Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 22

Didn't see it coming


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TITLE: Didn't see it coming

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Okay, folks, we’re back to journal entries being in italics. There won’t be anymore letters.

Words: 4103

I want to show my dearest doctor that I appreciate her and would do anything just to be near her. I would do anything for her or to her, especially to her, but that’s another matter. So, I started this journal for her to keep an account of us because it seemed that she had been doing something similar, but stopped the day I left. She feared starting it again after that, thinking it might be discovered or that she would just overrun it with her laments when I was gone. So, I’ve decided to take up the pen for her.

Now, I might not be as elegant as she is with the written word, but I don’t think she’ll mind. I mean, how hard can it be to report on that I make her happy and she makes me the same? I don’t think I have much to worry about.

She actually gave me her journal just in case I want to see what she thought of me. Silly girl, I would just ask and she had better tell me the truth. I expect nothing less from her. But, I’ve got her journal and I’ll keep it safe from any unworthy eyes. I’ll keep this one safe from any unworthy eyes too while letting this little book know just what she and I do together. And maybe on occasion, I’ll drop a private thought in here too.


“Shego, this is a journal by Sheshona!” Kim reported in an excited tone as she flipped the book open. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Shego’s car and they were on their way back to Kim’s apartment.

“What? You’re reading it without me?” Shego huffed in anger and disbelief. What was the world coming to when she could not trust a freaking hero to wait?

“I’m not reading it. I just wanted to see if it was relevant to us since we took it and it is. So, we should start reading it after dinner,” Kim suggested with a wide grin.

“All right,” the pale woman concurred. She just hoped that the redhead did not get all hyped again. It was only cute for about a minute and then it was just totally annoying.

Kim made sure not to peek into the journal anymore, even though it was very tempting. She wondered what kind of things Sheshona had written in the book. She doubted that there would be any declarations of love in it like in the doctor’s journal. She was getting the feeling that Sheshona was not the gushy type when it came to writing because of the notes that they had read that were penned by her. She was rather direct, much like her descendent, not that Kim was going to say that out loud. After all, Shego did not seem to like the past Sheshona much.

Shego was not much of a fan of her ancestor because she thought the worst of the woman. She thought that the past Sheshona was toying with the doctor and Shego was very much against emotional torment. Sure, she teased and taunted people, but she would never go so far as to pretend that she loved someone just to get something that she wanted. It was things like that that drove people insane and pushed them to do horrible things that usually would be against their nature. That was no way to get kicks in her opinion.

She was now considering that she might have been somewhat wrong about her ancestor, only somewhat though. She would not go so far as to say that Sheshona loved the doctor; she just did not believe that was possible. She might concede that Sheshona cared a little bit from the sound of her notes, but it seemed that she was more interested in sex than anything else. She truly doubted that her ancestor was looking for anything with serious meaning.

They went back to Kim’s home where Shego prepared dinner. While the meal was cooking, Kim went to take a shower and wash away the work that they had done at the house. When the redhead returned, they ate dinner and then ended up curling up on the sofa afterwards to begin reading the new journal in their possession.

“Well, at least we know how the doc’s journal got in a Go house,” Shego muttered as she read the opening paragraph of the book. She thought that it took a lot of trust to give someone her personal journal like the doctor did with her ancestor and it seemed that Sheshona kept her word. She had kept the journal away from prying eyes. Okay, maybe, just maybe her ancestor cared a bit more about the doctor beyond sex.

“That’s true, but now it raises the question,” Kim started.

“Of how this journal got into the Possible house,” the moss-hued thief finished the thought.


“Maybe they traded,” Shego offered.

“I guess. She might’ve given it to Doctor Possible as a keepsake, which was why it was with everything else. But, it’s an account of them, right? So, she should have had it until the end,” Kim reasoned.

“Maybe she just ran out of pages for this one,” Shego proposed with a shrug. She could not think of any other excuse as to why the journal was with the doctor’s things and not still at the Go house.

Kim decided to test that theory. She flipped to the end of the book and they saw that there were still blank pages. They looked at each other with equally puzzled faces. Why had Sheshona not finished the book? Had they broken up and if so, why would Sheshona give the book to Doctor Possible? They guessed that they were going to have to read on to find out what happened.

…The first obstacle in my way of proving that I would do anything to be with my love was handling my father. The bastard actually tracked me right to her house. He broke up a rather intense session we were having. My little Duchess was looking very much like a silk-covered goddess and I wanted to worship her badly and then he came and knocked on the door. The bastard.

