The slim redhead looked at her foe oddly; now it was like Shego was the chimp. It was weird enough that they were sitting there in her apartment, reading a journal whose author bore her name, who was a doctor in the nineteenth century and happened to be treating a woman by the name of Sheshona Go, who happened to share the same name as Shego. Actually, that was all freaky in and of itself and adding to that, they were not physically fighting at all while sharing the same area for hours. Now, Shego was asking to be fed while in her home when Kim should be calling the police to arrest the super-powered female. There was not a level on the weirdness meter to measure what was happening in Kim’s opinion.

“Yo, Princess, food,” Shego repeated. Boy, the redhead was wretched host, she thought.

“Pizza good enough for you?” Kim inquired. Where was the harm in feeding Shego after not kicking her out of the apartment? Besides, she was pretty hungry herself.

“Whatever. Just tell them to have it here in thirty minutes or less or I’ll flame broil the delivery kid,” the raven-haired thief replied.

“Shego,” the redhead scolded her guest while grabbing for the phone.

The older female merely rolled her emerald eyes while Kim called for a pizza. Shego massaged her forehead while trying to come to grips with the fact that the ancestor that she had been named after had been put in an asylum and was actually being treated by a Possible. She seemed to be attracted to the doctor to make matters worse. What were the odds and … why was she named after that woman?

Maybe there was some sort of explanation for everything, Shego considered. It was plausible that her ancestor was just trying to get on Doctor Kimberly Possible’s nerves and that was why she was throwing lines at the physician. She knew that if she had to be in a space with any Kim Possible, she would be looking to drive the redhead up the wall, much like now. She did fail to note that she had been on her best behavior so far, only going back and forth with Kim verbally every few minutes. She had not done anything too outrageous during her stay in the slim hero’s home.

The pale woman could not explain why her ancestor might have been thrown into an asylum, though. She understood that homosexuality was seen as either a crime or a sickness back then, but she did not see why the Go family would bother with putting a homosexual in the institution. As far as she knew, her family was full of people that just did not care about what others thought, so they did not care when members happened to be homosexual or things like that. Maybe things were different back then, she figured.

“Shego, what do you want on the pizza?” Kim inquired with the phone to her ear.

“Huh?” Shego asked because she thrown by the question.

“What do you want on the pizza?” the younger female repeated.

Shego was still a bit thrown by the question for the simple reason that she was not accustomed to people asking her what she wanted, at all. She was used to ordering people to get things done her way or she just did things herself. Even simple things like what she wanted on her pizza were ignored unless she made some noise about it. She finally answered the question after a few seconds that she wanted pepperoni and Kim ordered a pie with half pepperoni and half extra-cheese.

“Extra-cheese? You must be looking to put on weight,” the raven-haired female commented.

“I always have extra-cheese and I don’t seem to be putting on anything. So, after we eat, could we put reading any more of this on hold until tomorrow?” the slender adventurer requested.

“What? Why?” Shego inquired. She wanted to get to the bottom of why the journal of a Possible had been in the house of a Go as soon as she could because she did not want to waste her free time hanging around the redhead. Therefore, she wanted to get to the end of the journal quickly.

“Well, I’ve got a research paper that I need to do,” the college student answered. Her books were still waiting for her by the door and she needed to get back to them soon if she wanted to get the grade that she desired.

Shego sucked her teeth. “Can’t you do it some other time?” she pointed out. Of course to her, getting to the end of the journal was more important than anything that the hero could have cooking.

“I need to get started,” Kim answered.

The olive-eyed student really did need to get to her research project while she had the time. She had been attempting to start it ever since she had been given the assignment, but something always came up with her. She had the habit of doing schoolwork at the last moment and she did not really like that, so she tried her best to get to work when she had the chance.

“Don’t you care how this stupid thing got in my house?” the pale woman asked while waving the old book carelessly around. She would be upset if the journal fell apart in her hand, but she was not thinking that it might do that.

“Yes, I do care, but I care about my grades too. You can’t hold off until tomorrow?” Kim asked incredulously. She knew that Shego was impatient, but she did not think that the older female was that impatient.