I guess he really desired for me to break his arms for all of the stunts he pulled on me earlier with that hospital stay. I haven’t forgotten the drugs or chains, but I’ll forgive him for that as long as he lets me stay with my love and doesn’t bother me anymore. If he wants to start things at any point in time though, I’ll meet him head on and take him down for the last time. I’m done playing games with him.


Sheshona frowned at the sight of her father and the fact that he had the nerve to come to Kimberly’s house to retrieve her. She was not about to go with him peacefully, not when she was somewhere that she wanted to be for once in her life, but then again, she never went anywhere peacefully with him. Even when she was child, she struggled with him all of the time, pulling, tugging, kicking, punching, biting and crying for her mother to make sure that he would not touch her. She was going to be much more disgruntled than usual if he wanted to try to remove her from where she was happiest.

“What do you want?” Sheshona asked her father in an exceptionally callous and venomous tone. She did not even need him to answer because she knew what he was going to say. She had just inquired because if she did not, he would stand there, trying to intimidate her with his size for the rest of the day. She wanted him gone as soon as possible.

“It’s time for you to come back home,” he informed her. It was like he worked from a script because he always said that when he found her. Maybe he thought that if she heard it enough, she would just cave in one day, she considered. Although it was not very likely, she added mentally.

“I won’t,” she vowed. To hell with home. She was never going back there again and she pitied anyone that wanted to test that theory. She would cripple the person for life, even if it was her own father. She was staying with her beloved for the rest of her life and that was the end of the argument as far as she was concerned.

“You will,” he seemed to promise her.

“Um…excuse me, might I make a proposal?” Kimberly spoke up because if she recalled the way that Sheshona’s father behaved correctly and she knew that way that her lover was, they were only going to get into a fight, which helped no one.

“Who are you?” Mister Go demanded to know in a rather rude tone that made his daughter scowl. How dare the bastard talk to her beloved in such a manner! She would bash his skull in if he kept it up, Sheshona silently decided, even though Kimberly was hardly affected by the tone.

“I’m Sheshona’s physician,” Kimberly answered calmly.

“You’re her what?” he asked as if he did not understand and really he did not. There were women that were physicians? No one had informed him.

“Her physician from Middleton Asylum and Hospital. Kimberly Possible,” she introduced herself.

“But, she escaped from there,” he pointed out.

“Indeed she did, sir, but she returned to me, seeking my assistance,” Kimberly informed him in a very professional tone. Yes, Sheshona was certainly seeking her assistance, to relieve the eternal suffering from being torn apart.

“Really?” he asked incredulously. It seemed that he was learning a lot in his hostile visit in such a short amount of time.

“Indeed,” Kimberly answered. Sometimes, she could not even believe the ease with which she fabricated tales.

“Right, I really do believe that with her help, I could get better, Father,” Sheshona chimed in. Oh, she loved Kimberly all the more for being such a fantastic liar and seeming to get her father’s attention and interest with the lie.

“Then why’d you run away in the first place,” he demanded to know.

“When I first ran away, I didn’t believe that there was anything wrong with me. I thought being there was just a waste of time, like all of the other places. But, as I was on my own, I started thinking of the doctor’s treatment and began to concede that I may, in fact, have a problem. I eventually returned to her, believing that only she could cure me because she was the only person to make me believe that I was truly sick,” Sheshona explained with the most false sincerity feasible by a human being.

“Her treatment is working?” he asked in a skeptical tone. Nothing had worked before, so he had lost faith that she could be cured, but now he was being told that she could get better. It was a little hard to swallow, but from the look in his eyes, it seemed that he believed what they were saying because that was what he wanted to hear.

“Indeed it is,” Sheshona declared with great enthusiasm, as if she was happy to be getting treatment. “I never realized it, but you were right about me, Father,” she added with to strike at his huge ego. It would help drive home the lie.

“You know that I was right?” he asked in disbelief. It seemed that she was hitting her mark; she could see it in his eyes.

“I do,” she said.

“Well then, this treatment must be working. It’s about time. It should continue,” he decided. He would do anything to help his daughter act right, so he could avoid some kind of scandal. He was thankful that something finally seemed to be working on that wild child.

“I agree, but it would work best if we allowed Sheshona to go at her own pace without feeling confined at the hospital,” Kimberly stated because she knew that her lover did not want to go back there.

“Then where should we confine her?” he asked, thinking that if his daughter was not restrained in some manner, she would just take off again.

“She should be free, as she is now. It is helping greatly in the treatment. I know you think that she’ll probably just run off, but she has been coming to me faithfully for months now. It will be fine to leave her be,” Kimberly replied.