“Fine,” Shego huffed in defeat. Kim was throwing her off with all of the questions and requests. Why could Kim not just start an argument? It would be so much easier for the pale woman and she would be able to make more noise if Kim would only argue with her.


Sheshona was shoved into Doctor Possible’s office. She glared at the orderly, David Barkin, with murder in her sharp emerald eyes because he was the one that pushed her into the room. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy pushing her around, she silently noted; he had been being rough with her since her arrival in the hospital, always grabbing her, throwing her, shoving her, and trying to take charge of her. Before she could say anything rude to him, the doctor spoke up.

“Mister Barkin, I’ve repeatedly requested for you to not treat my patient in such a manner,” Doctor Possible calmly stated from her desk.

The orderly only frowned; he hated hearing the physician say anything, especially to him. She seemed to think that she was important just because she was a doctor, in his opinion anyway. She was still a woman and he thought that a man needed to teach her that lesson. She was only a woman; she was nothing special.

“You can leave now, Mister Barkin,” Doctor Possible informed him in a polite, yet dismissive tone.

Barkin frowned deeper and then Sheshona could not help adding, “You heard the woman, you big ape. Get out of here.”

The orderly grumbled under his breath, causing Sheshona to smirk in devilish delight. So far, the pale woman was enjoying the asylum just because it allowed her the chance to get on that man’s nerves. He was so easy to get to that it could only be fun to mess with him; it actually reminded her of picking on her older brother, which was one of her favorite things to do when she was at home.

The pale female did not enjoy the fact that the stupid hospital had obeyed her father and had not removed her shackles. Her wrists and ankles were chaffing, but she had not figured out how to get out of the cuffs yet. Her father had thought well ahead of her and he had specially designed chains to keep her from being able to pick the locks right away. He was a cunningly devious man who was going to be broken when she got out of the manacles and the hospital, she thought.

“Sheshona, take a seat, please,” Doctor Possible said.

The raven-haired woman did not respond, but she did take a seat; it was their usual since she had arrived. She would have liked to be able to sit in a way to draw attention to her in some licentious way, but she settled for appearing bored; it was a good way to draw curiosity. She flopped down in the chair that was in front of the doctor’s desk; the seat was waiting just for her. She spread her legs to the outside of each front chair leg, which was as far as her shackles would allow her. She was wearing pants instead of a dress, which her father usually tried to force her outside in. She preferred pants to layers of clothing the women were expected to dump on themselves. She put her hands down between her legs to balance herself on the chair and waited for the doctor to pay her some mind.

Doctor Possible was always doing something at her desk when Sheshona came in. The pale female did not know what her doctor was doing and she guessed that she did not care, even though she would prefer that Kimberly pay her some mind and not some paper work. However, she knew that if the doctor started paying her some mind, the irksome treatment would begin.

Sheshona had been “treated” by many doctors since her father found out what she did with most of her time, namely crawl into bed with beautiful women and have some of the wildest intercourse possible with them. Every doctor that she had been to assigned her a diet, which she never followed and Doctor Possible was no different in that sense. There were other things that varied from doctor to doctor, but it was all pretty much the same treatment until she came to the redhead. The odd thing with Doctor Possible was that she also treated her patient to gain some understanding of how Sheshona might have caught her “illness.” She wanted to discuss matters, like when was the first time that Sheshona found herself wanting of a woman rather than a man and things of that nature.

The emerald-eyed woman never answered the questions. She was not looking to share her private thoughts with anyone, unless it was going to somehow get a conquest into her bed. She was not sure what made the doctor develop such a treatment, but it actually made some sense to her and she did not even believe that she had a real illness. It seemed like a good idea to try to get some understanding of someone with her particular “illness,” but it seemed that Kimberly was the only doctor on the planet that had come to that conclusion so far.

Sheshona stared at the redhead while she tried to finish up her paperwork. There was something about the doctor and her patient was attempting to figure out what it was because it was something that caught Sheshona’s attention. She doubted that it was the doctor’s looks. The redhead was attractive, yes, but she had seen and had more than her fair share of gorgeous women. Looks were almost never something that caught her attention. She supposed that she would figure it out sooner or later, if only to ease her mind, since she saw the doctor every day for their strange little sessions.