“Well, I wouldn’t want her staying on the streets, but if she requires her current freedom to get well, then it shall be done. Sheshona, you’ll stay out at our country home until you’re fully cured,” her father stated matter-of-factly. He made it sound like an order, much like everything that came out of his mouth when he was addressing his daughter.

“Yes, sir,” Sheshona agreed. She nodded to emphasize that she would obey.

“Doctor, you’ll treat her there. I’ll pay for everything. You’re to treat Sheshona exclusively until she is totally cured,” he commanded.

“Sir, are you sure?” Kimberly asked just to feign resisting. She thought that if she came off as too eager, a light might go off in his head and he would realize that he was essentially being conned.

“I will pay for everything. Just cure her,” he answered. With a proper daughter, he would not have to fear what the hell she might do next. He could marry her off and build a strong bond with another powerful family, or so was the hope. He turned his attention to Sheshona. “I will check on you to make sure that you’re staying at the house,” he informed his offspring.

“I will remain there,” Sheshona swore. Of course she would remain there. It was an empty house, which actually belonged to her thanks to her mother, and it was hardly an hour away from her dearest doctor. Her father had pretty much just placed Kimberly into her bed for her, especially since he was going to pay the doctor to “treat” her exclusively. All that did was give the couple a free day together everyday without Kimberly having to worry about falling into financial ruin. Talk about a win/win situation.

Her father seemed satisfied with his grand decision, but Sheshona did have to return home to collect her things. Sheshona did not argue with that and told her beloved that she should be back within a week’s time. She did request that Kimberly try to write her just once in that time because she enjoyed hearing from her lover. Kimberly agreed; she liked writing to her beloved and knowing that her dearest one enjoyed receiving the letters only made things better.

So, Sheshona left with her father in his carriage to return home for a brief moment to collect her belongings. It was about time that she moved out of that house, she thought. Throughout the ride, her father praised her for finally working through her illness and trying to get better. She hardly paid him any mind; he did not require an audience when he talked most of the time anyway. She believed that he enjoyed the sound of his own voice. She was looking forward to when she returned to Kimberly and they could finally be alone.

…Surprise, surprise, my father is actually useful. I never would have thought that possible, but here it is, he has given me my own home so close to Kimberly that I could run to her whenever the urge overcomes me. She could be alone with me for the whole day. I do wonder what she’ll tellhim. But, I truly do not care. As long as I have her for a few days out of the week, namely most of them, I’m fine. I must plan for our first day alone together. Well, perhaps, I’ll plan for the end of the second or third…week because I know I what I want to do for a long time and I doubt she’ll argue.


“Sheshona certainly is a horny bird,” Kim muttered and Shego broke out laughing hysterically. “What?” Kim asked in a bewildered tone.

“Where’d you hear that phrase?” Shego inquired through her chuckles. She really had to start expecting all sorts of things to come out of Kim’s mouth, but it was hard to do since Kim was the ultimate symbol of good.

“I don’t know,” Kim answered with a shrug. “How come she’s describing the house as being close to the doctor? That house and Kimberly’s house are in the boondocks. Two different set of boondocks.”

“The house used to be closer to Middleton because it was like a vacation house or some crap like that. In the 30’s one of the family members up and moved the whole house because they wanted it to be close to the rich people and Go City,” Shego explained things as best she could. She did not make it a point to listen much when her mother or someone else was going on about the old house. She did not really care about it because it was just some old house to her.

“Old houses go through a lot,” Kim commented.

“That they do. So, shall we continue this or is it about time for you to pass out?” Shego wondered out loud and she checked the clock to see that it was about that time for her host to fall asleep.

“Are you going to stay?” the redhead inquired with a yawn. Her body was telling her that it was definitely about that time.

“I don’t have any clothes,” Shego pointed out.

“I can loan you some and then we can go by your apartment in the morning before going out to the house,” the trim hero said.

“You just want me here to make breakfast tomorrow,” the pale thief remarked.

“Well, your omelets beat frozen waffles hands down everyday of the week,” Kim quipped with a smile.

“I’ll bet they do. Fine, I’ll stay, but if I have to sleep in those pajamas again—” Shego started and somehow her hostess knew just what she was going to say.

“If that ends with me having to sleep in nothing at all, you can go home,” the redheaded female stated. She did not know how she knew that Shego was going to go there, but she just knew it.

“Well, I tried,” the villainess laughed.

The redhead chuckled a bit herself and put the journal down on the sofa arm. She yawned as she crawled off of the sofa and went to her bedroom with Shego following behind her. Kim did caution Shego that her room was “under construction.”