Doctor Possible finished looking over the papers in front of her and then turned her attention to her disgruntled patient. After a couple of weeks of treatment, she had gotten nowhere with Sheshona. The raven-haired female refused to share anything with her, which made it difficult for her treatment to work since it was based on getting information from her patient to help understand what sort of thinking was going on with her patients.

The doctor was used to her patients being apprehensive at first, which was because of how unusual her treatment was. But, they tended to open up and tell her what she needed to know for her to help cure them. Her current patient was not going down that road, though.

What Sheshona mostly did during the sessions was stare at the physician with what Kimberly thought was a strange glint in her emerald eyes, as if Sheshona was trying to hypnotize her. Sheshona was a straightforward woman and she made what she wanted known in someway, which was why she eyed her doctor as she did. She was just letting the redhead know that she was desired. She also wanted to get Kimberly curious and thinking.

“So, Sheshona, are you going to talk today?” Kimberly inquired. She had taken to asking that question lately to gauge what mood her patient was in. If she did not get a response at all, Sheshona would more than likely just stare at her for the whole session.

“Maybe,” Sheshona answered. She had no problem with talking about the things that she wanted to, but she was not going to reply to any of her doctor’s questions.

“What would you like to discuss?” the redhead asked while silently hoping that her patient was finally going to open up. She had that hope every time that her pale patient decided to speak with her.

“You,” Sheshona replied honestly.

“Me?” the doctor said in a puzzled tone.

“Yes, you,” the green-skinned woman stated with a sleepy look in her eyes to further show that she was bored.

“What would like to discuss about me?” Doctor Possible inquired, slightly afraid to hear the answer. Sheshona had developed the horrible habit of saying rather vulgar things to her.

“Mostly your desk and how I want you on it with your legs around my waist. I’m sure you have lovely legs. Why not show me?” Sheshona requested with a small smile, appearing slightly demonic because of the expression.

The raven-haired woman was speaking the plain truth. She wanted the doctor on that very desk; she had already had dreams about it. The images that floated across her mind were her on that desk with the doctor underneath her, whimpering, crying, begging for more, and just enjoying what everyone wanted her to believe was so wrong. Maybe what she did afterwards was wrong, maybe her motives were wrong, but the pleasure itself was nothing but good in her opinion and no one would ever change her mind of that.

“Sheshona, I have told you time and again to not say such things,” Kimberly said while trying to maintain her composure.

Sheshona’s words did unsettle the doctor, but she managed to hide it fairly well, which she always did. She was well aware that her patient was serious and that glint in her eyes was sexual attraction, the very thing that she was looking to cure the pale female of. It seemed to be purely a mental disease with Sheshona, she noted.

When Sheshona first arrived, Kimberly had physically examined the pale woman as best she could before Sheshona’s words forced her to stop; Sheshona had said almost every scandalous thing that she could think of to the physician that day. The oddly colored female was the perfect woman physically speaking; she was totally healthy. Everything worked internally, yet Sheshona still only seemed to want the attention and affection of women.

“I can’t help it, doc. I always fall hard for a pretty face,” the green-skinned female remarked and she got her desired affect; Doctor Possible blushed.

Sheshona liked how the doctor looked when she blushed, more so than she enjoyed it when other women did it. She liked bashful, modest females mostly, but the more that she saw the doctor go red, the more she enjoyed it. She wished that she could just get her hands free because she would be working on the doctor right now to build on that scarlet flush. She had such good plans, in her opinion, if only she had her hands free. She would have reached out and caressed the redhead’s lovely cheek just to see the reaction. She bet that the good doctor would have blushed more so and then she bet that the doctor would have pulled away from her touch. It would only turn her on more if the redhead resisted her. She loved a good chase, especially since she knew that she would win in the end; she always won.

“Sheshona, I’m starting to believe that you don’t want to be cured,” Kimberly commented plainly.

“I’m starting to believe that you’d look better naked,” Sheshona countered.

Doctor Possible’s olive gaze narrowed; her patient infuriated her! Why could she not get a straight answer from Sheshona? Why did the pale woman always have to say something totally inappropriate? Why did she not want any help? Did she not want to be normal? Why was she content to be sick? Kimberly just could not understand it and it was upsetting because if she did not comprehend her patient, then she could not do anything for her patient.

“Sheshona, don’t you want to get out the hospital?” Doctor Possible inquired.

“I will,” the emerald-eyed female replied smoothly. She would get out of the asylum, but only after she sated her growing desire for her redheaded doctor. She wanted her conquest before anything else. Her mouth watered for the doctor and she was going to get her way. She eventually always got her way; sometimes just took a little longer than others.

“You won’t if you don’t start talking to me,” the redhead seemed to promise or maybe even threaten her patient.

Sheshona did not respond. The little doctor was not as meek as she sometimes thought, Sheshona reminded herself. That was it, she realized. She had just figured out what it was about the physician that had her attention, that had her thinking about the redheaded female beyond her being a conquest. Kimberly was a hypocrite.

The doctor sat there and was trying to turn Sheshona into a “normal” woman, but she was not what she was trying to create. Doctor Possible was not a normal woman by far; Sheshona could not believe that it had taken her so long to realize that. Well, she might as well make the thought known; it would at least get the physician thinking about things.

“Doc,” Sheshona said.

“Yes?” the redhead replied, hoping that her patient was going to share something relevant.

“You should either take your own advice or you should just strip now because eventually I’m going to have you right on that desk,” Sheshona stated as if her words were pure fact.

“Take my own advice?” Kimberly echoed while choosing to ignore the latter half of the statement because it would not do her any good to acknowledge those words.

“You want me to be the ideal, normal woman who wants only to bed my husband and only because he needs it. Passionless and passive. Selfless. How can you sit there as a doctor and think such a thing? You’re a doctor,” Sheshona replied.

How could a woman that was a doctor sit there and try to make women normal? She was probably the only female doctor in the whole union; well, in the whole region anyway. Sheshona thought that a female doctor was more of an oddity than she was. After all, she had run into plenty of women willing to lay down with her, but Kim was the first and only woman doctor that she had ever seen. She was obviously an ambitious female with dreams beyond having a husband and children and spending the rest of her days laying underneath the man and raising his brats.

“I know I am a doctor, which is why I’m trying to help you,” Kimberly pointed out. It seemed that she was missing her patient’s point.

“You want to help me when you’re just abnormal as I am? You’re probably worse than I am. You’re a doctor,” Sheshona repeated almost as if that was an insult.

Kimberly sat there and allowed her patient’s words to sink in. All right, since she was a doctor and a woman, she was rather abnormal in that sense. But, she was still a normal woman, right? Yes, she was married and even had a son. She was doting toward her husband and very loving toward him. She was a supportive wife and loving mother. She was a normal woman.


“All right, Princess. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Shego announced after throwing away the paper plate that she used for her pizza slices.

Kim was surprised by those words and it was apparent in her leaf-colored eyes. She had been so certain that she was going to have to literally throw Shego out of the apartment. She did not think that the super-powered woman would leave peacefully because Shego was who she was, but that was exactly what happened.

Shego figured that leaving without causing any problems was the least that she could do after breaking bread with Kim, or splitting pizza as they had done. Kim was polite to her and she could return the favor, if she wanted to and she did. So, she was going to let Kim get to her precious research project.

Kim was left alone and a little curious; okay, maybe more than a little curious. She could not believe that Shego had come to share something with her, something that she could have easily kept to herself. It seemed that there was more to Shego than she had ever thought, especially since the pale woman had been almost decent company. She was a bit too annoying with her insulting mouth to be totally all right company. It was rather weird.

The redhead had never expected to have Shego in her house a guest, even an uninvited guest. She would have thought that Shego would have acted obnoxious, like she tended to do when they fought, but it was nothing like that. They had gotten along more like friends than foes. It was seriously weird.

Sheshona is a puzzle that boggles my mind and the clockwork gears in my head aren’t sure which direction to turn when it comes to her. The enigma that is that woman commands my attention because I wish to cure her desperately, as any good doctor would. So, I now find myself pondering her more so than other things in my life to comprehend what I should do with her. My only wish is to help her, but she seems so intent on not accepting the help and her only wish seems to be to drive me madder than a march hare.

Next time: a chapter mostly of Sheshona and her doctor, Sheshona has a bit of a problem with a certain orderly that leads to a rumble in her room.

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