“I’ve seen it already. Does it ever stop being under construction?” the pale woman inquired.

“No, it’s almost always a work in progress,” Kim replied.

The guest only made a noise that sounded like “I’ll bet.” Kim tossed Shego a long tee-shirt to sleep in instead of the pajamas that she had given her before. They changed in front of each other, but it only occurred to Shego to sneak a peek or two…or more. Kim was too tired to think beyond getting in bed and getting a few hours of sleep. Shego was hardly surprised that a few glimpses of Kim aroused her ever so slightly. She sighed; what new mess had she gotten herself into and only just fully realized it?

The two women crawled into bed and Shego noted that while sleeping on a regular mattress was different from her waterbed, it was not at all unpleasant. It was better than sleeping on the sofa, she knew that much. She and Kim were also rather close to each other because Kim had only a full-size bed, which was a plus in Shego’s mind while Kim did not even think about it. The distance did not seem to bother the redheaded hero, who was out as soon as she hit the pillow.

Shego stayed up for a while to think on things. She and Kim were definitely going to a weird place or they might even be there already. She was not too sure since she had only just completely acknowledged it. She wondered if Kim noticed because the redhead seemed to just be going with it. She might as well go with it, just to see where it went; whatever the hell “it” was. She would like it to go a bit faster, though.

She did not like being caught in their current, rather awkward, what’s-going-on phase. If they were going where it looked like they were going, they needed to get there and stop playing around, no matter how weird things would seem, Shego believed anyway. All right, Shego made a decision right then and there.

“Princess,” Shego hissed to wake up the sleeping girl, which did not work. “Boy, when this kid kicks off, she really kicks off,” Shego muttered. She reached over and shook Kim.

“What’s the sitch?” the slender hero asked in a panicked and confused tone as she shot up out of bed.

“Calm down, Kimmie,” Shego said.

“What happened? Something wrong? House on fire? President get kidnapped? Aliens landed?” the redhead inquired with one eye halfway open. Everything looked all right to her, but then again, she was only looking out of one bloodshot eye that was not even open all of the way.

“No,” the pale woman answered while making a note to not wake Kim up suddenly again if it could be helped. After all, when a person asked if aliens landed and was serious about it, she needed to just be allowed to sleep through the night.

“Oh.” Kim paused to yawn. “Then, what did you wake up me for?” the younger woman inquired in a half-pleading, half-bemused tone.

“I want to see something,” the green-skinned female stated.

“And I need to be awake for it?” That was new. She actually figured that Shego would just do whatever the hell she wanted without caring if Kim was wake for it or not.


“And it couldn’t wait for morning?” Kim inquired.

“It could, but I didn’t want it to,” Shego answered.

“Well, what about what I want, like sleep?” Kim pointed out and her one eye shut. She was out again, even though she was still sitting up.

“Hey! You’d better not go back to sleep!” Shego barked and she shook Kim like a ragdoll again.

“I’m up! I’m up!” Kim declared while swatting at her guest to get her to stop her actions. Her one eye opened again. It seemed that her left eye was the only one open for business at night because that right eye was not even moving.

“Good. Now, stay up for thirty seconds.”

“Why?” the smaller female whined. Shego knew how her days went, so why was she tormenting her and keeping her awake? That was just evil. She needed as much sleep as she could get when she could get it.

“Just stay up. I need to see something.”

“And you can’t do it any faster than this?” the redhead inquired with an attitude.

“I need you to be more coherent,” the emerald-eyed woman answered.

“I get any more coherent and I’m going to realize I should be hitting you,” Kim remarked dryly.

Shego laughed a bit. She probably should wait until morning, but she would rather get it out of the way. Besides, they would have the whole night to get over things if she was about to make the wrong move.

“Are you sure you’re totally awake?” Shego inquired.

“Yes, damn it,” Kim huffed.

“You sure are a cranky princess,” the pale woman teased.

“I must’ve taken lessons from you.”

“You are just on tonight,” Shego deadpanned.

“Can you just get this over with?” Kim demanded. She wanted to go back to sleep already.

Shego agreed with that. She sat up with Kim and faced the redhead. Shego leaned in slowly and pressed her lips to Kim’s mouth. The hero went rigid as it registered to her what was happening. Shego was kissing her? What the hell was going on?

…Things have only just begun now that I’m close to Kimberly without having to look around for my father. This is going to be something to remember…

Next time: the aftermath of this little kiss here and Sheshona entertains Kimberly in her own home for the first time.

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